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Chapter Eighteen

Preston's POV

Adrien was cuddled up against my side under the covers when I woke up the next morning. We were both naked, Adrien's naked body pressed against me in his sleep with his leg thrown over my waist, and his hand on my chest. His head was lying between the junction of my arm and shoulder. He looked peaceful and comfortable as he slept, and I couldn't help but smile.

Cuddling with Adrien has made sleep come across easier. While I never used to have sleeping problems, I know just by having him snuggled up against me got me to sleep faster just knowing that he was beside me, his warm body pressed against my own. The simple act was comforting. I couldn't imagine sleeping without him now just because he made me comfortable and relaxed, even after a stressful day.

Just seeing him smile eased the tension in my shoulders. He had such a comfortable and nurturing effect on me, and I don't think he realized it.

I released a heavy sigh. It was 8:30 on a Saturday morning. I stayed in bed for a few more minutes, looking up at the ceiling and calmly ran my fingers up and down Adrien's naked back. The room was silent, sunlight peeking through the closed curtains. I enjoyed the calming silence in the morning. It was nice and relaxing. I felt Adrien stir after a few minutes of soaking in the silence. He breathed deeply, nuzzling his face against my shoulder as his arm stretched out and wrapped around me in an embrace. He snuggled deeper against me, making me smile. It wasn't long before he opened his eyes, still looking a bit sleepy as he rubbed them awake, and his gaze landed onto me.

I flashed him a soft smile, "good morning, sweetheart."

"Mmmm," Adrien yawned. He smiled sleepily at me, butterflies fluttering in my stomach as he pressed a kiss to my chest. His voice was soft and quiet as he spoke, "how long have you been awake...?"

"Not too long...only a few minutes," I said. Adrien hummed and nodded his head. He rubbed his hand over my pectorals, sinking down as he rested his hand against my bare abdomen, brushing his fingers across my skin. Goosebumps shot up my spine as he did so, making me relax further against the bed. Mmm...his hands were soft and warm.

"Ugh, it's Saturday. And I have an English essay to finish," He groaned. I chuckled at him, squeezing his shoulder gently.

"You're great at English. You'll nail that essay for sure," I smirked. Adrien rolled his eyes at me and pinched the skin on my abdomen. I smacked his hand away. He laughed, reaching up to pinch my cheek before he shifted on the bed until he was sitting on my lap, the blanket covering us both. I pressed both my hands flat against his back, slowly slipping down his spine until my hands rested on his hips, his legs straddling my waist. And fuck, this was a dangerous position for us to be in. Especially with him being naked. Especially if he was sitting on my downstairs area.

Adrien smiled knowingly. He was totally teasing me on purpose. And he was enjoying teasing me.

"Yea? What else am I great at...Preston?" Adrien bit his lower lip, brushing his fingers along my chest. I groaned when his nails briefly dug into my abdominal muscles. It made me shiver. Yup. Definitely teasing me.

"Being a fucking tease is what else you're great at."

Adrien laughed. It was a wholehearted laugh and I felt my chest swell of happiness just from seeing him laugh like that. Like I said, Adrien was just perfect. Plus the fact that he was slowly starting to open himself up to me in ways I never thought I would see. In a way, it was like seeing a whole different side of him - a good side of him. All of his sides were good. He was just beautiful. His laugh was beautiful. His smile was beautiful. His personality was beautiful. Now I was seeing more of his beautiful personality. The romantic one. The intimate one.

I loved every part of him.

Adrien laid down against me till our chests were pressed against each other's, his body flush against mine. He cupped both sides of my face and kissed my lips softly. Fuck, I would never get tired of kissing Adrien. It was magical every time.

I kissed him back. The kiss was slow and soft, and I loved every minute of it. I brushed my fingers over Adrien's waist, holding him against me, my hands gently massaging over the curve of his ass, before dragging up his spine slowly. I dragged my teeth over Adrien's bottom lip, making him shiver against me. I smiled against his lips.

But, our moment was cut short all too soon. There was scratching at our bedroom door, and not long after, loud meows sounded from the other side of the door. Adrien laughed as our lips parted, and he looked down at me with a cheeky smile before he slid off of me. A cold breeze tickled my skin from where his body once laid. He stood up from the bed, his full naked body exposed for me to see and admire before he was bending down and picking his underwear off the floor, and sliding it up his legs.

