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Chapter One

Adrien's POV

Angst settled deep into my chest when my mom slowly pulled out of the driveway. Through the car window, my eyes were glued to the sight of our soon to be old house. It was the place I grew up in and the only place I ever lived. There was never a time where we thought of moving from our tiny one story house. But now, I was leaving all of my childhood memories behind as we moved on to something new. wasn't totally something new.

We were only moving houses because my mom decided that it was time to move in with her long term boyfriend, Jackson. They had been together ever since I was a child in elementary school, so quite a long time. The minute they laid eyes on each other it was like an instant connection. The humour of it all was that it was also my best friend's house that we were moving into. Hilarious right? My mom was dating my best friend's father.

After picking Preston up from my house one particular summer morning, his dad and my mom greeted each other for the first time. Long story short, I had begun to see Jackson hang around my house more often while Preston was over, helping me with school projects or playing video games on the television with me. Even when my mother announced that she was going out with Preston's dad, I couldn't help the surprise that engulfed my being and choked the water in my mouth.

It shocked me to the core because I didn't expect my mother to become involved in another relationship after what happened with my biological dad, but Jackson was clearly special and I was happy for them both. It also meant that I got to see more of Preston.

I sighed heavily, watching our house slowly fade away as we drove down the street with the moving trucks following behind us. As much as it was exciting to move in with my best friend of ten years, I was still going to miss living in the tiny modern house that we called our home for many years. It was the only place I ever lived in and all of the memories that were held in that household all clung to my heart. Even the smallest of memories.

Small memories like the time my mother decided to bake cupcakes for my 11th birthday party. She wanted me to have the best birthday party ever, which meant she wanted everything to be home cooked. She was a chef and baker. Well, needless to say the batter exploded out of the bowl when she turned on the mixer and it splattered all over the walls. Laughter erupted from my throat like a volcano watching my mother stare at her mess in utter horror. I was gripping the wall just to keep myself up because I lost my breath from laughing so hard.

"Are you excited sweetie?" My mom turned to me briefly while driving down the road. The King's Residence wasn't that far from where we used to live. Considering we weren't moving out of town, it wouldn't take us long to get there. It was only on the other side of town.

"A little, yes," I flashed a smile at my mom, and she returned the kind gesture.

"It will be perfect, don't you worry! Hopefully Ruby and Shelby get along with their dog," My mom said, making me glance to the back seat where our two cats were, meowing away in their carriers. Shelby was a recent addition to the family. We had found her on the streets as a stray and decided to take her in a several years back.

"Mom, we haven't even gotten to the house yet and you're already worrying," I chuckled.

"That's because we're moving into a new place! Of course I'm worrying," She scoffed, shaking her head. "Will you be okay sharing a room with Preston? I know he's your best friend and all but—"

"Mom....I'm fine. Stop worrying," I smiled crookedly, reaching over and patting her shoulder. She glanced over briefly before smiling in return.

My mom, Meghan, was my favourite person to have ever existed. Ever since my dad left at the pure age of five she had worked her butt off to take care of me all by herself. She was my role model and my superior. I wanted to be as great as she was. She was very easy and laidback but she also tended to worry a lot, especially about me. I never did anything to worry her, but she still always took the time to remind me how proud she was of me and that I shouldn't let a guy get in the way of my virtues. She just didn't want me to make the same mistake of getting pregnant in high-school like herself.

Of course, I would reassure her. It wasn't like I was looking for a boyfriend anyways.

After another few minutes of talking and listening to my mom worry over little things, we eventually pulled up into the driveway of our new house. Their place was a bit bigger than ours but not by much. The only major difference was that their house had two floors while ours had only a single floor.

I stepped out of the car, opening the back door and grabbing both cat carriers with our squirming and anxious cats inside. The moving truck pulled up on the side of the road with the three movers stepping out shortly after to grab all of our boxes and furniture from the back of the truck. Just as I made my way to the front door, it swung open when my foot reached the first porch step and my eyes looked up to see non other than Preston, who stepped out while holding the door open.

He was wearing a simple black hoodie with a pair of distressed light wash jeans, and a pair of white converse to tie his outfit altogether. I wasn't going to lie, but my best friend was a snack to take a bite out of with his sandy brunette hair and pale blue eyes. He was definitely at the top of the popularity pyramid with his gorgeous looks. His tanned skin was something I had envied about him because he was a model compared to my paler complexion.

"How's it goin' sunshine? Did you miss me?" Preston tilted his head with a charming smile. Rolling my eyes, I scoffed at my best friend and his smug grin while pushing past him into the house, placing down the two cat carriers.

"Not really, no."

"Awe, that hurts Adrien," Preston frowned in mock hurt. He followed me back inside the house just as I knelt down and unlocked the cat carriers, watching my two cats Ruby and Shelby take off into hiding.

