Family, just an impossible dream?

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Chapter 6

POV. Alexander

I sit down on the couch like the princess gestured me to do. I pull the cape of my shoulders and pull of my shirt, so she can reach my shoulder. She moves a bit closer to take a look at the wound, before opening her medical kit and pulling out the things she needed. She starts cleaning the wound out first and disinfecting it, before she carefully stitches it up. ‘She is a gorgeous and caring female. She would make a very good partner’ ‘Maybe, but she deserves better than us’ ‘We could make her happy, you grumpy human, I know we could’ ‘We could never give her pups’ ‘We could adopt’ ‘You saw the way she looked at these pups. She is a she-wolf that desires the be a mother’ My wolf does not answer me after that remark.

I look at the princess as she finishes stitching the wound and puts some salve on it. ‘It will numb the wound. I know you are a not a stranger to being hurt, seeing your scars. So, I know you can handle the pain, but this way it will not bother you when you try to sleep tonight’ ‘Thank you for addressing the wound’ ‘There is no need to thank me. I love to help people, even if it is just in little ways. I believe sometimes even a small gesture can make a big difference’ she says. ‘She would be a great luna to our pack like legion’. I ignore my wolf and try to look in her eyes, but she is looking down. ‘I am sorry, I’m just rambling. Please don’t mind me’ ‘I believe you are right, princess. You might not be as naïve as I thought’ ‘Thank you’ she answers me.

I just look at her stunned by the fact that she took that as a compliment. ‘Do you have any other wounds that need addressing, that I did not notice when I saw you in wolf form earlier?’ she asks me. I hesitate, there is one, but it would not be appropriate for her to address it. A normal nurse he would allow to address the wound, but he could not let her for she was a lady, a princess even. ‘There is one, isn’t there? If you do not want me looking at it, I could call one of the nurses or one of the healers’ ‘You do not have to. I trust in your abilities, but you are a lady’ ‘I have seen gruesome wounds before. I have treated men who were attacked by bandits, and they do not fight fair’ ‘I believe you, but it might be better if I let the wound heal on its own’ I say to her, giving her a light smile.

‘No, it is not better, it hurts badly. Get over your gentlemanly manners and let her help us. I believe she is pure, but still she will not be forever anyway’ I ignore my wolf again and wait for her the answer me. ‘I would believe you if I thought you were talking about a minor injury. However, I smell a lot of fresh blood, meaning you are still bleeding and not just a little general’ ‘I warned you’ ‘You did and I choose to ignore your warning’ she says. I sigh, she is a stubborn one. ‘Fine’ I say before pulling down my pants on the right side, exposing my bleeding and wounded hip.

POV. Catherine

I gasp as I see the wound, it is way more irritated than his shoulder wound was. It looks like it was caused be a spear or a very big arrow. ‘I’m sorry. I do not want to hurt you but I am worried about the bone’ ‘Do want you need to do princess’ ‘I will’ I say before cleaning out the wound and stitching it. After I finish with the wound itself, I press my fingers around the area, to find out if the bone is bruised. He hisses and tenses when I do. ‘I will put salve on the wound to numb it, but I can’t do anything about the bone. I do not belief it is broken, rather it is bruised. It might take some time before it is completely healed.’ ‘Alright, thank you’ he says. I nod and put the salve on. ‘So, that’s it. Have a good night’s rest general’ ‘You as well princess’ he says before standing up and walking out the door.

‘He is protective I can tell’ ‘Do you? I thought he himself said we did not know him’ ‘We don’t, but it would be a pleasure to get to know him. Every part of him if I get my way’ ‘You perverted wolf! He was still decent, he just exposed his hip’ ‘Yes unfortunately. I would not have minded if he showed more of himself. Girl have you seen that upper body? He looks delicious and I am sure he is’ ‘Enough of this. It is time for bed’ and with that I end my discussion with my wolf, she is a horny bitch when she is in heat.

The next morning, I wake up to the pups whining. I shift to my wolf form to comfort them. They immediately seek out my nipples, trying to find milk. I am surprised when they do, I should not adapt to giving milk that fast. ‘Daddy is it okay if I attend breakfast in wolf form? I would like to bring the pups’ ‘Of course that’s okay. I will see you in a few minutes’ my dad, Louis answers.

