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Chapter Forty-Nine

Adrien's POV


The days couldn't have gone any faster. The weeks went by in a blink of an eye, and now, it was the last week of May, Saturday evening. It was getting close to five pm, which meant that Preston was going to be here soon to pick me up so that we could go to prom together, and I was still getting ready. I had just finished doing my hair and makeup, and now I was slipping out of my lounge clothes and into the suit that I laid down on my bed. I haven't put it on since I bought it all those weeks ago, and honestly, I was nervous.

I didn't really know why I was nervous. I was excited about prom, excited to be partying with my friends tonight, but anxiety still embraced me. Perhaps because the last time I went to a party something bad happened, but it wasn't like I was going to a high-school house party. This was prom. It was different.

I closed my eyes, took a few deep breaths to calm myself down, and pulled on my dress pants. I then slipped on the forest green blazer and tied the front into a bow. When I was done, I walked over to my dresser and grabbed a necklace from my jewelry box, and put it on in front of the mirror. It was a necklace that Preston got me a couple of years back, silver with a butterfly charm on it. I sprayed on my vanilla scented perfume, and finally, sat down on my bed so that I could put on my black sandals, that strapped around the ankles and had block heels on them.

When I was done getting ready, I gave myself a once-over in my dresser mirror, and then with a deep breath, walked out of my bedroom. When I stepped into the living room, Mom had been sitting on the couch, watching something on TV, but when she heard me walk in, she sat up and turned to face me.

"Oh my god, you look absolutely stunning!" Mom gushed. She jumped up from the couch and hurried over. She had a giddy smile on her face as she stood in front of me and gave me a once over, her hands covering her mouth, "oh, my baby boy is all grown up! I can't believe this!"

I laughed softly, smiling crookedly at her, "thanks, mom. Is Preston here yet?"

"Jackson said they're on their way, so they should be here in like ten minutes!" Mom said, "oh, but I want to take a picture of you first before they get here!"

Mom quickly grabbed her phone and camera from the coffee table, and then we both stepped outside into the warm spring air, where she had me stand in the sunlight just in front of the front porch. She took several pictures of me, making sure I smiled and posed in different ways. I was pretty sure she was more excited about prom than I was because she took like a million photos of me.

Then, Jackson's car pulled up into the driveway. I watched as their car parked. Jackson stepped out of the car, followed by Preston who stepped out from the passenger's side, a corsage in his hand. When his gaze landed on me, we both just kind of stared at each other from afar, both caught in a moment of speechlessness.

Fuck, he looked good.

"Oh, look at you!!" Mom squealed just as Preston walked over, Jackson following behind him, "you look so handsome, Preston!"

"Thank you, Meghan," Preston laughed, a wide smile on his face. I honestly couldn't keep my eyes off Preston, because he did look handsome. He wore a classic black blazer that he kept unbuttoned, and underneath, he wore a white dress shirt that tucked into his black dress pants and belt. He also wore a forest green tie that matched the suit I was wearing. His hair was cleanly shaved at the sides, his brunette hair on top of his head was styled but not too styled so that it still looked natural, just more cleaned up.

And god, his cologne. The closer he got the stronger I smelt it, and it smelt heavenly.

When Preston walked over to me, corsage in his hand, my heart pounded against my chest. He smiled softly down at me, his blue eyes piercing mine, and I bit my lip.

"You look beautiful, Adrien," Preston said with a chuckle, "honestly kind of left me speechless for a minute."

"Yeah...I can say the same to you," I managed to respond, "you look pretty striking yourself."

Preston laughed, holding his hand out to me, "mind holding out your wrist?"

I shook my head and held my hand out to him. He took the corsage out of the plastic packaging, and then, gently took my hand as he strapped the corsage around my wrist. I smiled to myself, biting my lower lip, all the while Mom was snapping photos of the two of us as he put the corsage on me. She then gave me the plastic container that had the boutonnière in it, and I tucked the boutonnière in Preston's breast pocket.

"Okay, I need pictures before you two go!!" Mom said eagerly, Jackson chuckling beside her.

I shook my head, Preston and I laughed at my mom's eagerness. Preston then moved to stand beside me, his hand slipping around my waist and settling on my back as he pulled me to him. I placed my hand on his chest, and then we both smiled into the camera as Mom started to take pictures yet again, another million or so photos.

"Ugh, the pictures are perfect!" Mom gushed as she flipped through the photos, and then, that's when she started tearing up, "you both are so grown up! I remember when you two would run around the house playing at seven years old! And now you two are going to prom!"

