My Roommate's Boss

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They met in an elevator, at a ball, and once again in her bedroom. Ahri Jennings Fox, innocent, kind, and bubbly, never dare to do anything crazy. However, her friends keep telling her to live life on the edge. Will she do anything and break her innocence? Dominic Lynch, big bad boss, mean, and a complete asshole - or so people say. Misunderstood and ice-cold, he dealt with it. He meets beauty Ahri in an elevator at his company, and instantly, their connection sparks. How will their love story live down? Guess you'll have to find out.

Romance / Erotica
Jenny Nguyen
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Chapter 1: Elevator

Frozen. Like a statue, I stand there wide-eyed, looking up at his mesmerizing brown ones — the man’s beautiful plump lips part as an eyebrow arch. How can someone be so handsome? His eyes put in a trance. Like I’m floating through limbo. I feel my lips part as if I am trying to speak, but no words surface. The Greek God clears his throat, and I zap out of my daydream.

“What floor miss?” His husky raspy voice vibrates through the elevator. I take a deep breath before answering and avoid eye contact.

“Uh, sorry. The ninth floor.” I reply, churning my head to the side where he can’t see. How fucking embarrassing. I was basically eye-fucking him. While I try and drown out my embarrassment, I hear a slight manly chuckle that sends a chill down my spine. I try to ignore him, but my gosh all I want to do is pounce on the man. I need Jesus. I say to myself.

“Do you work here?” He asks, blessing me with his rich voice once again. I am speechless and turn to face him with my lips parted like a fool.

“Huh?” Why am I like this? I mentally facepalm myself.

He smiles, showing me his pearly white teeth and his charming grin. Charming but something behind that smile tells me there’s something more to it. The thought of that turns me on so much. I fucking need holy water.

“I only ask because you don’t have an ID.”

I shyly laugh it off as I turn towards the elevator door watching the numbers turn from three to four. “You don’t have one either.” I point out. I noticed it earlier when I was eye-fucking him. There was nothing around his neck other, thank his royal blue suit and tie.

“I don’t need one.” He replies. My gosh, I need a cold shower.

“I’m just here to deliver lunch to my friend.”

“What a lucky friend.” He states. I fight the urge to turn towards him, but my body has a mind of its own. My eyes lock with his as a mischievous grin form across his shaven face. I clench my hands into a fist to keep the thought of hopping on him down.

The elevator finally dings and opens. I turn around and quietly speak. “This is me. Bye.” I awkwardly shuffle out the elevator before hearing his soft “bye” as well. I don’t wait for the iron doors to close before letting out a deep sigh. One that I have been holding for some time now. I let my feet guide me through the modern building to my destination as if it’s routine.

“Ahri!” Jovana yelps from her office. I smile as everyone turns and greets me.

“Oh, hey, Ahri.” They all say. I reply with a simple smile before heading to JoJo’s office. Her little office is the cutest thing in the world. She has small plants and fluffy pillows all around her office, just like she does at home.

“Thanks! I’ve been starving.” She exclaims, getting up out her seat to grab the Lento’s Steakhouse order from my hand. Her crystal blue eyes glance up at mine as her thick eyebrows furrow. “What’s wrong?” JoJo suddenly inquiries.

“What do you mean?” I answer, taking a seat on her comfy yellow sofa.

“Your face is the same shade as a red carpet,” JoJo claims before pulling out the fried shrimp and shoving a handful into her mouth.

My hands immediately shoot up to my face feeling the heat transfer from my cheeks to my palms. The memories of the sexy fellow in the elevator come flashing in my mind. I nibble on my lips to cover the grin that is about to spread across my face. My eyes jolt open when my name comes out of JoJo’s mouth.

“Ahri,” she says in a questioning tone. “What happened?” JoJo slowly puts her shrimps down before rolling her chair slowly to me with the most mischievous grin.

“N-Nothing.” I stutter, turning even redder because I am getting caught.

“Oh? Are you sure? If nothing happened, then why are you blushing, and why are you biting your lip?” She’s on to something, and I need her to get off my case. My face will catch on fire at this point. JoJo narrow her eyes before coming within a few inches from my face.

“Did you have sex?” I immediately push her out the way, and my eyes go wide.

“NO! I mean, I wish, but no.” Her jaw drops at my words. I let out a small giggle.

“Who is it?”

“No one, he doesn’t work here. I didn’t even get his name, so there’s no way of finding him. It’s just not meant to be.” I shyly say before getting up.

“You’ll find someone good, Ahri.” She assures me before continuing to eat the food I bought her. I reach the door before she stops me. “Oh! I left the dress and shoes for you at home.”

“What?” I ask, turning around at her with my eyebrows pulled together. What is she talking about?

“Did you forget? Tonight is the annual masquerade party the company throws every year to celebrate their success.” My jaw drops to the floor. Fuck. I completely forgot about it. “You’re coming. It’s tonight at 8. So, call a cab, and I’ll text you the address. I’ll be getting ready at Eric’s house.”

I give her a smile and a wink, “I’ll look for ya, baby.”

“You better!” JoJo shouts as I leave her office and wave goodbye to the other employees.

I put on my favorite shade of red lipstick from Benefit Cosmetic, Ruby Red. JoJo has an eye for fashion. The dress she picked out for me is gorgeous — a black lacy gown on the top that plunges to my stomach. The sleeves have veins of their own. Each line tells a story it seems like — such a unique dress. The mask is even prettier, a black lacy that wings out and ties around in the back.

