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Chapter Nine

Adrien's POV

"Wow, you two look amazing!" Phoebe exclaimed as Preston opened the car door, letting me slip into the back seat. Joseph and Phoebe sat in the front, Kourtney sitting in the back. Phoebe and Joseph looked amazing in their Grease costumes. They were dressed in leather with Phoebe's hair crimped and Joseph's hair slicked back. Kourtney dressed up as Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Her hair was curled down to her waist with a crown sitting on top, and she wore a pink gown that matched Aurora's. They all looked good.

I smiled at Phoebe, "thanks. You guys look amazing too."

Kourtney whistled as I sat down beside her, a smirk on her face. Preston hopped in after me, the three of us squished in the back seat, "Yea, gosh Adrien. You look sexy as fuck. Do you know how many kings will be eyeballing you tonight?"

A blush rose to my cheeks, "Yea...that's not going to happen."

Phoebe snorted as if I said something that was funny. She pulled out of the driveway and started driving. Joseph scoffed from beside her, "as a friend who is a king, you're going to get some eyes on you. You're attractive, Adrien, and the fact that no one has ever seen you dressed like that? Yea, people are going to stare."

I frowned. I was feeling self conscious about myself. While I liked the costume I was wearing, it was way out of my comfort zone. The leather pants were so tight I felt exposed in them. But...I guess I wouldn't mind some attention from a few guys. I needed to get Preston out of my mind so maybe talking to a few kings at the party would help.

I'm seventeen, and I've only ever had one kiss. I never had a boyfriend, and I was still a virgin. I didn't know how to talk to guys nor did I think they would be interested anyways. Preston was the complete opposite of me. He was popular, attractive, and he was confident. He's hooked up with a few queens before at parties, always approaching who he found interesting without being nervous. But why would he be? He was charming and everyone loved him.

I glanced over to him briefly. He was laughing at something Phoebe had said. He looked good in his costume. The fake tattoos on him only made him look hotter and I couldn't help but feel attracted to him. And because I felt attracted to him, the sudden thought of him hooking up with someone tonight left a heavy weight on my chest. It felt like it was on fire. What if he did hook up with someone? What if he hooked up with Marci?

Why did she have to like him?

When we pulled up to Annie's house, Phoebe parked her car along the side of the street. I could hear the music from inside her house, her driveway already filled with cars as people were arriving in their costumes. Her house was fairly large. Her family was well off when it came to finances, so her parties were always the best. I wouldn't be surprised if all the seniors were to arrive at her house tonight.

We got out of the car. I thanked Preston as he helped me step out. He had a smile on his face as he placed his hand on my back, and the five of us walked down the street to Annie's house, walking up the large driveway and headed inside through the front door. The loud music run in my ears followed by heavy chatter, the house already being packed with people.

"Hey guys!" I turned my gaze to see Annie approaching, her girlfriend Hollie right beside her. They were both wearing a couple's costume, dressed up as Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Annie had a red solo cup in her hands, the smell of alcohol intoxicating my nose.

"Hey Annie! You two look so good! Love the costumes!" Kourtney beamed from beside me.

"Thank you! You look so pretty as well! I'm jealous," Annie laughed. She slipped her arm around Hollie's waist, "anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the party! Alcohol and munchies are in the kitchen when you want them, so have fun and go wild!"

Annie hurried off into the crowd with her girlfriend trailing behind. Joseph then turned to face us, pressing a kiss to Phoebe's cheek.

"I'm going to get drinks. Do you guys want any?" He asked. Phoebe and Kourtney nodded their heads.

"Want me to come with?" Preston raised a brow, "surely you can't carry five drinks with two hands."

"Yea, that would be helpful," Joseph laughed.

While the two of them headed off to grab our drinks, Phoebe, Kourtney and I headed into the living room. There was a slight crowd in the living room, people lounging on the couch drinking and chatting, others dancing to the music.

Immediately we notice Asher chatting with Marci, Daniel, and a few of our other classmates. Asher was dressed up as a fairy, glitter on his cheekbones and eyes. He had on a flower crown, wings, the whole attire. Daniel was dressed up as a pirate, and Marci, she was wearing one of those 'sexy' cat costumes. We walked over to them, and when Asher noticed us, he gasped and wrapped his arms around me in a hug. I laughed and returned his hug.

"You guys are here! Damn, your ass looks so good in those leather pants!" Asher smacked his hand across my ass playfully. I gasped and flashed him a glare. He smiled at me, both Phoebe and Kourtney laughing.

"How are you feeling? Any better?" Phoebe asked him.

"Oh, so much better! I was more nauseous in the morning than anything. It subsided by the time I got home."

"Where's Preston?" Marci cut in, taking a sip of the drink in her hands.

"He's with Joseph grabbing us drinks. They should be back soon," Kourtney answered. Right after she said that, Joseph and Preston were visibly making their way over through the crowd, carrying our drinks in their hands.

