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Chapter Two

Preston's POV

My phone vibrated against the nightstand, Bon Jovi's Livin' On a Prayer blasting through the speakers and disturbing my sleep. A groan slipped from my lips. I blindly reached my hand over to the nightstand and felt around until my phone was clasped in my hand and turned off the alarm. A single glance was snuck at my phone screen, and I instantly regretted that decision as the bright light blinded me. I quickly squinted my eyes and groaned, turning away the screen.

"Goddammit, it's too early to be waking up," I groaned into the pillow I shove my face in. A month into the new school year and I still wasn't used to getting up at 6:30 every morning. Senior year was going to be the death of me. Another groan was heard from beside me, and when I lifted my head I found myself staring at Adrien, his back turned to me as he rubbed his eyes and slowly pushed himself up from the bed.

He rolled up the sleeves of the long sleeved shirt he was wearing and ran his fingers through his blonde hair. Without much thought, I grabbed the pillow that laid under my head and smacked him in the back with it, gaining his full attention.

"What the hell, Preston?" Adrien snapped his attention over to me, his body twisting around when he looked at me with vibrant green eyes that glistened in a scolding manner. His blonde hair was pushed out of his face, though a single strand hung loose and I smiled at him. He looked cute when he was still in a daze from sleeping.

"What? You were ignoring me," I replied with a smile, quickly covering my face when he snatched the pillow and smacked me in the face with it multiple times.

"I was not ignoring you! Dick," He scoffed, smacking me one last time before dropping the pillow. I looked at him with a teasing smile and he rolled his eyes, "it's 6:30, I'm tired, and we have school. There's also only one shower so."

"That sounds like a race," I concluded with a smirk.

Adrien narrowed his eyes at me, "Hey, I just moved here a couple days ago—I call dibs to shower first."

"You're gonna have to beat me if you want to shower first," I replied, and just as Adrien shot up from the bed, I grabbed his wrist and hauled him back down.

He gasped when his back hit the soft mattress and squirmed against my hold as I held him down before climbing off the bed and hurried out of the bedroom door. Adrien shouted profanities at me. I laughed out loud and ran down the stairs just as I heard footsteps rushing behind me.

"You're such an asshole, Preston! I swear to god!" Adrien shouted behind me. I laughed and jumped the last few steps, only to gasp when he pounced on to my back once my feet were steady on the ground. The sudden added weight with Adrien on my back made me lose my balance and we both went tumbling to the floor with a hard thud.

"Shit!" I yelled, groaning once I hit the ground with Adrien on top of me, crushing me against the hardwood floor. Adrien whined from on top of me, and before I even had the chance to recover he was scrambling to his feet and rushing to the bathroom door.

I gripped my side and pushed myself onto my feet, pausing once Adrien put his hand to the doorknob, and groaned in defeat. I raised a brow with a chuckle.

"What's wrong, princess?"

"Someone's already in the shower!" Adrien pressed his forehead against the door before stepping back just as I walked over.

"Are you kidding me?? Come on! I nearly got my balls bruised for this!" I scoffed in disbelief.

Adrien rolled his eyes at that, flicking my forehead, "your balls are fine."

"Ouch! That hurts Adrien! Why do you gotta bully me all the time?" I pouted at him.

Adrien opened his mouth to speak, before he was cut off. "What are you two boys whining about this time?"

Our heads snapped over to Adrien's mom. She stood in the kitchen flipping pancakes. Her blonde hair was tied into French braids and she was wearing silk pink pyjamas, her pale complexion makeup free. She was looking at us with an amused yet curious look in her emerald eyes, one hand on her hip as she flipped a pancake in the skillet.

" see, Ms. Aguilera. Adrien and I were having a race to see who would get to shower first—but it seems my dad beat us both to it. I didn't realize he was also racing," I replied with a shrug, and she smiled.

"He's probably almost done—but so is your breakfast, so come eat that first," She replied.

Adrien and I looked at each other, "whoever finishes first has dibs on the shower?"

"Damn, you read my mind," I chuckled, a smirk tugging the corners of my mouth. Adrien smiled and stuck his tongue out, and walked into the kitchen, searching through the cabinets for plates. While he did that, I walked to the fridge and grabbed whipped cream, syrup, and other toppings. I placed them at the centre of the table. Adrien wandered over with plates and utensils, quickly setting the table.

Adrien and I sat down at the table beside each other just as Meghan walked over with a plate of pancakes, setting it onto the table with everything else. Good timing too. When the plate of pancakes hit the table my dad walked in, already dressed for work. He worked at the Art Gallery in the big city.

"Breakfast looks amazing sweetheart," My dad said. He walked over, pressing a kiss to Meghan's cheek. She smiled up at him with happiness shining in her eyes. The simple action made me laugh—I've never seen my dad so happy since my mom and him got divorced and she moved out of the country.