"I'm glad I was able to wound that big heart of yours." I replied with a smirk, turning to face him just as he placed his hand to his chest in mock hurt.

"Wow, bullet to the heart!" He groaned. I shook my head at him, a laugh slipping from my vocal cords.

"Want me to take it out for you?" I asked teasingly, standing back up. Just as Preston opened his mouth to speak he was interrupted by loud barking along with pitter pattering feet. When I turned around, a smile broke out onto my face as their dog Kodey came running over, not hesitating to get into my personal bubble.

"Hey there big guy!" I laughed, kneeling back down low enough to wrap my arms around Kodey just as he jumped on me and licked my face. His tail viciously wagged back and forth while he got his dog slobber all over my left cheek. When I put him back down, he jumped around before continuing to bark and run the circumference around me in excitement.

Kodey was a medium sized dog, white with brown and black splotches on his fur. He was adorable with boosts of energy for being a slightly older dog. I was sure he was an Australian Shepard? Something on the lines of that. But he was playful and loyal—Preston could let him outside or take him on a walk without a leash because he would never run off.

"Someone looks happy to see you," A deep voice spoke up. I smiled at Preston's father, Jackson, who made his way into the mud room. He was a brawny man with sandy brown hair and pale blue eyes much like Preston, who looked like the splitting image of his father. The only difference was that Jackson was older, had slight stubble along his chin and his upper lip, and was bigger muscular wise—that didn't mean Preston wasn't trying to get as brawny as his dad, because he was. He sent me snapchats of him working out on a daily basis.

"Hello Mr. King," I smiled politely, returning the quick hug just as he wrapped his arms around me briefly and gave me a pat on the back.

"Please, just call me Jackson kiddo. You've known me long enough to not call me by my surname," Jackson chuckled while letting go and taking a step back. He was a nice man, always kind and easygoing. He was laidback when it came to things such as partying and other stuff, just as long as we weren't doing anything too crazy or illegal. But Preston and I were responsible; we would never do anything stupid like drive home drunk.

"Hey! Where is my hug?? I said hello to you first and you haven't given me my hug yet!" Preston interrupted.

I rolled my eyes at him, "learn to be patient, would you?"

"Why should I? Best friends should be greeted first," He said, "I've known you the longest."

The look my best friend wore on his face could easily mimic that of a scolded child. He was acting as if he had a bag of candy taken away from him because he was being bad and didn't understand why he was being punished. The pout on his lips and his crossed arms were vivid examples of his laughable behaviour.

"Get to the back of the line Preston. I gave birth to him, therefore I've known him the longest," My mom commented just as she stepped through the door with our suitcases and a few bags.

"She's got a point," I said, smirking as a pout formed onto my best friend's face.

"Ugh, can't I just have a hug??" He whined. I laughed at the slight miserable look on his face before stepping towards him. I patted his cheek with a cheeky grin before wrapping my arms around him in a tight embrace. A smile broke out onto Preston's face when his arms wrapped tight around my waist and briefly lifted me off the ground and spun me around.

"Okay guys, make way for the movers coming in!" Jackson quickly said just as Preston's back pressed against the opening door. He quickly stumbled forwards with me in his arms as the movers carried several boxes in, nearly dropping me in the process.

"Sh—I mean crap!" Preston cursed out, gripping my waist tightly as to not let me fall back onto the bench. My hand reached out and grabbed onto his shoulder, quickly gaining my balance. I had to calm my wild heart that was pounding against my chest. At the same time, my body was pressing close against his to the point where his heavenly cologne engulfed my senses.

Ugh, lord save me now.

"Geez Preston, take ballet or something. Your balance sucks!" I blurted out suddenly, making Preston scoff. My mom was already heard laughing her ass off by the stairs while Jackson was beside her, looking just as entertained as she was.

"It wasn't my fault! I didn't know the door was gonna whip open like that!" Preston quickly defended himself.

My mom was still laughing. She sounded like a dying hyena with her high pitched laughter and pig like snorts. Jackson was laughing now. My mom quite literally had tears in her eyes and was slowly losing her breath to her bouts of giggles. How she found Preston and I's sheepish mishap hilarious was beyond me—clearly she liked watching me make a fool out of myself. Yep, it was definitely that.

A blush crept onto my cheeks as strong bouts of embarrassment settled in. I took a few steps back from Preston, who was now scratching the back of his neck in an awkward fashion.

"Th-that was...s-sooo funny haha! I can't breathe! I can't breathe!" My mom laughed, slapping her hand to her thigh.

"Are you okay sweetheart?" Jackson asked my mom with an amused grin, laughing slightly as she struggled to engulf deep breaths of air. It took her a while, with continuous attempts at steady breathing and failing before she finally—FINALLY—calmed herself down.

