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Chapter Fifteen

Adrien's POV

For two weeks Marci didn't talk to me.

Whenever I went to art class, she would avoid me like the plague and sit with another group. Even during lunch, she didn't sit at our table. Phoebe thought she was being ridiculous; she even tried to talk to her at one point because she shared a class with Marci during fourth period, but she refused to sit with us because I was there.

I couldn't complain. I understood why she was mad. But having a friend mad at you; it leaves a weighing pain on your chest. Having a friend mad at you is the worst thing someone could experience besides heartbreak, because it stung.

Asher's been acting off as well. This week in particular, he's missed four days in a row. Daniel was especially worried because Asher complained about being sick more often, and now he wasn't showing up at school. Which made sense, if he had a stomach bug then it wasn't useful in coming to school.

"Phoebe was talking about maybe going out for lunch instead of hanging out in the cafeteria during break. Did you want to go?" Preston asked.

"Yea, sure. Where will we be having lunch?" I turned to face Preston. He closed his locker, shrugging his bag over his shoulder.

"Probably just the cafe across the street. Everyone will be meeting by the front doors after second period so we can all walk over together," Preston replied.

"Alright, sounds good. I'll see you at lunch," I smiled. Preston returned the smile.

We exchanged a quick kiss, and once the bell rang, the hallways were swarmed with students heading to class. I sighed when Preston started making his way to math class, watching him fade until he was out of sight. I bit my lip. I turned around, a sharp gasp slipping from my lips as Asher suddenly appeared in front of me, making me nearly run into him.

"Oh my god, Asher, you scared me!" I exclaimed, placing a hand against my chest. He didn't say anything, and when I noticed the look on his face, my brows furrowed in concern.

"What's wrong?" I asked him. Asher bit his lip. He had a shaken look on his face. His face was pale, and he wore a baggy hoodie, honestly looking like he didn't bother to get ready this morning.

"I-I need to tell you something. Bathroom," Asher said. I frowned at him worriedly, but nodded my head nonetheless. Then, Asher was grabbing my wrist, quickly hauling me down the hall and to the bathroom.

Asher pulled me into the bathroom. He didn't say anything at first, and instead waited until a group of queens left the bathroom, and then it was just the two of us and the silence that lingered. I watched as Asher started to pace back and forth. His arms were crossed over his chest. There was a panicked look on his face, his lip caught between his teeth.

"Asher, what's going on?" I spoke up when he stayed silent and continued to pace. He stopped pacing. He turned his gaze to me, eyes glistening with forming tears.

"I'm pregnant," Asher blurted out suddenly. My eyes widened at him. He reached his hands up and gripped his hair, starting to pace again as tears rolled down his face, "I'm fucking pregnant."

"Asher..." I spoke gently. I didn't even know what to say to him. I was so shocked that no words were coming to my mind. I could see how stressed out he was about this — he looked like he was on a brink of a panic attack, and I didn't know how to help him.

I stepped over. I placed my hands on his shoulders, getting him to stop pacing. Tears rolled down his face the moment he stopped pacing, dripping off his chin, and when I pulled him into a tight hug, he started to cry into my shoulder.

"When did you find out...?" I asked softly, rubbing my hand up and down his back. Asher hugged me tight, eyes shut tight. He was silent at first. He wiped his eyes and pulled away from me, eyes rimmed with tears as we wrapped his arms around himself.

"L-last night...I-I don't know why...I just had some kind of feeling...I noticed I gained a bit of weight, and that I was eating more than usual. The nausea only happened in the morning and often subsided... and for a moment, I just thought about it. So I went to the drugstore and grabbed a test..." Asher whispered shakily, "I-I have no idea how far along I am...or how it happened. I can't remember a time where Daniel and I haven't used protection because we a-always make sure we do."

"It could have been a faulty condom. There are many possibilities," I said, biting my lip, "you need to go see a doctor, Asher...they can help you, see how far along you are."

"N-no!" Asher shouted suddenly, shaking his head, "I can't! I'd have to tell my dad and — m-my dad can't know! He CAN'T know!"

"Asher," I furrowed my brows at him.

"He can't know, Adrien. He can't," He shook his head again. There was fear in his eyes, genuine fear, and it had me worried.

"What's going on, Asher? Are you safe at home?" I asked him. He looked taken aback by my question, before he frowned, biting his lower lip anxiously.

"I-I just...can't tell him. Okay?"

