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Chapter Twenty

Preston's POV

By the end of the third quarter, we managed to get in a couple more touchdowns. The opposing team had managed to catch themselves up to our scores, but we were still in the lead, and we were going to keep it that way up until the very end.

We were going to win this thing.

The sky was dark. It was seven-thirty in the evening, the stadium lights flickered on to brighten the field, and the wind had gotten chillier as the temperature dropped a few degrees. But if anything, the cold was nice. I was sweating underneath my uniform and I was pretty sure that my hair was soaked underneath my helmet.

But I wasn't tired yet. I was still riled up, blood pumped full of adrenaline. I was ready to tackle down any of our opponents in order to get another touchdown. I wasn't going to stop until we won. Until I got that field kiss from Adrien as he promised.

Yes. That was what I was most excited about besides winning the actual game. I couldn't wait for the final horn to blow, to signal the end of the game and our victory, to have Adrien come running down the bleachers and onto the field, jumping into my arms as his lips met mine. I wanted to hold him in my arms with his legs around my waist and spin him around. I wanted to celebrate with him.

I shifted my gaze to the bleachers. In the middle of the crowded stadium, Adrien was sitting with our parents and all of our friends. I didn't expect our parents to come, but it was a nice surprise to see my Dad come watch the final game before the playoffs. Usually, he was busy working at the art gallery in the city so he never had time to come watch. It made me smile knowing that he was here.

"Okay kings. The fourth quarter is about to start. This is the final quarter! Let's knock their socks off!" Coach Annesley said to us, gaining my attention once more. She stood in the center as our team all huddled together in a big circle, and looked at all of us with a proud smile. She was fired up much like the rest of us.

"Yes, coach!" Brandon shouted from beside me. I grinned and smacked him on the back.

"Oh, we'll knock their socks off alright."

"Great! Now come on! Let's kick some butt!" She smirked and threw her hand down. The rest of us piled our hands on top of each other.

"3, 2, 1, GO RED FOXES!" We cheered in unison, throwing our hands up in the air. Then, one by one, we jogged over to the center of the field, where the referee was waiting for us, football tucked underneath his arm. Joseph had jogged up beside me, clasping me on my back to gain my attention.

He didn't say anything, but the smile and the nod he gave me through the cage of his helmet gave me all the information I needed. I smirked knowingly, nudged him on the head, and hurried over to the center of the field. The music that had been playing through the speakers in between quarters died down, and now, there was silence. I was given the ball by the referee, and then, I positioned myself in front of our quarterback.

I inhaled a deep breath, looked at the opposing team ahead, and then, I quickly snapped the ball back to the quarterback, "SAY HIKE!"

Caden, our quarterback, caught the ball in his hands and that's when our five linemen pushed back next to Caden to pass-protect as the offense team rushed forward, shoving them away to protect Caden from getting tackled down. That was when he dropped back, handed the ball to Joseph as he ran forward, and then started sprinting down the field.

I quickly tackled one of the opposing players down to the ground, giving Joseph a breakaway and he went sprinting as fast as he could, players rushing after him. He kept running. Players were tackled left and right, and Joseph just barely missed a player from the other team as they jumped in front of him to tackle him down, but he managed to slip past. The crowd went wild, cheering and hollering his name, and when he reached the field goal and got yet another touchdown, the crowd had begun screaming and waving their streamers and pom poms in the air.

"HELL YEA!" I shouted, pumping my fist in the air. I laughed as Joseph did a victory dance at the field goal, shaking his hips around before he was tackled in a hug by a couple of our teammates, followed by pats on the head.

And we kept at it. The opposing team managed to get a touchdown of their own later on, but we weren't too nervous, because we made up for it by getting another touchdown, thanks to Pierce. The crowd on the bleachers started to stomp their feet on the ground and clap, mimicking the beat of the song We Will Rock You. Our Fox mascot was even joining in, urging the crowd to stomp louder and faster. The rising beat just fired up our team even more, and it was like I had gotten a sudden burst of energy to keep going and tackle more players.

When it came to the final minutes of the game, I lined up with the ball and Caden. The crowd was still going, stomps and claps louder than ever. This time when I snapped the ball back to him and everyone piled together to push back the opposing team, I ran straight through the crowd and started sprinting down the field. Caden threw the fall far into the air and as I ran, I managed to catch the ball out in the open. The crowd cheered loudly, and I could feel the opposing team players running up behind me but I kept running. I pumped my legs faster and faster.

And before I could get tackled by one of their players, I was sliding into the field goal and then, the buzzer went off, signaling the end of the game.

We did it. We had actually won.

The crowd was louder than ever. Our entire team ran towards me, and before I knew it, I was tackled by all of them in one giant hug. Loud cheers and whistles rang loud, mixing with my team's praises. I could feel my heart pounding fast, to the point the blood was rushing in my ears. I could see everyone standing up on their feet cheering loudly for us, and in the midst of the crowd, I could see our friends, our parents, and Adrien, on their feet cheering and clapping for us. A wide smile broke out onto my face.

"Fuck yea, Preston! That was amazing!" Pierce yelled from beside me, patting me on the back. I smirked at him, pulling his head down into a headlock and gave him a good ole noogie. He laughed.

"Yeah well, you were pretty amazing yourself out there."

