Family, just an impossible dream?

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Chapter 2

POV Catherine

I had spent the entire night in that cave. In the morning, I ate the bunny the general had left for me. By noon papa found me and surprisingly he was not mad. He was just overjoyed to have found me. He did discuss the blanket with father. I had known that the wolf was a general, but my parents were able to tell that it was the lycan prince Alexander from the marking inside the cape. That is how I found out who helped me that night twelve years ago. Father had sent a delegation to the lycan kingdom to thank the prince for saving me.

Now, well the coming week, I would hopefully have the chance to thank him personally. There are also people coming which have caused the castle to gossip like crazy. The two angel princes for example, Lucas and Vincent. Lucas is the crown prince and has pure white wings like snow and Vincent is his adopted cousin, he has black wings like the night. Well, so they say, I look forward to seeing all the ladies react to them, to see if the rumours are true. Another person often mentioned is Gregory, he is a count and lion-shifter and apparently has a pretty large harem, with only two lionesses in it and further all kinds of super naturals.

While thinking about meeting new people I do continue to pull out the weeds. I am pulled out of my thinking by a voice. ‘Hello there beautiful’ says the voice of a young man. I turn around but stay in my kneeling position. Dark brown almost black hair and green eyes like papa’s are the sights that greet me. To think that my own brother Jordan would not recognize me. ‘And who is the beauty that you see young prince?’ I ask him, not giving myself away just yet. ‘You, it cannot be that no-one never noticed you’ ‘You would be surprised by what men find attractive nowadays prince’ ‘Someone with mesmerizing eyes like you’ ‘No women who are not afraid to show themselves to the world. Not really my piece of cake, but some women do seem fearless’ ‘I like that you are more conservative’ ‘I am not, not at all prince Jordan’ ‘It does not seem fair that you know me while I do not know you’ ‘Oh but you do’ ‘I am sure I would remember meeting such a beautiful young lady like yourself’ Jordan says.

I cannot help but laugh at that. He looks at me like I have grown a second head. I stand up and pull away the hood that is covering my hair. ‘Silver’ he whispers. ‘Oh, my goodness. I cannot believe I have flirted with my own sister!’ he says now sounding a bit panicked. I just smile at him. ‘It is alright you just did not recognize your own sister’ ‘I am very sorry Catherine’ ‘Forget it and let me welcome you home’ ‘Gladly’ he says now sporting a small smile. I step out of the field and hug him. He immediately hugs me back holding me close to him. ‘I missed you Jordan’ ‘I missed you to Cathy. Are you wearing perfume?’ I pull back from our hug at that. ‘No, I do not, never have and probably never will. Why do you ask though?’ ‘You smell nice, very nice and very sweet’ he whispers giving me a questionable look. Now panic starts to rise in me, I do not let it show but I am afraid of myself right now. I take my suppressors my sent should not affect anyone. If it affects even my brothers I need to consider locking myself up.

I need to go to the healers and ask for advice. ‘Cathy are you alright, you look like you have seen a ghost. You are worrying me’ ‘Do not worry. I will be fine I promise. I think it just the nerves of the festivities’ ‘Are you sure?’ ‘Yes. Now tell me where is Justin?’ ‘He always was your favorite’ he says looking at the ground. ‘No Jordan I love you both equally. Yes, me and Justin used to spend more time together then we did, but you were often busy with your training as heir to the crown’ ‘I know that’ he whispers not looking me in the eyes.

‘So how are the 3 L’s?’ he asks brightening up and looking at me. ‘Great. Lola and Lilly are very close, though Lucy tags along. I wished she would try to get some friends other than just her two sisters’ ‘Three sisters you mean’ ‘Lola and Lilly, well especially Lola keeps reminding me that we are not really sisters. They do not like me, never have and probably never will no matter how hard I try. I have given up’ ‘That is sad. I never knew your relationship was not well’ he says. I just shrug my shoulders and pick up my basket of weeds to throw them away.

POV Jordan

I watch Catherine walk away from me. I never realized that Lola did not like her. Lola and Lilly always acted so nice. Maybe they are just really close as twins and that is why Catherine feels left out. I decide not to think too much about it now and decide to look for Justin. I find him in the kitchen talking to Mary the head of the kitchen and an amazing cook. ‘Hello, Justin. Good to see you again Mary’ I say giving her a hug. She feels like an aunt to me. She welcomes me back and offers me and Justin fresh cookies that will be ready in around 5 minutes. Me and Justin decide to wait for them. Mary goes back to preparing things for dinner tonight. She wants to make a feast because we returned home today, she sure knows how to make someone feel loved. Some of the other cooks are helping her while the others prepare for lunch.

‘It is good to be home’ I say to Justin sitting down next to him. ‘It really is. I talked to father and papa. They are glad we are back. I should warn you though. Papa will start to try and mother you again, he did so when I first saw him’ says Justin looking serious. ‘I will be fine. I talked to Catherine, well actually I flirted with her’ I say looking at the countertop. Justin turns to me and grasps my arm. ‘You did what?!’ ‘You heard me’ ‘Yeah I did. She is our older sister! Really my goodness. What were you thinking?’ he asks me. Before I can answer him, he answers himself. ‘You were not thinking at all clearly’ ‘I did not recognize her’ ‘How can you not? Silver hair and blue eyes, not many people have that combination and you know that’ he says sounding upset. ‘Why are so upset. Do you want her or something?’ ‘What? No, that’s ridiculous’ ‘Then why?’ ‘Because she is hardly accepted as it is. It would be a scoundrel if rumour broke out’ ‘Scoundrel? Really? You are overreacting’ ‘Maybe, but a lot of guests are coming to the castle, so rumours will spread like wildfire’ he says. I sigh, he does have a point. ‘I guess so. Do not worry we talked it out already. She asked for you’ I say. He nods. ‘I will speak to her later at dinner probably. I think she just wants to welcome me home’ Justin says.

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