"Time goes way too fast, doesn't it?" Jackson chuckled.

"Yes, it really does," Mom nodded her head, wiping at her eyes, "but anyway, what time is it? 5:10? You guys should probably get going!"

Jackson walked up to Preston then, dangling the car keys out to him, "you be safe on the drive there and back, alright?"

"I will, Dad," Preston chuckled, taking the car keys from him, "you and Meghan enjoy your night in."

Jackson smiled and the two of them exchanged a hug. Mom and I exchanged hugs as well, and she kissed me on the cheek, telling me to have fun. Then, after Preston and I said our goodbyes to our parents, we walked over to his car.

"Have Phoebe and everyone else left yet?" I asked as we approached his car. I got into the passenger seat, while Preston got into the car on the driver's side.

"I'm pretty sure Phoebe said she and Joseph were heading there at 5, like us. I think it's the same for Kourtney and Kade, but Daniel and Asher may be leaving a bit later," Preston said.

I hummed and nodded. We slipped on our seatbelts and once Preston started the car, we waved one last time at our parents who stood at the front porch, and then we drove off.

I rolled the window down slightly, feeling the breeze brush against me as I looked out the window. During the ride, I couldn't help but sneak glances at Preston, biting my lip as I stared at him. He really looked good in the suit he was wearing, and just looking at him brought some of the feelings I felt for him before the incident surfaced, and I didn't know how to feel about it. It scared me a little.

Like how I wanted to reach over and take his hand in mine. I shook the thoughts out of my head, forced my feelings back down, and looked back out the window.

"You know..." Preston spoke up, breaking the silence. I glanced back over to him briefly, just as he looked at me with a smile, and looked back to the road with a short chuckle, "...if I knew that you were going to look this good, I should have brought a drool bucket with me."

I burst out laughing at his statement. I shook my head, a wide smile on my face as I kept laughing, "is that so? Be careful then, don't want you to start drooling all over your suit."

"That's a task proven difficult," Preston teased. I rolled my eyes and laughed.

"It's okay. I think I nearly tripped over the porch step when you first stepped out of the car."

Preston snorted, not helping the loud laugh that left his lips, "are you serious?"

I shrugged, cheeks turning red, "maybe I am serious, maybe I'm not."

"Mhmm...try not to trip when we get out of the car."

I stuck my tongue out at him, and he merely smirked at me. After a half-hour drive, we finally pulled up to the banquet hall. As we pulled into the parking lot, I noticed the crowd of high-school seniors, taking pictures at the front of the banquet building, and on the large open yard surrounding it.

When Preston and I stepped out of the car, I glanced around briefly, before I noticed Phoebe, Joseph, Kourtney, and Kade, all standing by the grass in the middle of taking photos. I walked around the car, took Preston's hand, and led him over to our friends.

When we reached them, Phoebe was the first one to see us, and she squealed in excitement as she picked up the skirt of her dress and hurried over in her heels, "you guys are here! Adrien, you look gorgeous as always, and Preston, I'm surprised to say that you cleaned up nice."

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?" Preston scoffed, "are you saying I don't look good all the time?"

Phoebe laughed, smirking at him, "perhaps I am."

"I'm hurt," Preston said in feigned hurt, his hand on his chest. Phoebe and I laughed, just as Kourtney, Kade, and Joseph walked over.

"Yay! You guys are here!" Kourtney cheered, looking stunning in her blush pink dress and heels, her hair curled and in a half-up, half-down style, "that means we're only waiting on Asher and Daniel!"

"How long have you been here anyway?" Preston asked.

"Not long, about ten minutes?" Joseph shrugged. His hair was neatly styled on the top of his head, dressed in a beige blazer and matching slacks, and a black button-up underneath. Kade was matching Kourtney, in that he wore a blush pink suit with a white button-up and white tie.

"Ugh, I can't wait to go in! I'm honestly so hungry, so the buffet is going to be awesome!" Phoebe groaned, "I heard that they have a dinner buffet and a dessert buffet."

"Really? I wonder what desserts they'll have," I said.

Roughly ten minutes later, Asher and Daniel joined us, looking amazing in their prom suits. Daniel was wearing a blue suit that matched Asher's and a black button-up shirt and black tie underneath. He also had his locks up in a top knot on the top of his head.

"Asher! Daniel!" Phoebe greeted me in excitement, "you two look so cute together! I love the blue!"

"Thank, Phoebe," Daniel chuckled, his hand resting on Asher's back while Asher had his hands on his rounded belly.

"Great, now that we're all here, we should take some photos!" Kourtney exclaimed.