"Ahhh, y-yea! My goodness, I haven't had a good laugh like that in a long time!" My mom exclaimed just after she recollected herself. She cleared her throat, straightening her back and dusting off her peach floral dress.

"Oh come on, it wasn't that funny!" My best friend replied. When I glanced over at him I noticed that subtle pinking of his cheeks, showing that he was just as embarrassed as I was.

My mom giggled, "It looked like you two were having a dance! Of course it was funny!"

Yup, just as I said before—she liked watching me make a fool of myself. Anything I did or said that was remotely humiliating she would be there laughing through it while my face replicated a bowl of strawberries. After, she would be telling her friends all about the encounter while I busied myself in my bedroom, hiding away from the world until the shame subsided.

"Yea—so we're gonna head upstairs now, right Preston? You're going to help me unpack my stuff," I replied, grasping onto my best friend's hand and gave a light tug. I didn't feel like listening to my mom indulge further into my humiliation, and I was sure Preston agreed with me—he only proved that I was right when he glanced at me with his piercing eyes and nodded his head rather quickly.

"Yea, I can also show you where you can put your stuff!" Preston exclaimed, grabbing my suitcases that my mom carried in, giving both our parents a salute before rushing up the stairs.

I pressed a kiss to my mother's cheek, and she flashed me a sweet smile before I followed Preston up the stairs. Once we reached his bedroom, he pushed open the door and I wandered in while taking a good look around.

His room was decently big but more on the smaller side, dark blue paint covering the walls with matching blue plaid bedding. His desk and dresser were a dark wood which went along with his bed post and maple flooring. Next to his computer desk, sat his guitar case that leant against the wall—Preston was a big music fanatic and was an incredible guitarist and singer. I could listen to him all day.

Preston tossed the suitcases onto the bed, and I helped him zip them open, "I cleaned out the two bottom drawers in the dresser and half my closet. So you should be able to fit all of your clothes in here."

"Alright," I replied with a nod. While I pulled my clothes out of the suitcases and started packing them away into the drawers, Preston had gone downstairs to grab my two remaining boxes which contained my art supplies and other stuff. He situated both boxes onto the ground, starting to unpack them.

We spent the next half hour unboxing and putting all my stuff away. While I busied myself I glanced out the window briefly to see that the moving truck was gone from the road meaning they had left already. I sighed and continued to gather my clothes into separate piles. It wouldn't take extremely long to unpack considering my mom sold most of the furniture since they were deemed unnecessary.

By the time Preston and I finished unpacking, it was six thirty in the evening. I flopped back onto the bed with a heavy sigh, closing my eyes. It was a wonder how all my clothes managed to fit in the drawers and the closet. It wasn't even late and I was already ready for a nap. Resting my hands behind my head, I quietly laid against the soft mattress for a minute or so before I felt someone hovering over me. Blinking open one of my eyes, I smiled crookedly up to Preston who stared down at me with amused eyes.

"What are you doing?" Preston asked with a chuckle. He stood in front of me with crossed arms, his knees slightly pressing against my own.

I shrugged, "being lazy."

He smirked lightly at my answer, before shaking his head with his mouth spilling out a deep chuckle, "no shit Sherlock."

I smiled crookedly at him, pushing myself up onto the bed. He sat down into the bed beside me, "how about a few rounds of Call Of Duty?"

"Sure," I nodded my head. Preston stood back up, moving over to where his tv hung on the wall and turned it on.

"I'm gonna kick your ass," Preston said with a smirk, turning on his PS4. I rolled my eyes, catching the controller that he tossed at me before flopping onto the bed beside me.

"In your dreams, this will be the first victory of many for me," I replied, sticking my tongue out.

"We'll see about that."

We played for a couple hours, and of course, Preston beat me in a few rounds but I had a few of my own victories. Eventually, the sound of my mother's voice alerted my attention as I heard her call out dinner! Somewhere downstairs, most likely the kitchen.

Preston called back out in answer pausing our current game, before helping me off the bed and making his way out of his bedroom. I didn't hesitate to follow behind him, moving down the stairs after Preston and towards the kitchen.

My mom was setting a hot batch of Mac and cheese onto the counter and grabbed bowls while Jackson was filling up the pet bowls for Kodey and our cats. I freaking loved mac and cheese! Immediately, I rushed past Preston and over next to my mom and took a plate from her, thanking her for the food before filling my bowl. I grabbed a fork and sat down at the table, Preston, my mom, and Jackson sitting down shortly after with their own bowls of pasta.

Dinner was filled with bubbly conversation and a few jokes and laughter thrown around. After the first few hours of moving in with my best friend, I could tell that I wasn't going to mind living here.

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