Shifting the Shifter (Shifter World - Book Six) (Series of 13 Short Stories)

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Chapter Four: His First Time

Josiah’s face turned beat red as he looked up at the office. But there’s no way he could have sex up there, not after all that has happened up there in the past ten years.

“Uh, Gerald.” Sharissa whispered as she pointed to the new member of their family. “You may want to think about taking him to the hotel, instead.”

Gerald looked at his mate and frowned. He hadn’t thought of everything Josiah has probably been through here, for the past ten years.

“Let’s get out of here, Mafilio.” Gerald said as he pulled his mate closer and kissed the palm of his hand.

Josiah smiled up at the large man. He’s never felt this way before, and he really couldn’t wait to be with this man, but not here, anywhere but here.

“Okay.” He whispered.

“Alright, then.” Pearl said with a grin. “Let’s head to our hotel, there’s a few of us who need to clean Vampire from our skin, and change our clothes; before we claim our mates.” She said with a wink towards her mate.

Dylan smiled. “Let’s go.”

“Do you have family we need to contact?” Gerald asked as he led his mate from the club.

Josiah shook his head. “I was abandoned when I was young. Was on the streets when they found me.”

Gerald frowned. “Well, you have a family now.” He said as he pulled his mate to his side.

“Okay folks, this club is officially shut down.” Dustin said as they entered the club.

People booed at him.

“We mean it, people.” Gerald said with a growl “Out!”

People complained, but began leaving the club. Once it was empty, the Kraftman brothers and their party, locked up the club and Dustin found a board in the alley. Dominic found some nails in the back of his pickup and a hammer.

They all grinned as they boarded up the club.

“One down!” Sharissa hollered.

Everyone cheered, then piled into the vehicles, and headed to the hotel.


“Josiah?” Gerald called as he knocked on the bathroom door.

“Be out soon.” Josiah called back, then looked at himself in the mirror.

He has no clothes to put on, the clothes he had were one out of two sets of clothes he owned. The other set had been left behind. He frowned at himself. He was thicker and had lots of muscles. He was much older, but that’s what ten years without a mirror does to you. He barely remembered what he looked like, anyways.

He tightened the towel around his hips, then took a deep breath. He was grateful that his mate had sent him in here to take a shower and relax; before they started anything. He was so nervous he could barely breathe.

Honestly, he’s never been with anyone. Not even when he was on the streets. Sure, he’d had a few guys come onto him and offer him money; if they could fuck him, but he’d always turned them down.

He had given a few blowjobs, but that was only when he hadn’t eaten for almost a week. And it was with men he knew were clean. Men you wouldn’t find on the street peddling dope. Nope, these men were rich bastards who didn’t want their wives knowing they secretly wanted a man to suck them off.

He took a deep breath and opened the bathroom door. Gerald looked him up and down and smiled.

“I’ll be ten minutes.” He said as he passed him.

Josiah turned to watch him enter the bathroom and Gerald paused, then turned back and gave him a peck on the lips, then went into the bathroom.

Josiah sighed as he walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. Ten minutes felt like hours. When Gerald came out of the bathroom, wearing only a towel around his waist, Josiah’s mouth watered. The man was gorgeous. For a Wolf Shifter, he was huge. Tall, wide, muscled…

Gerald smirked at him as he walked over to the bed.

“Like what you see, Mafilio?”

Josiah looked up at his mate and nodded. “When will you tell me about Fated Mates?”

Gerald leaned forward and kissed him. “Tomorrow. Shar has a book you can read.”

Josiah nodded. “Will it explain how I’m in heat?”

Gerald paused. “No, never read about a male being in heat, but then again, if you’re in heat, that makes me the Alpha Mate.”

“So, what, I’m the chick?” Josiah asked with a raised eyebrow.

Gerald chuckled as he looked Josiah up and down. “Darling, I see nothing womanly about this body.” He said, then reached down and pulled on the knot at Josiah’s hip.

