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Chapter Thirty-One

Adrien’s POV

After the cake was baked and fully cooled down, I helped my mom make the buttercream frosting. Then, she got to work on decorating the cake, and while she did that, I watched with my hip leaning against the counter as I used a spoon to eat the remainder of the icing in the bowl, just because it tasted so good. She had put little bits of the icing into separate bowls and used to food colouring to make them different colours, and created a paint splatter effect all over the cake.

And by the time she was done and wrote Happy Birthday Adrien on top of the cake, it just made me want to eat it more. My mom was amazing at what she does. Her baking and cooking were astounding and she impressed me every time. I was surprised that she never decided to pursue a career in cooking because I knew how much she enjoyed it. Making food was her passion, just like how painting and drawing was my passion.

“Ugh, the cake looks so good! I can’t wait to eat it later,” I groaned, stuffing another spoonful of icing into my mouth. Mom laughed, shaking her head with a smile as she placed the cake into the glass cake stand, and set it aside onto the counter.

“Seeing as you’re eating all the icing, I think you’ll be able to wait,” She smiled. I returned the smile, finishing off the icing before I put the bowl into the sink.

“You know, you should open your own bakery or something. I never knew why you didn’t decide to ever pursue a career in cooking,” I said to her.

“Oh, Uhm, of course, I wanted to. But you were my first priority and I wanted to make sure that you were fed and happy. I didn’t want to risk opening up my own bakery or restaurant and having it not turn out well,” She said, tossing the dirty utensils into the sink, before grabbing a damp cloth, “and even if I wanted to now, Jackson is so busy with work. Who would take care of the house?”

“Mom,” I frowned at her. To me, that seemed a little unfair. I could see you in her eyes that she wanted to do it - to own a bakery or a restaurant. And yet, she was putting everyone else first. She was always like that, making sure everyone else’s happiness before her own. Before I could say anything about it, mom smiled reassuringly at me and patted my cheek.

“Don’t worry about it sweetheart, I’m alright where I am. Besides, it’s your birthday, we’re celebrating you today!” She smiled and pinched my cheek. I rolled my eyes and smiled.

“I’m still allowed to care about my own mother. I’m eighteen now, you can stop worrying about me and start pursuing your own desires. You’re still young.”

“I know, but I’m always going to worry about you because you’re my child, no matter how old you get. A mother never stops worrying about their child,” She smirked, “you’ll understand once you become a Mada and have your own children to worry about.”

“And that won’t be for a while,” I laughed.

After we cleaned up the kitchen, it was only about 10:30 in the morning, so we still had a lot of time to kill before school ended. I spent the next couple of hours sitting on the couch in the living room with my new sketchbook and pencils, and an anime show playing on the TV. I also noticed the Happy Birthday text messages I got from all my friends when I decided to check my phone, which made me smile. My two cats Shelby and Ruby were curled up on either side of me on the couch while Kodey slept in his cute dog bed, so I decided to do a quick sketch of the three of them while I watched my anime show.

Then, by the time 2 pm came by, my mom and I decided to decorate the living room. We blew up balloons and hung them up around the living room, and set up a table along the wall in the living room, where we draped a Happy Birthday banner up with an 18 number balloon. On the table, we set up bowls of chips and popcorn, a tray of cookies, and the cake stand with the cake on it in the middle of the table. We also set up a couple of stacks of red plastic cups, and bottles of soda.

By the time we finished decorating the living room, I heard the sound of jingling keys, followed by the front door opening, Kodey’s loud barking filling my ears. Loud chatter filled the house, the sound of bags dropping to the floor and soon, I saw Preston walking into the living with Joseph and Phoebe, Joseph carrying two wrapped presents in his hands.

“ADRIEN! I missed you today!” Phoebe squealed the moment she saw me and rushed over to crush me into a tight hug. I laughed at her behaviour and hugged her back, nearly suffocating in her hug, “You smell good. What kind of perfume are you wearing?”

“It’s cherry blossom,” I laughed with a smile, “and I missed you too.”

She beamed with a wide smile on her face. Phoebe finally let go of me, greeting my mom the moment she walked over, “hello Meghan!”

“Hello Phoebe, Joseph!” My mom greeted with a sweet smile, kindly taking the gifts from Joseph so she could put them by the buffet table we put up earlier, “how have you two been?”