I released a heavy sigh. I was still skeptical, but I pushed it aside for now, "okay...why don't you come over after school. We can talk to my mom, and she can take us to get you checked. You can trust her."

"Preston lives with you, Adrien," Asher shook his head, "I don't want him to know. I don't want anyone else to know."

"We won't tell him. We will just talk to my mom and get you checked out, okay? You have to see a doctor. You're pregnant," I said. Asher frowned. He took a deep breath, slowly nodding his head.

"Okay...we'll talk to your mom."

"Good. But you also need to tell Daniel. He's the other parent," I added. Asher took another deep breath. He nodded silently, shakily placing his hands over his stomach.

"I-I will...just, not right now...I'm still trying to wrap my head around this..." Asher whispered.

I nodded my head. I flashed him a reassuring smile, giving his shoulder a light squeeze, "that's don't have to rush anything."

"I don't want to go to class."

"We don't have to go to class. Why don't we go outside for some fresh air?" I suggested.

When Asher agreed, we headed out of the bathroom side by side. Class had started a few minutes ago, so the halls were vacant and silent. I walked with Asher to the corner stairwell, where we walked down stairs and headed out the double doors that led outside. There, I walked him over to one of the benches sitting in the school yard, and we sat down together.

We didn't stay outside for long. It was mid November and it was getting colder outside, but I could tell Asher needed the fresh air. He was pale and looked like he was going to be sick, but the fresh air helped him calm down.

I didn't go to second period. Asher refuses to go to class, but he couldn't go home either. I was worried that something was going on that he wasn't telling me, and that alone was worrying me. If Asher was in some sort of danger in his own home, I wouldn't want him to get hurt or stay in that situation any long. But, he wouldn't tell me.

We hung out in the library during both periods. I helped catch up on what he missed in biology, which was a good distraction for him.

"Are you going to be joining us for lunch?" I asked after a moment of silence. Asher had been typing on his calculator, before he looked up from his math homework.

"Ah...yea, I am. Though, they're going to wonder why we weren't in class," Asher murmured with a sigh.

"We can just say we were in the library studying. You don't need to explain yourself," I said.

Asher frowned, "Daniel is going to wonder. He's been worrying about me this past week. I feel bad."

"You'll tell him when you're ready. It's hard finding out you're pregnant, especially at a young age. He'll understand. I know that because I know how much he loves you."

"Yea...I know. But what are we supposed to do? We're both still in high-school...and I know we both want to go to college," He murmured.

"That's a conversation you have to have with Daniel at some point, after you tell him." I said. Asher sighed heavily at that, nodding his head.

When the bell rang for lunch, Asher and I packed our schoolwork back into our bags, and we exited the library. We headed to each of our lockers to grab our coats, Asher now sported an overcoat and a beanie. He looked nervous from the way he tucked his hands into his pockets. I flashed him a reassuring smile, and linked our arms together as we headed to the front doors.

Kourtney, Phoebe, Joseph, Preston, and Daniel, were all waiting by the front doors by the time Asher and I arrived. They were all dressed in their winter gear, Preston looking exceptionally good in his attire. No matter what Preston dressed himself in, he always managed to look good without even trying.

And I mean, I see him without clothes more often then not really, dressed or not, he always looked good.

"Hey guys!" Phoebe shouted when she noticed us, waving her arm around frantically. Preston's gaze landed on me, and when he smiled, I couldn't help but smile back, my chest fluttering with excitement.

"Hey," I greeted. I stopped in front of Preston and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him down for a quick kiss.

Though, Preston had other plans. I gasped as he slid his hands under my thighs, lifting me up into his arms. I laughed, a blush on my cheeks as I locked my legs around his waist. Preston smirked, pecking me softly on the lips, followed by another on my cheek.

"Okay lovebirds, how about we get going to the cafe? I'm hungry!" Kourtney spoke up. Preston glanced at her with an amused smile, and settled me down back onto my feet.

"Can't I not greet my boyfriend in peace?" Preston tilted his head, "and where's your boo?"

Kourtney scoffed, "He's helping the yearbook committee take some photos around the school. But he'll probably join us at lunch tomorrow."

"Mhmmm, interesting," Preston chuckled. Kourtney rolled her eyes, crossing her arms.

"Yea, soooo, lunch?" She smiled.

"Yea, lets go! I'm fucking hungry and I'm craving a sandwich!" Phoebe cut in. She grabbed Joseph's hand and without another word, started heading outside. I laughed, smiling as Preston's hand settled on my waist, and the rest of us headed outside.

