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Chapter Seventeen

Adrien's POV

"Asher Wolfe?"

Asher stiffened the moment a nurse stepped into the waiting room and called out his name. He looked like he wasn't going to get up, but I was able to pull him up from his seat and walk him over to the nurse with my mom in tow. The nurse smiled at us and guided us down a small hall and into one of the exam rooms, where she briefly checked Asher's height, weight, and blood pressure.

"Just sit up on the exam table and the doctor will be with you in just a moment," She said. My mom thanked her, and with a smile, the nurse stepped out of the room and closed the door.

Asher sat up on the exam table, shoes and coat kicked off. He looked nervous by the way he took a deep breath and fiddled his fingers. I frowned from where I sat on the chair beside my mom.

"You'll be fine, Asher," I told him. He glanced up from his hands.

"I-I'm just scared..." He murmured.

"You'll get through this. This is only the first step. Everything will work itself out in the end," I said. Asher paused to take another deep breath before he nodded his head.

It didn't take much longer before the door opened, and in came Dr. Sullivan. Her first name was Kendall, and she was one of my mom's good friends. I remembered her from when I was in elementary because she used to come over all the time to hang out with my mom and their other friends; Kendall was in university at the time studying to be a doctor, and now seeing that she was one, made me smile. I hadn't seen her for a long time either so it was nice to see her.

"Oh, Adrien! You've gotten so big!" Kendall exclaimed the moment she closed the door. She had a bright smile on her face, "Meghan, it's so nice to see you too!"

"Ah, it really has been a while hasn't it?" My mom laughed. She got up, and the two of them exchanged a hug before she sat back down. Kendall pulled out the stool from under the desk, and sat down, rolling forwards until she was stopped next to Asher.

"So...Asher, yes?" Kendall asked. Asher paused before nodding his head, silent at first due to his nerves. She flashed him a soft smile, "It's nice to meet you. I'm Dr. Sullivan, but you can call me Kendall if you'd like. Everything we talk about and go through today is completely confidential, meaning it stays between us. If you'd like Adrien and Meghan to leave, that's up to you."

"N-No...they can stay," Asher murmured. Kendall nodded, briefly looking down at the clipboard in her hand, and back up again.

"Okay. First things first...I just wanted to ask you about your home environment. I know it's something you might be uncomfortable talking about, and that's okay...but as your doctor, I want to make sure you are safe where you are living," Kendall stated, "Meghan mentioned something about not being able to tell your father. Is there a reason why?"

Asher frowned. He bit his lip and looked down at his lap, "m-my dad...would be mad if he found out."

"Is that the only reason...? Should I be worried about your safety?" Kendall asked. Asher went completely silent. He didn't say anything at first, and that was what concerned me the most.

"No, he'd just be mad," Asher murmured. He didn't say anything else after that. Kendall smiled gently at him, and instead of asking more about his home life, she started asking him other questions relating to his health. More specifically, how long he has been sexually active, if he takes any medication, etc.

"Okay sweetheart. I'm going to give you an ultrasound first, just to confirm if you are indeed pregnant, and determine how far along you are and all that. Then, I'm going to have to give you a physical," Kendall said. She stood up from the stool and set her papers down onto her desk. Asher nodded his head stiffly and laid back against the exam chair as she instructed.

She pulled over the ultrasound machine, setting it next to the exam chair. She got the machine set up before she turned to Asher and lifted up his hoodie, revealing his bare stomach. Asher's gaze turned to me when Kendall grabbed the gel, a pleading look in his eyes. I paused before I stood up from the chair and stood over by Asher's bedside, flashing him a reassuring smile.

"Okay hun, the gel might feel cold at first, but it will warm up," Kendall said. Asher nodded his head nervously. His shoulders tensed up so I took his hand and squeezed it, offering him some comfort.

Kendall put on a pair of gloves. She first felt around Asher's stomach before she squirted the gel onto his stomach. She then grabbed the transducer, using it to move the gel around on Asher's stomach, and then looked at the screen.

It didn't take long before a heartbeat echoed through the room from the machine, and a tiny little blurb to show up on the screen. Asher's eyes widened at the sound, gaze glued to the blurb on the screen. Tears filled his eyes and rolled down his cheeks.

"So...that is your baby, right there," Kendall said softly. She pointed at the tiny blurb, "my guess from when you started feeling symptoms and from looking at the size of the fetus, you seem to be around five weeks along."

Asher couldn't stop the tears. They kept coming, rolling down his cheeks and dripping off his chin. He sniffled, using his sleeve to wipe his nose and tears. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, leaning my head against his.

"What are you feeling...?" I asked gently. Asher leaned against me, releasing a breath as he continued to wipe at his eyes.

"T-Too much," Asher whispered shakily. I nodded my head and rubbed his back.

"You have options...Asher," Kendall explained to him, making him look up at her, "I know it's a hard decision to make...but you know, you have options."

"I-I know..." Asher murmured, "I j-just don't want to make one without Daniel's input...I-I want him to know first."

