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At 17 years old Adrien Aguilera is ready to take on his last year of high school. But while trying to tackle a new school year with hard studying and homework, he has to deal with the fact that he and his mom were moving in with her long term boyfriend. And to make matters quite more interesting, it just so happens to be that he's moving in with his best friend, Preston King, a fine piece of specimen with a good charm who he has been friends with since they were kids playing with cars in a sandbox. While living under the same roof, perhaps it encourages them to get a little bit closer than they already are. ***FIRST DRAFT*** [Trigger Warning: Bullying, Depression, Anxiety, Self Harm, Suicide Attempt.] [BOYXBOY/MPREG] Copyright © 2018 by Angel Jaxon All Rights Reserved.

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Angel Jaxon
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King & Queen Concept

Hello, my readers!

So I decided to write a brief, in-depth explanation of how my AU universe works. It’s similar to omega verse essentially, so if you don’t know what that is, you can look it up as I’m not going to explain it. But my AU (alternate universe) is less complex and less extreme than omega verse, as there are some parts of omega verse that I don’t like, so I decided to create my own version.

Essentially, people that are born with a Queen’s crown tattooed on their wrist are the ones that can GET pregnant, man, woman, whoever. They are called Queens because they have the ability to carry children.

People that are born with a King’s crown tattooed on their wrist, man, woman, whoever can get OTHER’S pregnant. They are called Kings because they can impregnate others.

Furthermore, these are the parental terms I decided to use as well;

Parental Terms:

Mom/Mommy - Woman Queen

Dad/Daddy - Man King

Mada/Maddy - Man Queen

Dama/Dammy - Woman King

Ren/Renny - Nonbinary King

Rem/Remmy - Nonbinary Queen

If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments and I will answer. But please, do NOT ask me what my characters’ genitals are. It’s weird to ask someone what their genitals are first of all, and second, it doesn’t matter.

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