Family, just an impossible dream?

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Chapter 3

POV Catherine

It is almost dinner time and I am getting changed for dinner. Today I spend my day in commoners clothing, but tonight I have to dress properly because dinner is formal. I change into a simple but elegant dress, it falls to the ground and is light blue. Happily, it is not one of those hoop dresses, though a corset is a must. I dress myself to the disgust of my chambermaid Alice. I think it is perfectly normal that I am able to dress myself. I am happy to finally see Justin tonight, I really missed him. It was nice talking to Jordan this morning, but with Justin I can discuss more. He really understands me and is my best friend and only one really. It never bothered me, but I have been lonely these past 4 years while he was away. So, I hope to find some new friends at the festivities. Though our talk was nice, it had me worried, so I went to the healers this afternoon. They told me not to worry about it and that I probably just smelled like one of the herbs from weeding out the field.

I walk to the dining room, well, in reality it is more like a ballroom. When I arrive, I see my father sitting at his normal place with Jordan next to him. Lola is next to him and next to her is Lilly. Lucy, Justin and papa have not arrived yet. I normally sit next to papa. This time, however, I know that is not appropriate, Justin has to sit next to him. So, I sit on the seat beside the one I normally sit in. When I sit down father nods to me, I nod back. Further, the rest does not recognize me for they are engrossed in conversation.

I just sit there quietly till papa and Justin arrive 10 minutes after me. Papa gives me a kiss on the forehead before walking past me and taking his seat. Justin stays standing behind his chair. I look up at him, wondering why he won’t sit down. ‘Do I not get a welcome home hug?’ he asks me. I smile and immediately stand up to hug him. He holds me and buries his face in my hair. ‘I missed you so much sis’ he whispers. I hear that he is on the brink of tears, which makes my tears start to fall. ‘I missed you to Justin. I am glad you are finally home’ I say trying not to start crying out loud. He pulls back slightly, just enough to look me in the eyes. ‘Do not cry Cathy. I could never truly leave my best friend behind’ he says his voice still soft. I nod trying to stop my tears. Seeing this Justin also starts to tear up. He takes my head in his hand and kisses my cheek before hugging me again. I smile through my tears at his antics.

‘This is unacceptable!’ sounds the shrill sound of Lola’s voice. I immediately pull back and sit down looking at the table in front of me. Justin sits down to, though at a slower pace. ‘What is so unacceptable my darling sister?’ Justin asks. ‘You two acted like long lost lovers. It was a disgrace!’ answered Lilly for her twin sister. She has almost the same shrill voice as Lola. ‘Both of you enough’ says papa. ‘But papa they are right and you know it’ says Lucy who is standing behind her two sisters. ‘Lucy dear sit down. All of you calm down’ says father. Lucy sits down and the whole table is silent and stays silent until the first round of food is served. We all thank the servants that serve us our food.

I barely eat anything and I see Justin watching me because of it. I just move my food around my plate a bit, but stop when I hear commotion in the hallway and the doors suddenly open. ‘You cannot go in there it is dinnertime you arrived too late’ a servant says, running after a group of lycans. Father stands up. ‘Nonsense, they can eat still eat the main course and dessert’ he says. The servant nods his head and leaves. Father walks around the table and shakes hands with the arriving guest. ‘Welcome Sebastian, I will let the servants push over an extra table eat with me and my family’ ‘Thank you Frederick it is nice seeing you again’ says Sebastian, the lycan king. When he and his 3 guards sit down, he greets all of us. ‘Louis my wife looked forward to seeing you again but she wanted to stay behind with our youngest’ ‘I understand Larissa wanted to stay behind, your youngest is barely 1 year and your oldest just 6 years old’ ‘Yes they should not travel so far yet. Thank you for understanding’ ‘No problem, what about your brother and famous general’ ‘My gamma came with me’ ‘Then where is he? Do not say he is taking care of the horses.’ says papa. ‘No, he joined a patrol together with one of the guards. He believed he heard something. So, when we came across the patrol he told them and joined them’ Sebastian says. ‘Does he ever stop working?’ ‘I wish he did Frederick’ ‘Stubborn one’ says father. Sebastian sighs and nods.

‘What about his mate, does she let him?’ asks Lucy. I am shocked normally she is shy around strangers. ‘When he found her years ago she rejected him. I do not know why, but I know she passed away years ago. He does not have a partner. So, he does not have anyone to stop him. He won’t listen to me’ Sebastian answered. ‘Isn’t he lonely?’ asks Justin. ‘I think so, but he says otherwise. He sees his men and their families as family. He lives in one of the fortresses, he hates life at court’ Sebastian says.

Before anyone can say anything else 4 wolves run into the room in wolf form. They are carrying children on their back and look out of breath. Someone gives a tablecloth to one of the wolves, who transforms into his human form. ‘Majesties I, we found these children being kidnapped by a group of different super naturals a vampire seemed to be leading them’ ‘How did you get the children back and come back here without a scratch’ asks papa. ‘My king, one of the lycans took the lead. He told us to take the children to safety while they fought’ the wolf answers. Papa nods and turns to father. ‘Find the children’s parents and bring them home’ father says. A servant drops a bottle of wine when she comes in and sees the children. The children immediately run to her. ‘Aunty!’ they scream while jumping on her. She hugs them, all three of them. ‘My kings, their mother works in the kitchen and their father is a gardener here. May I bring them to their father?’ ‘Of course, you may’ papa answers her. She leads the children out of the room.

When they are out of sight father turns to the patrol. ‘Why did all of you return? Two wolves could have easily carried these three children here’ ‘We did what we were told. We brought the children back to safety’ ‘That is no excuse. You have the responsibly to protect the pack, coven and all others living here. You neglected your duties. You will all go back into training’ says father. The patrol nods.

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