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Chapter Eleven

Preston's POV

Adrien and I were quick to hop into the cab by the time it pulled up. We had another steamy make-out on the driveway while waiting for the cab to pull up, and now as we sat in the back seat, Adrien's clothes were roughened up.

He had a flush to his cheeks, and he was biting his lip. He looked so sensual that I couldn't stop the stir of excitement in my groin.

I couldn't wait to have him on our bed, laying under me, bare skin exposed. I knew he was still a virgin and this was literally going to be his first time, so no matter how excited I was, I was still going to take it slow with him. He'd probably be nervous once we got down to it so I want to make sure I ease those nerves and concerns.

When the cab pulled up to the house, I thanked him and handed him cash before pulling Adrien out of the car with me. His hand gripped mine tightly as I led him up the porch steps, pulling the keys out of my pocket with one hand. I fumbled with the lock before I was able to get the door open. I glanced back at Adrien with a smirk and pulled him inside, making him smile and laugh.

The house was dark. All the lights were off, meaning our parents were asleep in their bedroom upstairs. We kicked off our shoes. I heard the jingle of a collar and seconds later, my dog Kodey was greeting us, barking a few times. I quickly shushed him as to not wake our parents, kneeling down to kiss his head and rub his ears.

Then, Adrien and I were making our way upstairs in the dark. I stubbed my foot against the stairs, my drunk ass stumbling and nearly falling flat on my face. Behind me, Adrien bursted out in laughter, and when I glanced over, he was hunched over, clutching his chest while laughing.

"Oh, that was so funny, huh?" I raised a brow at him, grinning amusedly. Adrien laughed so hard that he wiped the breath out of him, and when he finally calmed down, he was quickly catching his breath.

"Yea, it was so funny," Adrien smiled wide at me. I rolled my eyes at him, chuckling.

We finally reached our bedroom. I let Adrien step inside first before I followed, closing the door behind us. I watched Adrien walk over to the side of the bed, switching on the lamp. A warm glow illuminated the bedroom. I got a better view of Adrien, the way his costume hugged his body, accentuating his slim curves. I wanted to put my hands on him. I paused before I walked over to him, Adrien turning his gaze to me.

And when I stopped in front of him, he was biting his lip again.

"So..." Adrien whispered. He looked heavenly from the lamp's golden glow of light. I cupped the side of his face gently, " do we start?"

I smiled softly, "don't worry too much...I'll do most of the work tonight, alright? So you just lay back and feel good. If you're worried about something just tell me...and if you don't like something I'm doing tell me and I'll stop. Okay?"

Adrien nodded his head. I could see he was starting to feel nervous, so I cupped his face and tilted his head up, and kissed him. Adrien eased into the kiss, letting me guide him. I coaxed his mouth open, letting my tongue dip inside. The longer we kissed, the more Adrien started to relax.

I parted our lips, slowly starting to press kisses down his jaw and neck. I kissed the hickey that I left on him back at the party, drawing a slight gasp from him. I nipped at his skin, sucking and biting, but gently as to not hurt him. I kissed the areas that I bit, and now, I could hear Adrien's panted breath. When I pulled back, Adrien's face was flushed.

I smiled softly. I started to undo the buttons on his shirt, and he let me. I gently brushed it off his shoulders, letting the fabric fall to the floor at his feet. Next, I undid his pants, pulling them down his legs, kneeling in front of him so he could step out of them.

God, he was so beautiful standing naked for me, well, almost completely naked. I could tell he was a bit shy to be standing almost completely naked in front of me, but he didn't need to be. He was beautiful head to toe.

I smirked, curling my finger underneath the band of his underwear. They were black and laced, "what made you decide to wear these"

Adrien blushed heavily, "I-I — they were the only ones that didn't create a line through my pants!"

"Relax baby, I'm only teasing," I chuckled, pressing a kiss to his bare thigh, "you look beautiful."

Adrien rolled his eyes, unamused by my teasing. I laughed, standing back up to my feet. I placed my hands on his waist, pressing up against him, leaning down to kiss him once more.

He kissed me back. His hands found their way to my jumper. He pulled the zipper down all the way. Not breaking the kiss, I slid the jumper off my shoulders and let it pool at my feet, and I stepped out of it.

I gripped under Adrien's thighs, and he gasped as I lifted him up into my arms, wrapping his legs around my bare waist. I laid him down against the bed and crawled over top of him, hips pressed between his legs.

"Do you have condoms?" Adrien asked. I kissed his cheek, and reached over to the nightstand beside me.

