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Chapter 9

“We can go to your place tomorrow after school and I didn’t ask you, what about your job?” he says making a quick glance into my direction and then putting his all attention on the road again.

“I got fired, I didn’t show a few days in a row so they fired me.” I say while playing with my thumbs.

“Won’t your parents be mad because you let me live with you?” I ask, why didn`t I thought about this before… They will for sure kick me out, I`m a stranger to them, I`m kind of a stranger to Luca too… what I was thinking…

“I live alone, my mother died giving birth to me and my dad is always working, so he is never at home.” He says.

“But don’t get surprised, Luke and Dominic stay with me too, so we won’t be alone.” I can sense a little disappointment in his voice, so he would like to be with me alone, that’s good to know.

“Won`t they get mad because you invited me to stay?” I don’t want to get on their bad side just because Luca wanted me there.

“They won`t, don’t overthink it.” He says taking my hand and giving a light squeeze. I nod my head because I know that he is telling the truth, and on the other hand I will have Luca by my side all-time. I take a deep breath and try to calm my nerves down. I just hope everything goes well.

When we reach his house, he quickly makes sure I didn’t change my decision, but why should I, now I can have a peaceful life, without my abusive mother.

The house is two floors, with big windows and a garage; the house is grey in color. He lives in a better neighborhood than I. That doesn’t surprise me seeing what car he drives. He gets out and walks around his car opening doors for me and giving me his hand for support. When I’m outside I take a better look at the house, I see a few other cars parked in front of the garage, at this point I know that the guys are inside.

“Let’s go, you should get some rest.” He says taking my hand and leading inside.

When we near the door he takes the door handle and opens it wide for me to enter, I make the first step inside with Luca behind me. The inside of the house is beautiful like the outside, everything is spotless, clean, and cozy, nothing like my house. But if I can say, I never expected that three boys would be living in a house so clean like this... I was hoping trash, dishes, and clothes laying around the house, but not this.

Like sensing my shock Luca started talking, “Don’t be so shocked we clean after ourselves, we don’t like a mess, and Dominic is kind of clean freak.” He says with a little laugh, and I smile at that.

“Follow me, you must be hungry, the others are in the kitchen.” He says while putting his palm on my lower back and leading me to the direction of the kitchen.

When we get near, I can hear voices shouting and laughing, this house is really something I think to myself. When we enter, I see Luke and Dominic sitting behind an oval table and eating, there sits a little girl too, maybe 5 years old. None of them notice us, Luca coughs informing about our presence. All three heads turn in our direction, and when the boys see me, they have big smiles on their faces and the little girl has a curious one.

The first one to break the silence is Luke, he stands up and runs into our direction pulling me into a big hug and squeezes me, I hiss from the pain because he touched me rib which is still bruised, he looks down at me with a confused expression and then looks at Luca who has an angry face, he pushes Luke from me and puts a hand around my waist pulling me into his embrace.

“Are you hurt?” Luke asks, concerned, I see Dominic standing from his chair and coming to stand near Luke, his gaze fixed on me and his face is concerned too.

“I`m fine, don`t worry,” I say smiling, trying to calm them down, they look at me suspiciously, but doesn’t say anything. When I look up I see Luca looking at me with concern, I rub his hand with my thumb reasoning that I`m alright, but the look he gives me tells me that this discussion isn`t over and we will talk about it when we are alone.

“You must be hungry, come. Sit with us.” Dominic says, showing me to sit at the table.

We all sit down, Dominic puts a plate full of food in front of me and gets back to his original seat, while I’m eating I feel someone staring at me, I lift my eyes from my plate and see the same little girl looking at me curiously. I smile at her and say, “Hi, I`m Mia.”

Her eyes widen a little and she looks at Luca, “Is she your Mia?” she asks excitedly, I look at him confused, did he talk to her about me and when did I become his?

“Yes, she is. This is my little sister Sofia.” He says smiling at the little girl, I turn my attention to her and see that she is smiling at me.

“It’s nice to meet you,” I say, wait a damn minute, didn`t he say his mother died giving birth to him? Then how is this possible that she is his sister? I look at him, and when he notices my confused face, he explains everything.

“She is my half-sister, my dad remarried six years ago.” He says, I nod my head and we all get back to eating. After we are all done I suggest doing the dishes but none of the boys allowed that, so now I and Sofia are sitting in the living room while Dominic and Luca are cleaning the kitchen, and Luca is preparing my room.

“Can you braid my hair?” she asks with cutes look on her face, how I can say no to that.

“Of course, come here.” I say while patting a place in front of me.

“Will you be staying here with us?”

“Yes, is that alright with you?”

“Yes, none of the boys know how to do pretty braids, and my mommy isn’t here, she is always away.” It breaks my heart listening to her, I don`t understand how a mother can do this to her own child.

“Will you play with me?” she asks when I finish the new hairstyle.

“Tomorrow after we all get home, okay? It’s late, you need to get a rest.” She nods her head and lays near me, putting her head on my lap and hugging her white fluffy rabbit. She is so adorable. After a few minutes, the boys all gathered around us.

“I prepared your room; you can go and have some rest and I put on a few clothes to change.” I thank him and slowly get up, while he takes Sofia and carries her to her room, I say goodnight to the boys and go in the direction Luca told me.

While he is with his sister I take a shower and change because I know when he gets here we will need to talk…

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