College Cutbacks: Sophomore Year Book IV

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Sorry, guys! From homeschooling the kids and working, I have been super busy. Let's finish this book so we can get to the next one! I'm so excited to get to the next story!

Roman's POV

My days went by much easier now that I wasn't consumed by avenging my brother's death or spying for Warner. Pulling into the driveway only amplified my need to cuddle in bed with Emery, soak in her strength so I can grieve. I can't wait to spend some time alone with her, finally. I can feel myself hardening just at the thought of seeing her, but tonight I just wanted to hold her. She was the only one to know about what happened to my brother. She was there for me when my own family dismissed my doubts. I still felt guilty about using her to help my brother and I know I'll eventually have to tell her. For now, I just want to enjoy her before everyone else gets home, and before I tell her the truth and she hates me.

I smiled to myself as I approached the door. Just as I reached for my keys, I heard yelling, screaming from the other side of the door. I couldn't quite make out what was being said, but I knew exactly who it was. Ali. She usually wasn't here this early. She was usually off doing some project or something so I was surprise she was even here. I wanted to avoid that train wreck at all costs.

I had this funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. I decide to just go through my patio door. She was probably raving about Lewis...again. It was getting old and I couldn't help, but roll my eyes at the thought.

When I walked past Emery's patio door, I glanced through the curtains to see her room empty. I looked a few feet away to see my door was open.

Why the hell was my door open?

The closer I got to my door, the more distinct Ali's words became.

"Stop fucking crying, bitch! No one can hear you!" There was a smacking sound then a grunt.

"Please," Emery begged through sobs. My first instinct was to burst in there and stop whatever was going on, but I knew it would make things worse.

"Please what? I gave you chance after chance to leave him alone, but no. Were my hints not enough?" Ali's demented laugh made the tight grip around my heart tighten. She's lost it. I crept slowly to the end of the hall careful not to alert them to my presence. "You know I remember the exact moment that I fell in love with him..."

I took a quick peek around the corner. Ali's attention was so focused on Emery that she didn't see me. Emery was tied to the chair and Ali sat in front of her in just a large white t-shirt that had the college's logo on it. Only Lewis had that shirt. I did catch sight of the gun she was holding. Her hair was wild and her makeup was smeared. Her eyes were crazed and held such insanity that I became fearful of Emery's life.

"Ali, please I don't want Lewis."

"It doesn't matter! He doesn't want me! And I was in the middle of a story. Interrupt again and I'll blow your fucking head off."

I knew I had to get Emery out of here, but I needed help and couldn't wait for the police. I pulled out my phone and text the only person I thought could talk some into Ali so I could get Emery to safety.

Roman: Emery's in trouble. Ali has her at gunpoint. Call the cops and bring your ass home to talk this crazy bitch down. I'm putting my phone on silent.

Ali sniffled. "That first party we went to our freshmen year, you know the one where yet another man was captivated by the Oh so great Emery! That guy was a fucking pig and Lewis... he saved me. He was so sweet and he tucked me into bed. That's when I fell in love with him! Then you swooped in and snatched him from under my nose." Another slap.

"Ali, it wasn't like that. It just happened."

"Roman wasn't enough for you. You just had to have them both." That hurt because I knew she still loved Lewis, but I know she loves me too.

I peeked again. Ali was standing over Emery. "Stop fucking saying that! It didn't just happen! You made him fall in love with you, put him under you're spell and now, he won't open up to love me. He was so occupied with you that he forgot about me.

"I'm so, so, so sorry, Ali." I could hear Em's voice shake with fear. "Just let me go and we can work something out."

"Bullshit!" She punched Emery and I wanted to rip that bitch's head off. There was a thud down the girls' hall. Ali stood so suddenly that the chair she was sitting in fell to the floor.

"What the fuck was that?" Ali slowly walked to the hall. I pressed my body as hard as I could into the wall hoping she didn't turn to look in my direction. She glanced at Emery. "Scream and I'll kill you."

She walked down the hall into her room. That was my opportunity. I ran to Emery, causing her to gasp and jump at the sudden contact. I held my finger to my lips. I looked into her eyes and examine her face to make sure she was okay. I rub my thumb across her fresh bruises and swiped the blood from her busted lip. I wiped away her tears.

My girl's tough.

I crouched down and hurriedly untied her hands then she helped with her legs. Before we could get them untied, there was a bang. I felt a sharp pain in my left side and fell to the floor because of the impact. "No!" Emery screamed. "Don't hurt him."

"So you thought you'd come in and save her. Wrong! Now, I have to kill both of you." Her movements became frantic. She thrust the gun in my direction. "You should have stayed out of it."

I looked down at the blood rapidly soaking my shirt. The excruciating pain increased when I looked at it. My hand shook as I tried to put pressure on it. It was no use. The blood seeped through my fingers. Emery touches the top of my head to comfort me. "It's going to be okay."

"Are you stupid? You still care about him after I led you to what he did? He used you! He used information on you in exchange for help for his brother. I should have you kill him, but what fun would that be?"

She knew. Emery knew everything. That's why my door was unlocked. Ali wanted Emery to find it. Now I was going to die before I could explain and beg for forgiveness. I looked at Emery who didn't flinch. I wasn't just sweating from being shot. The pain I was feeling didn't compare to the pain I saw in her eyes. I looked at Ali.

"Let Emery go," I growled through clenched teeth. The pain was becoming unbearable and I was feeling the life drain out of me.

"You know what the kicker is?" She paused for dramatic effect. "He got your mother locked up! Tragic! Just thought you should know before I kill you both. The look on your face is pure comedy. I guess you didn't know that."

Emery looked at me, tears streaming down her face, but she didn't speak. I tried pleading to her through my half-closed eyelids. I hope I live just so spend every waking moment making it up to her, proving that I would do anything for her to forgive me. I fucked up and I might not live long enough to make sure she knows I love her more than anything.

"Who wants to go first? I know! Eeny meeny miny moe." She points the gun back and for between us. I sighed a shaky breath of relief when it lands on me. At least, Emery had a chance for rescue if Ali killed me first. "Any last words?"

"I love you, Emery." I felt so tired, my body growing colder as my blood coated the floor beneath me. I could feel my strength leaving and my weight on my elbow was becoming too heavy to support.

"I love you, Roman."

"Awe. How sweet?" Eli mocked. I fell back, panting for air, feeling weak in more ways than one. I couldn't save her. Emery flinched when Ali pointed the gun in my direction and cocked it.

Bang! Bang!

I peeked my eyes open when I didn't feel anything. Ryan stood over Ali who was now unconscious on the floor.

"Ryan! Thank God!," Emery yelled with relief.

"You guys okay?" Ryan asked then looked at me bleed out and ran to my side to try to stop the bleeding.

I heard footsteps behind us and strain to see Lewis emerging from the girls' hall. He must have made the distraction so I could free Emery. He untied Emery's hands. So much for being a hero. I couldn't save the girl. My girl.

"Get Emery out of here," I said with all the energy I had left. I heard the ambulance before I lost all consciousness.

I hope she forgives me. I hope this isn't the end for us.

When my life flashed before my eyes, it was all with her. I need her. I can't live without her.

A/N: This isn't the last we'll hear of Lewis, Roman, and Emery, but we are going to jump into Elissa's and Ryan's story. I hope you guys enjoyed this book as well. The next book will be published at the beginning of September. I will be sure to write enough chapters so bingers can binge. I also will be doing some editing for this book as well. Thank you for you're patience and I hope to see you in the next book's comment section. Thanks for the support and feedback.

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