I watched as he walked over to our bedroom door, where the meows were still calling from the hallway. Let me just say, Adrien's ass looked wonderful in the cheeky black underwear he was wearing. Adrien opened the door just a crack, which allowed his cat Ruby to rush into the room and meow up at him excitedly, demanding cuddles. Adrien laughed and closed the bedroom door, and swooped down to gather Ruby into his arms.

"Want some love, my sweet girl?" Adrien smiled and kissed her forehead. He walked back over to the bed with Ruby purring happily in his arms, and when he sat down, I pulled myself up to sit next to him.

"Stealing my man Ruby? Just kidding. You're too cute to ignore," I chuckled. I rubbed her ears which made her rub her head against my hand as she purred loudly in Adrien's lap. Adrien smiled and massaged his fingers into her fur.

"We should probably get up soon. I smelt breakfast cooking when I opened the door," Adrien said. I groaned, leaning over to rest my cheek against his shoulder.

"Ugh, can't we just lay in bed and cuddle all day? Cause that's all I want to do."

"Nope. I have schoolwork to do, and I know you do too. Plus, I'm hungry so I want breakfast," He stuck his tongue out. I scoffed at him, pinching his cheek before I lifted my head off his shoulder.

"No fun."

Adrien laughed and kissed my cheek. He then stood back up from the bed, setting Ruby down onto the bed before he walked over to our dresser. I watched for a moment as he grabbed himself a t-shirt with our school logo on it and a pair of grey sweatpants, tugging them onto his naked frame. He rolled the ankles of his sweatpants up a couple times. I didn't want to get out of bed but I eventually stood up after ogling Adrien and walked over to the dresser. I grabbed a pair of black lounge pants from the top drawer, too lazy to put on a shirt so I didn't bother to.

After Adrien fixed his hair, we headed downstairs. Ruby had followed us, her tiny paws pattering against the wooden floorboards as she raced past us to the kitchen. The smell of eggs and bacon wafted into my nose the moment I took my last step down the stairs. I followed Adrien to the kitchen where Meghan and my Dad were making breakfast. He stood by the stove in his striped pyjama pants and t-shirt, cooking scrambled eggs and bacon in two separate skillets. Meghan was sitting at the kitchen table in her pink nightgown with her blonde hair in a messy bun, currently reading through a magazine.

"Hey Dad," I greeted as I stepped into the kitchen, Adrien beside me. My dad glanced up from the food and glanced over, a smile on his face.

"Hey kiddo, you sleep well?"

"Very much so," I chuckled. I turned my gaze briefly over to Meghan. She looked up from her magazine and smiled, but other than that, she was quiet. I frowned when she looked back down at the magazine without a single word. That was unlike her. She was usually bubblier in the morning.

"Are you okay mom?" Adrien asked her. He had a worried expression on his face when he noticed his mom's quiet persona. From the corner of my eye, I noticed my Dad glance in Meghan's direction, before he went back to cooking breakfast without saying another word. I raised a brow at that.

Meghan glanced up to Adrien, a reassuring smile on her face, "I'm alright sweetie. Why don't you two grab yourself plates? Breakfast will be ready soon."

Adrien paused. He looked at his mom with a worried frown. I knew he didn't believe a single word she said. Her and Adrien were very close. He bit his lip and let out a heavy sigh, nodding his head hesitantly. "Uhm...okay."

He walked over to the cabinets and grabbed plates for the four of us. I couldn't help but wonder if Meghan and my Dad had an argument or something. They were both quiet, the tension was heavy, and they weren't acknowledging each other. Whatever it was, I was hoping it was just a small argument that could easily be resolved. They were best friends before they got together and it's not like they haven't fought before. It's just rare for them.

I'm sure that was the case anyways. But I wasn't worried.


After breakfast, Adrien and I spent most of the morning working on our schoolwork. More so he forced me to so that we could get our work done and over with. As much as I just wanted to take him back to bed and cuddle, I caved and did my schoolwork. I made sure to annoy him in the process with my kisses and constant poking.

