The Shifter Bar (Shifter World - Book Three) (Series of 13 Short Stories)

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Chapter Two: Bonding Can Be Hell

Shar looked from the woman to Dominic and smiled. “Don’t worry, he won’t do anything you don’t want. Trust me. So, what’s your name?”

Josie looked at the only other Human in the bar. “Josie Potter.”

“Like Harry Potter?” Dylan asked with a laugh.

Josie glared at him. “That was my name before those books were written.”

Dylan stopped laughing and stood up straight. “Yes, ma’am.”

Josie smiled, “not that I don’t adore the books.”

“I always think of MASH when I hear the name Potter,” Shar said with a smile.

Dustin chuckled as he pulled her back against his chest and kissed her cheek.

“Okay, I must admit. Though I have read some about Shifters and mates, I don’t know much about them,” Josie said, hoping she didn’t sound stupid.

Shar smiled, “that’s more than me. I didn’t know shit about Shifters before I met these men. And Dustin had a whole lot less patience then Dominic is showing at the moment.”

Just as Shar finished talking, Dominic’s Cougar growled.

“I think we need to leave our brother with his mate,” Daryl said, then walked out the door.

“Wait… What?” Josie asked as she grabbed Shar’s wrist before she could leave.

Shar turned to her and smiled. “Don’t worry, Josie. It’s a good thing. Welcome to the family,” she said, then she and the others were gone.

Dominic walked over to the door and locked it.

Josie swallowed. “Uhm, I thought I was safe with you?”

He turned to her and smiled. “You are Mafilia. This is to keep others out, not you in.”

“Oh,” Josie said as she breathed with relief.

Dominic moved over to her and brushed her dark hair from her face. “Our first time is important,” he said as he leaned closer to her. “You see, we will bond, and that is both thrilling and painful.”

She swallowed, “you’re so sure you’re going to get lucky tonight.”

He chuckled as he removed her purse and phone from her hands and set them by the door, then turned to her. “Mafilia, you’re my mate. I will never hurt you. You should be feeling the pull too,” he said as he moved closer to her.

Josie couldn’t deny it. She felt a pull to this tall, beautiful man.

“Yes,” she whispered.

He grinned, “we won’t be getting fully undressed this time.”

“This time?” she asked, her eyebrows furrowed.

He nodded, “next time, I would like to see all of you.”

Before she could tell him there won’t be a next time, his mouth was on hers, and she couldn’t think of anything but him. Before she knew what was going on. Josie’s shoes, pants, and panties were on the floor, and her ass was on the desk.

“Oh fuck,” she said with a moan, then whimpered when she felt the head of his cock at her entrance.

“Are you a virgin?” he whispered in her ear.

She shook her head, and with a grunt, he pressed forward hard and fast, and she cried out as he entered her.

“Holy fucking shit,” Dominic said with a groan as he entered her. She felt better than anything he had ever felt before. And she’s all his.

“Oh my God,” she moaned.

“That’s it, baby, move with me,” he said when her hips moved to his rhythm.

“You feel incredible,” she moaned as her legs wrapped around him and pulled him even closer.

He grunted as he fell forward and pinned her to the desk. “You’re beautiful,” he said with a smile as he looked into her hazel eyes.

“Why are we doing this?” she asked as she lifted her hand and moved a hair out of his eye.

“Because it’s our destiny,” he said, then started pumping harder.

“Ohmigod,” she cried out as her head tilted back.

Dominic kissed her throat, then sucked on the skin.

Josie cried out when he put pressure on her throat and came all over his cock. Her pussy tightened so tight around him she was surprised it didn’t pop off inside her. She blinked—what a horrible thought.

“Fuck, you’re amazing,” he said as he continued to pump inside her.

In and out, in and out, she was going insane from the sensations. When another orgasm hit, he grunted and grabbed her hands. She sucked in a breath as her orgasm tore her apart.

Dominic knew he was close. He pressed her arms to the desk with his on top and pumped three more times, then he felt his cock jerk inside her. She cried out as another orgasm had her back arching.

He kissed her. “This is going to hurt,” he said as his seed spilled inside her.

Nothing happened at first, and he thought that maybe he’d wanted a mate so bad he’d imagined it all, but then the searing pain erupted from their wrists, and he felt his cock knot inside her.

Josie screamed as a searing pain wrapped around her wrists. His fingers held her hands tighter as he grunted in pain. Well, at least she wasn’t the only one hurting here. But why did it hurt? What was going on?

She felt the strange sensation inside her pussy and didn’t know what was going on down there. It was like he’d packed her pussy full of corks. She squirmed under him then screamed again when the searing pain hit a boiling point.

“Stay still, Mafilia, please don’t move,” Dominic said, panic in his voice.

She’s scared he knows she is. But she needs to stay still. He clenched his jaw as he rode out the pain. Raj was right. Hearing your mate in pain was worse than the pain you yourself received.

“What is going on?” she cried out.

“We will explain it all to you later, Mafilia, I promise,” he said then kissed the side of her neck.

“Please,” she cried, “please make it stop.”

“Not much longer, Mafilia,” he said as he nuzzled her neck.