I quickly put on the mask before heading out to the cab downstairs. I tell the driver the address and start texting JoJo that I’m on my way. The driver arrives rather quicker than I thought. I almost didn’t have enough time to fix my hair. Once I finished my hair, I paid him and stepped out.

“Ahri!” JoJo calls out, waving her one free hand while the other one linked with her boyfriend. I walk up to them and admire JoJo’s dress. It was the opposite of mine. She looks like a bride with the white feathers drapes heavenly across her shoulders and fall to her back.

“Is there a theme you’re trying to get at?” I poke, jokingly at her. I also notice how nice Eric looks as well, which is nothing new. There’s a theory I have. If you’re always good-looking, then it’s not much of a surprise when you do get dolled up.

“Yes!” She giggles, looking into Eric’s eyes. “I picked out that dress because you’re the black swan, and I’m the white one. You know, like from the movie.” She claims, giggling innocently.

“Shouldn’t it be the other way around?” I jest. She rolls her eyes and drags me inside the ballroom.

It’s so beautiful. The band of classical musicians playing softly in the background sets the mood. There’s a huge chandelier hanging above us that cascades the reflecting lights down to the dance floor. A massive buffet table and a crowd of people dancing, drinking, chatting.

JoJo excuses herself while she dances with Eric. I watch them happily dancing, staring into each other’s eyes like they were afraid one would disappear. I feel myself smile for them. I want that and have for a long time. I yearned for love like that, yet there never seems to be any luck.

I make my way towards the other side of the room to look at the wallpapers. I know it’s a rented venue, but they went all out with the decorations. After another few minutes of touring, my head gets slightly dizzy. There’s some type of pressure on it, and I know what it is. I tied the mask on too tight earlier. My hands reach to the back of my head as I try to untie the strings to the mask. However, nothing comes undone. I try again, but it is legit stuck in a knot. My hands almost drop until I feel another warm pair of hands glaze them.

I quickly try to turn, but the stranger’s hands stop me. “W-What are you doing?” I question, not being able to see who is unmasking me. No answer. I try to move again, but the hand puts me back in my place. After another few seconds, my mask falls off, and I catch it in time. I begin to turn to the person slowly. My eyes widen at the tall man in a maroon suit in front of me. His mask is all black with a red stripe on one side.

“T-Thank you,” I thank him with a warm smile. He smells good. Like really good. Almost just as good as the man from the elevator. I’m being weird again. Damnit. My lips slowly tuck under my teeth as he says nothing.

“Ahri, hey, listen.” JoJo comes up to the man and me with the biggest smile on her face and me. “I know I dragged you here, and all, but Eric and I are ditching early, to,” she pauses and whispers, “fuck.” She giggles, and I pretend to laugh with her. “Sorry, girly, I won’t be home tonight. LOVE YOU!” She shouts before pulling Eric out the door.

I let out a disappointing sigh as I watch her leave. Great, another night I spend alone.

“Care to dance?” I hear from behind me. It was the man. I look at him with my lips parted. Not caring much anymore, I nod my head, and he takes my hand, leading me onto the dance floor. We let the chords of the violin sway us. My eyes never leaving his brown ones. They look so familiar like I’ve seen them before. I push down the feeling and ignore it, continuing to sway with the stranger that unmasked me some more.

I was tired of dancing, my feet now sore from the heels, and I am hungry. “You must be tired.” He says, and I nod.

“I’m going to head home soon,” I say, trying my massage my feet. His eyes light up at my words.

“Let me take you. It’s not safe for you to go alone.” He states. I throw my hands up, refusing. However, before I could speak, he cuts me off. “It’s no trouble, really.”

Next thing I knew, I am sitting in his sports car as he drives me home. It’s awkward; no one was speaking. I part my lips to try and talk, but no word would come out. My hands fall on my lap as I nervously play with my gown. I finally muster up the courage to talk, “What is your name?” I ask, looking at him. With the mask on, he looks handsome but very familiar. It’s hard to tell with only the streetlights lighting up his face.

The man chuckles slightly. “Dominic,” Dominic answers me. His voice vibrating through the car. Sound so similar. Dominic. I whisper to myself. “I’m assuming your name is Ahri,” Dominic says.

My name sounds so good when he says it. I find myself biting my lips to suppress my expression. “Yes,” I replay. “My parents hated me,” I add, casually laughing it off. It is true, but that is a whole other story to get into now.

“I like it,” Dominic confesses, gripping his hand on the steering wheel. My face blushes a deep crimson color at his words. My head lowers to my hands that rest on my lap. Gosh, I react too quickly. What an embarrassment.

We arrive at my apartment not too long later. Looking at my place, I let out a long sigh. My hands go to unbuckle the seat belt when I notice Dominic leaving the car. My eyes widen, and I try to look for him. To my surprise, my door opens with him smiling. I try my best to hide the shock and smile, but I fail. He’s a gentleman too. I squeal in my head.

“Thank you.” I thank getting out of the car as he closes the door behind me. “Are you ever going to show me your face?” My eyebrow arches, trying to read his expression. It doesn’t change at all. His eyes still locked onto mine as his big hands go up to untie the mask.

My breath hitches, waiting for the anticipation of when the black mask falls, revealing the gentleman behind it. The veil slowly falls off, showing me his bare skin, but it’s too dark. My feet involuntarily walk closer as I narrow my eyes, nibbling on my lips. Beautiful brown eyes, check. Plump, kissable lips, check. Jawline sharper than my knives at home, check. I finally let my eyes scan his whole face as he starts to grin mischievously. I know this face; I’ve seen him before. My eyes widen as the realization hits me.

He’s the guy from the elevator. Dominic is the Greek God from the elevator!

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