We arrived at the cafe in no time. Asher said that he would save us a table, and before Daniel could say something to him, Asher quickly walked off to an empty booth. I watched him go, frowning slightly while the rest of us got in line to order.

Soon enough, we were all sitting around the empty u-shaped booth with our food and drinks. I sat between both Asher and Preston, a plate of lasagna and a glass of iced tea in front of me. Preston had ordered himself a steak grilled cheese which honestly, looked just as good and I was tempted to steal a bite.

I cut a small piece of lasagna with my fork, and took a bite. The cafe was one of the best in our town, and it was fairly popular, so the pasta definitely did not disappoint. I glanced over to Asher briefly. He was sitting quietly beside me, fiddling with his hands on the table, listening to the conversation that bounced around the table. I hated seeing him look so miserable because I didn't know how to help him feel better.

"How are you feeling, Asher? You've been gone for most of this week," Phoebe spoke up then, gaining my attention. Asher looked up from the table, looking a bit uneasy when he noticed all eyes were on him.

"Uhm...still a bit under the weather, but I couldn't miss anymore school so..." Asher murmured.

Phoebe raised a brow at him, "Ah, I see. I was just wondering. You and Adrien weren't at first period."

"You weren't at second period either, were you not here in the morning?" Daniel asked. I shook my head.

"Ah, Asher and I were just in the library for the first two periods. I was helping him catch up on schoolwork since he still wasn't feeling well enough to go to class," I replied.

"Oh, I see! Well, anyways," Phoebe smiled. She still looked curious, but I was glad that she didn't push it anymore, "the final football game is coming up before the playoffs! You think we're going to make it to the finals?"

"Pft, of course we are. We've won almost every game this season. We'll definitely make it," Preston chuckled.

"With Preston and I on the team, we'll definitely lead our team to victory," Joseph winked. I laughed. Preston rolled his eyes, but clearly looked amused by the way he smirked and took a bite of his grilled cheese.

Phoebe laughed, kissing Joseph's cheek, "of course you will."

"And we'll be front row on the benches cheering," Daniel cut in, sipping his glass of Coca Cola.

"Do I need to bring the Pom Pom's?" I joked. Preston raised a brow at that, a grin on his face as he draped his arm across the back of the booth.

"I mean, if I get to see you in a cute cheerleading outfit, bring all the Pom Pom's."

A heavy blush coated my cheeks. I shoved him slightly, making him laugh, "ha-ha. Very funny."

"What? I think you'd look cute. And if you're cheering for me while in that outfit? You'd be cheering my name after the game."

"Preston!" I shouted at him. My cheeks were on fire at that point. Kourtney started laughing, and soon enough, everyone broke out into a brief fit of laughter. I smacked him on the arm, Preston flinching back as he laughed.

"I'm only kidding! I mean...about the first part. The last part I was being serious."

I smacked him on the arm again. Preston continued to laugh, letting out a cough afterwards. I scoffed. I reached over and ripped off a piece of his grilled cheese, and plopped it into my mouth. Preston watched me with a diverted look on his face.

The rest of lunch was spent with all of us finishing up our meals, and bouncing conversation around the table. Joseph complained about the English essay we had due in a couple weeks, mainly because he didn't finish the book we had been reading in class for the past week and a half. Quite frankly, I liked The Handmaid's Tale, despite it having a few dark themes in it.

Eventually, we headed back to school. The bell rang the moment we stepped inside, Phoebe, Joseph, and Kourtney saying goodbye before they hurried off to class. I waved at them as they left. I turned my gaze to Asher, who had his arms wrapped around Daniel, his head on his chest.

"Will you be okay, Asher?" I asked him. He nodded his head, flashing a soft smile.

"Yea...I'll just hang out with Daniel. Thanks for this morning though..." He murmured.

I nodded my head, "you're welcome. Let me know if you need anything."

"I will," He replied. I watched the two of them head off. I turned my gaze to Preston.

"So, you skipped the morning periods?" Preston asked me. I bit my lip, letting out a heavy sigh.

"Like I said during lunch, I was helping Asher catch up on his schoolwork that he missed this week."

"Is that all? It's not like you to skip class. You could have helped him during class and after school," Preston said.

I grabbed his hand, "yes, that is all Preston. Now let's get to Chem before we're late."

Preston looked at me skeptically. He eventually let out a heavy sigh, giving in as he nodded his head, "okay."

I smiled reassuringly. I squeezed his hand gently, kissed his cheek, before leading him towards the main stairs.

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