“Get off me!” Josie screamed as she tried to buck him off. She let out a scream when it felt like her pussy was being torn to shreds.

“Don’t move,” Dominic whispered.

She started to cry. “Please.”

“God, Josie,” Dominic said as he lifted his head from her neck and looked into her eyes. “I am so sorry. I was told of how painful it is. And scary. But please believe me when I say that I would never hurt you.”

“You’re doing a good job of it now,” she cried.

He shook his head. “This isn’t me, Mafilia.”

“The hell it’s not,” she cried out.

Dominic looked into her eyes. The pain was gone, and he could feel the calming power surging through them.

“Feel that?” he asked.

Josie stopped struggling and felt the sensations flowing through her arms. “What is that?” she asked.

He smiled, “that’s our bond giving us power.”

She smiled up at him. “It feels nice.”

He chuckled, “it’s more than nice, Mafilia. This power will strengthen me and give you my abilities. You’re no longer considered Human.”

She blinked. “How’s that?”

He sighed, “okay, too soon for that part. Besides, Shar and Lyvia can explain it better.”


He nodded, “a friend of ours. She’s mated to another friend of ours. She went through this too. She’s a Shifter too, so hers is a bit wilder,” he said with a chuckle.

She stared at him. “So, you don’t target Humans for your mates?”

He stared back at her. “No, we don’t target anyone. The Goddesses chose what to do with the split souls. Some are Shifters, some are Humans and maybe even Vampires…”

“Vampires?” she asked with a shriek.

He chuckled, “another thing for us to talk about later.”

“You talk as if this isn’t a onetime thing.”

He grinned, “Mafilia, a Fated Mate is for life.”

Josie stared at the large man who was still deep inside her, her eyes open wide. For life?

She looked deep into his silver eyes and felt chills run through her body. She can definitely see herself with this man for the rest of her life.

Oh God, what is he doing to her?

“What is going on in that beautiful mind of yours?” he asked with that wonderful smile of his.

“Was just thinking about what you said,” she said as she turned her face away from him.

He leaned his forehead on her shoulder and sighed. “I know this is a lot for you to take in,” he said then kissed her throat. “Believe me when I say I wish things could have happened differently.”

She took in a deep breath then let it out. “I really don’t understand any of this.”

He nodded against her shoulder. “I know Mafilia. And believe me, when I say all will be explained.”

She looked up at their still joined hands and noticed the markings on her wrists and sucked in a breath. “What is that on my wrists?” she looked at his and noticed the same markings on his as well.

Dominic sighed as he leaned up as much as he could without pulling on the knot that was still stuck inside her. Fifteen more minutes and he can let Shar back in, to explain everything to his mate. He looked at the woman beneath him, and his heart sang as his Cougar purred.

She sure is beautiful, and all his.

He moved their wrists so she could see them and watched her face as she read the word on her right wrist.

“UNITY,” she whispered. Then she saw his left wrist and sucked in a breath. “My name is on yours.”

He chuckled, “yes, Mafilia. And my name is on your left wrist.”

She looked at her other wrist and read his name across the inside of her wrist. “What are these?” she asked, looking into his eyes again.

He couldn’t help but find himself lost in her hazel eyes again. “They’re our bonds, Mafilia. They are what bonds us together. Makes me stronger and gives you, well, everything I have except the ability to shift.”

She blinked at him several times, her mouth open in a cute little O.

“So, that’s what the searing pain was?”

He nodded, “I felt it too, believe me. And it was worse for me because when you hurt, I hurt,” he whispered.

Josie smiled at his words. She couldn’t help it; he’s such a sweetheart. Even if he had just fucked the hell out of her on a desk, he’s her… Wow, he’s her mate… But what the hell does that mean?

“Why did we just fuck on a desk, and we don’t even know each other? You could have taken me to dinner first.”

He laughed, and she scowled at him. She sighed when his lips took hers in a soft kiss.

“I am sorry, Mafilia. I will take you out once everything is explained to you. And the reason for this is because this bar is full of horny Shifters who would love to get their hands on a Fated Mate, whether it’s theirs or not.”

“So, they would have…”

“Raped you?” he asked, his eyes turning the darkest silver she has ever seen. “Yes, Mafilia, they would have raped you. Because you would not have wanted them, your body is connected to mine.”

“Even before this?” she asked as she shook her hands, still clutched in his.

He smiled, “I know you had felt the pull when our eyes had met.”

She felt her lips pull up into a smile. “Yes, I’d felt it. I’d never felt anything like it.”

He nodded, “that is how we know we have found each other. The bonding and the knotting just confirms it.”

She sighed. That makes sense in a crazy Supernatural way. But isn’t that what she is now? A Supernatural? Oh God, he’d said she’s no longer Human…but she still feels like herself…so it can’t be a bad thing… She smiled up at him.

“Is that why you’re still inside me? You’re knotted like a… Like a dog?!”

Dominic felt his Cougar growl. Easy now, she’s new to the Supernatural stuff. He told his Cougar.

“Josie, Mafilia. Please don’t insult my Cougar.”

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