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Chapter Forty-One

Adrien’s POV

I stopped going to school.

I didn’t go to school for the rest of the week, didn’t bother to crawl out of bed, and because I failed to put in the effort to get out of bed and do things, my mom was starting to worry. I told her that I just wasn’t feeling well, but she still expressed her concerns. Luckily, she hadn’t found out about the cuts on my wrists, because I have been making sure to wear long sleeves and hoodies to keep it hidden from her.

I didn’t like that she was starting to catch on, but honestly, I didn’t have the heart to care anymore. It was tiring trying to get up and go on with my day, while my friends ignored me, and while the rest of my senior classmates gossiped and spread rumours about me.

It terrified me not knowing if Marci spread the rumours she threatened to spread, but at the same time, I didn’t care anymore. There wasn’t much I could do to stop it, so I just didn’t do anything. If anything, she could spread the rumours if she wanted to, because I wasn’t going to be there to hear it.

I didn’t bother to do my schoolwork, to paint or draw, to shower, to brush my teeth, to change out of my clothes, to eat. What was the point of it all anymore? I didn’t see any point in it anymore.

“Adrien, sweetheart?” My mom called out from outside my bedroom door, knocking gently. When I heard the bedroom door slowly open, the light of the hallway seeping into my dark room, I rolled over on my bed, back facing the door. Mom’s footsteps wandered into my room, and soon, I felt her presence at my bedside, her hand touching my shoulder.

“I’m heading into work soon, hun. Do you need anything before I go? Or do you want me to pick up anything on my way home from work?” She asked me, but I shook my head, not bothering to answer.

Mom sighed. She reached up to brush her fingers through my hair softly. The soothing gesture had me squeezing my eyes shut, forcing myself to hold back tears.

“Alright. I’ll be home by 6 pm. I love you, sweetie,” She stroked my hair one last time before she leaned over and kissed my temple. Then, she was walking out of my room, closing the door behind her.

A few minutes later, after my mom had gone to work, I grabbed my phone off the nightstand to check the time. It was only 10:30 am. I sighed heavily, shut my phone off, and rolled onto my back to stare up at the dark ceiling.

I hated feeling like this. I hated being sad all the time. I missed Preston; I missed the way he held me when we cuddled, the way he touched me when we were intimate, and the way he kissed me, whether it was on my lips, or my forehead, or my cheek. I missed his smile. His laughter. His personality. I just missed him.

Ten years we spent as best friends, just to throw it all away because we thought we could make a relationship work. I thought I could have what I wanted, and what I wanted was Preston, but now I was facing the consequences for having what I wanted. Why? Why didn’t I deserve to have what I wanted? Why did everyone else get to have happy endings? Why did everyone else get to have friends, their dream job, a lover, without people bashing on them, and not me?

I guess I deserved it, for trying to be a little selfish. I deserved to be punished for liking Preston, for even exploring the possibility of a relationship with him. I deserved to be punished for thinking about a future with him, where we would be married with children. I deserved to be forced on my Carter, to be belittled by my classmates, to be shunned by my friends because I didn’t deserve any of it.

They hadn’t been my friends first anyway. I met Phoebe, Joseph, and Kourtney, all through Preston. I was lucky to have met Asher first on my own in freshman year, but still. I had waltzed myself into Preston’s life, where he had given me everything, and what did I give back? Nothing. Fuck, Preston deserved so much better than me.

Preston deserved a queen who could give back to him. He needed someone who was their own person, who could take care of him, who wasn’t so dependent on him all the time. He needed someone who could reciprocate back in bed, and not someone who just laid there, taking what he offered, and didn’t give back.

God, he really deserved so much better than me.

The next thing I knew, my vision was blurred by tears. My eyes stung, and my heart ached. The hot tears rolled down the sides of my face, soaking the pillow beneath my head. I didn’t want to live this life anymore, where it was just nothing but pain. I didn’t want to feel this way anymore.

All I really wanted was to just die.

Preston would be fine without me. Mom would be fine without me; I was just the kid that ruined her young adult life anyway. She didn’t get to live her life because of me. Because she had to raise me. I was just a burden to her, and my mom deserved to live her life the way she wanted, without me in the way. My friends would be fine without me, everyone would be fine without me.

I would be fine without me.

At this point, it felt like the only way for this pain to go away, because how else would it?

I laid there, in my bed, in the darkness, drowning in my thoughts. I didn’t know how long I laid there, embraced in my tiring thoughts, but I was exhausted from thinking this way all the time. Eventually, I pulled myself out of bed and switched on the lamp on my nightstand. Then, I was walking over to my desk, tears still rolling down my face, as I shuffled through the drawers until I found a paper and pen. I sat down at my desk, paper and pen in front of me. At first, I just sat there in my thoughts, staring down at the blank piece of paper, a single tear rolling off my face and soaking through the paper.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and when I opened my eyes again, I grabbed the pen beside me and started to write.


Preston’s POV

I was getting worried about Adrien. After the day we talked in the stairwell and he told me everything that happened, I haven’t seen him at school. I would look for him during lunch, only to go to physics third period to realize that he wasn’t there.

