College Cutbacks: Sophomore Year Book IV

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No More Pot

Emery's POV

When I woke up, I was really groggy. I feel the drool running down my cheek and my body was sore especially my hips. I felt like shit. My vision was blurry when I peeked my eyes open and still felt really tired. I reached between my stomach and the bed to see what was vibrating. My phone flashed Damion’s name then it stopped buzzing. I saw a bunch of text messages and from what I could see of them, they were urgent.

Eli: Where are you? You better not have left again!

Damion: Em, we’re getting worried. Call us back.

Eli: Lewis went out looking for you.

Damion: Eli is calling everyone looking for you. You better call her before she calls the police.

Ryan: Tell me you didn’t do what I know you did. Call me back. Now!

Fuck! Ryan’s going to kill me. Wait! Am I naked? Oh shit! It really did happen!

I turned my head to see someone lying next to me then last night replayed in my mind as vivid as if it was happening all over again.


He pushed up against the wall. “You sure about this?”

“Stop talking,” I hushed him while reaching to unbutton his pants. I couldn’t get them off fast enough. I felt sorry for the people in the room next to our hotel room. I wasn’t planning on being polite. I needed this.

He suddenly gripped my thighs, picking me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. His bulge rubbed against my bud. I don’t know if it was the high or something, but everything felt ten times better. Just his breath on my neck turned me on. He threw me down on the bed, planting himself between my legs, heating my core like a furnace. He roughly kissed my lips, biting them, bruising them. He dug his hands into my hair and my scalp humming at his touch. It made my body shiver when he tugged my hair to gain access to my neck. He bit and suck, leaving sore spots all the way to my collarbone.

He let go of my hair to continue to trace his tongue down my body, dragging my dress down too. He paid special attention to my breast, sucking each nipple hard. I loved every bit of it. I looked down at him just as my dress and panties made it past my ankles. His eyes bore into mine and all I saw was lust. His movements were anything but gentle. He was a predator and I was his prey. He stood to undress. My eyes soaked in his muscled body, drinking in every pec and ab he served on the platter. I lower my eyes even further to see what he looked like down there and I must say he was huge. I just hoped it wouldn't hurt as much as my first time. I looked up at him with wide eyes to see him with a smug grin on his face and his eyes hooded. He bit his lip as he climbed over me. His hands gripped my wrist tightly by the side of my head. He devoured my lips before sheathing his entire length into me. His lips muffled my gasp. He groaned as my walls tightly gripped his dick. He stretched me enough to where it hurt a little but quickly turned into pleasure I was waiting to take over.

He sped up his pace, pounding into me. He was more powerful with each plunge. He lifted my legs to his shoulders and I felt myself gush. I could feel my juices dripping between my ass cheeks. I grabbed my breast and threw my head back, no longer able to hold back my moans. I could feel my climax coming fast and a few seconds later, I screamed his name, probably disturbing the neighbor's sleep. I didn't care. I never felt like this before.

Everyone treated me like I was a broken doll even Lewis. He touched me as if I would break and I liked his gentleness and all. I just wish people wouldn't treat me so broken and Roman didn't. He was rough. He knew he'd break me in all the right ways.

He pulled out of me once my breathing calmed down. "Turn over on your hands and knees." His voice was deeper than usual. I did as he said. I faced the headboard, patiently waiting for him to continue making me feel this good. A shriek left my mouth when his hand connected with my ass. I tried to turn to give him a piece of my mind, but he pushed my chest to the bed. "You're chest doesn't leave this bed."

I was soaked at his demanding demeanor. He rubbed the spot that he had just hit. He grabbed my hips, hiking my ass as much as he could in the air. His hand was replaced in hair, tugging it back. My chest stayed secure on the bed. I think I know what will happen if I didn't comply. "Now, you're mine. You always were. Now that I have you, I'm never letting you go. Understand?"

Whatever will make you fuck me. I moaned, "Yes!"

He slammed into me causing me to lift my chest from the bed. "Ahhh!" Smack! He slapped my ass again. I returned my chest. I perked my ass higher, hoping he'd claim his place. He reached around and rubbed my nub. He continued his ravishing thrusting, making the headboard rock. He pinched my nub and I exploded, coating him with my cream. I was taken to another level sexually. I couldn't have imagined sex to be this good after Lewis. This was different. He dominated me. For some odd reason, I can tell he was taking it easy on me.

His arm wrapped around my waist while he burrowed deep inside me, grunting his release. He collapsed on top of me, kissing my shoulder and neck. "Shit, Emery!" His breathing was as heavy as mine while we laid with our naked limbs tangled. "You were better than I could have ever thought. And I'm holding you to it."

"To what?" I said panting, looking into those beautiful eyes.

"You're mine. No more running." He pecked my lips.

Flashback Ends

Oh, fuck! What the hell did I just do!

I slowly and carefully slipped out of the bed. I didn't want him to catch me leaving. I hastily slipped on my dress and panties.

Maybe, just maybe, it's not him. I mean I can't see his face. Maybe I slept with someone else and I just imagined it was him. I creep to the end of the bed and lean over to where his face was visible. When I got a good look at that handsome face that I loved for almost a year now, I wanted to scream.

Fuck! It's really is him! Why! I'm never smoking pot again!

I knew what I was doing, but dammit I wasn't thinking of the consequences. I was high. Everything seems like a wonderful fucking idea! I didn't want to use him as a rebound. I wasn't fully over Lewis, yet. I hadn't fully forgiven him for what he'd done. God, I'm stupid! Here I am getting my brains fucked out and promising to be someone else's before classes even started. Maybe, I can fix this. Tell him it's a one-time thing. But this is Roman. He's not going for that! I am so fucked! I hope no one saw us leave the club together. I have a perfect idea. Deny! Deny! Deny! Shit! Fuck me!

Isn't that what got you in trouble in the first place, Emery?

I clutched my shoes and phone to my chest, not able to find my panties, and rushed out the door. Time to take the walk of shame... with no fucking panties!

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