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Chapter 7

It’s been four days, all these days I stayed in my room. For my luck my mother didn't show her presence in the house for a few days, my guess is she spent them at her new boyfriend’s house, and the rest of the day she was too drunk to even remember that she has a daughter. It just my lucky day.

I lay on my bed, with a blanket covered until my ears. All-day I was sleeping, my phone was beeping all day when it started to annoy me, I just turned it off. I’m glad that they don’t know where I live, because I’m positive that they would end up on my doormat, demanding to see me.

I heard cars stopping near my house a few times, I never went to see who it was, but my best guess is Luca, only he knows where I live, but I never turned the lights on, so maybe he thought that I`m not home.

I got up and went to the bathroom to look at my bruises, this was my routine for all four days. I sleep, get up, stand a few minutes in front of the mirror, sleep, and repeat. When I look at myself, I can see that I lost a few pounds, my skin is pale, and I look like I`m sick.

But today I need to go back to school, it’s my last year, I need my diploma to get the fuuck away from here. I brush my hair and leave it loose, hoping that they will cover my bruises. I put on blue jeans and a white jumper, I put makeup on hoping I would look like a normal human being.

When I left the house I know what is waiting for me, Lisa and Anna will most likely murder me in front of everyone, I don`t even want to think about Luca, oh boy… It’s going to be an amazing day… note the sarcasm.

Most of the bruises are gone, but the bruise on the ribs is still there, smaller, but still there. It doesn’t hurt much, but when I make a quick move it hurts bad.

When I reach the school’s parking lot, I see that girls are here, for my luck Luca isn`t, so I made my way in hell. Walking through the halls no one really pays attention to me, and I`m glad.

But when I reach our spot, I see Lisa and Anna sitting there, I take a deep breath and go to them, the sooner this is over the better. The first one to notice me is Anna, her face is full of anger and disappointment. Liza looks sad and hurt, she seems like she will cry at any moment.

“Where have you been?! Why didn’t you answer my calls or texted me back?!” Anna hells standing up and throwing her hands in the air, instantly I jump of fear a little back and I see that Lisa saw that and looks at me with a curious gaze.

“I was sick.” I say

“That is a shiit excuse and you know that I needed you and you weren’t there for me!” Anna shouts and I see tears sliding her cheek. What is going on?


“I thought you are my best friend, but I was so wrong… You are selfish bittch, who thinks only about herself, we are done, I don’t need a friend like you,” she says and picks up her backpack leaving me standing there, I follow her with my gaze until I don’t see her anymore. I turn around and face Lisa.

“What happened?” I ask those words were like knives into my heart.

“Her brother went missing in the mission, she is crushed, afraid, and worried. She called me, then we tried to contact you, but you never answered and then you turned your phone off. Where were you? Why didn’t you pick it up?” she says.

“I was not feeling good,” I say lowering my gaze to the ground, she doesn’t say anything just nods.

“I need to go and check on her ″ she says before leaving and I can`t hold my tears anymore, in this life I had only them and now I don’t have anyone, I`m alone.

I had enough of school for today, I need to getaway. Turning around, I bump into someone’s chest, when I look up there stands one and only… Luca.

He is looking straight into my eyes, at this minute he sees me most vulnerable and I see emotions flashing through his eyes, but they are gone before I can understand what it was.

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