On my way to the dining room I come across Justin and a vampire I do not know. ‘Cathy this is Leroy, he is a good friend of mine’ Justin introduces his vampire friend. I nod my head at Leroy, he was brown hair and yellow eyes. ‘Nice to meet you princess Catherine, your brothers told me much about you, only good things’ Leroy says. I nod at him again and start walking again, Justin and Leroy follow me to the dining room. I go and lay down before the fireplace.

Papa heads over to me and softly pets my head, before scratching behind my ear. ‘How are you doing?’ ‘Good, I wake up to a surprise tough’ ‘The pups?’ ‘They were able to drink milk from me already’ ‘That is very fast. I know you are in heat, but still’ ‘Do you think I should go to the healers?’ ‘No, I am sure it is fine’ my father says through mindlink.

James walks up to me in wolf form carrying a hindleg from a deer in his mouth. He lays it down in front of me. ‘You should eat healthy and fresh food now that you have to give milk to those little ones’ he says. I look at my dad, who nods at me. ‘She says she is very grateful, but she wonders to what she did to deserve it’ my dad says to James for me. ‘She took in these orphan pups. I do not think she should do it all on her own’ ‘She is not on her own, beta’ ‘I did not mean to offend you your majesty, but’ James does not get to finish. ‘But, up north we all take care of each other and that includes little orphans. I would have hunted for your daughter myself if my wounds would have allowed me’ Alexander says. My dad just nods and goes back to his seat.

Alexander sits down next to me and starts petting my fur. I look at him confused at his actions. ‘Thank you again for treating my wounds yesterday. I am glad that the pups seem to do well’ he says to me. All I am able to do is nod. James lays down in wolf form on the other side of me. ‘Eat up princess. It is way too much to eat all by myself’ he says before taking a bite out of the leg. I look at Alexander again and he nods at me. I also take a bite.

‘Accepting food from them already are you?’ says Lola when she and Lilly walk in. I decide to not react, because I want to avoid making a scene. ‘Well we should not be surprised, should we sis? She is a slut anyway, it was only a matter of time before …’ Lilly starts to say before she is abruptly cut off by Jordan. ‘How dare you? Talking such rubbish about our sister’ he sounds very upset and pissed off. ‘Well, the sad truth is that you believe she is still the same sweet innocent girl, she was when you left for training’ says Lola. ‘Truth be told is she is not. Even then she was not as pure as you think’ adds Lilly.

I feel Alexander’s hand clench the fur on the back of my neck. I turn my head to him, trying to block out my sisters. He stands up and goes to stand beside my brother. Before Jordan gets to respond, Alexander stands up for me. ‘Good morning princesses’ he says, bowing to them. Lola and Lilly look at each other surprised by his respectful greeting. Lola nods her head. ‘A good morning to you too, prince’ she says. Alexander smiles, but it does not reach his eyes. ‘Well at least is was a good morning until both of you decided to spread lies in the faces of all those who are present here’ ‘We are not lying, prince Alexander’ says Lola.

‘Please, you already appear fake and cheap despite your high title and expensive clothing’ ‘How dare you speak to us like that? You are a guest in our house!’ says Lilly. ‘Maybe, but perhaps you both should learn some respect for your elders, and the truth while you are at it.’ Says Alexander. ‘That is harsh’ says Jordan looking at the lycan prince and general at his side. ‘No it is great fun watching someone finally putting those brats in their place. Always talking trash about their older sister, while pretending to be saints themselves.’ John, an old retired general, says from his place at the table with the servants and soldiers. Most of the soldiers and servants laughing as silently as they can.

John turns his attention to the princesses in question and adds to his previous statement. ‘Princesses you both know you are not loved by the people, because of your not so great personalities. Add to that the fact that especially you Lola are a hypocrite. Do you expect that no one is ever going to notice? That you use your mate for sex but refuse to accept him because he is just a stable boy. And then to divert the attention spread false rumors about your sister’ ‘That freak of nature is not my sister and she will never be!’ Lola shrieks. ‘You talk around the point “princess”. You know you are wrong but you just won’t admit it, because it would hurt your precious ego’ Alexander says. ‘And why are you even defending her? Did she offer herself to you or something?’ asks Lilly. ‘No, of course she did not. She is not like you and your evil twin. She actually has self-respect.’ ‘Way to go prince. I did not know any royalty could actually say something straight to the point’ says John.

‘That is because at heart he is more of a general and alpha than a prince’ says Sebastian. ‘And maybe that is enough before my husband walks in. He can be here any moment now’ Says king Louis.

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