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Chapter Nineteen

Adrien's POV

It was game day. The final game of the football season before the playoffs. Preston had been excited for this day all week, having practice nearly every day after school and now that it was here, he was fired up for the game. He wouldn't stop pacing around this morning because he was so excited. He wouldn't stop talking about it either.

So, I decided to pump him up a bit further.

"Since you bought me cupcakes on Saturday, how about I do you a little favour?" I suggested to him that morning. We were sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast, still in our pyjamas because his game wouldn't start until the evening. Preston looked up from his bowl of cereal and glanced at me with a tilt of his head.

"What kind of favour are you suggesting?"

"I'm suggesting...that if you guys win, I'll do that typical high-school movie scene where the girl runs onto the field and gives the football jock a kiss," I said. I rested my cheek against my hand with my elbow on the table and looked at him with a smile. An amused glint took over Preston's face, breaking out into a full-blown grin.

"Oh, yeah? Well in that case...yes. I would kill to see you run onto the football field in front of the entire school and give me a kiss," He laughed. I rolled my eyes at him. Of course he would.

"So, we have a deal?"

"Yup," Preston didn't hesitate to answer. Then he went back to eating his cereal. I laughed and shook my head, going back to finish my own breakfast.

If they won, they'd be able to participate in the playoffs, and after that, the championship. That would be a memory that would last forever and would also be a great ending to the final football season Preston would ever get to play. We'll be graduating this year and it's crazy to think that high-school is almost over and that this football season was coming to an end. Though I wasn't too worried about them losing. They only lost one game so far this entire season, so I was confident they would win. It was Friday night, roughly six-thirty in the evening. Both teams had turned up to the football stadium and now were warming up on the field, while the guests were arriving and finding their seats on the bleachers.

I couldn't keep my eyes off Preston from where I sat on the bleachers. He looked good in his uniform, and when I say he looked good, I mean he looked really good. His uniform hugged his body well, showing off his muscles. It made me want to run over, jump into his arms, and kiss him.

I sighed heavily and rested my elbows onto my knees, laying my head in my hands. I closed my eyes for a moment, feeling the cold autumn breeze touch the skin on my face.

"Hey Adrien," I opened my eyes and looked up, only to see Asher sit down on the bleachers beside me with a soft smile. He wore a white linen shirt with the first few top buttons undone underneath a jean jacket and black ripped skinny jeans. He was looking a lot better this week than he had last week when he first found out he was pregnant. No one else knew besides Daniel, my mom, and I, just because Asher wasn't ready to tell anyone else yet. He was still nervous about it.

"Oh, hey," I returned the smile and sat up straighter, "how are you feeling?"

"I'm...doing better. Yea," Asher nodded, "I mean, besides the morning sickness. I'm doing okay."

"That's good. Has Daniel told his parents yet?"

"Uh, no. We're not sure how we're going to tell them. Hell, I'm not sure how I'm going to tell my own dad. He'll probably kill me and it's stressing me the fuck out," He sighed. He looked down at his lap, ringing his fingers together.

"Asher..." I frowned at him. I was still worried about him and his home life. I was worried that something was going on in his household that I didn't know about. His parents were divorced so it was just him and his father, no one else. And with the way he talked about his dad, it was concerning.

Asher gave me a look, and shook his head, "I'm fine. Stop worrying about me so much."

"I'm going to worry about you. The way you talk about your dad worries me," I murmured. Asher sighed.

"Seriously, Adrien. I'm fine," He assured, and while I didn't believe him, I nodded my head anyway. He wasn't going to tell me, and I couldn't force it out of him.

"Hey, guys!" Asher and I turned our gazes just as Kourtney called out to us, and hurried over to the bleachers. She was pulling her boyfriend Kade along with her. Phoebe and Daniel were also with them, Phoebe waving at me with a cheeky grin just as he hurried over and sat down beside me, squishing me between her and Asher.

"Hey, Kourtney!" Asher beamed at her. He then smiled at Daniel as he sat down beside him, the two of them exchanging a loving kiss.

