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Chapter Twelve

Adrien's POV

I got out from under the warm blankets of the bed and stood up, walking over to the closet to grab myself a change of clothes. I gasped as Preston smacked my ass as he walked past me, making me turn around and flash him a glare.

Preston smiled innocently at me, now in a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, "something the matter, baby?"

"Yea, don't smack my ass like that," I scoffed. Preston chuckled, stepping behind me to kiss my shoulder blade, before he was walking out of the bedroom.

I watched him leave, before I grabbed a pair of black biker shorts from the closet and slipped them on, followed by one of Preston's baggy grey hoodies. His hoodies were super large on me, to the point it could be a dress, but they were so comfy and it smelt like him.

After I got dressed, I used makeup wipes to clean my face since I forgot to wash my face last night — that, and I had mascara smeared on my eyes. I also noticed the hickey Preston left on my neck in the mirror, and I tried my best to cover it with the hoodie. Then, I brushed my fingers through my hair to tame it before I made my way out of the bedroom.

As I made my way downstairs to the kitchen, I could smell blueberry pancakes. Ugh, I loved blueberry pancakes. I wandered into the kitchen. My mom was standing by the stove, flipping pancakes in a skillet while Preston sat at the table with Ruby on his lap, petting her ears while he drank a glass of orange juice. Jackson was in the kitchen as well, leaning against the counter beside my mom while drinking a hot cup of coffee.

"Good morning hun! Did you sleep well?" My mom smiled brightly at me when she noticed me walk in. She was still dressed in her pjs, her hair pulled up into a messy bun. I returned the smile, moving to sit down at the table beside Preston.

"Yea, I did."

"I'm glad! Preston was just telling us about the party last night. Did you have fun?"

I briefly glanced over to Preston. He was now looking at me, a smirk on his face as he took a sip of his orange juice. He winked, a heavy blush coating my cheeks. I quickly turned away from him and looked back to my mom.

"Ah...yea, I had fun."

Mom glanced between the two of us, a wide smile on her face. She then turned back to the pancakes, flipping them in the pan. Jackson took a sip of his coffee, a snort sounding from him.

"Oh, you had fun alright," He murmured against his coffee mug.

I couldn't have blushed harder even if I tried. Preston started laughing, throwing his head back and smacking his hand against the table. My mom was giggling, covering her hand with her mouth. Jackson smiled at me, gesturing to the side of his neck. My eyes widened and I quickly put my hand over where Preston left a hickey. God, I was so embarrassed now.

My mom finished making the pancakes. She separated them onto four different plates and brought them over to the table. While she did that, Jackson rested his coffee mug on the table and brought over the whipped cream and maple syrup from the fridge, as well as other toppings. Soon, we were all sitting around the table with our pancakes.

Luckily, Jackson and my mom didn't bother to elaborate on the hickey on my neck — I didn't feel like explaining to them what happened last night. Oh, yea, I lost my virginity to the guy sitting beside me. It was embarrassing as it was that they even noticed it. I grabbed the orange juice from the center of the table, pouring some into my glass.

Preston reached for the ice-cream and maple syrup, placing spoon full of the toppings on his pancakes. He practically covered his pancakes in them. Preston looked up at me and raised a brow when he noticed my stare, and I couldn't help but smile amusedly at him.

"Did you need something, Adrien?"

I snorted, "I mean...I need the syrup but it looks like you've dumped the whole bottle on your pancakes."

Preston looked down at his pancakes, and when he noticed how much he put on, he started laughing. I couldn't help but laugh as well, our parents watching us with amused looks. Preston shook his head and slid the maple syrup over to me, and I took it with a thanks.

I grabbed the whipped cream, placing a couple spoonfuls on top of my pancakes, as well as some berries and maple syrup. Then, I dug into the delicious pancakes that my mom made. Her pancakes were so good, especially the blueberry ones. They were my favourite.

Preston's POV

Meghan made the best pancakes — like, seriously. They tasted so good. She needs to open up some kind of cafe or bakery. I mean, my dad makes good food too, but...come on, nothing can compare to Meghan's.

