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We grew up together since the day I was tagging along with my brother Shane & his best friend Zander. I started having a crush on him however, he left his hometown to be his father. After two years he came back, more handsome than before. We became closer than we were little. But one night on my birthday something happened. Could this be the end of friendship?

Romance / Erotica
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"Thank you, dear Shay for looking for my little girl." Mrs. Duncan said as she handed me my fee. I have been there with her daughter since three in the afternoon. She had some important errands to do. I was glad to help her because I feel like in the mood to play with her daughter.

"No problem, Mrs. Duncan. You can call me anytime if you want me to look after your daughter." I smiled at her then caresses the cute little girl's cheek.

"Well, I will definitely call." She smiled back.

"I better go now. Thank you and good night." I said.

"Okay, good night and be careful." I waved goodbye to them and started my way out.

I came back from my babysitting job just a few houses away from our house. I was in our doorstep when my mobile phone rang. I looked at the screen and it was my best friend Macy on the other line. I slide my finger to the green icon to answer.

"Hey, what's up girl?" I said for an intro words.

"Yeah, what's up? What are you doing now?" she asked as I took out my keys and unlocked the front door.

"Well, I just came back from babysitting in Mrs. Duncan's house for her 7 years old daughter." I said as I closed the door and locked it back. I am alone in the house since my parents were still at work and my older brother Shane was somewhere with his friends.

"So, any plans for tomorrow?" I was in my room now and I put her in a loudspeaker so that I can do whatever I want to do while talking to her.

"I do not know but I guess I still be in this house in my room reading my favorite books or watching Netflix that's it." I replied to her biting my lower lips.

What else should I be doing if I am not babysitting? Well, I love reading books, watching Netflix, learning to cook to survive since my parents are always busy with their works. I am not complaining because they really are the best parents to us. It is just that they were busy lately and their working shift was changing into the night hours.

Therefore, I guess I am always alone in this house for almost a month. And my brother... is not that kind of person who will stay more since he is 18 having fun before going to college.

While me, I am turning 16 few weeks from now and allowed to go out to party as long as careful and be safe are the main reminder to our parents to their children.

"Come on, Shy. Let's go shopping because in a few days it will be our first day of school and I do not want to wear my old clothes." I can see Macy even through phone with the expression in her face. "Please, please, please."

I know her too well when she will beg me to go with her. I know I cannot say no to my best friend even I know she has a lot of clothes in her closet she just love going to the mall and checking out for some cute guys.

We were the same age months older than I am but she has been in a relationship quite long since 13 even lose her virginity to her first boyfriend and broke up.

I lose mine when I was 15 that was last year of course with my ex-boyfriend Stan we were both virgins when we decided to do it. I do not have regrets about because I know we both love each other but sadly, we decided to break up because we both know it will not work out with long distance relationship.

I decided to be single for a while after Stan left. I am happy without any relationship so that I can do whatever I want and go wherever I please.

"Okay, okay, let's go shopping with you tomorrow and it should not be too early because you know me better than that. I hate getting up early." I even said yes to her but reminded too. I really hate getting up early especially if no school. I love staying in my room or staying longer in my bed.

"Yes, I know that. How about 11 in the morning I will pick you up? And we will eat our lunch somewhere once we were there." She said.

"That is sounds good to me." I agreed.

"Okay then, goodnight and see you tomorrow. Mwah, mwah, mwah." Macy said.

"Okay night. Mwah, mwah, mwah." I said before the line cut out. That was our signature like bulgur kisses friendship.

I put aside my phone and grabbed my towel. I feel stink from playing with Mrs. Duncan's daughter Trisha. She do not have any playmate if not in school. She likes me to babysit with her because I play with her. Read some books too.

I even brought her some cookies at home. I really love kids too because I do not have siblings younger than me. So it does not matter if they give me a little money because I do not lack of it. My parents were very generous to us with our allowance.

Babysitting is only my job to Mrs. Duncan. It was not often actually. Only in time she just do not want her daughter to tag along with her. Especially if she has to meet important clients. Helping her watch Trisha is okay with my parents. They were their close friends. Close to us too.

I stayed in bathtub for a few minutes before decided to her up. I settled for a while into ready book I just bought long time ago. I almost forgot to read it since I have so many of them that I haven't done reading.

This is one of my favorite thing to do when I am alone in my own castle.


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