"Why thank you!" Meghan laughed, sitting down on the chair opposite of Adrien and my dad followed suit.

Breakfast was eaten quickly. Within that time Adrien was quick to finish before me and by the purest of luck—he got to shower first. He got lucky this time, but the next time we both needed to shower, I would be victorious. We both got dressed after our needed showers, packed up our school bags, bid our parents farewell and then we were out the door.

Adrien walked beside me along the paved sidewalk, bag shrugged over his shoulder, blonde hair brushed out of his face to show off his cute and gentle features. He would be embarrassed if I said it out loud, but my best friend really was a softy. He was kind hearted and didn't know how to say no to people without worrying about their feelings. Compared to me, he made me look like an asshole.

"Monday. I hate Mondays," I mumbled, shoving my hands into my jean pockets while I admired the wistful breeze that blew by. Adrien glanced up at me as we walked through the neighbourhood, several cars zooming by and other citizens keeping up with their daily jogs and dog walks.

"You say that every Monday," Adrien commented, making me scoff.

"Well, that's because I really dislike Mondays. And to make matters worse, I have math first period," I groaned.

"Oh boohoo—I have AP Biology," Adrien chuckled, nudging my arm with his elbow.

"But there's a difference between you and me: you're smart, I'm not," I chuckled.

"Eh? What do you mean you're not smart? You've accomplished above 80 in all your classes? And they're all academic!" Adrien narrowed his eyes at me.

"So? Doesn't compare to your 92 percent average, nerd," I playfully pinched his cheek, "also, I didn't take any AP science courses like you did, I just stuck to university level."

"You're still a smart cookie," Adrien replied, flashing me one of his sweet smiles and I couldn't help but smile back.

"Okay, fine. You win; I'm smart," I chuckled, draping my arm across his shoulder to pull him into a brief hug, to which Adrien returned by wrapping his arms around my torso.

We eventually arrived at school, the giant brick building taunting us as we made our way through the glass doors, welcoming us wholeheartedly into the prison nightmare that was bound to last six hours of our day, five days of our week, and 10 months of our year. Adrien walked beside me all the way up to the second floor, where the adolescent population swarmed the area more so than any other floor in the school in the early morning, and barely gave room to push through.

But now being the top dogs of the school, Adrien and I were swiftly able to push past and reach our lockers that stood right beside each other.

I pulled off the lock and accessed the inside of my locker, grabbing whatever binders or textbooks I needed for the first two periods of the day.

I shoved my binder and math textbook into my bag, shutting my locker while my eyes fell onto Adrien beside me, who was tucking his biology textbook into his backpack. Unlike mine, his locker was decorated with a mirror and photos scattered along the door, extra shelving stored for his binders and loose writing utensils. It made my locker look bare and unapproachable on the inside, minus the photos I had in mine as well.

"So I'll see you during lunch time?" I turned to Adrien, making him glance up at me with his warm green eyes and genuinely kind smile, which of course made me react in a none innocent way in my thoughts. Yea, my brain was a dirty bastard.

"You're buying me lunch in the cafeteria," Adrien replied, patting my chest, and I scoffed.

"Since when was I your credit card?"

"Since you became my best friend when we were seven years old," Adrien said with a laugh, "I'm only teasing. I want food from the cafe so I'll meet you in our usual spot in the hallway."

"I can just come with you and buy your lunch. Save your money for something way cooler," I said.

Adrien furrowed his brows cutely, "What? I told you I was only kidding—"

"And I'm not kidding. I want to buy you lunch, maybe even a cupcake," I explained with a smirk, and for a split moment, there was a noticeable tint to Adrien's cheeks before he looked away and closed his locker.

Awe, he was blushing.

"A-are you sure?" He responded, biting his lip while shrugging his bag over his shoulder, clutching a teal blue binder against his chest. Man, he really had to stop captivating me with his looks, or else it was gonna be hard to control my feelings around him.

"Yes, Adrien. I'm sure."

He nodded his head, though still looking unsure. I smiled, brushing my fingers through his blonde locks, which had him biting his bottom lip. The bell rang seconds after, making our moment end quickly before we said our goodbyes and walked in opposite directions down the hallway.

Math class was a pure buzz kill. Sure, my teacher was cool and the math was easy, but it was super boring. I sat there staring at the projector screen on the whiteboard, copying down everything the teacher was jotting down, showing us how to use Logarithms—yes, folks, logs.

First period passed slowly, but once the bell rang I was out of the classroom within seconds. The next period class I had was music, honestly one of my favourite classes in the entire school. It gave me a chance to play my guitar. Music was the only thing that kept me sane while I studied hard in all my academic courses.