"You're still early, so you have time to think and make a decision. Don't worry, there is absolutely no rush in this," She said. Asher nodded his head. After a few minutes, he was able to calm down. Kendall wiped the gel off Asher's stomach and printed off the sonogram. She handed the picture over to him. When he took the sonogram and looked at it closely, for a moment, there was a soft but teary smile on his face, before it was gone and he was biting his lip.

"Your ultrasound looks good. I'm now going to do a physical examination. This includes a pelvic exam, so I don't know if you would be comfortable with Adrien and Meghan in the room," Kendall said.

"We can wait in the waiting room until you guys are finished," I suggested. Asher flashed me a quiet smile and nodded his head. I gave him a gentle squeeze before my mom and I left the room and headed back to the waiting room.

We waited in the waiting room for the remainder of the appointment. During the wait, I texted Preston, asking how his practice went. About twenty minutes later, Asher was walking back into the waiting room, Kendall walking behind him.

My mom and I stood up from our seats. Kendall smiled at the two of us, "check-up went well, but I will want to see him again in a few weeks for his 8 week appointment, but if something happens before then let me know."

"Thank you so much for getting us in today, Kendall. And it was nice seeing you again," Mom smiled.

"It was nice seeing you too Meghan, let's catch up soon," Kendall said. The two of them exchanged a hug, before she turned to me, "also nice to see you too Adrien!"

"You too Kendall," I smiled. Kendall winked at us, waved, and then headed back down the hall. Once we got another appointment booked for Asher next month at reception, we headed out of the doctor's office and to the car.

"Can...can you drop me off at Daniel's place?" Asher asked hesitantly when we got back to the car. I slipped into the front seat next to my mom, glancing back at Asher as he sat in the backseat behind me. He was biting his lip.

"Are you going to tell him...?" I asked. Asher nodded his head.

"I'll drop you off, no worries sweetheart," My mom said with a smile.

"Thank you," Asher returned the smile with his own quiet one.

The car ride was mostly the silent. From when we left the parking lot and pulled up to Daniel's house twenty minutes later, Asher was silent in the backseat. He had his sleeves rolled over his hands and tucked in his lap, his gaze out the window.

When we pulled up to Daniel's place, the driveway was empty except for Daniel's car. Asher flashed me and my mom a smile, thanked us for helping him out, and then stepped out of the car. I rolled my window down and called out to him just before he walked off.

"If you ever need anything else, let me know, okay?" I called out. Asher turned and nodded his head, a small smile on his face.

"I will...thank you for today, Adrien. It really means a lot to me."

I returned the smile. I watched Asher walk up to the front door, and once he was safely inside, my mom pulled out of the driveway.


My mom and I decided to stop by the local bakery on the way home to grab dinner. We always stopped there for dinner whenever my mom didn't feel like cooking that day, but sometimes we had it on Fridays just for the hell of it as a treat. I always ordered the lasagna they had there because their pasta was the best.

So, when we arrived at the bakery, my mom and I ordered a lasagna and spaghetti to go, plus a plate of rice, potatoes, and another of veal cutlets for Preston and his dad. Then, we got a box of their red velvet cupcakes with buttercream frosting for dessert.

When we got back to the house, I helped my mom carry our bags of takeout up to the front door. She unlocked the door and as we stepped inside. The sound of Kodey barking echoed in our ears all the way from the living room.

I slipped off my shoes and coat before I followed my mom to the kitchen. I could hear music playing from the kitchen stereo. I quickly covered my mouth with my hand, cracking a wide smile as I saw Preston and his dad both singing and dancing away to Michael Jackson's Slave to the Rhythm. Preston swung his hips around, slapping his hand in the air like he was smacking a ghost he couldn't see. He was mouthing the lyrics to the song, while his dad was doing a horrible attempt at the moonwalk.

I couldn't hold in my laughter anymore. It burst out of me like I was spitting out my drink, and my mom, well, she was laughing so hard, she lost her breath almost instantly. She hunched over and slapped her hand on her thigh, her other hand clutching her stomach. Preston immediately stopped what he was doing and glanced over, a wide grin exploding on his face.

"Oh. Welcome home," Jackson laughed, an amused smirk on his face as he watched my mom laugh her ass off.

"What are you two even doing??" I laughed, smiling wide at the light blush on Preston's cheeks, though he looked amused by the fact we walked in on them dancing like weirdos. Preston shrugged, sticking his tongue out at me as he wandered over.

"You know...jamming out to Michael Jackson. Is that food you got there?" Preston asked. I nodded my head, holding the bag of takeout out to him.

"Yup. Mom and I decided to pick up some dinner from the local bakery," I said. Preston grinned and took the bag from me. He set it down onto the kitchen table and dug into the bag, taking out the foiled containers.

"Ugh, it smells so good!" Preston groaned. He opened the container that had his name written on the top, licking his lips when he saw the veal cutlets and veggies, "do you know that I love you guys very much?"

I rolled my eyes and smiled. My mom giggled. She finally composed herself from her laughing fit, her cheeks red from laughing so hard, "and we love you too! Now let's eat up our dinner before it gets cold."