The towel fell open and Gerald groaned. “Nothing female about you at all.”

Josiah’s cock was hard and pointing up at his mate.

Gerald reached down and took hold of his mate’s cock. Josiah sucked in a breath, then moaned as Gerald slid his hand up and down the shaft. His finger dipped into the precum and swirled it around the tip.

“You’re wet.” He said with a grin.

“You do things to me.” Josiah said with a groan.

Josiah reached out and pulled on the towel around Gerald’s waist. The towel fell to the floor and Josiah licked his lips. He’s never seen anything so big before. He was afraid he won’t be able to take him.

“Uhm, Gerald.” He said as he looked up into his mate’s eyes.

“What is it?” Gerald asked as he watched Josiah. He has been forcing himself not to jump his mate since he’d found him. If he has to wait much longer, he’s going to go crazy.

“I’m not sure you’ll fit.” Josiah said, his eyes large as he stared down at Gerald’s cock.

Gerald chuckled. Josiah’s cock was almost as long as his own, but the girth of his own cock was twice the width as his mate’s.

“Don’t worry, Mafilio, it will fit. You were made for me.” Gerald said, then claimed his mate’s mouth.

Josiah moaned as Gerald’s tongue invaded his mouth. Chills slid down his spine, and he knew this is where he was meant to be. In this large man’s arms for the rest of his life.

“Josiah.” Gerald groaned.

“Yes.” Josiah whispered.

“I need to take you now.” Gerald growled. “If we don’t mate soon, I am afraid I will go insane.”

Josiah chuckled, then groaned when his mate pulled him to his feet and turned him to face the bed. Josiah closed his eyes, here it comes.

“You have a great ass.” Gerald said as he squeezed Josiah’s ass cheeks.

Josiah groaned then yelped when Gerald leaned down and nipped at his ass.

“So biteable.” Gerald mumbled against Josiah’s ass cheek.

Josiah moaned. “Please.” He pleaded.

Gerald grinned. “You’re begging me now?”

Josiah nodded. He was so turned on; he couldn’t see straight.

Gerald stood and pressed his rock-hard cock against his mate’s ass cheek.

“Yes.” Josiah cried out.

“Ah, now the heat is affecting you, huh. Did it take you seeing my cock?” Gerald asked as he leaned over and kissed Josiah’s back.

“I don’t know.” Josiah said out of breath. “I was still under that Vampire’s control, and when it vanished, I started feeling strange, then when I saw you come out of the bathroom in just the towel, I understood the feelings.”

Gerald chuckled. “You’re so fit for being in captivity for so long.” He said as he rubbed his hands over Josiah’s body.

Josiah nodded. “They let us work out, to keep our body in shape. Can’t have a fighter looking like a skinny jackass, who can’t hold up against the wind, let alone an opponent.”

Gerald nodded. “They fed you well too.” He said as he rubbed his hand over Josiah’s stomach.

Josiah felt his stomach move under his mate’s touch. “Please.” He begged as he moved his ass against Gerald’s huge cock.

Gerald chuckled. “How bad do you want it?” He asked as he took hold of his cock and rubbed it against Josiah’s opening.

“Bad.” Josiah growled.

“I need to warn you before we start this.” Gerald said with a pause.

“What?” Josiah asked with a groan.

“This is going to hurt.” Gerald whispered.

“Yeah, I think I know that.” Josiah said as he sucked in a breath.

“I mean other than here.” Gerald said as he shoved a finger into Josiah’s ass.

Josiah jerked forward, startled.

“Sorry.” Gerald said with a frown. He forgot the kid’s been locked up for the past ten years. “Josiah, I take it you were the only gay in there.”

Josiah shrugged. “There were a couple who fucked every night, but I didn’t want that…not like that.”

“So, it’s been ten years.” Gerald said as he kissed Josiah’s shoulder.

“Uhm, so what’s this other pain?” Josiah asked.

“The bonding, it will hurt like a mother fucker, but we’ll get through it together, okay.”

