Shifting the Shifter (Shifter World - Book Six) (Series of 13 Short Stories)

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Chapter Two: The Clan Alpha

Gerald watched his mate fight off the asshole who he was meant to fight tonight. Who’d have known he was one of the Fated Mates. He thought only male and female couples would be triggered. What does this mean?

“Stop fighting me!” The fighter yelled as he tried to kiss Gerald’s mate.

“Back off!” Gerald hollered as he took hold of the other fighter and pulled him off his mate, then punched him in the face one time and watched the asshole fall to the floor unconscious.

Josiah looked up at the large man as he turned to him. His heart skipped a beat when he moved to stand in front of him. He lifted his hood off his head and placed it at his back and smiled at him.

“I didn’t think I’d find mine.” The man said.

“Find your, what?” Josiah asked, his eyes wide.

“Don’t you know?”

Josiah shook his head.

The man placed his hand on his cheek. “Fated Mate.” He whispered, then his lips captured his.

Holy fucken hell! His whole body exploded as the man kissed him. He has never felt anything like this before. Sure, he’s had a few kisses, but it’s hard to find a gay Shifter where he grew up. And humans were too afraid of him.

“You’re mine.” Gerald said as he lifted his head. His body was trembling, wanting his mate. And the dazed look in his mate’s eyes told him the man wanted him just as much.

“Gerald!” Pearl hollered. “We can’t hold them back much longer!”

Gerald turned to find a shield around the cage, keeping the other Shifters from trying to claim his mate.

“Gerald?” His mate asked.

Gerald looked back at his mate and smiled. “Yes.”

A beautiful smile appeared on his mate’s face. “I’m Josiah.”

Gerald grinned, then looked back when one of his friends hollered.

“They with you?” Josiah asked.

Gerald nodded. “They’re my family.”

Josiah snorted. “Odd family.”

Gerald laughed. “Yes, well, I’ll explain everything to you, after we get out of here and I can claim you.”

Josiah took a step back. “No one claims me.”

Gerald looked back at his mate. “We will explain it all to you, I promise.” He pulled him against his chest. “Do you feel it?”

“Feel what?” Josiah asked, his eyes wide.

“The pull. You want me to fuck you…”

Josiah laughed. “Cocky much?”

Gerald took hold of Josiah’s hand and placed it on his hard cock. “You tell me.”

Josiah sucked in a breath.

“But first, we must take care of these assholes, who have had you in captivity.”

Josiah grinned. “Now that, I can get behind you on.”

Gerald bent forward until his mouth was at Josiah’s ear. “I’ll be the one getting behind you.”

Josiah felt his cock jump to attention. Oh yeah, he definitely felt it.

“Now, let’s kill these assholes, so we can get to fucking.” Gerald said, then kissed him on the cheek.

Josiah swallowed. “I need to kill my opponent first.”

Gerald pulled back and looked at him. “Isn’t he a captive like you?”

Josiah nodded. “Yes, but I must kill him.”

Gerald looked into his mate’s eyes. “Are you under a trance?”

“Yes.” Josiah admitted. He was never told not to tell anyone.

“Fuck.” Gerald cursed, then turned to his friends who were still fighting off the cockblockers. “Bridget!”

The Vampire appeared before them and Josiah jumped away from her.

“Don’t worry, she’s on our side.” Gerald said as he took hold of his mate’s hand.

“What’s going on?” Bridget asked as she looked from Josiah to Gerald and back again.

“My mate was given orders from that Vampire you pointed out earlier, can you counteract them?”

Bridget looked at Josiah. “No.”

“Fuck!” Gerald shouted.

“Only way to end the trance, is to fulfill it, have the Vampire revise it, or kill the Vampire who placed it.” Bridget said as she looked behind her at the Vampire who was watching them.

“I vote, kill her.” Josiah said with a growl.

Gerald smiled at his mate. “Have it in for her, do you?”

“For ten years, she has commanded me to kill. I’m not a killer.”

“Ten years?” Gerald asked, his mouth tipping down in a frown. “You’ve been here for ten years?”

Josiah nodded. “Since I was eighteen.”

“Damn!” Gerald spat with a growl. “You’re so young.” He said as he looked his mate up and down.

Josiah looked at him. “Twenty-eight.”

“Where are you from?” Gerald asked.

Josiah opened his mouth and Bridget stopped him.

“Later.” She said. “Right now, we have a ring to break up.”

“Right.” Gerald said, then cleared his throat.

“I can’t leave this ring until I kill him.” Josiah said as he pointed to the man Gerald had knocked out.

“How are we going to get these people out of here?!” Lyvia hollered from her position beside her mate.

“I say let them all die.” Sharissa said with a growl.

“Bridget shouldn’t have shown you any of that.” Tate said with a growl.

“Tate!” Bridget hollered from inside the cage.

Tate looked at her.

“Kill the Vampire!” She said as she pointed to the woman who was watching them.

Tate grinned. For once, he didn’t mind her bossiness. He disappeared and reappeared beside the Vampire before she could escape.

“You’ve been a bad girl, Lydiahna Penth.”

Lydiahna snorted. “And you’re any better, Tate Umber?”

Tate laughed. “I’m on the right side.” He said, then took hold of her arm. “You’re not going anywhere.”

She snorted. “Try and stop me.” She said, then disappeared.

When she reappeared in a field, she screamed when she found Tate still attached to her.

“You fool.” He said with a grin. “Did you forget who I am?”

“Please, Tate.” She cried.

“You have done a lot against Supernaturals.” He said as he squeezed her arm.

“They’re just Shifters!” She hollered.

He looked into her eyes, his burning. “You give all Vampires a bad rep.”

