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Chapter 8

“Hi,” I say with a trembling voice, I immediately hug myself, not knowing what to expect. Not saying anything he grabs my hand gently and drags me to the parking lot and straight to his car. When we near it, he opens the doors for me and gestures to me to get inside. From his posture, I know that he is pissed and angry at me, and at this moment I’m hoping for the worst.

He gets in, starts the car and we drive through the city, not knowing where we are going, I get nervous and this quietness kills me, I hate it.

“Where are we going?” I ask looking in his direction, but he just looks at me with a pissed expression and looks back into the road. Okay, I won’t ask anything else.

After 30min of driving, I see that the scenery behind the window changed, we are not in the city anymore, now I can see nature behind it. And he makes a quick turn to the right and we are driving through a massive forest, now I`m getting nervous, is he going to hurt me?

As I feel my nervousness, he puts his hand on my leg and draws circles, for my surprise it works, and I can feel my heartbeat slowing down. When we reach the clearing, he stops and turns to me.

“Now, I want to hear the truth about what happened to you?” he says looking straight into my eyes, with a serious expression. For a few minutes we sit in silence, I don’t know what I should do, can I trust him, should I tell him… He sits there looking at me patiently until I reveal my secrets.

“I-I… That evening, when you drove me back… my mother was angry with me” I say playing with my thumbs, not looking into his eyes, “she-she… abuses me…” I can feel a few tears escaping and I let them fall.

I feel Lucas fingers under my chin when he lifts and I`m met with his deep blue eyes that always capture me, he brushes my tears with his thumb, slowly caressing my cheek.

“When did all of this start?” he asks with soft eyes at me.

“When my little sister died, she was only 5. After that my mother started drinking, my father couldn’t handle her, they divorced and he left, after a few years he wanted to take me away, but he died in a car accident. My mother started to take drugs and not to return home, sometimes for days or weeks. At first, she would throw things around the house, break them, and later she began to hurt me and to commit violence against me. Nobody knows this, even Lisa with Anna don`t know, and I would be thankful if you wouldn’t tell them. I don’t know why I told you this…” I say shaking my head, what I was thinking about… more tears start to escape…

He takes my hand and squeezes a little, making me look at him. “You will tell them when you are ready, for now, I won’t let you get back to that place.”

“But-but… I don’t have nowhere to go, I don’t have money.” I say starting to cry again. Luca comes to me and hugs me, “You will stay at mine and I don’t want to hear any of your protests.” He says sternly, not leaving any room for objection.

“But… Luc…” he put his finger on my mouth, shutting me up, I must admit, I love feeling his skin on mine. I look at his eyes and I can see the determination in them, and I know that he won`t stop at anything until everything goes how he wants it.

I let out a small sight because I know that this battle is lost and I can see a little smile forming on his lips, and the sight of it makes my stomach tingle.

“I love your smile” I blurted out, not thinking, when I registered what I just said, my face started to heat up. Luca can`t take that stupid smile of his face... ugh…

“I love your smile too,” he says taking my chin and making sure I was looking into his eyes while he was saying those words. “And I love your blush, it`s so fuucking adorable,” he says, and my face becomes a few shades darker red.

“Do you want to tell me what happened with Anna and Lisa?” he says, still looking at me.

“Anna is mad at me because I didn’t answer her phone, she needed me and I wasn’t there for her… I’m a terrible friend.” I say looking away and shaking my head.

“You had your reasons, when you tell her what happened I know you both will work things out.” Luca says trying to reason with me, I just nod because I know he is right, she is mad at me because I didn’t tell her the truth, she is disappointed with me.

At this moment I`m glad that Luca has walked into my life, I`m so grateful for that, he is my guardian angel. He saved me from hell, and I will be always grateful for this.

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