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Chapter Twenty-Eight

Adrien’s POV

“Preston,” I groaned against his lips. Preston kissed my mouth softly, his lips carefully pulling back from mine as he started kissing down my jawline. My breath hitched as his lips touched my neck, gently caressing and nipping the skin, his hands holding me still.

“ should just let me fuck you right here,” Preston hummed. I gasped slightly as he playfully nipped at my neck, his hands sliding down to undo my winter coat. A blush rose to my cheeks as I made a move to stop him.

“W-we’re still in the car! And it’s cold outside! Can’t you wait until we get inside the house?”

“Annnnd? Your point? I’ll warm you up with my body,” Preston smirked. I rolled my eyes at that, flashing him a glare with red cheeks.

I couldn’t believe he was tempting me into having sex with him in my mom’s car. We just pulled up the driveway after our date, and it was freezing cold, not to mention 10:30 at night. The sky was dark and the moon shone high with stars scattered around. I had anticipated crawling under the warm sheets of our bed with Preston, cuddling up after a sweet and intimate moment to end our date. But before I could even get out of my seat, Preston had grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into a heated make out. Instead of taking me to our bedroom, he wanted to do it in the car. At 10:30 pm. In the freezing cold.

It was my mom’s car for heaven’s sake!

“You’re impossible,” I huffed. Preston smiled cheekily, cupped my face with both hands, and leaned over to peck my lips.

“Come on...I can take you to the back seat, throw your legs over my shoulders...we can make it work,” He grinned suggestively. I bit my lip. The way Preston was staring at me made my heart race, desire wrapping around me like silk. He was making it impossible to say no, so, I caved in. I cupped Preston’s cheek and leaned forward, pressing my lips to his in a soft kiss.

“You better warm me up,” I murmured against his lips. Preston laughed, and then, we went back to kissing. Preston’s hand slipped behind my neck, holding me still as he gently coaxed my mouth open with his tongue. I groaned against his mouth, allowing him to take over completely, the heated make out heightening the desire twirling in my bones.

When we pulled apart, I took a second to compose myself, my cheeks flushed and my breath panting. Preston tilted his head with a smirk, and then, he pulled me to the back seat of the car where we could continue our fun.

[Preston’s POV]

I was extremely impatient. I was so eager to get Adrien undressed and naked. I don’t know why the sudden possessiveness came over me, but the fact that Carter has been around Adrien, mixed with the fact that we haven’t had sex in a week, made me all the more eager to be close to Adrien intimately. God, I sound so possessive. But I couldn’t help it. Just the thought of another king, especially Carter, around Adrien with the intent of stealing him from me, made it harder to hold myself back.

Our winter coats were pulled off and tossed onto the ground. I pushed Adrien down to lay on the back seats and climbed on top of him, nudging his legs apart so I could sit between them. I was quick to remove his jeans and underwear, leaving his lower half-naked to my wandering eyes. I bit my lip. He looked so fucking cute and sexy laying under me, exposed and vulnerable. Just looking at him made my pants tighten. Fuck, it was harder to keep my composure.

“Fucking hell, Adrien. You make it really hard for me to keep my composure together,” I sucked in a breath. I pushed his shirt up and brushed my fingers over his smooth skin, making him shiver, “I want to fuck you so good and hard.”

Adrien bit his lip. He reached up and placed his hand against the back of my neck, pulling me down until our lips were just barely brushing against each other.

“Why tell me...when you could just do it?” He murmured against my lips. I groaned, and when Adrien slammed his lips against mine, that’s when I couldn’t hold myself back anymore. I just had to have him. We kissed heavily. I coaxed his mouth open with my tongue and explored the depths of his mouth. I pulled back just enough to coat my fingers in saliva, and then, I reached down and slipped my fingers inside of him.

Adrien gasped and moaned as I pleasured him and teased him. He pressed his head back against the mesh of the seat as I thrusted my fingers deep into him, hitting that spot inside of him that had him wanting more. His moans were like music to my ears. Hearing his cries of pleasure only heightened my arousal, my jeans becoming uncomfortably tight.

“Mmm...I just love hearing the sounds you make,” I murmured against Adrien’s mouth, kissing him softly. Adrien moaned breathlessly. His hand gripped my arm, his fingers digging into my biceps while his other hand reached between us, grabbing at the button of my jeans.

“Please, Preston, just put it inside me,” Adrien pleaded. I smirked at him and kissed his cheek before I reached down to undo my jeans. Adrien watched with flushed cheeks.

“Are you getting impatient, baby?” I chuckled, a teasing smirk on my face. I pushed my jeans and underwear down just enough to pull myself out of my pants, stroking myself to full hardness. I groaned, biting my lip. Adrien seriously got me worked up.

“You’re just being a tease,” Adrien scoffed lightly. I laughed, smiling crookedly as I leaned down and kissed him on the lips. Adrien kissed me back, his arms wrapping around my neck as I grabbed him by his legs, holding them apart as I slid myself inside of him.

Adrien gasped. I sat up straighter, throwing his legs over my shoulders as I started to move, thrusting in and out of him at a gradually increasing pace. Adrien tilted his head back, a sweet moan falling from his lips as his back slightly arched off the seat, his hands gripping the mesh above his head.

Fuck. The way he tightened around me the harder I fucked him, drew moan after moan from my lips. It just felt so good inside him that I couldn’t contain myself anymore. Adrien cried out, continuous moans coming from him as he moved his hips against me, his toes curling in.

“Oh, yes! Right there, Preston! Fuck, it feels so good!” Adrien cried. His legs started to shake, and I knew he was getting close, so I went harder, hitting that spot inside him over and over until he was moaning my name as he came, his body shaking at the intensity of his release.

I came with a loud groan, my movements becoming jerky as I stilled inside of Adrien, my muscles tensing up as I released inside him. Then, I slowly came down from my high, panting as I dropped Adrien’s legs from my shoulders, pulling out of him as I slumped back against the seat, tucking myself back into my jeans. Adrien stayed laying on his back, his body relaxing as he took deep inhales of breath, the skin on his face and chest flushed.

“Fuck, that was good,” I huffed, leaning my back against the seat as I closed my eyes for a moment, quickly catching my breath. I heard Adrien laugh softly, and for a moment, silence dawned on us as we both took a few minutes to relax from our intense round of sex. But, just as I thought I would start to fall asleep against the seat, Adrien suddenly sat up on the seat with a gasp, making my eyes snap open.

Adrien’s gaze landed on me with wide eyes, sudden shock taking over his features. I furrowed my brows at him worriedly, surprised by his sudden change in demeanour, “Adrien?”

“D-did you use a condom?” Adrien asked me quickly, his voice shaking slightly. I looked at him with a raised brow, and then, that’s when it dawned on me. The same concern etched itself onto my features, and I looked at him in shock.


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