The Shifter Bar (Shifter World - Book Three) (Series of 13 Short Stories)

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Chapter Seven: The Offer

“Josie?” Dominic called through the bathroom door.

She’d gotten home a half-hour ago, and after kissing him hello, she’d ran to the bedroom and jumped into the bathroom with one of her bags.

Daryl had called him and told him about the episode in the café. He’d almost ran to the café and beaten the crap out of the owner and anyone else who came near him. But he knew that wouldn’t solve anything. The real war wouldn’t be for another twenty plus years.

“I’ll be out in a minute!” she called through the door.

“We need to head to The Dive soon,” he said as he sat on the edge of the bed.

The bathroom door opened, and a Goddess stood in the doorway.

“I thought we’d have some fun before we headed to the club,” she said, her voice saucy.

“Fuck,” he said as he watched her move towards him. She wore a red teddy that showed off every curve in her beautiful body. And barely held her tits… “Fuck me,” he whispered.

She grinned. “I just might,” she said.

Dominic jumped off the bed and attacked her, making Josie squeal. One minute she was doing the sexiest walk she has ever done in her life towards her mate, and the next, he’s got her off her feet and… “Oof.” Against the wall.

“I had hoped to go slower with you the second time,” he growled into her ear. “But you had to go and blow that out the window by coming out of the bathroom looking like a sex Goddess.”

She giggled.

She moaned when he claimed her mouth. God, he was a good kisser. She kissed him back with all the passion she held only for him.

“Was this Shar’s idea?” he asked as he kissed down her throat.

“Ye-yes,” she said with a gasp.

He groaned, “I’m going to have to thank her.”

He started pulling his own clothes off, and she moaned when she saw his naked body. He was gorgeous and all hers. He pulled the ribbon that held her teddy closed and moaned when her body was revealed to his wandering eyes.

“Beautiful,” he whispered, then took her dark brown nipple into his mouth and sucked on it.

She cried out as sensations exploded through her body. His right hand slid down her stomach and found her mound. She whimpered when his finger moved against her clit.

“I’m going to take you right here,” he said, then licked up her neck to her ear. “Okay?”

“Oh, fuck yes,” she moaned, and he chuckled.

Before she could register what was going on, her legs were wrapped around his hips, and his finger was moving fast across her clit, and his mouth returned to her nipple. Her orgasm took her by surprise, and her body jerked as she cried out his name. Before she came down from her orgasm, he slammed up inside her, and her body shivered and shook as another orgasm took hold.

“Fuck, you feel good,” he groaned.

“So, do you,” she said out of breath.

“I could fuck you all day and all night,” he said, kissing her neck.

“I’d let you,” she panted as he continued to slam into her deep and hard.

“God, you’re incredible,” he said then kissed her.

Their tongues danced together as their bodies moved in perfect harmony.

“You still owe me a blowjob,” he groaned as he grabbed her ass cheeks and slammed her down on his cock.

“Tonight,” she promised.

“You better wear this,” he said, indicating the teddy.

She grinned. Now she knows why he hadn’t torn it off her. He wants her to wear it again.

“Josie!” he cried out, then grabbed her hands and lifted her arms above her head.

“Dominic,” she whispered.

“Yes, Mafilia, I feel it too,” he said out of breath.

Their markings were giving them power, and it felt incredible.

“God, I’m going to cum!” she cried out.

“Yes,” he groaned, “cum for me, Mafilia.”

She smiled and kissed his neck. “Only if you cum with me, Mafilio,” she whispered into his ear.

“Ah, fuck,” he groaned, then his body tensed.

Josie grinned when she felt his cock jerk inside her.

“Dominic,” she moaned.

Her body exploded as he pumped inside her filling her with his seed.

“You are so fucking hot,” he said against her throat.

She moaned as her body started to relax from her orgasm. But their wrists were still on fire. But not a painful one; it was more like a white fire. No pain. She could feel the power flowing between them. Making him stronger and giving her the gifts of a Shifter.

Then his knot stuck in her pussy, and she felt her body shiver and stiffen with fear.

“Nothing is going to happen this time,” he whispered into her ear when he felt her stiffen.

He turned from the wall and walked towards the bed. Josie whimpered, and he kissed her forehead.

“You’re okay,” he whispered, then sat on the bed.

She cuddled against him as he held onto her.

“Thirty minutes,” she whispered as she laid her head on his shoulder.

He kissed her cheek. “Thirty minutes.”


They met up at their regular table at the bar and quietly discussed what they planned to do now that they were there. Shar recommended they ask Marry-Beth to meet with them in her office. The guys agreed, and since Dustin is her favorite, they volunteered him to talk to her.

They watched Dustin walk up to the bar and sweet talk Marry-Beth. He turned to them and gave them a thumbs-up, and they stood from their table and followed him and Marry-Beth to the back.

Josie was surprised at how clean the office was after what had happened to her and Dominic in here last night. She wasn’t sure if she should be with them since she’s new to their group, but when she tried to stay back, Dominic pulled her with him.

“You’re one of us now,” he whispered into her ear as if he’d sensed what her hold up was.

She smiled up at him. “It’s like you can read my mind.”

He chuckled, “it’s your body language.”

She nodded and took a deep breath. If her mate wants her here, then she’ll suck it up and be here for him and his family… Their family.

“So, what did you want to talk to me about that we needed to come back here?” Marry-Beth asked as she turned to them.