"A whole box full," I winked. Adrien blushed heavily, lip caught between his teeth as he smiled. I reached my hand into the nightstand drawer, pulling out a single condom packet and a bottle of lube, setting it down onto the bed beside us.

I started kissing down his chest. Adrien's breath hitches when my lips touch his skin. His skin is soft, pale, and he smells heavenly, like vanilla. I kissed down his stomach, licking and biting, and gently nudged his legs apart with my hands.

"Preston," Adrien breathed. I kissed his inner thigh, running my fingers over his smooth skin, before I gripped the edges of his underwear and started pulling them down his legs.

"Are you okay so far?" I asked. When Adrien nodded his head, he urged me further by lifting his hips slightly, allowing me to slide his underwear off of him. And fuck, the sight before me was absolutely breathtaking. As Adrien bent his knees, pulling his legs apart, I could see the arousal between his legs.

I couldn't stop staring. Just seeing him laying on our bed, naked with his legs spread apart for me, had me hardening in my boxers. Fuck, I was so hard and all I wanted to do was fuck him until he was screaming my name.

"So. Fucking. Beautiful," I whispered, "do you know how bad I want to fuck you right now?"

Adrien looked taken aback. He bit his lip harder, a shiver shooting up his spine. I noticed his toes curl against the bed briefly. I smiled, knowing that my words turned him on.

" you know how bad I want you to fuck me?"

I groaned. He was really making it hard to contain myself. And to say that? He was practically asking me to fuck him.

I grabbed the lube from beside me. Sitting on the bed between Adrien's legs, I snapped open the cap and squirted some onto my fingers. Adrien sucked in a breath as he watched me with anticipation.

I slid my fingers inside him. Adrien gasped, head falling back against the bed. He moaned, the soft noise raising goosebumps on my arms. I thrusted my fingers into him, curling them upwards, making him curl his toes against the bed.

Adrien's POV

My heart pounded against my chest. At first, I felt weird about lying naked on the bed in front of Preston. It was an unusual sense of vulnerability I've never experienced with anyone. But now, everything seemed to melt away as Preston thrusted his fingers into me, curling them and hitting a spot inside me that had me losing my breath.

It was hard to stay still by how turned on I was. I was seeing another side to Preston, the one that was never on the opposite end of. Before, I would watch him flirt with other queens before he took them to bed. Now...I was that queen. I was the one laying under Preston. I was the one he was saying all the bold things to, and I never thought I'd like it as much as I did.

And knowing that it was Preston, my best friend, doing this to me, made me feel at ease.

"Feel good?" Preston asked. I nodded his head. The skin on my shoulders and chest were flushed red like my face. When he slid a third finger into me, I couldn't stop the moan that slipped out.

"D-don't stop," I whispered breathlessly. My hips moved against the motion of his fingers. When he pulled his fingers from me, a whine slipped from his lips, the pleasure gone. Preston smiled and leaned down, kissing my lips softly.

" You'll have something much bigger inside you in a moment," He murmured. I blushed heavily at my words. No words left me. Instead, I pressed my legs on either side of Preston's waist, pulling him down on top of me. I ran my fingers down his back, tugging at his boxers, silently pleading for him to take them off.

And he did. Preston slid his boxers off his legs, kicking them to the floor. The sight that followed at me literally forcing back the saliva in my throat. Preston was well endowed. The appendage between his legs was hard. It stood at attention, and when Preston wrapped his fingers around himself, stroking shallowly, I couldn't take my eyes off him.

He grabbed the condom packet that was laying next to us on the bed, ripped it open, pulled the rubber from the packet, and slipped it on himself. He applied more lube, and when he guided himself between my legs, I wrapped my limbs around him and pulled him down on top of me again.

My arms wrapped around his neck. Our lips met and we kissed softly, Preston's hands pressing down on the mattress on either side of my head. With my legs wrapped around him I held him close. He ground against me for a moment, and before I knew it, he was slowly sliding himself inside of me.

I moaned against Preston's mouth, digging my nails into his shoulders. The emotion and the pleasure I felt as Preston filled me, hips flush against me was overwhelming but I loved every minute of it. The pain from being inexperienced was there and I could feel it, but I focused on the fact that Preston was inside of me and how much I liked the feeling of being connected.

Another moan slipped from my lips. Preston moved at a gentle pace, hips sliding against me. He cupped his hands underneath my knees and pushed my legs back farther as he continued to thrust into me slowly but gradually. I gripped the sheets from underneath me, biting my lower lip with enough force to keep me from making anymore embarrassing sounds, but I couldn't hold back.

