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Chapter Twenty-Four

Adrien’s POV

“The snow is beautiful, don’t you think?” Preston’s voice lulled me out of my thoughts. His gloved hand was tangled with my own as we walked down the sidewalk, snowflakes raining down on us from the cold sky. I lifted my head to look at him, watching as his eyes lingered on the falling snowflakes.

“Yea, it really is,” I nodded my head. Despite the cold, winter was always beautiful. I loved Christmas, I loved cozying up by the fire with Preston, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket with hot chocolate and marshmallows. I loved going outside to make snowmen and snow angels and catching snowflakes on my tongue, “though, I can’t feel my face.”

Preston laughed. He gazed down at me with a twinkle in his blue eyes and a smile, “yea? Your cheeks are pretty red. When we get home, I’ll wrap you up in a blanket and cuddle the shit out of you to warm you up while we take a nap. How does that sound?”

I smiled softly at that, biting my lower lip, “yea, that sounds nice.”

“Good,” Preston smiled. He pressed a gentle kiss to my lips before we continued walking down the sidewalk. When we reached the stoplight at a crossroad and waited for the walking signal, I had the sudden urge to kiss Preston again. The thoughts consumed me even as we crossed the street and reached our house. Before I started dating Preston, I used to tell myself that I didn’t need a relationship and that I would be fine on my own. I’ve kissed a guy before, but that was all the experience I had and that experience was awkward and one I never wanted to remember. I’ve never felt sexually attracted to anyone as I did to Preston. The more I was around Preston, and the closer we got romantically, it made me want to have sex with him more. Touch him and kiss him. Was that weird of me to think about?

At least, to me it was weird. I’ve never thought about stuff like this until Preston. Hell, I didn’t even realize I liked him until I realized the thought of him with someone else was unsettling to me.

When we reached our house, Preston unlocked the door and we stepped inside. As per usual, we were greeted by Kodey as we took off our winter gear, then, after saying hello to my mom, Preston and I headed upstairs to our bedroom.

“We only have three hours until we have to meet up with Asher and Daniel, and we still have to do our homework, so we can’t nap for too long,” I said to Preston as he shut the bedroom door behind us. I wandered over to the dresser and started stripping out of my clothes. Once I was down to my underwear I grabbed one of Preston’s large hoodies and slipped it on. It was cozy and warm.

Preston hummed at that, leaning against the bedroom with crossed arms as he watched me undress, “mhmmm, who says we have to do our homework?”

“Well, you have to keep your grades up if you want to get into the University you want, don’t you?” I turned to face Preston. He shrugged. He smiled at me as he pushed off the wall and walked over, reaching up to cup my cheek.

“We don’t have to spend every single day doing homework. Just relax,” Preston said. He looked me deep in the eyes with those bright blue eyes of his. I bit my lip and placed my hand over the top of his that was pressed against my cheek, “are you okay?”

I smiled at him, nodding my head, “yea, I’m okay.”

“You sure?” He tilted his head. I nodded once more.

“Mhm...I was just, thinking.”

“Oh, yea? What about..?” His voice lowered, hands cupped both of my cheeks. I blushed as he leaned closer to me, his intense eyes boring into my own.

“You,” I confessed, voice lowered in a whisper, “...on top of me.”

Preston smirked at my confession. His hands slid lower and slipped under my hoodie, his hands pressing against the bare skin of my back. I gasped slightly, my heart fluttering against my chest. He pulled me closer until I was pressed up against him, his lips centimetres from mine as he whispered.

“I think I know something better we can do than homework...”

“Yea...?” I murmured. Preston nodded. Then, he suddenly slipped his hands under my thighs and off the ground, carrying me over to the bed. I laughed, smiling softly as Preston lowered me onto the bed, hovering on top of me and between my legs with a cheeky smirk of his own.

“Yea. Something much better than homework,” He kissed me on the lips. His hands slipped down to my legs and gripped the edge of my underwear, but before he could take them off I stopped him by grabbing his wrists and flashed him a cheeky smile.

“Mmm, not now. Let’s wait until tonight after our double date...and I really just want that nap,” I said to him. Preston raised a brow before he smiled. He nodded his head and pressed a kiss to my temple.

