Family, just an impossible dream?

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Chapter 1

Today my brothers will arrive at the castle, I will probably welcome them at dinner tonight. It is just after breakfast and I am currently helping in one the little fields we have in the inner garden of the castle. We do not grow vegetables or fruit here, that is grown outside the castle on the fields by farmers. In these little fields we, or actually the healers, grow healing herbs. This is because otherwise they must travel far to get them and some are really expensive to buy, so they started growing these herbs themselves.

I help out from time to time because the healers are very busy, right now they are preparing to deal with wounds and not so much sickness. This because so many different people will be coming for the festivities, and not everyone gets along very well. Of course, at breakfast, lunch, dinner and the formal festivities everyone will behave, well probably, but there is no guarantee that they will behave when everyone is free during the day.

I would like to meet my brothers as soon as they arrive, but I know everyone at the castle does. So, I will wait, I try to keep away from crowds of people, specifically now. Why? Simple, because my heat is a problem, I do take my suppressors so the smell should not be a problem. I do however still feel the pain, the suppressors suppress that somewhat, but it is still very painful. Lola, my darling sister, suggested that I just take a man to my bed to deal with it. I will not just take a man into my bed for any reason. I will wait for my partner, since my mate rejected me I do not have to save myself for him. Still I will not just give myself to someone, when I do, it will out of love and with a partner I want to spend the rest of my life with. I have not found someone yet, but maybe I will meet someone at the festivities. A lot of people will be visiting our allies included, maybe I will find happiness in a political marriage? I do not think so, but you never know.

I am curious to meet prince Alexander of the lycan kingdom, I am not sure if he is coming though. He mostly stays away from court I hear, he is a general and the younger brother of king Sebastian. I met him once before, though at that time I did not know who he was.

flashback (12 years old)

I am hiding in a cave, hiding from court life. The count and countess, that are our hosts, made it perfectly clear how they thought about me. They think I am a freak of nature, because what little girl goes into heat at such a young age? Not a normal one that is for sure. I ran away, I hope father will comfort papa, I do not think papa understands why I would run away. But I am in pain and everyone looks at me weirdly only because I am in heat, I cannot change that it just happens. I do not like it at all, why would people judge me? It is not important why, they just do. I am cold and afraid, all alone and probably trapped here because of the blizzard.

The snow makes everything look so peaceful, but it is cold and dangerous. I am snapped out of my thoughts when I hear people walking and talking, while passing the cave I am hiding in. I just hope they do not see me. Two men stop just outside my cave. ‘Do you smell that?’ ‘Yeah, it smells delicious, but we have to keep going’ ‘Wait! Why would a maiden in heat be out here?’ ‘I do not know and frankly right now I do not care. All I care about is reaching camp and getting a warm meal in my stomach. Come on dude, forget it’ ‘But,’ A growl stops the two men talking, they instantly shut up. I try to cower even further into the cave, even though that is not possible. The growl was an alpha’s growl, a powerful one. ‘What is going on here? Why are the two of you stopping here? We have to reach camp before nightfall’ ‘We smelled something general’ answered the man who had first spoken.

POV. General Alexander

I was grumpy and in a foul mood and these two soldiers stopped simply because they smelled something? Unbelievable, did Jo think a smell would be enough to stop a quarter of the army from assembling? I smelled the air, a female in heat was the first sent that I caught. When I smelled it again, I smelled just how young she was. ‘We move on men, I do not want to punish you guys for harming an innocent child.’ ‘Child but, she is in heat’ ‘Yes, Jo she is, but she smells very young. I do not know what a child is doing out here on her own, but is not our business.’ ‘Yes, general’ Jo answered. I sighed when they walked on. ‘Listen, girl, I know you are here. I will not harm you. I will lead my men away from you. But please stay here, I will come back with some food and a blanket. Do not be frightened when a black wolf that smells like me appears’ I said. I knew she was in the cave and I could smell her fear. I would return in wolf form later, my lycan agreed.

Later when everyone was assembled and having dinner I left the camp in wolf form. I had put a blanket, some bunny and a bottle of water in the bag, I carried in wolf form. When I reached the cave, I spoke up. ‘Little one, I brought you something. I will give it to you, do not be afraid’ I heard a small whimper when I stepped into the cave. I saw the outline of a small she-wolf, it was dark in the cave so I could not see the colour of her coat. I dropped the bag and put the blanket over her, it was not really a blanket it was my cape. ‘Listen little one, I know you are afraid, but I give you this blanket that smells like me for a reason. I am an alpha wolf and when people pass by, they will not only smell you, they will also smell me. They will think I am here to protect you, this blanket will keep you save for tonight.’

I saw that she curled up in the blanket even more, savoring the warmth it gave her. I pushed the skinned bunny to her with my one of my front paws. She smelled it but did not eat it. She was afraid to let her guard down while I was here. ‘I wish you all the luck in the world little one. I would take you home with me to take care of you if I could, but I have a war to fight. I hope someone that will take good care of you will find you here little one’ and with that, I left.

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