Family, just an impossible dream?

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Chapter 5

‘You have no right to talk to your brother like that little mister’ snarls a female lycan walking into the dining hall. ‘Mother what are you doing here?’ asks Sebastian. ‘Reminding you of the fact that you are a king and have the duty to take care of your kingdom’ his mother answers him, putting emphasis on your kingdom. ‘Luna Sofia, I am sure we can resolve whatever the issue is’ says my father. ‘Yes, we can indeed Fred’ says Sofia to my father before she returns her attention back on Sebastian.

‘I thought we raised you right, but apparently me and your father failed’ ‘What are you talking about mother? What has you troubled so much?’ ‘You do not take care of the kingdom. Are you even aware of the fact that there have been riots for two years now?’ asks Sofia. When Sebastian does not answer and only look sat her confused, she continues. ‘Our people are afraid of our men, they are afraid of the royal army and guards. The people are suffering, they would be starving if it was not for your brother’ says Sofia. ‘Alex has not done anything mother, the only reason he is a general is because he is family’ says Sebastian. ‘Alexander, I need you to shift’ says Sofia.

Alexander nods and he shifts into his human form, but instead of being the blue colors of the royal family, he is dressed in dark browns and black. That is when I notice that the two men who accompanied Sofia are also dressed in browns and black. ‘My baby, I could not even travel through my own country with my own men. The only men the people trust are from the night howlers legion, your brothers legion. Which is not just ready for duty, but fully on duty throughout the whole kingdom’ ‘That is ridiculous’ ‘I wished it was, but it seems I rejected the wrong son’ ‘Mother! You cannot be serious’ ‘But I am’ Sofia cried out. ‘I rejected Alexander because of an accident that was not his fault and yet he is loyal beyond reason’ ‘He is only to be trusted as far as you can see him’ says Sebastian.

‘Really my king? I will keep that in mind next time. You know before I send my men to the south and to the harbors to help’ ‘Your men are in the north’ ‘If only they were. You never read any of the reports I send you, or did you?’ ‘You never send me any reports’ ‘Very well then. I give you six months to get your government back on track and to find whoever is betraying you’ ‘And otherwise?’ asks Sebastian his brother mockingly. Alexander smiles at his brother, though it is far from a friendly smile. ‘I guess the north then finally has someone to stand behind’ ‘The north will never become independent, not in my life time!’ ‘It will if you do not get your administration back in order’ ‘You cannot do anything to me’ ‘Not directly’ Alexander says.

‘Lucinda can you send a message to everyone in the legion?’ ‘Of course, sir’ answers a petite blond that first was standing behind one of the men with who Sofia came in. ‘Let everyone know that we are no longer fighting in the name of the king. We will be fighting for our country and our people’ ‘So I will let them know to drop the blue capes and take up our black ones?’ asks Lucinda. ‘Yes, we will be fighting in the name of our kingdom and our lord, the protector of the north’ says James. Lucinda nods and starts what seems like praying. ‘You will not get away with this Alex’ threatens Sebastian. ‘He already has boy’ says Sofia. ‘How can you side with him, you rejected him a long time ago’ ‘One of the biggest mistakes I ever made together with giving birth to your baby brother’ ‘Francis is not a mistake, he is an amazing young man’ says Sebastian. ‘When will I meet him? Because last time I checked he tried to rape my beta’ says Alexander. Sebastian growls at his brother.

Alexander ignores him and turns to me. ‘Will you show me the way princess? I am sure these pups can use some sleep’. I nod slowly and pick up the grey female. As I start walking Alexander follows me with the white male still in his arms.

I stop at my door and turn to Alexander. He nods at me and opens the door for me, because it is hard to open a door when in wolf form. I put the female on the bed. Alexander follows my example and softly places the white male by her sibling. He turns to leave, but I softly bark at him. ‘I will wait’ he says.

I nod at that and run to the changing screen, once behind it I shift and pull on one of my nightgowns. ‘Thank you, I would like to have a word if I could?’ ‘Of course, princess. What do you want to talk about?’ he asks me. I sit down on the bed and look up at him. ‘I need to thank you for saving me all those years ago’ ‘There is no need. It is an honor meeting you and seeing that you grew up into a beautiful young wolf’ ‘Thank you for the compliment’ I say looking down at my hands that are in my lap. ‘Is there anything else princess?’ ‘I know you are a general not because you are born a prince, but because of your abilities. You take care of your people, the innocent’ ‘You do not know me princess’ ‘No, but you helped me when I was in need of help, despite not knowing anything about me’ ‘True, but any man with a sliver of honor would help a child’ ‘Not a child in heat. You prevented me from getting hurt and I am forever grateful for that’ ‘You are naïve little princess’ ‘Catherine, my name is Catherine. I know I do not know you, but I would like to’ ‘You should not say such dangerous things princess. Good night’ says Alexander before he turns and walks out of the door.

I run to the door and open it. ‘General please wait!’. He turns his head slightly in my direction, indicating that he is listening. ‘I often help the healers at the castle. I may not be a full fleshed nurse, but please let me look at your wound. It is the least I can do’ ‘Very well’ he says turning around to face me now. I nod, ‘Come back in, I have a medical kit in my room. I keep it for when people do not want to disturb the healers or do not want rumors to be spread’ I say and head back in my room and go to the dresser to get my medical kit out. Once I have the kit, I walk to the couch and sit on it. After I gesture for Alexander to do so as well, he does.

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