“Okay, we can do that,” Preston hummed. He pressed another kiss to my cheek, “go ahead and nap. I’ll be here when you wake up.”

“Okay,” I returned the smile. I turned over and wrapped my arms around Preston, snuggling up against him. I rested my cheek against his chest, and as Preston’s arms wrapped around me and held me close to him, I closed my eyes and relaxed.


The sound of a phone vibrating against the nightstand lulled me out of my sleep who knew how long later. I felt Preston shift beside me, making me open my eyes dazedly as he reached towards the nightstand on my side of the bed, and picked up my vibrating phone.

“Mm...who’s calling?” I murmured sleepily. Preston sat up slightly, leaning against his elbow as he checked the caller ID with furrowed brows.

“It’s Daniel,” Preston answered, turning his gaze to me, “did you want me to answer?”

“Yea, go ahead,” I nodded, rubbing the grogginess out of my eyes. Preston kissed my forehead before answering my phone, pressing it against his ear as he sat up properly, “Hey, what’s up?”

When I was awake enough, I sat up, eyes on Preston as he talked to Daniel on the phone. Though, I furrowed my brows when Preston suddenly looked concerned and instantly, I was worried.

“Yea just, hold on Daniel. Adrien and I will get dressed and meet you over there ASAP. We’ll get ready right now,” Preston said into the phone, and he immediately stood up from the bed, leaving me curious and concerned.

“What’s going on?” I asked him worriedly. Preston didn’t say anything as he listened to Daniel over the phone. Then, when he finally hung up, his gaze turned me with a tense look on his face.

“Asher is at the hospital.”

My eyes widened, “what?! What happened? Is he okay? Is the baby okay?”

“From what Daniel told me, Asher’s dad found out about the pregnancy and got angry. Violently angry. He tried to hurt Asher,” Preston said. I watched as he made his way around the bed to pick up his jeans, and quickly pulled them on.

“Is Asher okay though? Did his dad hit him?” I asked Preston concernedly. I was out of bed in seconds. Preston grabbed his shirt from the floor and pulled it on over his head.

“I don’t know. Daniel sounded like he was in a rush. We’ll probably know more once we get to the hospital,” Preston said. I nodded and grabbed a pair of jeans from the dresser, tugging them up my legs as quickly as I could.

I was worried. Asher mentioned his dad being an ass, but no matter how many times I asked, Asher denied everything. He would just say he got mad at him for things, and that he was strict.

I had been worried, and now, I really was worried.

Preston and I left the bedroom and headed down the stairs. I heard our parents chatting in the living room with the tv on, and Preston hurried over, standing in the archway to gain our parents’ attention.

“Hey dad, can I borrow the car? It’s urgent,” Preston asked. Jackson sat up straighter on the couch, glancing over with a raised brow.

“The keys are on top of the coat hanger in the mudroom. Why what’s wrong?” Jackson asked. Mom looked over curiously, Shelby curled up on her lap fast asleep.

“One of our friends is in the hospital, so we’re going to go see him,” Preston answered impatiently. Jackson paused at that. He looked like he wanted to ask what happened, but he could see how impatient Preston was before he nodded his head. Mom looked worried as well, though she didn’t say anything.

“Just be careful, kiddo.”

“We will. Thanks, dad,” Preston said. He flashed Jackson a quick smile before he took my head and led me into the mudroom. There, we shrugged on our coats and boots, and Preston grabbed the car keys before we were heading out of the door.

The drive to the hospital took about half an hour. The entire time I couldn’t help but worry about Asher, hoping that he wasn’t in bad condition and that his baby was okay. We rode in a tense silence before we arrived at the hospital, and Preston parked the car. I texted that we were here, and he texted back saying that he would meet us at the emergency room doors.

Preston and I stepped out of the car and hurried to the emergency room. There, I noticed Daniel standing outside of the hospital, leaning against the wall by the sliding doors with his arms crossed over his chest, brows pinched together. His gaze lifted as we hurried over, and he pushed up off the wall.

“Hey, where’s Asher? Is he okay?” I asked him. Daniel let out a small sigh and nodded his head, a frown on his face.