"Are you ready to watch the game??? Joseph looks fucking hot in his uniform. I mean, he looks good in everything he wears, but his jersey...damn. I want him to do me."

"Weirdo," I nudged Phoebe's arm with my elbow. She smirked at me.

"Oh come on! Just look at Preston! Don't tell me you don't want him to do you in his uniform," She scoffed.

I rolled my eyes at her, feeling my cheeks heat up, "No comment."

"Psh, haha! You totally want him to do you!" Phoebe wiggled her brows at me, poking my cheek with her index finger.

"Shut up!" I groaned, covering my face in embarrassment. I heard Phoebe laugh from beside me, and Asher patted me on the back.

"It's okay Adrien. You're not alone. I always want Daniel to do me," Asher said in reassurance. I removed my hands from my face and gave him a dry stare. He was stifling back laughter as he tried to keep a straight face, but he failed anyways and started to laugh.

"You guys are the worst," I huffed.

"What kind of friends would we be if we didn't tease you?" Kourtney giggled. Kade had his arm wrapped around her shoulder as she leaned into him. I stuck my tongue out at her and crossed my arms with a humph. I blocked them out of view as I shifted my gaze to the football field. Good riddance too, because just as both the bleachers were filling up with people, Both teams were stepping onto the field to start the game. They started with the opening introductions, calling out each number on each team, and as each name on our team was called, the bleachers went wild. There were several seniors and other people from our school who were in red and white spirit wear, and our Fox Mascot was also riling up the crowd.

They introduced the opposing team next, their Mascot being a Lion and the audience on the other side of the large bleachers went wild. They were wearing purple and gold colours as spirit wear. I stifled back laughter as Asher booed them, standing up as he flashed thumbs down in the air, then, he sat back down.

Then, after the introductions, the teams got into position in the middle of the field, the opposite team starting on offence while our team started with defence.

The game started. The opposing team's centre snapped it back to the quarterback, and soon, everyone was scrambling into positions. The football was passed, but before the ball was caught, Joseph came rushing in and tackled one of the guys to the ground, and they went rolling. The ball landed onto the ground, and the bleachers cheered loudly. We were only a few seconds into the game and our team had already knocked the ball out of their hands.

"YES! THAT'S MY BABY! I LOVE YOU JOSEPH!" Phoebe stood up from her seat and cheered loudly. Asher, Kourtney, and I laughed as she jumped up and down, hands cupped around her mouth as she cheered.

"I LOVE YOU TOO BABY!" Joseph called out to her and blew her a kiss when he was on his feet again. The whole bleachers started whistling, Phoebe laughing out loud before she sat back down on her seat.

The first quarter passed by quickly. By the end of those twelve minutes, our team was in the lead with a score of 5-0. At the start of the second quarter, it was our team who was starting with the ball on offence. Preston was on the field—I noticed him by the number 24 he wore on the back of his football jersey.

Preston rotated the ball in his hands and got into position in front of the quarterback. I watched as he shouted something to his team and then, he was snapping the ball back to the quarterback behind him. Players on our team started to push back players from the opposite team, at the same time Preston ran behind the quarterback who quickly passed the ball back to him, and Preston went sprinting with the ball.

My heart pounded fast against my chest as he jumped and dodged tackles, players from our team knocking down the opposing team as a way to keep them out of reach of Preston. Then, he was able to get a clear breakaway. The crowd got louder as soon as Preston sprinted closer and closer to the goal line, and then, he got a touchdown. The first touchdown of the game and everyone was whistling and hollering in excitement. We were only five minutes into the game and the crowd was fired up, waving streamers and banners in the air. On the field, Preston was smacked on the shoulder and received noogies from Joseph and his other teammates.

There was a quick ten-minute break after the second quarter was over. The scores went up to a total of 13-6, and while the opposing team managed to score themselves a touchdown, we were still in the lead. A few people were getting up from the bleachers to grab food from the food trucks during the break.

"I'm starving! I'm going to go grab some food! Do you guys want anything?" Phoebe said as she stood up from her seat, shrugging her purse over her shoulder.

"Want me to come with?" I asked her. She smiled at me and nodded.