"Here you are ladies, alcohol beverages at your service," Joseph joked, handing two red plastic cups over to Kourtney and Phoebe. They laughed and thanked him. I smiled at Preston as he walked over to me, handing me my drink.

"Thank you," I said to him. Preston returned the smile.

"No problem, hot stuff," He winked. A blush crept up to my face, and I smacked him on the arm.

"Don't call me that!"

"Your costume looks awesome, Preston!" Marci exclaimed, stepping between us as she grabbed onto Preston's arm, checking out the tattoos, "these look really good! Did you do them yourself?"

"Ah, no actually. Adrien did them for me," he laughed. She ran her fingers up his arm, and flashed him a smile.

"Well...they look really good. The tattoos really suit you..." Marci hummed, smiling up at Preston. I couldn't to watch them any longer. I turned my gaze away from the two, dipping my head back and taking a good gulp of my drink.

I noticed a few guys looking in my direction. They looked like they were on the senior's rugby team. When I glanced over, one of them smirked and winked in my direction. He was tall with a dark head of hair. Then, he was turning his gaze back to his friends. My heart skipped a few beats before I quickly turned my gaze away.

"Yea, thanks Marci. You look nice as well."

"Oh, thank you! It's nothing much, really. But I thought the costume was nice. Do you like the dress?"

I blinked and glanced back over to them briefly. Marci did a quick turn around, flaunting the curve of her body in the tight dress to Preston. I gripped the plastic in my hands, curling my fingers around it tighter. I took a deep breath, and after another gulp of my drink, I was pushing my way through the crowd.

"I'm going to the bathroom," was all I said to the group before I was heading towards the stairs. I didn't bother to hear their replies, not like I could over the loud music. I made my way upstairs to the bathroom, sliding past a couple who were making out in the hallway. I quickly shut the bathroom door and flicked the lights on.

I gripped my hands against the counter, hanging my head slightly. I exhaled a breath before glancing up into the mirror. I hated how jealous I was feeling. It was unlike me to feel this way, and it almost felt wrong. Preston wasn't my boyfriend. He was my best friend. He could be with whoever he wanted. He could like whoever he wanted. But seeing Marci paw at him light that was igniting a fire in me that I didn't know was there.

And it was because of Preston. Because of his charming looks, his sweet personality...he was just perfect. Why did I have to be Marci's wing man? Why did I agree to it when I never wanted to in the first place?

Why can't I ever just say no?

I squeezed my eyes shut. No, I'm not going to start crying over this. The fact that I was now aware of how much I liked Preston made the desire for him even stronger. Liking him so much brought an intense pressure to my chest, like butterflies exploded around my heart, brushing it with their wings. Thinking about Preston made me tingle all over. It was such a strong feeling that I didn't know what to do with it.

And no matter how much I told myself not to cry over something so stupid, the tears came anyway. They stung my eyes, and just as they rolled down my cheeks, I wiped them away as quick as they came.

I took another deep breath. I forced the rest of the tears back, and calmed myself down. Once I was sure I wouldn't start crying again, I stepped out of the bathroom.

The music sounded once again. I made my way back down the stairs, gasping as Kourtney suddenly appeared at the bottom of the stairs, grabbing onto my arm.

"You're back! Come on! We're about to play some beer pong!" She exclaimed cheerfully. Before I could say anything, Kourtney was tugging me into the dining room where everyone was setting up a game of beer pong on the dining table. When my eyes landed onto Preston, Marci was still attached to his side, talking away.

"Okay! We will play in teams of four. Asher, Daniel, Preston, and Adrien will be a team, and me, Joseph, Kourtney, and Marci will be a team!" Phoebe explains. Joseph and Daniel set up the cups on each side of the dining table, filling each with cup with alcohol.

"Why can't I be on Preston's team?" Marci spoke up then, wrapping a single arm around him. Asher scoffed slightly, pulling her away from Preston and nudging her to the other side of the table.

"Why does it matter? Just play the game."

Marci narrowed her eyes, looking annoyed but she joined Phoebe and Joseph on the other side of the table nonetheless. I moved over to stand by Preston, and when he smiled down at me, I couldn't help but bite my lip.

When the game was set up, we started playing. Preston and Joseph were up first. Joseph picked up the ping pong ball and aimed it at our triangle formation of cups lined up. When he tossed it, the ball ended up hitting the edge of one of the cups, before falling onto the floor. Preston snorted when he missed, and smirked when he picked up the ping pong ball.

"Way to start the game, Joseph."

"Eh??? Oh come on, it was one miss toss!" Joseph scoffed, "let's see you do better, huh?"

Preston raised a brow, an amused smile on his face, "you're asking me, an athlete, if I can do better?"

"Psh...uh, yea? So what if you play sports."

Preston shrugged and aimed the ping pong ball. The second he tossed it, it landed straight into one of Joseph's cups. The look on Joseph's face was priceless, and I couldn't help but start laughing at his reaction. Preston was smirking comically, Asher bursting out laughing from beside me.

