Family, just an impossible dream?

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Chapter 7

I am currently sitting on a soft blanket in one of the fields inside the castle gates. The pups are sleeping beside me. After dad’s comment everyone quieted down and breakfast went by without father noticing anything. Although Lola and Lilly were sulking, when father asked, they did not tell him what was said before he came in.

‘Princess?’. I turn my head in the direction of the female voice. I am surprised to see Luna Sofia walking in my direction. ‘Luna Sofia. How can I help you?’ I ask while bowing my head to her. ‘Do you mind if I sit with you for a while?’ ‘Of course not. Please, take a seat’ I answer her question.

The former queen of our eastern neighbor, sits down next to me. ‘What is your relationship with my second born?’ Sofia asks me. She surprises me with her question. ‘With general Alexander? I am the one who treated is wounds yesterday.’ ‘You do not love him?’ ‘Love him?! I barely know him, we just met’ ‘But he saved you a few years ago did he not?’ ‘He did and I am grateful that I finally got the chance to thank him personally’ I say.

Sofia turns her attention to the pups and pets the grey female. ‘Could you possibly see a future with my son. Becoming luna to his pack?’ ‘You are truly surprising me with these questions’ ‘Great. I do not want a prepared answer from you, I want the truth.’ ‘I think I could. He is a good man, and very nice to me. He did call me a naïve girl though. So, I do not think he sees me as a potential partner’ ‘He is afraid to get close to someone. He might have said that to push you away because he is afraid’ ‘Maybe, but even so. He is your second born, a prince, a general, a lord and an alpha. I may be a princess, but I am adopted’ ‘You seem like a sweet girl. Taking in these pups shows you have a big and good heart’ ‘Thank you for the compliment Luna’ ‘Do you want to have pups of your own?’ ‘Someday I would like to have pups.’ ‘That is the one thing Alex cannot give you. He was severely poisoned when he was young. He is healthy now, but the healers say he can never father any children’ Sofia tells me while looking in the distance.

‘I am sorry. I do not know what to say.’ ‘I thought you should know before anything would develop between you and him. I understand if you would choose another because of this’ ‘Why? I mean of course the dream I had ever since I was little, is to find a man that loves me and in time have children together. However, adoption is also an option’ ‘You are open minded about this’ ‘Did you really think I would reject him because he is unable to sire children?’ ‘I hoped you would not. But, his mate did’ ‘Because of this reason?’ ‘Unfortunately. And now my boy believes he cannot make any woman truly happy because of it.’ Sofia says. Before I can respond, we are interrupted by James.

‘Luna Sofia’ ‘What is it boy?’ ‘Alexander was wondering if he could talk to you about politics after dinner tonight’ says James while approaching us. Sofia nods at him in answer. ‘Luna?’ ‘Yes James? What is on your mind?’ ‘You are not trying to play matchmaker are you?’ he asks. Sofia softly smiles at me, before turning in his direction completely. ‘Why would you think that?’ she asks in an innocent voice. ‘I mean no disrespect, but I think Alex should make up his own mind. Whether he wants to be with the princess or not. Or with anybody for that matter’ ‘I do not want my boy to die all alone’ ‘He still has a lot of years ahead of him. And in the end it is his decision’ ‘I know, but that does not mean I cannot give him a nudge in the right direction. In the direction of this lovely she-wolf’ Sofia says. James shakes his head and seems lost in thought. ‘Good day ladies. I will be taking my leave’ he says and walks away.

I just fed the pups and am now getting dressed for dinner, when there is a knock on my door. ‘Just a minute’ I call out to whoever is standing at my door. And I silently curse at the laces of my corset. ‘Princess I was hoping to have a word before dinner’ ‘General Alexander?’ ‘Yes, can I come in?’ ‘Sure, as soon as I get this damn thing on’ ‘Princess, do you need a hand?’ he asks through the door, sounding amused. I just shake my head and walk to the door to open it.

POV. Alexander

After my beta told me that he saw my mother and the princess talk. And more importantly that my mother looked way to happy according to James. I decided that I needed to talk to the princess to try and find out what my mother was up to. So, now I am standing in front of her door, knocking on it. ‘Just a minute’ she calls out, muffled. After that I hear her cursing. Unconsciously that makes me smile. The proper princess, loved by the servants and soldiers, cursing in the privacy of her room.

‘Princess I was hoping to have a word before dinner’ I call out to her. ‘General Alexander?’ ‘Yes, can I come in?’ ‘Sure, as soon as I get this damn thing on’ ‘Princess, do you need a hand?’ I ask her, just to see how she will respond. I did not expect her to walk up to the door and open it, only wearing her underskirt and half put on corset. ‘Don’t just look at me. Come in and help me with these laces’ ‘As you wish princess’ I respond bowing to hide my smile.

‘I hate these things. Who would ever invent such a thing? Who cares about looking pretty? I like to be able to breath thank you very much’ ‘Not in the mood princess?’ ‘Would you stop calling me that and help me?’ she asks sounding very much annoyed with me. This time I do not try to hide my smile. ‘Turn around and I will’ ‘Thank you’ she responds while turning around. I grab the laces and gently tie up the corset. While tying up the corset I notice her creamy skin beneath the corset and the scars and irritated red lines on her back. ‘Princess, how did you get those scars?’ I ask her concerned for her wellbeing.

She walks away towards her changing screen and grabs her purple dress. ‘That is not what you came here for to discuss’ ‘No, but it is what I want to discuss now’ ‘I do not wish to talk about it’ she says after which she pulls on her dress and laces it. ‘Please, when you feel like you can trust me and want to talk about it, come to me. I will be there for you. I know how a whip feels’ ‘Thank you. But, those are big words for someone who is leaving in three weeks’ time’ ‘I know, but you can always reach out to me and my beta James’ ‘And if I wanted you would accept me into your pack?’ she asks sarcastically. ‘Tell her that we will. No questions asked.’ ‘Yes, we would. If you ever feel like you need to escape this palace and your “lovely sisters”, know that you are more than welcome’

‘Fleeing the country, weird way of dealing with problems’ she says. ‘Princess, I do not know what has gotten into you, but know that I am sincere, just as my wolf, about this’ ‘Thank you’ she whispers. I can smell her tears, and that is what drives my wolf over the edge.

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