She snorted. “Like Bridget Bentley is perfect!”

“She is on the correct side now.”

“I saw you with the humans!” She hollered.

Tate laughed. “They’re not humans. They’re Fated Mates. That makes them more important than anyone else in this world.”

“I’ll revise the control of the Wolf. Just please, let me live…”

Tate shook his head, then disappeared with her. They landed in a large cemented room and Lydiahna screamed.

“What have you for us today, Tate?” One of the men sitting above them asked.

Tate looked up at the Elders. “You all know what is going on out there, right?”

The older men snorted.

“Do you think we are stupid? We know all about the Fated Mates…”

Tate grumbled. “No. I am speaking of the Dark Witches and Wizards capturing Shifters and forcing them to fight in a cage, and often to the death.”

The men grumbled amongst themselves then looked at Lydiahna.

“And what is her crime?” One of them asked.

Tate shook Lydiahna’s arm, then told the elders what she is guilty of.

The men nodded, then conversed amongst themselves.

“Do you have proof?” One of the men asked.

Tate filled the elder’s minds with the images he and Bridget had retrieved from the bouncer.


Meanwhile, at the fight club.

“Where the fucking hell did Tate go?!” Gerald hollered.

Bridget grumbled. “He didn’t go, she did, and he followed.”

“You can do that?” Gerald asked.

Bridget laughed. “No, but Tate can.”

The Shifter on the ground began to moan as he started to wake.

“I must fight and kill him.” Josiah said as he moved towards the man on the ground.

“No.” Gerald said as he held onto his mate. He pulled the hood up and over Josiah’s head to block out as much of their surroundings as he could. Then he moved closer and whispered into his ear. “When this is all over, I’m going to fuck you, and make you mine.”

Josiah felt the chills run up and down his spine at the Shifter’s words. God, he wanted that too. So much, that he was willing to drop his pants here, and let him take him in front of everyone.

Gerald’s words calmed him, and he stood there, his eyes closed and his body like a live wire.

“How dare you come at us like this!” The Dark Wizard hollered.

“Why aren’t we killing?” Dominic asked.

“How will we know which of these people here are innocents or not?” Lyvia asked.

“Pearl!” Daryl hollered with a growl.

Pearl turned to him.

“Knock everyone here out, except for the Witches!”

Pearl nodded then closed her eyes and began chanting. The shield went down, and the Shifters she’d been holding back made it into the cage and headed for Josiah.

“Fucking hell!” Gerald hollered as he and his mate fought off the horny Shifters.

“Holy Fuck.” Lyvia said as she watched Gerald throw three men over the wall and into the crowd.

“Pearl!” Gerald hollered.

Pearl hollered the final words and everyone in the room fell to the floor.

“Bitch!” The Dark Witch hollered as she ran at Pearl.

“No, that’s Witch!” Pearl hollered.

The Dark Witch made it to Pearl and wrapped her hands around her throat before Pearl could stop her.

“Get off my Mate!” Dylan hollered as he wrapped his hand around the Dark Witch’s throat.

“Let her go!” The Dark Wizard hollered.

A Fireball flew through the air and hit Dylan, knocking him to the floor.

“Dylan!” Pearl screamed.

An angry growl ripped through the room. Everyone turned to the sound and froze. Daryl’s eyes were a bright golden color.

“Alpha.” Everyone around him whispered as they bowed their heads to him.

“You’re dead.” Daryl said with a growl as he headed towards the Dark Wizard.

The Dark Witch had let go of Pearl’s throat to watch Daryl. Which was a mistake, because now her back is to Pearl and Dylan, who was on his feet. He moved past his mate and wrapped his arm around the Dark Witch’s throat, cutting off her speech as they watched Daryl dodge the fireballs the Dark Wizard was throwing at him.

Daryl knows his brother will be okay, that wasn’t what drove him now. It was the fact that this piece of shit exists. They’ve not only compromised some of the Fated Mates, killed Josie and Maddy’s parents, tried to kill them and their unborn cubs, but now they find that they’ve been capturing Shifters and forcing them to fight for god knows how long.

He jumped up onto the platform the Wizard was standing on, in one bound. The man’s eyes opened wide as he backed up and threw another fireball.

Daryl dodged the fireball, then grabbed the Wizard by the throat and slammed his back into the wall.

The Dark Wizard stared into Daryl’s golden eyes. “Alpha.” He choked out.

Daryl leaned his face closer to the Dark Wizard’s face. “Did you think you guys got rid of our Clan Alpha when you killed our father?” He snarled. “Did you really think that would work?”

The Dark Wizard shrugged. “Can’t blame us for trying. At least now we know that your father wasn’t close to you, because you all look pretty tight to me.” He said as he looked at the others who were down below, watching.

“You have no idea.” He said with a growl in the man’s ear. “You know something about you Dark Witches and Wizards? Under all that magic, you’re just a normal human.” He said with a growl, then snapped the man’s neck.

He let go of the man and watched him fall to the floor, his eyes open wide and blank.

The Dark Witch screamed.

Daryl turned to look down at his family. “How’s your mate, Gerald?”

Gerald gave Daryl a thumbs up. “Just waiting for Tate to kill the Vampire who has control of him.”

Daryl nodded, then jumped down to the lower floor.

“What do we do with her.” Dylan asked as he tightened his grip around the Dark Witch’s throat.

“I want answers from her.” Daryl said as he walked over to the Dark Witch.

Before anyone could ask her anything, Tate and the other Vampire, appeared in the cage.

“What the fuck, Tate.” Bridget said with a scowl. “You were supposed to kill her.”

“Don’t bitch at me, woman.” Tate growled. “She will die, but first, they want to see everything.”

Six men appeared in the cage.

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