“He’s just being checked over by a nurse right now...but he’s okay. The baby’s okay,” He said, then gestured to the entrance with a tilt of his head, “come on, I told him I wouldn’t take too long. He’s still shaken up and doesn’t want to be alone.”

We followed Daniel inside the hospital. We made sure to use hand sanitizer before we followed him past the reception and down a couple of hallways.

“What even happened? Did his dad actually hit him?” Preston asked as we walked. Daniel didn’t say anything at first. He had a tense look on his face before he spoke up.

“From what Asher told me in the ambulance, his dad found the sonogram from his last doctor’s appointment, screamed at him, and then grabbed him. He slapped him and beat him and would have done more but Asher was able to get free and he ran upstairs to his bedroom, locked the door, and that was when he called me. I called 911 after and drove over,” Daniel answered tensely, “the police are going to ask Asher more questions once he calms down, and from what I know, his dad is at the station in handcuffs.”

“Fuck, I can’t believe this...” Preston cursed, a frown on his face, “at least that fucker is in custody now.”

“Yea...but I just want to know how long this has been going on. I had a feeling his dad was bad news...but I never did anything. I should have done something sooner,” Daniel murmured. A look of guilt took over his face. I frowned.

“The good thing is, the issue is being taken care of now. Don’t beat yourself up over it. I had my suspicions too but Asher would never admit it to me...” I placed my hand on Daniel’s shoulder and squeezed, “he’s out of there now.”

“Yea...I guess so.”

After we took a couple more turns down different hallways and waiting rooms, we finally reached the room Asher was in. The curtain was pushed open and I could see him lying on his side on the hospital bed through the glass wall, a fetal monitor strapped onto his stomach. His cheeks were stained with tears as he rested his cheek against the pillow, a thin blanket pulled up to his waist. A nurse was with him, checking his blood pressure and other things, and I couldn’t help but frown when I saw him. He had bruises on his arms, a red handprint on his cheek, and a split lip. I felt bad for him. He didn’t deserve this.

We waited until the nurse was finished and left the room before we walked in. Asher lifted his head when he saw us step into the room, and immediately moved to sit up, but Daniel was quick to move to his side and stop him, “don’t move hun. Just lay down and rest.”

Asher bit his lip, hesitating before he slowly laid back down again. He grabbed Daniel’s hand with his own shaky own, and Daniel squeezed his hand, sitting down on the chair next to the bed.

“How are you feeling, Asher...?” I asked gently and moved further into the room, sitting on the edge of the bed. Preston stood next to me. Asher shrugged, releasing a heavy breath as he reached up to wipe the tears off his face.

“I’m...feeling okay,” Asher murmured, “emotionally...I-I’m fucking drained.”

“that’s why you should relax before my mom comes and the police come to talk to you,” Daniel said to him, resting his free hand over Asher’s exposed belly. He rubbed his hand over Asher’s stomach soothingly, which allowed him to relax a little.

“Easier said than done.”

“Why don’t I go to the cafeteria and get some food for everyone?” Preston suggested.

“Yea..that would be good. You should eat something,” Daniel agreed, his gaze on Asher as he brushed his thumb over his knuckles. Asher hesitated before he nodded, not bothering to voice his answer. Preston smiled gently. He leaned down to kiss my cheek before I watched as he walked out of the room and headed to the cafeteria.

It was silent after Preston left. Asher had closed his eyes in an attempt to get at least a few minutes of rest. His body trembled as if he was cold, so Daniel pulled the blankets over his body, his hand under the blanket so he could continue rubbing Asher’s stomach, which seemed to help him relax a little more. Fifteen minutes later, Asher blinked his eyes open as Preston walked back into the room with grilled sandwiches, french fries, and water bottles for all of us. I thanked him with a smile as he handed me my bagged sandwich and fries before he handed Daniel his and Asher’s food.

Asher slowly sat up on the bed with Daniel’s help, unwrapped his sandwich, and took a small bite out of it. He ate slowly and quietly. He didn’t talk much and while that was very unlike him, I understood why. He just went through trauma and now, he was sitting in a hospital room waiting to be questioned by police while his dad was at the station for child abuse. It made me wonder how long Asher had been suffering in silence without any of us knowing.

I just hoped now, that Asher would be able to live a better life.

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