When breakfast was over, I took everyone's empty plates and rinsed them off in the sink before putting them in the dishwasher. My dad put all the toppings back into the fridge, and Adrien wiped off the table and counters.

"Thanks for breakfast, Meghan. It was amazing as always," I said to her. She was rinsing off the bowls and skillet she used to make the pancakes. She turned to me and beamed, patting my cheek softly.

"Oh, no need to thank me, sweetheart! I love cooking for you guys. I do appreciate it though!" She smiled. I returned the smile and kissed her cheek.

I turned my gaze and noticed Adrien leaving the kitchen. I grinned, pausing before I hurried over, sneaking up behind him. Adrien heard my footsteps and turned around, gasping as I suddenly lifted him off the ground and draped him over my shoulder.

"Eh?! Preston??" He squeaked, a heavy blush on his face. I laughed.

"What? You're just so cute. I couldn't help myself," I smirked. Adrien rolled his eyes at me.

"I was going to shower, you bum. Put me down."

"Shower eh?" I smirked. I carried him down the short hallway to the bathroom despite his protests to put him down. I stepped into the bathroom and closed the door, setting him back down on his feet.

"What are you doing, Preston?" Adrien raised a brow at me. I shrugged, flashing him a smile.

"I need to shower too. So...why not shower together~?" I tilted my head. Adrien blinked a few times at that, suddenly looking sheepish.

"O-our parents are home!"

"So? Who cares? We're saving water," I shrugged.

Adrien rolled his eyes, his cheeks a light shade of pink, "you're so embarrassing."

"And you're cute when you're embarrassed," I smirked. I grabbed his waist, pulling him up against me. Adrien gasped softly, biting his lip as I cupped his cheek. I chuckled, tilting his head back and leaned down to kiss his lips.

Adrien's shoulders relaxed as he eased into the kiss. He wrapped his arms around my neck, pushing up on his tippy toes. I smiled against his lips.

"We could totally have sex in the shower..." I murmured, pecking his lips. Adrien rolled his eyes at me, pushing against my chest.

"Yea? Well, they're aren't any condoms in the bathroom. Are you willing to trek all the way back upstairs to your room to grab some?"

"Awe, you're gonna make me walk that far?" I whined jokingly. Adrien scoffed.

"I'm not about getting pregnant, so yea."

"I'm kidding. I'll go grab one," I winked. I hurried my way out of the bathroom. I heard Adrien laugh on my way out, before I quickly went upstairs to our bedroom, rummaging through my nightstand for a single condom packet.

When I found one I made my way back downstairs to the bathroom. I could hear the water running by the time I got back, and when I stepped inside the bathroom my gaze instantly snapped to Adrien as he began taking off his hoodie. I noticed the blemishes I kissed on his skin last night still adorned his pale skin. And when he slid off his biker shorts, I was greeted with an amazing sight of his ass.

"Are you just gonna keep standing there and staring at me?" Adrien turned his gaze to me, a blush on his cheeks. I grinned and walked over, kissing his forehead.

"No, but I am going to take you in the shower and give you the time of your life, just like I did last night."

Adrien looked sheepish by my words, but smiled nonetheless. He bit his lip, only succeeding in looking extra tempting. He pushed the shower curtain back and stepped into the shower, and I was quick to strip out of my clothes and follow him in.

Adrien stood under the spray. He got his hair wet and pushed it out of his face. Before he could react, I grabbed his wrist, pulled him back to me, and pushed his back against the shower wall. He gasped in surprise, a laugh slipping from him as I caged him against the shower wall, the water pelting down on both of us. God, his laugh was so sweet and happy. I loved it.

I pecked his lips before descending down his neck, pressing soft kisses against his neck and collarbone. Adrien tilted his head back against the shower wall, his arms wrapping around my neck.

I grabbed one of his legs and hiked it up around my waist to give myself access. Then, I didn't hesitate to start prepping him with my fingers while kissing his skin, Adrien's soft moans lulling against my ear. He took the condom packet that I had on me, ripped it open and slid the rubber on me while I prepped him. He gasped when I suddenly lifted him up, wrapping both legs around my waist.

