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"If you were mine, I would spend my free time between your thighs."

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


Alice's fingers trailed on the blurred graffiti design on the wall as her mind wandered at the words, that read Happy! in bold letters.

She tried to grasp the mindset of the artist at the time he sprayed such hopeful design. She wondered if he had felt joy or sadness at the time.

As for Alice it had been a while since she felt such a pure and scarce feeling. The last she had it was on her wedding day with her husband John, she recalled to herself as she found her way home,

She recalled it to be the happiest day of her life, a life with John had been all she had desired.

Now, she wakes up every morning by the streaming light escaping through her window drapes and prays she survives it at least till midnight.

Alice can't recall the last time John looked at her or touched her, they had become like strangers in not less than two years of marriage.

She tried to shrug the sad thoughts away as she continued her lonely stroll home.

She arrived home and always she was greeted by silence and emptiness, a feeling she’s become very complacent with.

She Hanged her coat on the lounge and made into the room, the room where her husband John laid fast asleep with his loud snoring, echoing through the empty halls, unbothered and unmoved of her cold and empty side of the bed.

Alice changed out of her clothes and seeped into the bed next to him. He had his back completely turned to her. It felt like sleeping next to a stranger.

Bitten onto her lips she gazed at his bare back and the sudden movement of his body pulled her out of her thoughts and with hope rising in her chest, she waited for him to wrap his arms around her, but all she got was cold air as he ripped off her little side of the blanket.

Bit by bit she had began to accept that this new direction of her life, a life of rejection and emptiness. This was not what he had promised her when they got married, when did it all go wrong? And how could she fix it? She thought to herself as she whimpered herself to sleep like every other night.

Beep Beep Beep! The alarm goes off and Alice fluttered her eyes open to the streaming light escaping through the window, like she does every morning. She looked to the right and it's no surprise that the bed was empty. Slowly and reluctantly, she sits up straight and drags her feet off the bed, and rubbing her knuckles into her eyes. She flings back the covers and jumped out of bed, walking straight to the shower.

She showered and wore on her black sweats before spurring to the kitchen to pour herself some coffee, before peering out into the green yard, so deep in thought that it took John walking into the kitchen to snap her back to reality,

"How long have you been awake?" He asked.

”Not long." She answered. He nodded slightly before walking over to the single serve coffee maker and brewing a flavored cup of his choice, "Are you hungry?" She asked,

"I will grab a bite at the office." He answered and left her to watch after him. She observed him silently as he poured his coffee into a metal tumbler.

She lusted at how his blue shirt clung against his broad muscled body. John was a handsome man no doubts, with tanned skin and prominent cheekbones and a well-defined chin and nose. Muscles rippling across every part of his body.

Shamefully, It had come to a point where she had fantasies about her own husband.

"Alice?" He called and she lifted her eyes to his to see him boring at her. "Why don't you go out today? Go shopping or book a nail or hair appointment. Just do something today?" he suggested and she narrowed her eyes at him,

"Is that your way of saying I look like shit." She spat.

He sighed frustratedly before speaking up again, "I don't want to fight Alice, All I'm saying is that it's been a while since I saw you take care of yourself or go shopping or did anything for that matter." He said trying to minimize the gravity of his words,

"I'm perfectly content, John." Alice spurted back and John exhaled sharply, Alice wasn't the kind of woman that fancied makeup and exquisite dressing but she was beautiful she had a sort of understated beauty which was disarmingly unaware of and perhaps it's one of the reasons John had fallen for her.

"Sutit yorself." John shots at her angrily before storming out of the kitchen.

Alice had willed herself not to make anything out of his demining words anymore, but day by day it had become harder to hold herself back from doing so.

Alice stood up from the stool and gathered the dirty dishes to the sink, she was in the process of placing it in the dish track when the bell's chimney tone began to boom the room. She wiped her hands with a clean towel, before heading towards it and as she walked to the glass front door, she could map out a figure. She quickly reached it and swung it open.

It was a man, if she was being honest the most orgasmic looking man she had ever seen.

He was standing outside her door.

”Hello?" He smiled and Alice's mouth went dry all of a sudden, he wore a dark shirt and pants which both matched his ocean like blue eyes and dark chestnut colored hair.

The corner of his mouth plopped into a boyish grin, tearing Alice quickly out of her thoughts,

She swallowed hard.

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