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Chapter Eight

Adrien's POV

The sound of everyone's clapping rung in my ears. It was loud and echoed through the gymnasium. I couldn't tear my eyes off Preston. Even as he smiled and bowed before making his way off stage, I stared in the direction he left in.

My heart was pounding.

"That was so good! He was amazing!" Kourtney exclaimed from her seat next to Phoebe. She nodded her head in agreement, then her gaze turned to me, and she flashed me a knowing smile.

"So...what did you think, Adrien?" Phoebe wiggled her brows at me. I frowned at her, why did she keep looking at me like that? I swear, she's been looking at me with the strangest look all day, like she knew something I didn't.

"Me? Well, of course, I'm going to say he did an amazing job. He's a great singer."

"Oh come on. Didn't you feel that raw emotion? He practically poured his heart and soul out!" Kourtney butted in. She smiled and leaned in, lowering her voice in a whisper, "and he was totally looking over here...was he looking at you, Adrien?"

"W-what?" I blushed heavily, shaking my head, "h-he could have been looking at anyone! Even the person behind me!"

"You make me laugh Adrien. He was totally looking at you," She smirked.

"Maybe he was just nervous and he looked at him just for reassurance. Just because he was looking over here doesn't mean anything, right?" Marci cut in. Phoebe and Kourtney looked over at her.

Asher scoffed at her, "he literally said before he sang the song that it was for the person he liked. So if he's looking at anyone, he's looking at the person he likes. And it's totally Adrien."

"A look doesn't mean anything. Sure, he said it was for the person he liked, but he's still keeping a secret. He's probably just trying to throw us off," Marci crossed her arms. Asher was about to retort, clearly looking annoyed, but I quickly spoke up before he could.

"Look, Marci's right. He could have just been looking over because he was nervous. Let's not jump to conclusions...yea?" I said.

"Psh, Yea. Whatever."

"How about instead of arguing we watch the rest of assembly — Joseph is supposed to be performing soon as well," Daniel commented. He had his arm draped over the back of Asher's seat. I was surprised at first that the two of them came to the assembly since Asher wasn't feeling well, but he said that he didn't feel as nauseous as he did in the morning. That, and he didn't want to miss Preston and Joseph's performances.

Marci looked like she wanted to retort, but chose not to. We watched the rest of the assembly, Joseph's performances being one of the last ones, but as he walked on stage with one of his classmates, Annie's girlfriend Hollie, Phoebe was on her feet.

"YES! THAT'S MY BABY! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABE, YOU'LL DO GREAT!" Phoebe shouted. People cheered, and one teacher told her to sit back down, making us laugh. Joseph smirked at her, blowing her a kiss before he sat down at the electronic keyboard with a microphone attached to it. Hollie stood next to him with her own microphone stand.

Their performance was just as amazing. As Joseph played the keyboard, the two of them sang the song Dusk Till Dawn. The two of them were equally good singers — Phoebe watched with a fond look in her eyes, and when the performance was over, we were all applauding.

The assembly was over after soon enough. It lasted the entire last two periods. The principle said one last speech praising all of the performers before we were dismissed to go home. The home bell rang, and immediately, people were jumping to their feet and flooding their way out of the gymnasium.

The six of us got out of our seats and headed out of the gym, though we stayed lingering in the main hall, waiting for Preston and Joseph.

I was still thinking about Preston's performance. That fact that he was looking at me, a glint shining in his eyes as he sang his heart out, it had butterflies dancing around in my stomach. Just the memory of it gave the same effects. A part of me wished that he was looking at me because I was the one that he liked, the one that he had been keeping a secret about. But another part of me ached, because what if he didn't like me? What if he liked Marci or some other queen? I didn't want to hurt Marci's feelings either.

We were supposed to be best friends, so why was he making my heart race? Why did I have to ache for him so much?

"Hey! There they are!" Kourtney's voice snapped me from my thoughts. She was frantically waving over to the gym doors where Joseph and Preston walked out. I bit my lip as the two of them walked over, and immediately were bombarded by our friends.

"You two did so amazing! Absolutely had me swooned!" Phoebe gushed. She wrapped her arms around her boyfriend and kissed Joseph on the lips. His arms went around her waist, a smile tugging his lips.

"Thank you, baby. It was all for you."

"Yes! Preston your voice was like magic! God, whoever you like has to be swooning!" Kourtney exclaimed to him. She briefly glanced back to me and winked, making a blush rise to my cheeks. Preston's gaze lifted to me and he smiled, a look in his eyes that I couldn't quite read. When he walked over, my heart started to beat.

"Did you like my performance, Adrien?" Preston asked with an amused smile. I scoffed at him, willing the blush on my face to go away, but it remained much to my embarrassment.

"Why wouldn't I? Y-you're a great singer. I always enjoy listening to you sing."