Daryl closed the door, and the five brothers watched the older woman.

“Marry-Beth, we know we’ve caused a lot of trouble for you the past few months with the Fated Mates, which have come to us, and we are sorry for the trouble we have caused you,” Dustin said.

Marry-Beth studied Dustin. “What do you boys have on your minds?”

Shar smiled as she moved to stand beside her husband.

“We would like to buy The Shifter Dive from you,” Dustin said.

Marry-Beth blinked at him. “You’re serious?”

“Very much so,” Shar said with a smile, “we have plans for the place, that is, if you agree on the price.”

“So, you all made all these decisions without talking to me to see if I even want to sell?” Marry-Beth asked as she gave them each the evil eye.

“Well, for one, if you say no, there are other places we could buy. But we love this place,” Dustin said.

“And for another,” Shar said, then took a step toward Marry-Beth. “We’ve heard you talk about wanting to sell and retire.”

“You’ve been saying it for years, Marry-Beth,” Daryl said with a smile.

Marry-Beth crossed her arms over her chest and looked at each of them. “Okay, Kraftman Clan, what’s your offer.”

The five brothers grinned, and Shar held her hand behind her back. Dustin slapped her hand, then stepped forward.

They gave Marry-Beth their offer, and the woman looked like she was about to have a heart attack.


“Okay, Shar, what are the ideas that you have for the bar?” Daryl asked as they sat around hers’ and Dustin’s dining room table.

Shar smiled at him. “When we were rudely asked to leave the café the other day…”

“You mean, we were,” Dylan said as he pointed to himself and Daryl.

Shar waved her hand at him. “Potato, potahto. If they ask a Shifter to leave, they’re asking me to as well,” she said with a huff.

Dustin pulled her chair closer to his and wrapped his arm around her waist.

“Okay, so anyway,” Shar said with a smile. “We were thinking of somewhere to go to eat, and the guys were thinking about what place to go next to check out the women,” she said with a wink.

Dylan and Daryl chuckled.

“And I was thinking. You know what would be great? If The Dive served food as well as alcohol.”

The room was quiet as everyone stared at Shar.

Josie watched the brothers as they digested Shar’s idea. She herself thought it was brilliant.

“Brilliant!” Dominic shouted, once again reading Josie’s mind.

“That’s my girl,” Dustin said, then kissed Shar.

The guys laughed as they cleared their throats when their kiss lasted longer than a moment.

Shar smiled at the others once Dustin let her go.

“The area that leads to the office is big enough to build a kitchen. And we can use the warehouse next door for storage,” Shar said.

“Now she has us buying another building,” Daryl said with a laugh.

Shar snorted, “not like you can’t afford it, Beliono. Besides, having the kitchen will bring more profit to the bar…”

“I’m all in,” Daryl said with a grin.

“Me too,” Dylan said with a laugh.

“You know I’m in,” Dustin said, squeezing his mate.

“You’re not doing this without us,” Dominic said as he wrapped his arms around Josie.

Josie nodded, “we’re in.”

Everyone looked at Drezden. “What? You think I’m going to be the only Kraftman who isn’t in?” he said with a shake of his head. “Fuck, even Mom is in.”

“So, you’re good with this?” Dylan asked their youngest brother.

Drezden nodded, “you already got two million from me on this. What’s another million or more?”

The others laughed.

“Let’s get this show on the road,” Dylan said with a wide grin.

“I think we should make Sharissa the business coordinator,” Drezden said. “Put her in charge of all ideas, and we know she’ll make sure we follow through on them.”

Everyone looked at Shar with wide smiles.

Shar nodded, “it’s what I do best. When Lyvia is able, she can be my partner.”

“Sounds perfect!” Daryl said, elated.

“I’d love to be in charge of advertisement,” Josie said, and everyone looked at her.

“Is that what you do?” Dominic asked.

She nodded as she smiled at her new family. “Yep. I was on my way to my new job when my car was totaled and met you all. But this sounds so much more fulfilling. I’ll be doing it for people I care about rather than rich snobs who don’t know a good advertisement pitch if it bit them in the ass.”

The room filled with chuckles.

“Well, it looks like we have our advertisement taken care of,” Dominic said as he kissed his mate on the cheek.

“We’ll put Dustin in charge,” Dylan said with a wicked grin.

“What about me?” Daryl asked with annoyance.

Dylan looked at their oldest brother. “Did you forget that we still have our security business to take care of, and you’re in charge there?”

Daryl laughed, “all the excitement with the bar, I forgot about our other business.”

“How are we going to do this?” Drezden asked, looking at his brothers.

“Between our mates, Raj and Lyvia, and Tate pitching in, I think we can handle both businesses. And if Daryl needs us, he knows where to find us,” Dustin said with a smile.

Daryl nodded, “Drezden can help me at the office.”

Drezden snorted. “Why not Dylan or Dominic?”

“Dominic will be in charge of security at The Dive,” Dustin said.

Daryl nodded, “Dylan and Drezden can take turns taking care of both businesses.”

Dylan looked at Drezden, and both men shrugged.

“Sounds good to me,” Dylan said.

“Me too,” Drezden agreed.

“What is Tate going to do?” Shar asked, looking around the table.

Dustin snorted, “what he always does.”

“Be a pain in the ass?” Shar asked, a mischievous look in her eyes.

At the look in her eyes, Dustin and Dominic looked up and the other three across the table turned around.

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