“Oh, we’ve been great! You know though, Preston was sulking like a baby the entire day,” Phoebe snickered. Preston scoffed and lightly shoved her shoulder, making her look at him with a cheeky smirk.

“I was not sulking!”

“Psh, that’s bullshit and you know it. At lunch, you were sitting there picking at your food with a pout. You missed Adrien,” She stuck her tongue out. My mom laughed. Preston rolled his eyes, a light blush on his cheeks, and just the look on his face amused me. Preston rarely got embarrassed, but when he did, it was entertaining, seeing as he was always the one to embarrass me.

Soon enough, the rest of our friends arrived at the house, and I was instantly greeted with hugs and a Happy Birthday from Daniel, Asher, Kourtney, and Kade. They each brought gifts, and while they didn’t have to I was grateful. They also brought their overnight bags. My mom greeted them with warm smiles and she let me know she would be in her room if we needed anything, before proceeding to head upstairs, leaving the eight of us to hang out in the living room.

We found ourselves sprawled around in the living room, Marci and Kourtney sitting on the floor between the couch and coffee table, sharing a bowl of popcorn between one another, watching as Daniel and Joseph had a dance-off playing Just Dance on the TV with our Xbox. Phoebe was hogging the cookies to herself, while I sat on Preston’s lap on the couch, stuffing my face full with chips, Asher sneaking handfuls as well.

“You guys both suck. I could dance better than you two combined!” Phoebe exclaimed. Her voice was muffled as she shoved another cookie into her mouth.

Joseph scoffed, “I’d like to see you do better.”

“Pft, I’m five months pregnant and I could still do better than you,” Asher snorted. Phoebe laughed out loud, Kourtney and Kade following in on her laughing. Preston was smirking, and I even noticed Daniel crack a grin at Asher’s statement.

“Okay! Asher, let’s dance!” Phoebe cheered, setting down the plate of cookies as she stood up, “let’s show the kings how it’s done.”

Asher grinned, shoving a couple more chips into his mouth before he moved to stand up, Daniel coming over to help Asher up from the couch. Asher smiled at his boyfriend as thanks, before he joined Phoebe in the middle of the living room as she scrolled through the different dances.

They ended up beating Joseph and Daniel’s score by a long shot. Kourtney, Kade, and I cheered for them the entire time, hyping them up. They both ended up getting four stars each, Phoebe and Asher high fiving each other once it was over.

“I’d like to see you take a turn,” Preston smirked, patting my hip as he took a sip of his sprite. I raised a brow at him, a smile tugging on my lips.

“Yea! Adrien come on, dance with me, birthday boy!” Kourtney exclaimed. I laughed, watching as she stood up from the floor. I slid off of Preston’s lap, joining Kourtney in the centre of the living room once Phoebe and Asher took their seats once more.

We played Just Dance for the next couple hours, talking and laughing through it all. We all decided to pair up into teams and compete against one another, Daniel and Joseph being a team, then Phoebe and Asher, me and Kourtney, and lastly Preston and Kade. Phoebe and Asher beat all of us by a long shot by getting the best scores, and as a reward for their victory, the bag of Ketchup Chips were theirs to share.

5:30 came around, and by then, Jackson had got home from work, ordering pizza for all of us. Once it arrived, Jackson set the two boxes of pizza on the kitchen counter, one pepperoni and one cheese, while my mom grabbed plates for all of us. Then, we sat around in the kitchen table with our pizza slices, eating and chatting.

Then, when we were finished eating and while we still sat around the kitchen table, my mom lit the candles on my cake, and I couldn’t help the smile that took over my face as she brought the cake over, all of my friends singing Happy Birthday as my mom set the cake down in front of me on the table, the candles creating a light and warm glow.

I blew out the candles with a wide smile, laughing as My friends clapped and cheered, Asher sticking his fingers into his mouth as he whistled. I turned my gaze to Preston as he leaned over, and pressed a kiss to my cheek.

“Happy Birthday, baby,” He whispered to me. I softened at the loving gaze in his eyes, my heart fluttering at the sight. My chest felt light and warm. I smiled and bit my lip, leaning over to press a kiss to his lips.

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