I felt so guilty. I hated myself for getting so angry, for shutting him out like that. I couldn’t even focus on class anymore, or anything at all because all I could think about was Adrien and how I completely ruined everything we had together, all because I let my emotions take over in a way I never had before. Yeah, I could acknowledge that I was an emotional person, and I felt my emotions pretty strongly, a lot more compared to the average person. My dad had been aware of this since I was little.

It was also why I never got close to people because I knew, the closer I got with people, the stronger my attachment. Yeah, I had a lot of friends and people I knew, but Adrien was the only person in my life that I was ever close with. Joseph and Phoebe were second, but still; Adrien was the constant person in my life. I told Adrien everything, I hung out with him constantly, way more than anyone else. Adrien and I were always together, and I would dare say that he was my soulmate, platonic or otherwise, it didn’t matter. I loved having Adrien in my life.

I got angry, a lot, over small things. There had been several times where I didn’t talk to Adrien for days as a kid over things that seemed small to other people, but in my head, it was a big deal. Seeing Adrien with Carter had been a big deal, and perhaps a rational person wouldn’t have assumed the worse, but I did. And because I did, and because I got so angry, so upset, to the point I was almost willing to cut him out of my life completely, I ruined our friendship. I ruined our relationship. Everything we had built up together over a decade of friendship fell apart into pieces.

I hated myself for it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Adrien hated me too.

“We have to make it up to him. I feel like an actual idiot,” Phoebe said from across from me, snapping me out of my wallowing thoughts. Joseph, Phoebe, and I, as well as Kourtney, were sitting in the cafeteria during the lunch break, heavy silence having dawned on us. Ever since I told them what happened, we had all been feeling guilty, for getting mad at Adrien for something he didn’t even do in the first place. Well, Kourtney had never been mad at Adrien. She chose not to take sides and not get involved in the drama, but even still, she felt guilty for not doing anything about it.

“I honestly don’t think there is much we can do. I mean, we should apologize, but an apology isn’t going to fix things,” Joseph sighed, a heavy frown on his face.

“Yeah...the only thing that we can do is apologize and be better friends,” Kourtney butted in, “that’s if...Adrien even still wants to be friends with us.”

“I wouldn’t be too surprised if he didn’t, to be honest. We’ve been horrible friends to him. And when that video came out? We didn’t even do anything about it,” Joseph groaned.

“At least you guys didn’t think he deserved it as I did,” Phoebe shook her head, leaning her elbows on the table with her head in her hands, “I’m such a bitch for even saying that in the first place.”

I remained silent, listening to the three of them chat back and forth, all the while I stabbed my fork into my chicken salad over and over, not taking a bite out of it. I was trying to think of ways I could make up with Adrien, what I could to at least make amends, but I feel like I would need Asher’s help for that. He and Daniel have been the ones to be at Adrien’s side, so he would know better than me. But I am also pretty sure that Asher and Daniel hate me at the moment for shutting Adrien out like that.

“God, and you know what? I bet you fucking Marci was the one who recorded that video,” Phoebe said suddenly with a scoff, “you know she was cursing at Adrien for stealing ‘her’ man away from her, so of course she would do something like this! Oh, and don’t even get me started on Carter. If I see his face, I will kick him where the sun doesn’t shine.”

Kourtney nodded her head in agreement, “count me in—I’ll kick him in the balls and in the fucking face, that freaking asshole. Ugh! I really hate kings sometimes—no offence.”

“Pft, non taken. I hate us too,” I mumbled. I took a sip of my water, before I packed my lunch back into my bag, and stood up, “I’m going to go find Asher.”

“Do you think Asher’s going to even wanna talk to you?” Joseph asked, watching me stand up from my seat. I sighed with a shrug.

“Honestly, I have no idea. But it can’t hurt to try right?”

I shrugged my bag over my shoulder and walked out of the cafeteria. I stepped out into the busy main hall and pulled out my phone from my pocket to text Asher. When I sent him a text asking where he was, I didn’t expect him to answer me, but surprisingly, he answered me a few minutes later, a single-worded response that read: Library.

I headed to the library. When I stepped inside, I briefly looked around until I saw Daniel and Asher sitting in the corner of the library at a table with their lunch, surrounded by bookshelves. With a deep breath, I walked over to them, instantly gaining Daniel and Asher’s attention just as I reached their table.

“Preston,” Daniel greeted me with a nod. I flashed him a brief smile in return before I glanced to Asher, who looked at me with a slight judgeful look, not bothering to greet me as he lowered his gaze back down to his food.

“Did you need something?” Asher spoke up after taking a bite of his pasta, still not looking in my direction, pretty much not giving me the time of day. But I couldn’t blame him; I deserved it. With a heavy sigh, I sat down in the empty seat across from him.

“Have you talked to Adrien at all this past week? I’ve been getting worried, especially because he hasn’t been showing up to class,” I said. This gained Asher’s attention, and he looked up at me with a frown.

“No, he hasn’t messaged me. The last time we talked was Monday when I told him that I had a doctor’s appointment,” Asher replied, “besides, why do you care anyway? You were happily willing to ignore Adrien for something he didn’t even do, so why are you worrying now?”

