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Lily and Jason.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


Owen is running around the house, humming train sounds. “Owen, you would ruin your uniform.” I scold him over my shoulder as I was getting ready for work, before the standing mirror and in my office attire.

"Sorry, mom.” he says and grabbed his bag off the floor, plopping on the couch and watching me get ready. “You look tired.” He pointed.

“That’s because I am, I haven’t slept for days.”

“Why do you have work if you’re tired?” He questioned.

“Because I have to pay bills. Or we would starve and be out in the streets with no money.” I tell him and he spouts staring at me, probably trying to make sense of it all. "Where the helI is Sam?” I groaned, continuing to struggle with my hair. When suddenly there was a horn outside alerting both of us.

"Sam is here!” he squeals, and stands to run off but soon remembers. “Sorry.” he mumbled, running to me. I shook my head with a smile and leaned down for a kiss on the cheek,

He pecks my cheeks, mumbling.

"Love you always.”

"Love you always..” I reply and watch him run towards the door, “Stay out of trouble..” I yell after him.

“I will try…” He yells, causing me to chuckle.

He’s so adorable.

I thought as I finally got ready and left for work.

I work at a tech company, as an assistant, it's not the best job right now, but the pay is good and I'm saving up for culinary school. I took a few online classes after high school which is how I got the job in the first place, it hasn't been easy to be honest, having to study and juggle being a mom, isn't a walk in the park like I had expected.

”Get me file C..” My boss said as I stepped into the office with his coffee in one hand. I quickly placed the cup on his desk and went to search for the file he asked for, ”What time is my breakfast meeting?”

”In an hour.” I reply, returning with the file.

He sighs and takes it from me, glancing at the time.

”Cancel all my morning meetings, and set my 2. Pm to 4. Pm. I have some prominent issues I have to deal with right now.” I nodded and turned to leave, ”And, Miss. Reid?” he called my attention again.


“Take the day off, you look like you need it.” He spat in disgust,

I roll my eyes and left his office, falling into mine, with piles upon piles of unsorted files. I groaned at them and reached out for my phone, realizing I had tons of text, mostly from Barbs,

I forgot my phone was on silence all night,

I quickly hit her up,


”Hey, I have been trying to reach you all night. Are you okay?”

I sighed,

”Yeah, my phone was on silent. I had to turn it off because I was so tired and it just kept ringing and ringing...”

”Whoa...Are you okay? You don't sound okay. What time do you get off today?”

"1:00 p.m..” I mumbled, leaning my head against my desk.

The line went silent for a while,

“That’s in 4 hours... Let's meet at the restaurant, there's something I need to tell you anyway.” She said and huffed in agreement, ”In the meantime try and have some coffee, you don't sound okay.”

”Sure..” I puffed and hung up.

Just then I heard another call from my boss and went to attend to him,

“I would be leaving now..” He extends me a paper and I quickly reach for it, “Before you leave for your needed day off please prepare those reports and leave them on my desk, and also don't forget to arrange the itineraries.”

I nodded, taking in everything he said.

“I would call you if I think of anything else..”

I nodded and left to work on my errand.

I also worked for a few extra hours before I took my day off, but just before heading to the restaurant to meet up with Barbs, I stopped at the store and got baseball gloves for Owen, he's been begging me for one for weeks.

Who knew they so expensive? I still have to find someone to teach him, I guess would figure that one later.

I walked into the restaurant to see Barbs at the table scrolling through her pad. Barbs is a fashion designer now, so she spends most of her time on her tabs, talking to strangers on Skype.

"Hey...” I said, sliding into the empty seat beside the window. She lifts her eyes off her pad and looks at me, scoffing.

”I stand corrected, you look like shit.”

”Oh, jeez... thanks.” I shot back with an eye roll.

”When was the last time you had your hair done or slept at least.”

"You try to think like that, when you have a six year old who depends on you for his daily living, living in a tiny apartment, working a shitty job. God! I hate that job...” I finally admitted, “Not only is my boss a stuck up asshole but an ungrateful ass, I work my ass off and never once heard him say thank you, such an asshole.”

”That’s a lot of asses.” Barbs laughed at my frustration.

”I don't think it's funny.” I shot back.

”Lily, you're the one making this hard for yourself, your father is sitting on a ton of money, and I mean a torn of money, but you won't let him help you, or let him buy you a new apartment at least… I hate that you live in that shitty place, surrounded by hoodlums...It’s high time you let your ego down and realize you need help, you can do this alone..”

"I'm not alone.” I mumbled and she rolled her eyes with a sigh, “And, I don't need anyone.”

”Damn, your in denial...”

The waiter walks over and sets our usual order on the table, before leaving. I picked a bunch of cherries and shoved them in my mouth,

”So what is it you wanted to talk about..”I asked with a stuffed mouth. She stared at me narrowly for a while before muttering, three words that had my heart leaping and pausing.

”Jason Stan is back.”

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