"Oh, yea?" Preston chuckled. Marci then jumped between us, wrapping her arm around Preston.

"I agree! Your performance was amazing! It was the perfect song choice too!" Marci beamed. I bit my lip, a discomfort on my chest. Preston sighed heavily before he looked down at Marci and smiled.

"I'm glad you all liked it. Joseph's performance was really good too. He knows how to rock that keyboard."

"Just like he knows how to rock me~" Phoebe cooed with a smirk. Asher snorted, while the rest of us started to laugh.

"Save it for the bedroom Phoebe. Tonight is going to be a killer party," Asher laughed.

Phoebe rolled her eyes with a smile, "oh please, like you don't talk about your active sex life. Do you feel well enough to go to the party? Or are you going to stay home?"

"Psh, I'm going to that party. I'm not missing out."

"Okay well! I'm going to go home and do some homework before the party! I'll see all of you guys there!" Kourtney exclaimed. She waved at us before heading off, all of us shouting our goodbyes to her.

Eventually, the rest of us parted ways. Preston and I headed upstairs to our lockers to grab our bags and homework before we were leaving the school and walking home.


Preston's POV

I sat across Adrien at the kitchen table, watching as he did his biology homework. The stereo on the kitchen table softly played music. I had a bowl of cereal in front of me along with my math homework, but I was too occupied with stuffing my face and watching Adrien to actually do it.

Annie's party didn't start until 9 pm, so we had a lot of time to kill until then. I was so fucking bored though. I hate when you know something exciting is going to happen and you can't sit still for the time being. I couldn't wait to dress up in our costumes and get drunk and dance my ass off. Well, more so, I couldn't wait to dance with Adrien and see him in his sexy little police costume. I knew he was going to look delectable in it. It was also the first time he would be wearing a costume like the ones we picked so I was hella curious.

"Are you even doing your homework?" Adrien asked me. He was now looking at me with a raised brow. I shrugged, taking a bite of my cereal.

"Not really. You're more fun to look at," I replied. Adrien blinked, a heavy blush coating his cheeks, his eyes quickly falling back down to his homework. I smirked at him.

"Stop being a tease and do your homework," Adrien murmured, not meeting my gaze. I laughed and stood up from my chair, walking over to the fridge.

"I can't help it. You're just easy to tease, baby."

"Don't call me baby," Adrien scoffed. I grabbed a water bottle from the fridge, and when I turned back around, he was hiding his face. I smiled, twisting the cap off the water and took a sip. He suddenly looked shy, as if me using the term with him made him feel some kind of way, and honestly, it amused me.

I walked back over and sat back down in my chair. We spent the next hour or so finishing our homework, and while it was a comfortable silence most of the time it didn't stop me from bugging the shit out of Adrien. I'd crumble small pieces of paper and toss it at him, aiming for his face. Adrien would roll his eyes at me and toss it right back.

Our parents arrived home by the time we finished our homework. Meghan made us a homemade pizza for dinner which tasted amazing. Her homemade food was the best. When I used to go over to Adrien's house for sleepovers I always looked forward to her food, and now, I get to enjoy every single day. After dinner, my dad was dumping the boxes of candy they bought for the trick or treaters into giant bowls, setting them by the door. Toddlers and young children usually trick or treated earlier, around six and seven pm.

When eight o'clock rolled by and after helping my dad with a few trick or treaters that came by, I headed upstairs to my bedroom to get ready for the party. Adrien was already there, laying his costume out on the bed. My dog Kodey was laying on the edge of our bed, head on his paws, watching Adrien, and I smiled.

I closed the bedroom door. Adrien looked up and glanced at me, flashing me a smile, "do you need help putting your tattoos on?"

I walked over and rubbed my hand overtop Kodey's head, then moved to my closest where I grabbed my own costume off its hook, "yea, that would be helpful."

"Alright cool, let me go get a wet cloth. I'll be right back!" Adrien held up a finger before he quickly left the bedroom.

I watched him leave, before peeling my shirt off over my head, tossing it into the laundry hamper. I rolled my shoulders back with a heavy sigh, glancing back over to the door when it opened. Adrien stepped back into the bedroom with a cloth and bowl of water in his hands. He opened his mouth to speak, stopping when his eyes landed on my chest, and instantly, a blush coated his cheeks.

I smirked, raising a brow at Adrien, "if you don't close your mouth you might start drooling."

Adrien gasped at that, blushing harder as I walked over to him. He pressed his hand against my chest while flashing me a glare, "I-I will not start drooling! You just...caught me off guard."

"Well, you can't put the tattoos on me when I have my shirt on?" I laughed. He rolled his eyes, biting his lip. His hand lingered for a moment longer before he pulled back, quickly moving past me to set the cloth and water down on top of the dresser.