Adrien gripped my shoulder blades as I pressed him back against the shower wall and slid into him. He gasped and dug his fingers into my skin, a moan slipping from him as I started to move, thrusting deep into him over and over.

And I kept at it. I fucked him against the shower wall, Adrien moaning out his praises. I fucked him until we were both panting for breath, until his legs were shaking as he came undone. Until I released and was sweating from the steam of the hot shower water.

We showered together after. When we were done, I turned the water off and stepped out, drying off with a towel before wrapping it around my waist. Adrien got out after me, wrapping a towel around himself and drying his hair with a hand towel.

Adrien applied lotion all over himself and got dressed. Then, he grabbed the hair dryer and started blow drying his hair with a comb. When I slipped my sweatpants on again, my phone started to vibrate against the counter, and when I picked it up, I noticed it was Phoebe FaceTiming me.

Raising a brow, I clicked accept, leaning my phone standing up against the toothbrush cup in front of me.

"Hey Preston!" Phoebe greeted cheerfully. She sat on her bed still in her pajamas. I smiled crookedly at her, noticing Joseph still fast asleep on the bed beside her.

"Hey Phoebe, what's up?"

"Nothing! Just wanted to check in and see how things are!" Phoebe said, "are you in the bathroom?"

"I literally just got out of the shower when you called, so yea, I'm in the bathroom," I smirked. Phoebe scoffed.

"Where did you even go last night? And how did things go with Adrien? Did you tell him?"

Before I could say anything, Adrien turned off the hair dryer and came to stand beside me, glancing at Phoebe through the phone screen.

"I'm literally right here, you know."

"ADRIEN!" Phoebe beamed, frantically waving at him through the screen. I laughed, shaking my head with a smile.

"Phoebe, this is Adrien. My boyfriend," I mocked. Adrien gave me dry stare, though I could tell he was amused by the look in his eyes. Phoebe gasped, eyes widening in shock.

"No way," Phoebe said, a wide smile taking over her face, "you're dating now?? Congrats! See, Preston? I told you he liked you back!"

"You knew?" Adrien asked her.

She snorted, "of course I knew. I figured it out the day he said he liked someone at the lunch table. I was the one who told him to tell you because he was being a fucking chicken."

I rolled my eyes at her, "hey! My nerves were totally reasonable!"

"Oh come on, Preston. This is Adrien we are talking about here. Do you realize how obvious it was that you two had chemistry? Literally our whole friend group figured out you liked Adrien when you performed that song on yesterday."

"Again, I'm right here," Adrien said, a blush on his cheeks.

I turned my gaze to Adrien with a smile, kissing his red cheek.

"Awe! That was so cute! Wait..." Phoebe furrowed her brows in suspicion, "you said you just showered. Did you shower together? Oh my god, you guys totally fucked last night, didn't you?"

Adrien's face was as red as a pair of cherries. I laughed at that, looking at her in amusement.

"You figured that out just because he's standing beside me? I applaud you, Phoebe. You're very observant."

"Of course I am. Who was the one who figured out your secret? Oh, that's right, me," Phoebe smirked. She then sat up on her bed with her phone in her hand, her free hand tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, "anyhow, I'll let you two lovebirds cuddle and whatnot. I'll you guys on Monday, yea?"

"Yup, see you later Phoebe. Have fun with Sleepy over there," I laughed.

Phoebe grinned, "oh, I will. See you later Preston, Adrien! Love you both!"

The FaceTime call ended right after. I placed my phone back down, turning to face Adrien grabbing onto his waist to pull him closer. Adrien smiled softly despite the blush still on his cheeks, and he wrapped his arms around my neck. He looked so cute like that.

"How about we go upstairs and binge watch some Netflix, yea?" I suggested, reaching up to cup his cheek. Adrien smiled, nodding his head in agreement.

"Yea, that sounds like a plan."

I smiled at that. I kissed Adrien on the lips softly. Then, I took his hand, leading him out of the bathroom and back upstairs to the bedroom.

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