But now, we were getting ready to go on a double date with Pheobe and Joseph. She called me around four o'clock asking if Adrien and I wanted to join her and Joseph for bowling. Naturally, it piqued my interest so Adrien and I agreed. That earned me a high pitched squeal that nearly turned me deaf in my left ear before she shouted at me to get ready cause they would be over to pick us up in twenty minutes.

"Are you ready for me to kick your ass in bowling tonight?" I turned to face Adrien. He was wearing a cropped graphic tee and high waisted ripped jeans with a belt. Why did he have to look so good in everything he wore?

Adrien scoffed. He spritzed his vanilla-scented body mist onto his wrist, and rubbed his wrists together, "I think the real question is, are you ready for me to kick your ass in bowling tonight?"

I grinned, "awe, how cute. You think you're going to kick my ass in bowling."

"That's because I am."

"Okay baby, we'll see about that," I chuckled. I walked behind Adrien from where he stood in front of the dresser mirror and placed my hands on his waist. He looked at me through the mirror as I kissed his neck, dragging my lips up to his cheek, and then whispered softly against his ear, "how about we make a bet?"

"A bet?" Adrien asked. I hummed, kissing the top of his ear. I smiled at the way he shivered from my touch.

"Mhm. A bet."

"What kind of bet?"

"If I beat your ass in bowling, you have to do something for me. And if you beat my ass in bowling, I have to do something for you."

"Hmm...what would you have to do for me?" Adrien tilted his head. I smirked, running my hands up his sides, and kissed his cheek.

"Anything you want me to do, baby."

"Pft, okay. You have to buy me cupcakes then," Adrien grinned. I blinked, looking at him through the mirror in confusion. He didn't even look like he was joking. Out of anything I could do for him he wanted me to buy him cupcakes? Seriously?

"Are you serious?" I laughed.

He scoffed, "You think I'm not? I want you to buy me cupcakes if I win."

"Uhm...okay then. Fine, if you win, I'll buy you cupcakes," I chuckled.

Adrien smiled cheekily. He turned around and cupped my face in his hands as he pushed up onto his tippy toes. He placed a peck on my lips, "why thank you, baby."

Then, with a pat on the cheek, he pulled away and grabbed his phone and wallet from the dresser. I watched as headed to the bedroom door and furrowed my brows, "aren't you going to ask what I want if I win?"

"We both know that's not going to happen," with the cheekiest smile, Adrien winked at me. Then, he was out the door, leaving me stunned. I scoffed. What a tease.

After I recovered from the initial shock from his cheeky behaviour, I followed him out of the bedroom, phone and wallet in hand. Adrien was already slipping on his coat and shoes by the time I reached the bottom steps. Once we were ready and were making our way outside, Phoebe and Joseph were pulling up into the driveway. Just on time.

"Hurry up and get in you lovebirds!" She shouted through her open window, head poking out at us. I laughed and shook my head. I followed Adrien as he walked over to Joseph's car, and helped him into the backseat before getting in myself.

"Someone's in a mood," I said as I slipped into the backseat. Phoebe looked back at me and stuck her tongue out.

"I'm just excited you doof! we're going bowling!" She cheered. Adrien laughed, amused by her behaviour.

"She's been like this all day. Hopefully, she'll burn some energy off once we actually get there," Joseph said. He reached over and teasingly ruffled her hair. Phoebe scowled and smacked his hand away.

"Hey! Don't touch the hair!"

"Sorry sweetheart, but I can't help myself," Joseph teased with a laugh. Phoebe rolled her eyes at him, sticking her out.

"Just hurry up and get driving, mister."

When we arrived at the bowling arena, Joseph parked his car and we headed inside. The moment we stepped inside loud music pounded in my ears. The bowling arena was filled with people, families and friends alike, playing arcade games and bowling. Neon lights lit up the arena like a glow in the dark effect. We headed over to the desk where we paid for an hour's worth of bowling and once we had our bowling shoes on, we headed over to the vacant bowling lane and punched in our names onto the screen. Then, it wasn't long until we got to start playing.

"Joseph! You're up first!" Phoebe exclaimed with a grin. Joseph chuckled and stepped over to the lane, picking up one of the bowling balls.

"Don't fall on your ass," I called out. Joseph looked back at me with a dry stare, and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Psh, please. Let me show you how it's done," He winked. I crossed my arms over my chest, a playful glint in my eyes.

"Oh, yea? Then show me, princess."