"What song did you decide to perform for the Halloween assembly?" Joseph asked beside me, bag shrugged over his shoulder. His dark brown hair was slicked back out of his face. He sported a casual look with his khaki shorts and Henley shirt, and a pair of moccasins tying the outfit together.

"You'll see once we get practicing," I said with a wink. Joseph groaned.

"Oh come on dude, everyone has already announced what they'll be performing, why are you being so secretive?" Joseph questioned. I shrugged at his curious frown.

"Because I like to surprise people," I responded, footsteps echoing throughout the stairwell with each step closer to the first floor.

No later than a minute, we were standing in front of the music room. I could already hear music flooding inside. The sound of guitars strumming, vocals dancing, piano's singing. The plucking of the different instruments and harmonized voices sent a smile to my face, my fingers itching to grab a hold of a guitar and play for the rest of class. When I pushed the door open and stepped inside the sounds only became louder. I took the sight of my many talented classmates sitting around, singing and laughing together.

I put my bag down on the floor and walked over to the guitar cases and grabbed one, pulling the guitar out of it, quickly tuning it to my liking. I slung the strap over my shoulder, finding a seat, adjusting my hands onto the strings, strumming it a few times.

Then, I started playing the first song that came to my head; Love Is Madness by Thirty Seconds to Mars. The lyrics slipped from my lips as soon as my fingers danced across the guitar in tune with the song in my head. Soon enough, everything around me blurred out into nothing, until it was just me, getting lost in connection with the music. It was a hypnotic trance that coaxed me in, like a gentle lullaby a mother sang to their child as they slowly fell asleep.

And the trance lingered for a while, up until I finished most of the song, until my eyes opened and I realized the room was quiet. The fingers on the strings slowly came to a halt, my eyes blinking a few times. I looked around, noticing everyone in the room was staring at me.

"Holy shit Preston. You're like an angel to my ears," Krystal spoke up from her seat beside her two friends with a violin in hand. Her long blonde hair was pulled up into a ponytail, blue eyes staring at me with awe.

"Good to know that my voice isn't highly deafening," I smirked at her. Joseph came up behind me and clasped me on the back. My gaze moved to him, and he looked at me with a smile.

"You're like the best singer here, man. You should be performing on America's Got Talent with that voice," Joseph said with a smirk. I chuckled and shook my head.

"I don't sing to get famous, it's only a hobby—something that I love doing on my free time," I replied. Joseph huffed at that, dropping his hand from my shoulder.

Not long after our music teacher, Mr. Anderson, came in with papers tucked under his arm. He was my favourite teacher, a black man, standing tall with a shaved head, deep green eyes and a single hoop earring in one ear. He was the kind of teacher that was laid back and easygoing, making it easy to talk to him and have a conversation. He was the one who helped me with my music, making me thrive to be the best possible even if it was only a hobby. Once I graduated, he would be a teacher I would remember for a long time.

"Usually by the time I get here, you're all making a ruckus," Mr. Anderson said, brow raised as he scanned the room, noting that we were all sitting or standing in silence, no music heard playing. He seemed genuinely surprised, mostly because our class was the loudest when it came to music—at the beginning of class, we always started with playing an instrument and letting loose for a little.

"That's because Preston decided to open his mouth and play the guitar at the same time," Annie replied from the piano she was sitting at, turning to face the room.

The entire class seemed to nod their heads, ganging up on me, leaving me to scoff and pout, "oh come on! Why you gotta do that to me?"

Mr. Anderson smirked, leaning his hip to the doorframe, "You'd make other teachers grateful if you have the ability to make a class go utterly silent, Preston."

"Well what can I say? I have talent," I responded, mimicking a hair flick. Most of the class burst into a fit of laughter, including Mr. Anderson.

"Alright you little jokesters, let's head to the cafeteria and practice. Everyone has a song that they want to perform, yes?" Mr. Anderson asked. When he got a nod from everyone in the room, he smiled and inclined his head, "Alright, then let's go!"

Everyone scrambled from their seats, grabbed their instruments, and followed after Mr. Anderson. The cafeteria wasn't just a place where students could sit down and eat during break. Instead of the stage being in the gymnasium like most were, ours was set in the cafeteria. The cafeteria held most of our assemblies, including other things like our annual talent show that happened once a year, and any other special occasions.

Other instruments that's couldn't be carried around such as drums etc were already on the stage. Once the class found chairs and sat around the front of the stage, Mr. Anderson standing with his arms crossed and papers in hand, one by one the students stepped onto the stage to perform and practice their songs for the Halloween assembly, whether if it was solo or a group.

And it wasn't surprising that most of my class was talented, because it was full of awesome people with varying styles, making each performance unique to their individual characters. Out of my four years of high-school, this class was the best, with the best people.

It brought a smile to my face.

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