Soon enough, we were all grabbing our food containers, plastic forks and drinks. We sat in the living room, Mom and Jackson sitting on the couch with their food in their lap, Preston and I sitting on the floor by the coffee table. Jackson pulled up Netflix onto the TV, and after a moment of looking through the movie options, we decided on the movie Bad Neighbours.

We all watched the movie together while eating our dinner in a comfortable silence. Preston, who liked to be annoying whenever he felt like it, decided to take a bite out of my lasagna despite having a plate of food sitting in front of him.

"Excuse you, you have your own food," I scoffed, narrowing my eyes at him. Preston smirked at me, a playful look in his eyes as he put a piece of his veal onto his fork, and waved it in my face. I raised a brow, picking the piece of veal off the fork, and popped it into my mouth. Preston laughed and shook his head, turning his gaze back to the TV.


The rest of the night was spent in leisure. After the movie, I worked on my homework for a bit before I hopped into the shower. Now, it was roughly 9:30 in the evening, and I changed into my black PJ shorts and one of Preston's baggy white t-shirts. I often resorted to wearing one of Preston's shirts to bed, mostly because they were comfortable to lounge around in.

I had texted Asher just before my shower, just wanting to check in and see if he told Daniel about his pregnancy. When he texted back, he said that he told him and that while he was shocked, he was supportive, which, was a good thing. Daniel and Asher have been together for three years and wasn't hard to tell that they were in love with each other, so I wasn't worried about Daniel's reaction. The thing I was most worried about was Asher's living conditions, and if he was telling me the full truth.

But, I can't help him if he doesn't tell me anything, so all I can do at this point is hope that he stays safe and that nothing happens to him.

I released a heavy sigh, shaking my head. I pushed the thoughts out of my head as I headed upstairs, and stepped inside Preston and I's bedroom. Preston was sitting on the bed in a t-shirt and sweatpants, texting on his phone. When I closed the door he looked up, flashing a smile in my direction.

"Who're you texting?" I asked, making my way over. I crawled behind him onto the bed and sat on my knees behind him, wrapping my arms around his shoulders. I rested my chin on his shoulder, Preston releasing a heavy sigh.

"Just Phoebe. She was complaining about her younger sister stealing her curling iron or something," He chuckled. He turned his head and pressed a kiss against my lips, making me smile. I kissed him back, massaging my hands against his shoulder blades.

"Sounds interesting," I laughed. Preston smirked at that.

"Yes, very," Preston nodded his head. He let out a sigh and set his phone onto the nightstand, before turning his body to face me, "where did you and your mom go today?"

"Hm? Oh, Uhm...Asher just needed a favour so my mom and I helped him out," I said. Preston raised a brow.

"What favour?"

"I...can't tell you. It's his personal business, so I'm not going to go around telling people about it," I replied. Preston paused before he nodded his head, brows furrowed.

"I understand that part, I just hope he's alright. He's been acting off for the past little bit," Preston murmured.

"I think he'll be okay...He has Daniel, and he has us too."

"That is true," Preston agreed. I smiled softly at him. I pressed a soft kiss to his neck, then his cheek, before I gently pushed him to lay on his back and crawled up onto his lap. Preston grinned, eyebrow raised in amusement as I straddled his waist, his hands settling on my hips.

" how about I relieve your stress? I told you I would," I smiled cheekily. Preston smirked and slipped his hands underneath my shirt, his warm fingers brushing against the bare skin of my back.

"Mmm, indeed you did. Does this mean you're going to take your clothes off for me?" Preston asked. I hummed, lowering myself so that I was lying flat on top of Preston, and pressed a kiss to his lips.

"Of course...I said this stress-relieving activity involves the both of us naked, didn't I?" I hummed against his lips. Preston's breath broke out into uneven beats, and I smiled, kissing my way up his cheek, and to his earlobe, "I also said it involves you in between my legs, so hurry up and take your clothes off."

"You're such a tease, Adrien...I love it," Preston murmured. I gasped as he flipped us over, my back hitting the mattress as Preston hovered on top of me, his lower half keeping my legs apart. He kissed along my jaw and neck before he travelled lower, laying flat on the bed on his stomach, his head between my legs. I bit my lip as he slowly pulled my shorts off and nudged my knees apart. He gazed back up at me with a smile, "but now it's my turn to tease you..."

And he did. I had to fight back the moans that threatened to slip past my lips, my toes curling against the mattress, legs threatening to clamp shut. Then, Preston was climbing back up my body, my legs wrapping his waist after he slipped off his clothes, sheathed a condom, and slipped something much larger inside of me.

He thrusted at a steady pace, one that had me clinging onto him, panting for breath. His quiet by low moans breathed against my ear, and that was enough to have me come undone quickly. He kept going until we both released, and when we were done, he dropped onto the mattress beside me, both of us quickly catching our breaths. And after taking a couple of minutes to cool down from our high, Preston was turning off the lights, and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close against him.

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