Family, just an impossible dream?

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Meet Catherine a she-wolf that is looking for a partner to spent the rest of her life with after her mate rejected her when she was just a child. She is now 24 years old and hopes to settle down soon. Because all she ever wanted and wished for is a family of her own. But it is hard finding a partner that loves you for you when you are a princess. During the festivities held for her siblings birthday she will meet multiple new people, maybe even some potential partners. Like the lycan prince who got rejected, the white winged angel prince, his black winged cousin, a lion trying to complete his harem, or maybe the sweet little vampire that is her brother’s friend? These festivities will lead to a new adventure for our adopted princess. Her life is about to be turned upside down.

Romance / Fantasy
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My name is Catherine and I am the adopted daughter of king Frederick and king Louis, they adopted me when I was just 6 years old. I am an orphan, or at least I think I am. My parents, my papa and father, adopted me from the moonlight pack. The alpha and luna had found me on their doorstep when I was just a baby. Before I tell you more about myself, let me tell you about my family.

Many consider us a weird family but refrain from telling because we are the royal family, the royal vampire family. We are not all vampires, not at all, only father, king Frederick is. Me and papa are werewolves, rare werewolves, we are called shaded wolves, legend has it that we have lycan-blood in us and are thus stronger. My papa gave birth to his first and only litter when I was seven, the litter consisted of 2 boys and 3 girls, all hybrids of course.

Everyone was surprised when they found out that papa was pregnant, it has happened before that children have been born from 2 males. The fact that papa is an alpha wolf made it so unexpected and special. Normally only omega males can give birth to children, while other males cannot. Papa wanted to have more children, but father refused, claiming that he would not be able to handle seeing papa endanger himself like that when they already had 4 girls and 2 boys.

In the next few days, a lot of guests will arrive at the castle, they will come for the festivities held for the 18th birthday of my brothers and sisters. These festivities will take three weeks, and of course, have a political background as well. My brothers, Jordan and Justin, will come back home tomorrow, they trained with different packs and covens as part of their learning process. I look forward to seeing them, I have not seen them in four years and am curious about how they have changed over time.

My sisters stayed at the castle, they did not need to learn how to fight, they need to learn how to be proper mates and princesses, as I have. My sisters are called, Lola, Lilly, and Lucy. Lola and Lily are identical twins and their characters are not that great in my opinion. They believe I am a disgrace to the family and that our parents should have never adopted me. They think they are better than me, mostly because my own mate rejected me.

I will tell you more about this because it played and still plays a big role in my life. He found me before my parents even adopted me, I was 2 years when he found me. Normally wolves only find their mates when their wolf has matured or after they turn 18, but my mate was a vampire. He rejected me for a female vampire, they now have a son that is 3 years old and another baby underway. The fact that he rejected me hurt me deeply, so deeply that my human side alone could not handle it, my wolf was forced to come forward very early. That way the pack found out about me being a shaded wolf, I am white with silver shaded, so my paws and belly are mostly white, while my back and tail are silver. Papa is white with brown and gold, the pack knew that he was a shaded wolf that is why they asked him and father to come.

The rejection was very weird for me, especially as a child, because I simply did not understand the sudden belly pains I would get. Of course, later I found out that that was because my mate slept with another. Because my wolf surfaced so early and the fact that I have mate that has found me, caused me to go into heat for the first time when I was only 10 years old. My parents used to have to lock me up when I was in heat, simply because everyone gets affected by my smell during my heat. Normally speaking mated werewolves or vampires should not be affected, but in my case they are. I also go into heat more often than normal she-wolves do. We werewolves do have a period every month, but only go into heat 2 times a year, I go at least 4 times. I do not like being separated from the rest of the world, so when I turned 16 and the doctor agreed it was save, I started taking suppressors for my heat.

These are the most important reasons my sisters do not like me, they think I am a freak of nature because of my abnormal heat. Even when we were little I got along better with my brothers than with my sisters. Me and my brothers used to wrestle each other for play, but that stopped when their wolves started to become more dominant. They are alpha wolves and have dominant vampires, I am just an omega. I do have to tell you that omegas despite being weaker than the rest, they are not viewed as lower ranking, well mostly. For everything there is an exception to the rule so also for this. But overall omegas are seen as precious, because omegas usually are very fertile, both females and males.

One last thing you might want to know, I have silver hair and light blue eyes. Papa always says I have eyes like the sky. Maybe you noticed that me and my papa are very close, we are, that does not mean that I do not love my father, but me and papa are just closer. Maybe it is because we are both full blooded wolves in a castle full of vampires. Papa has brown hair and green eyes, while father has black hair and brown-reddish eyes.

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