Josiah nodded. “Alright.”

Gerald sighed. He’s already falling hard for his wonderful mate. He kissed down Josiah’s back, making him quiver. When he got to his ass, he spread his cheeks and licked him.

Josiah jumped forward when he felt Gerald’s tongue on his hole. Damn, that felt good.

“You’re so wet.” Gerald moaned. “Never knew an ass could get this wet.” He said, then stood and took hold of his cock. He pressed Josiah’s face into the mattress, then took hold of his hip and pushed his cock into his waiting hole. “Fuck!” He hollered as he entered his mates’ sweet hole.

“Fuck, me.” Josiah breathed.

Gerald laughed. “Don’t worry Mafilio, I plan to.”

Josiah grunted, then sucked in a breath when Gerald slammed all the way inside him.

“Fucking hell, you’re tight!” Gerald hollered as he tried to calm his heart and his breathing.

“Gerald.” Josiah whispered.

“Yes, Mafilio?”

“I need to tell you something.”

“What is it?” Gerald asked; he was having a hard time not slamming into his mate as hard as he can.

“It hadn’t been ten years since I had sex.” He whispered.

“It’s okay.” Gerald said as he kissed his back. “You were in a bad situation.”

“No.” Josiah said with an unsure laugh.

“Josiah, just spit it out.” Gerald said, becoming impatient. He wanted to fuck his mate.

“You’re my first.” Josiah admitted, and Gerald almost came at the knowledge.

“Fuck.” Gerald groaned.

“I don’t want you to feel like you need to go slow.” Josiah whispered. “Please, fuck me.”

Gerald growled and done just that. He took hold of both of Josiah’s hips and started slamming into him as hard as he could.

“Fuck!” Josiah cried out.

“Damn.” Gerald groaned. “You don’t know how much of a turn-on being your first is.” He said as he pumped into his mate, harder and harder, forcing his whole cock deep inside him.

“Ohmigod.” Josiah groaned.

Gerald leaned forward and wrapped one arm around his mate, as his other hand held onto his hip. He took hold of Josiah’s cock and started pumping it.

“Oh fuck.” Josiah breathed as his eyes rolling to the back of his head.

“Cum for me.” Gerald whispered, and that was all it took.

“Yes!” Josiah called out as he came all over his mate’s hand.

Gerald grinned, then pulled Josiah to a standing position. Without leaving the warmth of his mate, Gerald moved them to the side of the headboard and pressed Josiah’s front to the wall. He then took hold of Josiah’s hands and pinned them to the wall beside his head, his own arms on top of them.

“Gerald?” Josiah asked as he turned his head to look at his mate.

Gerald smiled. “It’s time.” He whispered in Josiah’s ear, then nipped at his ear lobe.

Josiah groaned when Gerald began pumping into him hard and deep again.

“You feel so good.” Gerald whispered.

“Fuck.” Josiah groaned.

“There’s something else you should know.” Gerald said with a puff of air as he slammed into him.

“What’s that?” Josiah asked with a groan.

“I’m going to knot!” Gerald hollered as he came deep inside Josiah.

Josiah groaned when he felt the hot sperm jet deep inside him. He felt stretching at his entrance and sucked in a breath as he moved.

“Don’t move.” Gerald groaned. He’d heard the story of Dominic and Josie when he’d been yanked off her while still knotted.

“What the fuck is that?” Josiah asked.

“Shh.” Gerald said, then a searing pain ran through his wrists.

“Fuck!” Josiah hollered as he looked up at their wrists. “What’s going on?”

Gerald kissed his mate’s shoulder as the searing pain in his wrist sucked his breath away.

Josiah started to cry and hated it. “I don’t cry!” He hollered.

“Shh.” Gerald said as he kissed his shoulder again. “This is supposed to be like this.”

Josiah groaned. “Sex isn’t supposed to kill you.”

Gerald chuckled. “I know a few men who would disagree.”

Josiah chuckled; he couldn’t help it.

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