"You were saying?"

"S-shut up Preston! Not everyone is hot and talented like you!" Joseph pointed, a blush on his cheeks. Preston started laughing, and soon, all of us were laughing at Joseph's outburst.

"Uhuh, now pick up that drink and chug it like a big boy," Preston laughed. Joseph flashed him a middle finger, plucked the ping pong ball out of the cup, before dipping his head back and chugging the contents. When he was done, he crushed the plastic cup in his hand and tossed it to the side of the table.

"Alright, ME NEXT!" Asher cheered and took Preston's place at the head of the table. Kourtney was up against Asher. She took the ping pong ball from Joseph, adjusted the crown on her head, then tossed the ball. The ball knocked off the edge of a cup and rolled across the table, and she groaned.

"Goddammit!" She whined, a pout on her lips. Asher smiled at her and picked up the ping pong ball.

"It's okay pumpkin! Maybe next time~!" He winked at her. From the way he was acting, I could tell he was a bit tipsy. When he tossed the ball he also missed the cups, but he shrugged it off.

"Eh, oh well! Okay, Adrien! It's your turn!" He pointed at me. I blinked a few times at him, biting my lip.

"Me? Ah...I'm not really good at beer pong," I murmured. Asher scoffed. My gaze flicked to Preston as he nudged me over to the table, a smile on his face.

"So what if you're not good? Come on, I'll show you how to throw properly," Preston suggested. Before I could reply, Preston was pulling me over to stand at the head of the table while he moved to stand behind me.

"You'll be fine Adrien! Don't worry, I'm pretty bad at this game," Phoebe laughed. She went first and tossed the ping pong ball, but she missed by a long shot. She pouted when she missed, and I smiled at her in reassurance, "ugh, see?? I'm terrible!"

"That's better than what I'll do, to be honest," I laughed. I picked up the ping pong ball off the table, gasping slightly as Preston pressed up behind me and took my hand with the ping pong ball in it.

"Oh none sense. After I show you how to toss, you'll be a pro," Preston winked. A heavy blush coated my cheeks. He was pressed up close against my backside, so close that I could feel every part of him. I bit my lip, ignoring the way my heart started pounding against my chest as Preston guided my hand, his other hand pressed against the table on the other side of me, successfully locking me against the table as he helped me aim the ball.

"You just eye the target like so..." Preston murmured against my ear, a sudden shiver shooting up my spine as he held my hand in his, flicking my wrist slightly, "...and then, you let go."

I tossed the ball. It soared through the air and landed into the closest cup, Asher and Daniel both cheering from beside us. Phoebe laughed and picked up the cup to drink the contents. But I barely could even register what happened, because as soon as Preston stepped away from me, I could still feel the remains of his warmth tingling where he touched me.

Preston, what are you doing to me?

Preston's POV

The beer pong game went on for a while. Daniel managed to score us another point against Marci, making her drink from one of the cups. We were easily winning. Out of the ten cups, Adrien, Asher, Daniel, and I only had to drink from a cup once each throughout the duration of the game. The other team? Psh, we wiped them out.

"That totally wasn't fair! You and Daniel are like...good at aiming," Joseph pointed. His cheeks were flushed from the drinks he had to chugged, and I couldn't help but smirk amusedly at him.

"Yea? Maybe you should practice your aim a bit more."

Joseph scoffed, wrapping his arms around Phoebe's shoulders and rested his head on top of hers. She giggled and patted his cheek. I smiled, glancing over to Adrien as he talked to Asher and Kourtney, who was also looking a bit tipsy from the drinks she had.

I bit my lip. I gave Adrien a brief once over. He was facing away from me, so I was able to see his backside perfectly. I grabbed one of the plastic cups off the table and took a sip of the drink. I couldn't stop staring and admiring his looks — I could still feel how his backside seamlessly curved up against me when I was helping him with tossing the ping pong ball. His smaller, warm frame pressed against the front of me, my hand curled around his dainty pair, his sweet vanilla perfume wrapping around me like a fuzzy blanket. I had the sudden urge to pull him away from the crowd and kiss him.

I put the drink back down onto the table. Just as I moved to approach Adrien, I was suddenly stopped by a hand grabbing my arm. I turned to see Marci now standing beside me, a warm smile on her face as she looked up at me.

"Hey, Preston! I was just about to head to the kitchen to grab some food. Want to come with?" She asked me. I released a small sigh and briefly glanced over to Adrien, preparing to say no.

"I would, but I was just about to—"

"Pleaaaaase?" She pouted, yanking on my arm. I frowned at her, "it will be quick, I promise!"

I hesitated. Even if I didn't want to, I knew she was going to keep persisting until I said yes. I guess confessing my feelings to Adrien and kissing the shit out of him was going to have to wait.

"Okay, fine...I'll come," I said. Marci beamed and grabbed my hand, leading me towards the kitchen and I followed, no matter how much I really didn't want to.

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