College Cutbacks: Sophomore Year Book IV

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Roman's POV

The closer we got to the club, the faster heart pounded in my chest. I focused on the street lights as we passed them, trying to calm down.

"Man, I'm trippin' balls," Damion blurted out. "Am I supposed to feel like this?"

Another round of laughter erupted in the car. "What do you mean?" Ryan chuckled.

"My mouth is dry as hell and my heart is beating out of my damn chest. I feel like I can't move arms." I don't know why we thought everything was so damn funny. It was fucking hilarious.

"Here." Ryan handed a bottle to Emery who was continuously flipping through the radio stations. "Drink this. It will calm your high down a little and pass it to them in the back. I think Damion might freak out in a crowd."

She passed it to Damion who was in the seat behind her. Eli was quietly staring out the window beside me. I took a swig then handed the bottle to her.

"What's this?"

"Tequila. Ryan said it will calm our high." She grabbed the bottle and took a couple of gulps of the liquor then handed it to Lewis who was in the back. I don't think this was a good idea. I know if I was overthinking shit so was everyone else. It was pretty quiet besides Damion who expressed every change that happened with him. Ryan was right though. The liquor did mellow me out some.

We pulled up to the club and walked straight to the front door. The guy at the door saw Eli and moved out of the way immediately. There was another guy at the second door handing out a wrist band for drinking.

"Frank!" Eli ran over to him, throwing her arms around his shoulders.

"Eli. I'm glad you could make it." He kissed her cheek.

"These are my friends that I told you about." He smiled, greeting us all with a nod until his eyes landed on Emery. He stared at her and by the way her eyes widened and her body tensed, I knew she knew him. I turned back to this Frank guy whose attention was back on Eli. He passed her wrist bands with a stern look as if warning her to behave. When we walked in, I made sure to stare him down so he knows that I see that something was up. He kept his friendly facial expression which pissed me off. Who the fun was he and how in the fuck does he know Emery? Eli couldn't have introduced them before because she never indicated that they already met. Something was definitely up.

"First things first, shots!" Eli shouted after passing out the wrist bands. Damion already had his eye on a girl across the room. She enticed him with her sensual dance and I'm sure his high wasn't making him immune to her inviting hip-swaying and extremely short dress. They locked eyes through the first and second shot before he was off. Eli dragged Emery and Lewis off to the dance floor. I sat beside Lewis at the bar. The music was loud and the place was crowded.

Lewis leaned in slightly closer. "Hey, man. I just wanted to say sorry for everything. I broke our deal and If I hadn't, none of this would have happened."

"It's cool. It's not, but look." I pointed to the dance floor where Emery was laughing and dancing. Ryan twirled both girls. "She's healing. I'm kind of okay with Ryan being here. She's happy."

Lewis turned back to the bar and took a gulp of his beer. "I ruined that for her."

"You did, but I did too. We were stupid." I shrugged my shoulders.

"If it was anybody else, I'd rather it be you. I won't like it, but I know you love her as much as I do." He gulped down the rest of his beer. "Going to hit the head."

I sat there for a while, watching her laugh. I couldn't help but chuckle at it. I took another gulp of my beer before going to the dance floor to dance with the most beautiful women I ever laid eyes on. Her hair swayed back and forth. She looked good in her black dress. It was too tight, but it was made for her. I approached them with my eyes never leaving her. I lightly grabbed her arm and lean in close to her ear.

"Wanna dance?" She blushed and nodded her head yes. Do I want to know? by the Arctic Monkeys came on. I guess the universe was in my favor. Eli and Ryan were busy in their own little world. "Are you okay with dancing to this song?"

"Yeah. I mean, it's just a song, right?"

Wrong. I didn't tell her that. I just nodded my head. The strobe lights made it feel like everything was in slow motion like we were in a movie. Something dark flickered in her eyes then she began to grind on me. I rubbed my hands up her sides pulling her hands. behind my neck. Damn! I was hard already. I can't tell if she can feel me or not, but if she did she didn't say anything. She continued to grind into me. I twirl her so that she faced me then slammed her body into mine. It felt really intense. Maybe it was the weed. She looked at me from under her lashes, her lips slightly parted. I think I may have surprised her. She continued to move her hips but kept her eyes on me.

She's going to run.

The song seems like it was over too soon. "I need a drink," she said before turning to walk away. I caught her wrist and pulled her flush against me.

"No, you don't. No more running." She bit her bottom lip. She looked fucking adorable. I used my thumb to pull her lip from her teeth. I rubbed my thumb across her lip.

Fuck space! I need her!

I crushed my lips to hers in a bruising, breathtaking kiss. Just as I remembered it: soft and sweet.

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