“Because he told me what happened, that Carter forced himself on him, and I feel so fucking guilty about it,” I sighed, shaking my head, “I messed up, and I miss him so much it’s driving me crazy. I just want to talk to him, see if he’s okay, and make it up to him.”

Asher fell silent as if he was pondering what I had just said. He stabbed his fork into his pasta, before he finally spoke up again, “well, you aren’t going to make it up to him by standing here and talking to me. Go to his house, he’s probably there if he’s not here,” he took a bite of his pasta, “and for fuck’s sake, Preston, you better make it up to him, and I mean it. He’s been suffering so much since the incident, and it crushed him knowing that you weren’t there beside him, so I expect you to kiss the fucking ground he walks on.”

“I will literally do anything to make it up to him, Asher. I screwed up big time, and I know I can’t fix things overnight, but no matter what, I will make it up to him somehow, no matter what it takes.”

“Well, good. Because Adrien deserves all the kindness in the world, and I’ve been so worried about him. He’s just not himself anymore,” Asher shook his head, and then waved me off, “now quit sitting around here with us, and go get your man.”

I nodded my head. Without wasting another moment, I got up from my seat and quickly headed out of the library.

I walked down the main hall, passing a crowd of students as I headed up the main stairs to the second floor, and eventually stopped at my locker, with the intention to put my stuff away, grab my coat, and leave. I intended on skipping my last couple of classes to go to Adrien’s house to talk to him. I knew I could have waited until after school, but honestly, I didn’t have the patience to. I could make up for it another time. I opened my locker and put my binders and textbooks away, I moved to grab my coat but stopped when I heard footsteps echoing down the hall, heading in my direction, followed by laughing and chatter.

“Hah! This is golden, this will probably get even more attention than the video!” Carter’s voice reached my ears, and immediately, I stiffened, feeling anger pulse through my veins.

“I know right? The video was good, but this? Could you imagine, Adrien Aguilera, the quiet and reserved best-friend of Preston, who turns out to be a literal slut for cheating on his boyfriend, only to become pregnant, and he doesn’t even know who the father is? What a scandal!” Marci’s laughter echoed after Carter’s voice, and it was at that moment, I could no longer control my anger, “God, he never should have messed with me. This is what he gets for going behind my back like that.”

God, what the fuck was wrong with them?? And Marci, how could she even do that to Adrien? Spread lies about him like that just because she was angry that he was dating me? What kind of friend did that? She had been our friend for years, and now she does this? Granted, I’m no better than her, because I still believed what I saw, but I would never stoop low to spread rumours about people. That was just low. I would never intentionally ruin a person’s life like that.

“I mean, come on, Adrien had to be asking for it at this point. The way he dressed up at that Halloween party all those months ago? He should have seen this coming at some point--”

Just as Carter and Marci appeared from around the corner, I didn’t hesitate to whip around and punch Carter in the face. Marci screamed out loud in shock just as Carter stumbled, nearly falling over from the intensity of my punch. He gripped his cheek, and just as he was about to recollect himself, I shoved him back against the locker.

“You fucking asshole,” I seethed, holding Carter against the lockers as I glared at him, “how dare you fucking put your hands on Adrien like that! You realize what you did was sexual assault, right??”

Carter scoffed, blood rolling down his face from his nose as he looked at me with a smirk, “sexual assault? Come on, it was just a kiss, for one. That’s barely anything. Secondly, he was asking for it anyway. You saw the way he dressed at the Halloween party, and with that kind of face, yeah, asking for it.”

I punched him again, and this time, with all the force I put into it, I managed to knock Carter to the ground. There was a crowd of students starting to form, but I didn’t care. All I cared about was beating the shit out of Carter for what he did to Adrien. I was so fucking angry, I couldn’t contain it. All I could see was red.

Carter got back up to his feet and threw a punch at me, clocking me in the jaw, and then against in my nose. Pain exploded in my jaw and nose, and I staggered to the side. I quickly regained my balance as I threw punch after punch at Carter, causing him to stumble into the lockers with a loud bang. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and threw him against the tile floor before I straddled over him and laid more punches on his face.

And I didn’t stop, not until the principal pushed past the crowd of cheering students with two teachers right behind him, and those teachers were quick to pull me off of Carter, breaking the two of us apart.

“What the hell is this?!” The principal yelled at the two of us, fury and authority in his tone, silencing all of the other students, “Fighting in the hallways?! I can’t believe this. This is ridiculous. You two will get yourselves cleaned up and will meet me in my office IMMEDIATELY.”

The principal then turned to face the crowd, “and as for everyone else here, get yourselves to class, now. Or else you will face punishment for encouraging this type of behaviour. This is unacceptable.”

The students quickly stormed off without another word, getting to class as told. When the halls were empty, the principal gave Carter and me one last look of disapproval before looking to the teachers, “take these two to the nurse’s office, before bringing them down to see me.”

Then, he was heading back down the hallway, leaving the two teachers to take Carter and me down to the nurse’s office.

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