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Chapter 6

I groan waking up, every little part of my body hurts. I open my eyes and try to sit down, every movement hurt. I take a deep breath and with all my strength sit up, I lean against the wall and slowly look around. I realize that I was laying on the floor next to the door, my clothes were covered with blood. I need to stand up and go to the bathroom to examine the damage.

When I got to the bathroom, I put my left hand on the sink to steady myself, so that I wouldn’t fall, and with the right, I was holding my left side rib, it was painful to breathe. After a few painful minutes, I look up into the mirror and I don’t recognize myself.

My hair is a mess, my jumper is bloody, the blood is from my nose or my mouth, at this point I don’t know where, because all my face down my nose is covered with blood. I can see a few bruises forming near my scalp, there are cuts on my cheeks, hands.

Slowly, trying not to hurt me more, I take out of the clothes. I should have not looked at the mirror after, but I did… and what I saw made me cry.

On my left rib side was a huge purple bruise, I traced it with my fingers, and couldn’t believe what I’m seeing. I hope they aren’t broken. When my eyes went lower, I see more bruises forming on my stomach, from them I can say she was kicking me with all her strength. I don’t remember everything that she did, because I would black out and get into consequence at times.

My eyes trail down my legs, there I found a few more bruises, but they aren’t as bad as on my stomach and ribs. I took a deep breath and couldn’t take looking at myself any longer. I feel tears stinging my eyes and I let them flow down my cheeks.

I run bath for myself and get in it, crying until there are no tears… How long can I live like this? Why did I deserve this? Why is life so cruel to me? With these thoughts, I submerge my head into the water and let everything disappear...

I don’t know how long I was under the water, I don’t know how many hours went by… When I was ready to get out the water was ice cold, the air consuming me felt heavy in my lungs. At this point I knew that everything that happened broke me; I`m broken. Watching the reflection in the mirror I see empty, lifeless eyes looking back at me and think how she managed to live like this…

Does she really don’t deserve happiness?

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