Deep and breathless moans fell from Preston's mouth after every thrust. Hearing his deep voice ignited the butterflies in my stomach, made my body feel wonderful and my heart thump against my chest.

"Preston." I whimpered, pushing my hips back against him and moaned as he thrusted into me deeper. Preston smiled. He leaned down and pressed his lips to my earlobe, kissing and nipping the sensitive skin. My fingernails sunk into Preston's shoulder blades. A cry erupted from my lips as he brushed against that sensitive spot inside me, sending waves of pleasure throughout.

He pushed into me harder, gently gripping my hair and tilting my head back as he descended his lips to my neck and sucked on the skin between my neck and collarbone. Continuous moans and cries falling out of my mouth like a waterfall; I was unable to hold them back.

When his lips reached mine we kissed passionately. His tongue slipped into my mouth and explored every inch. I groaned helplessly under his dominant touch. Then, his hands gripped my waist and before I knew it, Preston was pulling out of me, pulling me up on his lap as he laid back onto the bed. His hands found my waist, lowering me back down on top of him. My head tilted back and a gasp of pleasure left my lips when I was fully seated on him.

We kept at it. My hands pressed against his broad chest as I lifted and lowered onto him, Preston matching my movements. Soon enough, I could feel warmth pooling into my abdomen, and as quick as it came, I came undone. I tensed on top of Preston as waves of pleasure exploded in me. I sunk my nails into his chest, my body stiffening, legs shaking.

Preston came shortly after, his grip tightening on my waist as he tensed and groaned. I collapsed on top of him, head resting against his shoulder as I parted for breath. Preston's arms came around me, holding me against him. I gasped as he eased out of me, and now we laid there, catching our breaths.

We didn't say anything. Instead, I held onto him, and he held me back, and that's how we laid for the next few minutes. His muscular body was so warm and comforting, that I didn't want to move. Laying in Preston's arms, the both of us naked, with his arms holding me was the best feeling in the world.

I felt so comfortable, so safe.

Preston eventually shifted from under me. He sat up, making me slide back onto his lip. He kept an arm around me, and I didn't bother to move as I wrapped my arms around him, resting my cheek against his shoulder. He didn't bother to move me either. Instead, he used his free hand to pull off the condom, tie it, and chuck it into the trash can without getting up.

Then, we laid back down onto the bed, he rolled onto his side so that I was now lying beside him, our heads laying against the pillow.

I smiled softly. He was looking at me with his pale blue eyes, his body glowing with sweat but he looked so good under the lamps glow. His hair was a mess, and I was pretty sure I had makeup smeared on my face, but I didn't care in the moment.

"Did you enjoy that? For your first time?" Preston asked softly. He ran his fingers through my hair, then lowered his hand to my cheek. I nodded my head with a smile, nuzzling against his hand.

" was really good. Thank you."

Preston smirked. He leaned over and kissed my forehead, "good. Now get some sleep, baby. It's almost three in the morning."

I grinned. I snuggled up against him, his arms wrapping around me after he switched off the light, making it pitch black in the room. We laid naked against each other, cuddling with nothing but the ruffled blanket to cover us both. My leg slid out from under the fabric and rested against Preston's bare pair, limps tangled together in a cuddled mess. Pressing my cheek to his warm chest, my eyes drifted closed and savoured the feeling of laying pressed against him.


I woke up with a groan. The sunlight peeked through the curtains, lighting up the bedroom.

I squinted my eyes and rubbed them. I had a headache. It squeezed against my temples, throbbing and aching. I sighed and massages my forehead for a brief moment, and that's when I was reminded of the naked body I was snuggled up against, my gaze quickly snapping up to Preston's sleeping face.

The memories came crashing back to me — last night, at the party, he told me he liked me. He kissed me, we made out, and then we came home only to have sex up in our bedroom. And god...was last night amazing.

My cheeks heated at the memory. I laid my head back down against Preston's shoulder, kissing his chest softly while running my fingers across his abdomen. His hand was wrapped around my waist as he slept, keeping me close against him I could stay laying in Preston's arms forever and never want to get up. His body was so warm and comforting.

Everything about last night was amazing. Just thinking about last night as goosebumps brushing against my skin. And knowing that he liked me made it all the better.

But...there were still doubts in my mind.

What did this mean for us now? Were we together or were we still just friends? Sure, we kissed and had sex, but the question wasn't brought up. He didn't mention anything about dating nor did he ask me where did we stand?

