Family, just an impossible dream?

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Chapter 4

After that the patrol left, we ate our main course and we are currently waiting for dessert to be served. Small talk is made, but I stay out of it mostly. I see Jordan looking at me from time to time. He probably wonders were his carefree older sister went. I love my family, but living with my sisters can be hard sometimes.

I suddenly feel extreme pain, nothing like I ever experienced before. I scream out and drop to the floor. Justin tries to hold me put the feeling of arms around me only makes it worse. ‘Let her go’ Sebastian says. ‘What, I understand that everyone needs to take distance, but why would he let her go?’ asks papa, he is worried I hear it in his voice. ‘Her mate is dying. She does not need family right now. She needs an alpha to calm down her wolf. And you two cannot do it’ says Sebastian to my parents. ‘Then please help her’ says papa.

Sebastian takes me from Justin and reaches out to my wolf. My wolf instantly calms down and stops screaming in my head. The pain is still there but manageable, until suddenly it is back full force and then disappears. I feel empty and drained. Sebastian helps me back in my chair and strokes my back. ‘It is alright. He is dead’ Sebastian whispers to me. ‘Is there anything I can do for you Cathy?’ asks Justin. I just shake my head. I just want to sit here and rest a bit. My family seems to understand because they pick up small talk again. I am shocked when Alice holds out my blue blanket. I softly thank her and wrap the blanket around myself. Sebastian and his guards watch me. I just ignore them, they must be surprised I am wrapped in the cape of one of their generals.

I am the first one to notice the two lycans walking in, in wolf-form. Everyone tenses up once they notice them. The lycan walking in front is completely black and still has a perfect stride despite the giant cut in his shoulder. Behind him is a sand colored lycan. They are both carrying a pup. The black one sits down and the pup tries to hide between his front paws. The sandy colored goes to stand beside the black one and puts down the pup he is holding. That pup also goes to the black wolf. The sandy wolf transforms into his human form. Lycans have on clothes when they change into human form.

The sandy colored wolf turns out to be a commander, from the looks of his uniform. He has sandy colored hair and grey eyes. ‘Your majesty, we took care of all the criminals at the scene. We found these new-born puppies hidden behind a bush. One male and one female, we also found the mother. She was brutally murdered. It appears these little ones are orphans’ ‘Thank you James, always straight to the point’ says Sebastian. ‘I am sure we can find someone to take care of them’ papa says.

‘Can I?’ I find myself asking before I realize it. I can sense that my parents do not want me to. ‘Papa, we currently only have one she-wolf that has pups that still drink milk. She has 6 puppies, she barely has enough milk as it is. We cannot possibly ask her and her mate to take in two more pups’ ‘You cannot give them milk either. Or did you forget that you whore?!’ asks Lola. She stuns everyone in the room. ‘No, I did not forget. But thank you for reminding me, my darling sister. You however seem to forget that if the wolf is willing, we can breastfeed pups even if we do not have pups of our own’ ‘But you are a virgin?’ asks Lily. I am surprised she would even question that at this time. ‘Yes, but my wolf is in heat. So, my hormones are high, which means they can adjust easily’ I say looking directly at Lola and Lilly. ‘It appears you are serious about this’ says father. ‘I am father’ ‘Very well. You may care for them. At least in the short term. Remember that if we find a family that is willing to adopt them, they will go to them. Do not get to attached’ says father. I nod at my father and look at papa. He just looks at me. He is uncomfortable with it, but will let me.

I stand up, the blanket is still around me. I step towards the black wolf and the pups slowly. I kneel two meters away from them. ‘Now the question at hand is, if you will let me take care of them general’ I say in a soft tone to not scare the pups. Looking in his brown eyes I see all the conformation I need. I drop the cape and transform, not caring that I rip my dress apart. I lay down in wolf-form and watch the pups.

Their eyes are just open and one of them looks at me with curious green eyes. The little light grey female stumbles over to me. I start washing her on instinct and she doesn’t seem to mind. I can feel everyone in the room watching me, but at the moment I do not care. Most think of me as an odd duck anyway, if not a disgrace to the family. I understand that papa is uncomfortable with me caring for these pups, he is afraid I will get attached. And he is probably right, because I have always wanted to be a mother. My wolf also loves the idea and is very keen on taking care of the pups now in our care.

The general softly pushes the white male forward with his muzzle. The little one however does not budge. He just whimpers softly and hides further in the general’s chest. The general starts to gently wash him. ‘Don’t get attached Alex that is not your pup’ Sebastian warns his younger brother. Alexander looks at his brother with cold eyes. Sebastian shakes his head at his brother. ‘You are too stubborn for your own good and you know it. If you truly desire to care for pups, then I am sure Larissa will let you watch over ours’ ‘You know it will not be the same brother’ Alexander says. Another fact about lycans they can speak in wolf-form, though the voice is lower and rougher than normal.

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