I turned my gaze. That's when I noticed Adrien, pushing through the cheering crowd and he walked down the bleachers. I grinned, pulling my helmet off my head and dropping it to the ground as I started walking towards him. He hurried over, and I met him halfway on the field, and before I knew it, he was jumping into my arms and wrapping his legs around my waist. I laughed and held onto him. Adrien smiled wide, and then, he pressed his lips against mine.

Nothing could get better than this. Absolutely nothing.

I kissed him back. Whistling came from both my teammates and the crowd, but at that moment, all I could focus on was Adrien. How my heart soared from having him in my arms during this amazing victory, and how fucking amazing it was to have him kissing me in front of our entire school. He was perfect. Everything was perfect.

"I love you," I whispered softly as our lips pulled apart. Adrien looked down at me, surprised by my endearment before a smile broke out onto his face. Heat rushed to his cheeks as he looked at me, a soft but loving gaze in his eyes.

"I love you too," He whispered back to me. I smiled, pecking his lips once more. Then, as I lowered Adrien back onto his feet, the rest of our friends were hurrying down the bleachers, making their way over to us, including our parents.

Oh fuck. I totally forgot they were here.

"That was some kiss, " Dad said to me as they approached, Meghan beside him with her arm wrapped around his own. He was definitely giving me that interrogating look all parents gave their kids. The raised brow, the crossed arms, that taunting but comical look on his face. My words stuttered in my throat. Because Adrien and I never told our parents we were dating yet, I didn't know what to say.

"Uhm, w-well..." I started. Dad raised a brow at me, "I mean...surprise?"

Meghan covered her mouth and laughed into her hand. My dad smirked at me, an amused glint in his eyes, "did you guys think we didn't know? Because we knew this entire time. You can't hide anything from your parents."

"How did you even find out??" Adrien looked at our parents in surprise. Phoebe snorted at that.

"Oh come on, it's so damn obvious. Have you seen the way you two look at each other? You're the definition of lovebirds."

"She has a point," Meghan laughed. Adrien blushed at that, clearly embarrassed, but as always, it looked adorable on him, "but why don't Jackson and I take you all out to dinner as a celebration?"

"Yea! I'm starving after all that running and tackling," Joseph came up beside me and smacked his hand onto my shoulder. Then, he pulled Phoebe over to him, planting a kiss on her lips. I smirked.

"I could eat."


After the game, we all met up at the restaurant in town. Sunset Diner was a popular family diner, and quite frankly, my dad used to take me there all the time as a kid. Adrien and I rode with his mom and my dad in his car, and when we arrived at the restaurant, we quickly reserved a table for ten.

Eventually, our friends arrived at the restaurant in pairs, and soon, we were all sitting around two joined tables. My dad, me, Adrien, Joseph, and Phoebe sat on one side of the booth, while Meghan, Asher, Daniel, Kourtney, and Kade all sat opposite of us on the chairs. We were given our menus by a waitress, and we ordered our beverages. We thanked the waitress when she came back not long after and handed us our drinks.

"God, I'm so hungry I could eat a whole thing of pizza right now!" Kade groaned beside Kourtney. He flipped open his menu and lifted it up straight to gaze at all the choices. Kourtney smirked at him and leaned over, resting her chin against his shoulder.

"We can order a pizza and share it?"

"Count me in! I'm fucking craving some pizza!" Asher pointed at the two of them. Daniel laughed with a crooked smile. He was rubbing his hand over Asher's back, brushing his fingers up and down his spine.

"Okay! The four of us can share one large pizza!"

"You know what I want? Wings. If I order twenty do you want half of them?" Phoebe said to Joseph, who nodded his head.

I turned to Adrien, "what are you thinking of getting?"

He looked up from his menu, his brow raised, "pasta, what else? And no, I'm not sharing."

I laughed and shook my head with a crooked smile. I leaned down and kissed his cheek. Adrien bit his lip, and I whispered in his ear, "you know I'll probably steal some of it anyways."

"You wish. You will not be stealing any of my food!" Adrien scoffed and playfully shoved me off him. I smirked, picking up his glass of iced tea and took a sip, just to taunt him. Adrien narrowed his eyes at me.

"You're an idiot."

"Yea, but I'm your idiot."

Adrien rolled his eyes at that, but I noticed the ghost of a smile on his lips. When the waitress came back a few minutes later, we all ordered our food before going back to chatting. I smiled at the loud chatter that bounced around the table and laughed at the story Joseph was telling about freshman year. When he was short with little muscle and had the most horrible haircut I had ever witnessed. But hey, he had a major glow up since then. He was hot now.

When our food arrived, we all dug in. Kade and Kourtney dug into the large pizza they ordered, Asher taking a couple of slices and wolfing them down within minutes. Daniel was amused by his boyfriend's appetite, and to be honest, I was too. I've never seen him eat so much in my life. I picked up my burger and took a bite, my gaze turning back to Adrien.

He was having a conversation with his mom, laughing and smiling as he ate bites of his pasta in between. A soft smile formed on my face. Just watching everyone sit and interact, laugh and smile, it had my heart tightening in my chest. Watching Adrien talk to his mom, sparkles glowing in his green eyes, it was at that moment where I felt truly happy.

At this point in time, I was content. I had everything I ever wanted. Genuine friends that cared about me, my best friend of ten years now boyfriend who I loved with my entire soul. And knowing he loved me heart was full.

Nothing could ruin this. Absolutely nothing.

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