And what was I going to do about Marci? She was going to find out one way or another. And when she did, I don't doubt that she'll be mad at me. She asked me to help her get the one she likes but instead I went ahead and slept with the guy she likes. If that wasn't a betrayal of friendship, then I don't know what was.

I sighed heavily, rubbing my forehead. I heard Preston groan, and when I lifted my head he shifted against the bed, his free hand reaching up to rub his face before he opened his eyes dazedly.

"Ugh...fuck. My head hurts," He grumbled. I smiled softly at him, lightly brushing my fingers over his cheek.

"Morning, sleepyhead," I greeted. Preston turned his gaze to me. There was a moment of hesitation before he grinned cheekily, eyes still dazed with sleep.

"Mm...good morning beautiful. When did you wake up?"

I bit my lip, cheeks flushing at the endearment, "not too long ago...probably just ten minutes before you."

Preston hummed. He reached over to the nightstand and grabbed his phone, checking the time. The clock on his lock screen read 10:30 am, and I also noticed that he had a spam of messages on his phone, but I didn't get a chance to read them before he was putting his phone back down.

He released a sigh, running his fingers up my naked back, pulling me closer against him. His free arm draped over his eyes, masking the sunlight shining in the room, "so...did you enjoy last night?"

I rested my cheek against his chest, tilting my head up to look at him, "didn't you ask me that last night, after we were done?"

"Yea...but I still want to make sure you enjoyed now that we sobered up a bit," Preston chuckled.

"You think I'm going to change my answer?" I laughed. Preston shrugged, pulling his arm from his face to look down at me with a smile.

"I don't know, some people wake up the next morning regretting what they've done. I don't want you to regret it or think you pushed yourself before you were ready and only did it as a heat of the moment know?"

"I don't regret it, Preston. Like I was really good. Amazing even," I reassured, flattered by his worrying. He seemed to relax a bit and ran his fingers through my hair.

"Yea? I'm glad it was," He smiled. Then, he suddenly rolled us over so that I was lying on my back on the bed, gasping slightly as Preston rolled on top of me. He looked down at me with a cheeky smirk, hands pressed against the mattress on either side of my head. I blushed heavily, Preston resting between my legs as he leaned down and kissed my forehead.

"You were so beautiful last night, it was hard to contain myself. You were just perfect. Everything I wanted it to be. My heart races just thinking about it," Preston murmured. I blinked at his sudden confession, biting my lip as my heart started to pound.

"A-are we dating now? I mean...we never really established that or I'm just wondering," I spoke softly. Preston cupped my face gently, brushing his thumb over my cheek. I turned my gaze to the side, "I mean...I-it's fine if we aren't—"

"I guess I should have probably asked you out, right?" Preston chuckled. He gripped my chin and turned my head back to face him, "so...will you go out with me, Adrien? Will you be my boyfriend?"

Just hearing Preston ask that had me feeling giddy on the inside. I smiled wide at him, wrapping my arms around his neck, "yes, I'll be your boyfriend."

Preston smiled wide and pressed his lips against mine. I kissed him back, pulling him down against me before I pulled back, "there's something I have to talk to you about though..."

Preston raised a brow at me, tilting his head, "what is it?"

I bit my lip, pausing before releasing a sigh, "it's Marci. She...asked me to help her get with you earlier this week. I'm worried about how she's going to react..."

"As I said last night, you are the one I like, Adrien. You're my boyfriend now, so she's just going to have to suck it up. She doesn't have dibs on me. Just because she likes me doesn't mean you aren't allowed to be with me or whatever. So, she can either respect that or she can fuck off. But if you want, I can talk to her."

" don't have to talk to her. I just feel bad because I feel like I took something from know? A-and it's not to say you're some kind of property or something cause that's not what I mean! I just—"

"," Preston cut me off mid-sentence. I stopped talking, biting my lip with a frown, "you're rambling. I understand you feel bad, but you always do this to yourself. You're allowed to have something you want. You can be a little selfish sometimes. You didn't do anything just breathe."

I nodded my head. I took a deep breath, relaxing as Preston kissed my forehead. He wrapped his arms around me, and I hugged him back. We laid like that for a few minutes before Preston kissed my lips, then shifted to get off the bed.

"Come on, let's get up and dressed I think your mom is making breakfast because I smell food," Preston grinned. I smiled at him and nodded. I sat up from the bed and watched Preston as he stood up and walked over to his dresser, grabbed a pair of sweatpants and pulled them up over his naked legs.

If I was being honest though...seeing Preston naked was definitely a sight to get used to.

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