Joseph flashed me the middle finger. I smirked. He turned back around to face the lane. He inhaled a deep breath and swung his hand forward, letting the ball drop from his hands and roll straight down the lane, and when it hit the bowling pins at the end, he was able to knock out eight of the ten.

Okay, so he may not be so bad after all.

"Huh. Not bad for a princess," I grinned. Adrien snorted from beside me. Phoebe laughed. Joseph shrugged his shoulders and blew me a kiss.

"I told you I'd show you how it's done."

I stuck my tongue out at him. He was able to earn himself a spare, and then, it was Phoebe's turn to bowl.

"Okay well, Joseph may have shown off a little bit, but I'm just hoping to at least not have the ball end up in the gutter," She grabbed an orange bowling ball from the rack.

"Oh, you'll be fine!" Adrien called out to her. She smiled and blew him a kiss. She then stepped up to the scoring line. When Phoebe swung her hand the ball went rolling straight down the lane, and luckily for her, she was able to knock down six pins. She cheered in victory, and after she was able to knock down the last four pins, she immediately jumped into Joseph's arms and laid a kiss smack on his lips. Joseph laughed, his hands holding her up by her legs as he spun her around playfully, and gave one last kiss before putting her back down.


Then, it was Adrien's turn to bowl. Just as he stepped up to the lane and grabbed a pink bowling ball, he looked back at me with a cheeky smile on his face. I cocked my brow at him and crossed my arms, an amused smirk on my face. He blew a teasing kiss my way before he stepped up to the lane, and took his turn.

And let's just say, I scoffed when he got a strike on the first try. After all the pins were knocked down Adrien made his way over to me, and just before he moved to sit down, he brushed his finger against my arm and pushed up on his tippy toes to whisper in my ear.

"You think you can beat that?" He whispered. I chuckled and turned to face him, cupping at his cheek as I pulled his face close to mine, lips barely brushing against each other.

"Just watch me," I murmured. I placed one kiss on his lips before letting go. I gave Adrien one final wink, before I turned and stepped up to the bowling lane, still feeling Adrien's eyes on the back of me.

"Oof, I smell sexual tension," Phoebe teased. She sat down next to Adrien, nudging his arm with her elbow. Adrien scoffed lightly, a light blush coating his cheeks.

We bowled for the next hour or so, the four of us competing against each other. While we bowled we ordered a large pizza for all of us to share and ate in between turns. Adrien managed to achieve several more strikes, and while I managed to get some as well, it was sad to say that he beat me. He. Actually. Beat. Me. At. Bowling. I mean, Joseph creamed all of us and got first place, which meant Adrien got second, and I stood at a measly third place.

Ouch. What an ego crusher.

But I mean, I had a great time. Besides learning that Adrien was a better bowler than me.

"Stop pouting. Maybe you'll get lucky and beat me next time," Adrien laughed. It was close to seven pm by the time we finished bowling and headed back to Joseph's car. Now, the sky was dark. The moon shone high in the sky, stars blanketing the night sky.

"Psh, like you'd let me," I bumped him with my hip. Adrien rolled his eyes at me, a smile on his face as he linked our arms together, and nuzzled his cheek against my shoulder.

"You're right. But now you owe me cupcakes."

"Tomorrow, we will go to the bakery and get you your cupcakes," I chuckled. Adrien beamed at that and kissed my shoulder as a way of saying thank you. He let go of me and moved to get into the backseat, but I stopped him before he could. Just as he turned back around, I pulled him against me and pressed my lips against his.

I could feel Adrien's smile as he kissed me back. I playfully nipped his lower lip before I pulled back, enjoying the redness of Adrien's cheeks. He was just so cute and kissable.

Joseph whistled at the both of us, "you know, there's a hotel down the road if you need a room."

"I'm flattered, Joseph. I really am. But I'm going to have to kindly decline your offer," I said to him. Phoebe and Adrien both started to laugh. Joesph glared at me mockingly and lightly punched me in the shoulder. It didn't even hurt.

"I wasn't suggesting you and I, dumbass."

"No? Well, I'm flattered nonetheless," I winked. Joseph groaned in annoyance, shoved me, and then moved to get into his car. Pheobe giggled and moved to get into the car as well, as did Adrien and I.

And how to win at comebacks, folks.

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