"Yea, that would be helpful."

Once Kourtney, Asher, Daniel and Kade all told us what they wanted, we stepped down from the bleachers and headed over to the food trucks where they were selling hot dogs, burgers, pizza, etc. We got in line, and once it was our turn, we told the workers what we wanted and paid for the food.

We thanked the workers as they handed us our order of three burgers and three hotdogs. Phoebe carried the burgers while I carried the hotdogs as we started walking back to the football field, seeing as the third quarter was about to start in about five minutes.

"Adrien!" I stopped when I heard my name being called. I shifted my gaze behind me, and to my surprise, Marci was waving at me as she hurried to catch up with us. Phoebe didn't look too impressed. If anything, she was ready to grab my wrist and tug me back to the bleachers, but I held her back.

"Marci?" My brows furrowed. She flashed me a soft smile.

"Hey...can I talk to you for a sec? It won't take long," She said. I opened my mouth to speak, but Phoebe cut me off and stepped in front of me.

"Talk to him about what? Call him a slut again for stealing a guy that was never yours to begin with?" She snapped. Marci winced, "leave him alone. He doesn't need you talking shit about him."

Phoebe grabbed my wrist and started to pull me away, "Phoebe—"

"I didn't come here to do that. I came to apologize," Marci called out. Phoebe pulled to a stop. She stood with her back turned for the longest time before she whipped around to face Marci again, eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"Apologize. Seriously?" Phoebe scoffed. I eyed the two of them, and inhaled deeply, gently shaking my wrist from Phoebe's grasp. Phoebe's gaze shifted to me.

"I'm listening," I ended up saying after a brief moment of hesitation. Marci let out a huge breath, shoulders easing down.

"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. I was being a bitch. What I said to you was wrong and I shouldn't have said that. I guess I was just mad that Preston liked you over me. It's not an excuse, I know that. After a while of spacing myself to calm down and reflect on, I realized I shouldn't have said that out of anger. So I'm sorry."

"I'm over it now, but I forgive you," I said to her. Marci smiled, looking relieved that I had forgiven her. Phoebe's lips tightened.

"Okay, cool. You apologized. Is that all?" She bickered. I nudged Phoebe's arm, making her look over, "what?"

"You're being snarky."

"I am not!"

"It's fine, I just came over to apologize. That's all," Marci said, adjusting the strap of her purse on her shoulder. "Anyway, the third quarter is about to start, so I'll be heading back."

I watched as Marci slipped past us, and walked off. When she disappeared out of sight, Phoebe shook her head and started heading back towards the bleachers, carrying the wrapped burgers in her hands. I followed after her.

"I can't believe you forgave her so easily. If I were you, I would have slapped her and left it at that," Phoebe grumbled.

"I don't like when things are tense with other people. It's better to forgive and just move on," I sighed. Phoebe shrugged.

"Yea, I guess so."

When we got back to the bleachers, the third quarter was just starting. We walked up the long stairs, and I was surprised when I noticed my mom and Jackson sitting with our friends, chatting away. Phoebe and I slipped past a few people to get to our seats, my mom beaming once she noticed me. I smiled and handed Kade and Asher their food before I sat down beside her.

"Hey sweetie!" Mom greeted me with a kiss on the forehead. I wrapped my arms around her in a warm hug before letting go.

"Hey, you two are here to watch the game?" I asked, unwrapping my hotdog before taking a bite.

"Yea, I got off work early so we could come watch," Jackson said, smiling at me.

"Well, that's great! You'll be here to watch Preston and Joseph lead the team to victory," Phoebe said to Jackson with a grin. She dug into her cheeseburger, covering her mouth as she chewed, "oh! You missed his touchdown in the second quarter! It was amazing! He basically dodged everyone!"

"Was it? Well, I guess he better get another one," Jackson smirked. Phoebe snickered.

"Psh, we all know he'll get another one. And it'll be just as good," Asher cut in. Jackson and Phoebe laughed. Then, all conversation died down as both teams entered the field, the third quarter starting as the opposing teams centre snapped the ball back to its quarterback.

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