I wandered over. Adrien started to cut out the tattoo pieces. He didn't look at me when he wet the cloth into the water, sticking the tattoo against my bicep and covering the cloth over it, pressing down. I watched him with an amused smirk, but he was purposely avoiding my gaze as he focused on what he was doing.

When he peeled back the cloth and paper, he smiled proudly at the tattoo that now covered my upper arm. He continued the process, pressing different fake tattoos to parts of my arm and chest, using the cloth to press them down. When he was pressing a tattoo to my pectoral, it had me feeling some kind of way.

He was standing really close, hand pressing on my chest. I could easily wrap my arms around him and pull him flush against me, but I fought the urge to. But with Adrien, it was so hard to contain myself. He just looked so beautiful, my heart couldn't take it.

When he was done, my entire right arm was covered in fake tattoos, covering my shoulder and pecs. I smirked as I checked myself in the mirror. I looked sexy with tattoos — Adrien did a great job.

"Okay, Mr. Ink. Get your costume on. I'm going to get ready," Adrien said. He was smiling amusedly at me. I laughed and walked over to the bed, grabbing my prisoner jumper off the bed.

While I stripped down to my boxers and got dressed, Adrien looked through his makeup bag and used the large mirror sitting on top of the dresser to get ready. He used makeup wipes to clean his face off, washing off the makeup he had on throughout the day before he put on moisturizer and some other stuff. Then, he started dabbing his face with his cream stuff that matched his skin colour. I don't know how makeup works, but whatever.

I pulled on the jumper, leaving the zipper undid slightly to show off the tattoo on my chest. The sleeves on the jumper had been cut off thanks to Adrien, and when I stood behind Adrien to look in the mirror, I was satisfied. I looked good for a prisoner.

"I'll go wait for you downstairs, alright? Just so you can get dressed in privacy when you're done," I said to him. Adrien glanced at me and smiled, now just working on his eyebrows and eyeshadow.

"Alright. I won't be long. Give me fifteen minutes."

I nodded, pinched his cheek, and left the bedroom. As I walked down the stairs, I saw my dad standing by the door, handing out candy to a few trick or treaters. He praised the children for their amazing costumes before closing the door, and glanced to me with a raised a brow.

"A prisoner eh? That's an interesting costume choice," He smirked. I chuckled and rolled my eyes at him.

"Well I mean, it's better than your no costume. What are you, an old man?"

"Ha-ha. Very funny son."

"I mean, he isn't wrong hun. It's Halloween! Don't be lame and put on a costume," Megan stepped into the mud room. She had on a witch costume, a purple pointy hat with a matching dress and heels. Her blonde hair was curled, and she even had glitter on her eyes and cheeks, and dark purple lipstick.

Dad sighed, "Halloween isn't my thing."

"You're so boring dad," I stuck my tongue out at him. He rolled his eyes at me, and I gasped as he ruffled my hair, leaving it a mess.

"I'm old, what do you expect? My partying days are over."

"You're only forty-two."

He shrugged. This time when the door bell rang, Megan was the one to open the door and greet the trick or treaters, handing them each a few candies and a bag of chips. Footsteps descended the stairs, and when I glanced over, my breath got caught in my throat.

Adrien made his way down the stairs, looking sexy as fuck in his police costume. The navy blue police shirt he wore hugged his body perfectly, the few top buttons left undone. The tight leather pants hugged his legs, making his ass look phenomenal. He had a belt wrapped around his waist which held a pair of handcuffs, and to tie his outfit together, he wore black heels and a police hat.

Lord, and that red lipstick. I couldn't stop staring at him like a lovesick fool.

"Holy fuck," I cursed, examining Adrien head to toe as he reached the bottom of the stairs. He blushed lightly, biting his lip.

"Is the costume okay?" He asked me. I scoffed at him.

"Is it okay? Oh, it's more than okay," I said. I heard my dad snort behind me. I whipped my head around, seeing that he was now smirking at me knowingly.

"Oh, you look amazing sweetie!" Megan exclaimed, wrapping her arms around Adrien in a tight hug. Adrien smiles and hugged her back.

"Thanks mom."

"No problem! Now you two have fun at the party! Make sure not to drink too much and do not drive home drunk! If you need a ride, text me and I'll pick you two up!" Megan said.

"Don't worry, we will."

Megan smiled at me and nodded. She then wandered out of the mud room, calling the animals for food. I turned to Adrien then, watching as he grabbed his coat off the hook.

"Phoebe texted me and said she'll be here in a couple minutes. So we might as well go outside and wait," Adrien handed me my coat. I slipped it on and zipped it up, sliding on my shoes.

"Alrighty. Let's go hot stuff."

"Don't call me that!" Adrien whined. I smirked and patted his cheek, before making my way outside. I could feel Adrien glaring at the back of my head, but he walked out behind me nonetheless.

Oh, this party was going to be fun.

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