College Cutbacks: Sophomore Year Book IV

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Lows and Highs

Roman's POV

"How the fuck do you expect me to tell her this!" I paced the floor.

"Don't. Their relationship is already strained anyway. Don't get involved. Know your priorities." I hated how he was so nonchalant about all this. Like these weren't people's lives we were talking about.

"Priorities! Her mother is sitting in federal prison and I help put her there."

"She put herself there!" he shouted. He was so angry a vein bulged from his forehead. He shut his eyes and took a couple of seconds to calm himself. "There is too much evidence against her. She killed him and worked with that sadistic bastard, David, just to ensure she gets some insurance money. All because she thought he was having an affair."

"I'm not lying to her more than I already am. She needs to know about this." I shook my head, determined to tell Emery the moment I stepped through the door.

"People aren't always who they seem. I wouldn't put it past her to be in on it."

I lost it. I grabbed him by his crisp, white collar and slammed him into the wall. I wanted to smash his head in, although I knew he could probably take me down due to his training, I just needed a few good hits to make me feel better.

"She wouldn't kill her fucking dad! She loved him." I pushed off of him and back away before we both regret our close proximity. That was hard seeing this room is about the size of a janitor's closet.

"Then explain to me why she has three hundred thousand dollars in the bank from his life insurance and hasn't touched a dime of it."

I pointed a finger at him. "You're lying! She has to work to pay for her tuition."

He took out a piece of paper folded in three, handing it to me. I snatched the paper and looked at it under the dim light. Sure enough, it was a bank statement from a bank account with her name on it. Three hundred thousand dollars. Not a penny more or less.

"This doesn't mean that she helped kill her dad."

"Why is she acting like she's broke then? Huh? You have to ask yourself the hard questions or you're never going to make it to the Bureau." He gave me a stern look. "All of this just sounds like a guilty conscience to me. Once again, know your priorities."

He left. I didn't think that Emery helped kill her dad, but her hiding the insurance money was very suspicious.

Why not use it for your tuition instead of struggling and worrying over it.

Not only do I have this weighing on my mind, but I also had to pretend I didn't know about her mom. She going to fucking hate me. I have to tell her no matter the outcome. That bastard knew it would come to this but I had no choice. My brother was set up and I have very little to go on with Warner feeding me small bits. Whatever it was is so bad that someone went through a lot to cover it up. I just need to figure out who. It's time I do this on my own.

When I finally get home, everyone was joking and laughing, all except Emery. Ali wasn't here so I knew it had to do with Lewis. Everyone was in their own little circle around the table, talking about keeping the tradition by going to a party tonight. There were supposed to be parties all week so going to a party on Tuesday was normal around this time.

I looked over to Emery who was standing off to the side, drinking something. I decided to join her. I side bumped her shoulder, knocking her from her thoughts. She looked over at me then immediately looked back down at her cup, blushing. She was so damn sexy when she blushed. Her new look made me harden every time I see her. I had to think of baseball just so she wouldn't see it.



"I like your new look. It fits you."

"Thanks." There's that blush again.

"What are the plans tonight?"

"I'm not sure. At first, they were talking about a party here on campus and now it's a club. I'm not sure yet."

"Are you going?"

"Eli's not letting me out of it."

"Yeah. She has a way with her huge...personality." She giggled at that. I was glad to be able to make her laugh.

"Anything you guys want to share?" Damion said, drawing all the attention to us.

Thanks, Damion.

"Nope. All good here."

Lewis looked so regretful that I felt a little sorry for him. I caused his pain as much as I caused hers, but I couldn't just let her go. "So we decided we are going to the club since I can get us in. And I have a surprise for everyone," Eli piped in.

"Please not another game," Damion said.

"Game?" Ryan looked confused.

"Last year, we played truth, dare, or strip." Ryan eyes shot up to Emery's with a strict look. "It didn't end well."

Eli jumped to Emery's rescue to reassure Ryan. "She didn't strip. That's not it anyway. I got something from my cousin and I thought we should all try it together."

"Spit it out, Eli! What is it?" Damion said, becoming anxious.

She pulled out a small sandwich bag halfway filled with pot and a few long, foil packages.

"Is that-"

"Weed. Yes. I've never tried it so I thought we'd smoke before we leave. You know, make the night interesting."

"Eli, I don't know about this," Emery spoke up.

"Come on, Em. Live a little."

"I'm down," Ryan shrugged.

I shouldn't condone this or participate because I'm planning on joining the FBI, but I'm in college. Live a little as Eli said. "Fine," I agreed.

"We just have one problem. I have no idea how to do this." Ryan held out his hand for the items. "Oh. So you've done this before."

"Yes, I have and still do every once in a while. It helps me work."

"Yeah. Okay." Eli said, winking.

After rolling about three blunts, we all sat around the table. "Now, when you puff it you have to take a deep inhale and hold it then release."

It doesn't sound too bad. I prepared myself. I've never smoked pot before. It just wasn't my thing. We did as he said, coughing along the way and after they were gone, I felt very aware of my surroundings. It was a weird feeling. My mouth was so fucking dry.

"Does anyone else feel like they are floating?" Eli said, looking down at her hands, flipping them back and forth. That started the laughter. Everyone was laughing like it was the funniest thing in the world, all of our eyes low and red.

"Maybe we shouldn't go out. You guys have never done this and going to the club might not be a good idea."

"Don't be a party pooper! We're fine. Aren't we, Emery?" Eli whined.

I turned to look at Emery who was staring at her glass intently. "What are you doing?" I asked her.

"It looks like the glass is full on the outside, but it's empty on the inside." That started another round of laughter.

"See," Damion said, "We're fine."

"Fine. Let's go, but I'm driving. I don't trust you guys to drive so we're going to pile up," Ryan said rising from his seat. Normally, I would have argue, but I had to agree with him.

"We can take my car since it has more room," Lewis offered, handing over his keys. We all followed him out the door. This was going to be one hell of a night. I could feel it.

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