Friends With Benefits

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Brandon James and Emily Rivers are best friends. One night they share their problems with each other; and they come up with a temporary solution. It's perfect; they're best friends, and know each other too well for it to go wrong. Right?

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01 | B R A N D O N

I was the favourite child.

It wasn't intentional, I just was.

"Fuckface. Where's my jacket? Don't give me that look, I saw you wearing it on your insta."

I continued to tap on my keyboard, whilst my brother Kit drums his fingers on my doorway, a look of impatience on his face. He was so territorial about his shit, which is why I liked to piss him off so much.

"Ask Mum," I mutter, as he suddenly walks over, grabbing me in a headlock.

"My jacket. Now."

"Starr is wearing it, ok?" I yell, feeling a thump on the back on my head. "Ow!"

"Tell Starr to bring it round," he orders, and I roll my eyes.

"No point. She's not in."

"I'm going to fucking kill you."

I make a face, before continuing to type my assignment up. Suddenly the screen dies, and I'm left staring at it in disbelief.

"Oops. My bad."

Kit raises his middle finger up before walking out of my room, as I jump up and ram the plug back in.


"Son, you've got to stop winding your brother up. That jacket cost him a months pay."

I look up to see my Dad standing in the doorway, staring at his phone as he glances at me over his glasses.

"I know. But we were at the skate park, and Starr was cold so-"

"Brandon, I don't really care. I'm just telling you what your mother told me to say."

I nod, before pointing at my screen.

"He just pulled the plug mid essay. He's a-"

"Dick. Yeah, I know. I'll talk to him. Did you lose your work?"

I shake my head, as the screen slowly comes back to life.

Thank fuck for auto save.

My brother was still a fucking weasel.

"Good. Is Emily coming for pizza?"

"I doubt it. Her dad came back today from New York."

"Huh. Alright for some," mutters my dad as he stares into the distance before gathering himself.

"He's hardly ever home. Not your ideal Dad."

He grins at me, before ruffling my hair.

"I'll call you when the pizza gets here."

I nod, before resuming my typing. When my dad leaves, I turn to gaze out of my window. Our house overlooks my school field- hardly the best view, unless you call in sick and watch the cheerleaders practise.

Not that I made a habit of it, but otherwise there was fuck all to see. Still, I crossed over and leant against the window, lifting it up to let in the cool air. My phone beeped in my pocket, and I tugged it out with a frown.

Starr: Come to Tates.

Starr Preston, the all singing, all dancing local superstar. Starr was a model for some clothing line, and therefore had a shit load of instagram followers. Not content with the success from that, she entered state dance competitions and won most of them. She was a pretty brunette, but had already booked in for botox for her eighteenth birthday.


Brandon: Why? I'm busy.

Starr: Just come. Emily and Reid en route.

Brandon: Ok.

I finished my assignment, cursing whomever invented education for the young. Did they really believe any of us fucking cared why a poet wrote one thing and meant another? Because we really didn't.

I tugged on my denim jacket, not bothering to check my reflection. I turned my laptop off before leaving my room, jogging down the stairs to see my mom and dad look up in surprise.

"We've ordered pizza, Brandon!" groans my mom, and I shoot her a winning smile.

"Ma, I love cold pizza, save it for me."

I leave before she can respond, jogging the short distance to Tates house. Tate lived on the other side of the field, and when we were younger we used to flash our lights constantly to see if we could see each others house at night.

You couldn't, but there was no telling us that. My dad ended up threatening to remove the lightbulb from my room if I didn't quit it. I chuckle as I reach his house, pushing open the door to be greeted by the intense smell of weed.

"Fuck man, can we open a window in here?" I huff, opening the window as I walk into the main room, noticing Starr sprawled over Tates chest as they share a joint.

"Don't come in kicking off, dude."

I don't mean to be a downer, but I don't like the stuff. I'm annoyed Starr has asked me to go round, knowing how I feel about it.

"Emily won't stay. Nor will Reid, he's a sporto."

Starr narrows her eyes at me as she exhales, sitting up to gaze at me with interest.

"Tate thinks Emily is a virgin. Do you?"

I shrug, not interested in whether our friend was a virgin or not. I couldn't care less.

"Are you, Brant?" Tate smirks, as Starr laughs.

I exhale, feeling grateful when the door opened to reveal Reid. He screws his face up, before shaking his head at Tate and Starr.

"You are nasty, making me inhale this shit."

"Are you a virgin, Reid?"

They both fall apart laughing, and I groan. What the fuck was I doing here?

"STARR! Tell me you aren't high!"

Starr was laughing so hard now she had tears coming out of her eyes as I felt a smile tug on my lips. Here came my whirlwind of a best friend, Emily Rivers. Reid was opening the windows as he scowled at Tate and Starr, as I heard the exasperated sigh from the doorway.

"I'm calling your mother."

Starr suddenly stopped laughing, as Emily snapped a photo of her with the joint in her hand.

"Em! Don't!" she pleaded, as Emily finally looked over at me.

"I'm not staying."

"No," I smile, standing up as I spot my brothers jacket thrown over the chair. I pick it up before tapping the side of my head in a salute to Reid who gapes at me.

"You're leaving me with these?"

"Just pour water over them or some shit. Or, do what Emily says. Call her mother."

I follow Emily out of the door, as she turns towards me suddenly, her eyes blazing.

"She told me it was a fucking emergency."

"She's high." I sigh, glancing around as I push my hand in my pockets.

"It's Tuesday," she says suddenly, her hair falling into her eyes as I frown at her.


Her green eyes glittered at me as she did a double take.

"Pizza night."

"Oh, yeah."

Emily reaches over, tugging the jacket out of my hand as she pulls it on.

"Mmm, smells yummy. Is this Kits?"

I decide not to answer, and she laughs.

"You've gotta get over the fact your brother is a fucking God."

I shrug, before reminding myself that at least I was the favourite child.

That and Emily Rivers was my best friend.

That counted for something, right?

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