We all agreed. We took a variety of different pictures together just in front of the grass, first with just the queens together, and then with just the kings together. Joseph, Kade, Daniel, and Preston, all goofed around as Kourtney took a photo of them, and so we couldn't help but laugh once we looked over the photo on Kourtney's phone. Then, we took turns having photos taken with just our dates, and lastly, we got someone else to take a giant group photo of the eight of us.

Then, by the time we were done, everyone was starting to head inside the banquet building. We all quickly lined up, and in the front foyer, the workers there checked our tickets, before we were allowed in. All I could say was that the banquet building was huge and fancy, and when they led all of the seniors down to the banquet hall.

The banquet hall was massive. There were set tables and chairs scattered around the perimeter of the room, and in the center, was a large dance floor and a stage at the far end of the banquet hall. The lights were a mix of normal lights and fluorescent magenta colour, and there were balloons and other party decorations hung around the banquet hall. Lastly, there are two large buffet tables, one filled with snacks and desserts, and another with our dinner selection.

Overall, the place looked decorated and ready for a party, and I was excited to be here, experiencing the moment with my friends.


Preston's POV

"Wow! You look great, Preston!" Annie exclaimed, loudly, patting me on the back, "you cleaned up nice. Love the splash of green on your tie."

"Thanks, Annie. You look great as well, the colour purple really suits you," I chuckled.

"You think so?" Annie smirked. Her hair was slicked to one side, and she wore a violet blazer and dress pants, with heels to top it off, "Hollie picked out the colour for us. I guess she has an eye for fashion."

I hummed, "where is Hollie, anyway?"

"Uhm, last time I checked she was talking to her friends out on the balcony. They're probably taking more pictures," Annie laughed. She snatched a brownie from the buffet.

Dinner wasn't for another half hour, so everyone was pretty much hanging out, taking photos and chatting away. Annie and I stood by the buffet, while I had no clue where Adrien and everyone else went. Probably taking more photos as well if Kourtney had anything to do with it.

"Speaking of dates," Annie spoke up again after eating her brownie, "where's your date? Did you bring one?"

"Oh, yeah," I nodded, "I...Adrien's my date. I think he went off with Asher and the others somewhere."

She hummed curiously, "Adrien huh? So you guys made up?"

"Ah, yeah. We're not dating again or anything, but we're slowly starting to mend our friendship again. I asked him if he still wanted to go to prom with me, and he said yes," I sighed, "though, I'm kind of surprised he said yes."

"Why are you surprised?" She raised a brow.

I sighed heavily. I shook my head, tucking my hands into my pockets as I looked elsewhere, "well I mean, after what happened between me and him, and what I did, I didn't really think that he would accept me as his friend again, let alone his prom date."

"You know how Adrien is...he's a good person. He's always eager to forgive people, and to give them a chance," Annie told me, "and you're his fucking best friend, for heaven sakes, you really think he'd just throw you away? You're not just a random person. You mean more to him than the average person, so why wouldn't he forgive you?"

"Because I fucked up?" I laughed sadly, shaking my head, "something happened to him, and I thought otherwise. I should've trusted him first over Carter freaking Alinksy."

Annie frowned, a sympathetic look on her face, "why did you think Adrien was cheating on you, anyway?"

"Because..." I paused, frowning as I bit my lip, "I don't know. When I first saw Adrien and Carter talking to each other at our lockers, we argued about it after. He didn't tell me he was even talking to Carter until I found out about it. And then, Carter continued to bug us, and when I told him privately to stay away from Adrien, he told me that I couldn't stop Adrien from wanting someone else. And I guess...I don't know. When I saw them together at the party, that's all I could think about. Stupid, right?"

"It's not stupid, Preston."

"Yes, it is," I said, "when it was happening, I thought I was being logical, but now when I look back at it, I was just being stupid."

"Well, love makes us stupid sometimes," Annie said, "you have insecurities, and that's okay. You just gotta work on them. Nothing wrong with that."

I fell silent. I lowered my gaze and looked down at our feet. Annie didn't have it though and grabbed my chin as she pulled my head back up, a stern look on her face.

"We're only human Preston. We all make mistakes. You're not a bad person for fucking up once. People forget that we're not perfect, and we expect everyone to be perfect, and if they mess up once, that's it. But it shouldn't have to be that way. You're a good person who has insecurities that make you think in ways that likely aren't true. Just work on them. Your relationship with Adrien will benefit from it."

I nodded my head slowly, "yeah...I guess you're right."

"Guess?" Annie scoffed, "honey, you know I'm right."

I chuckled lightly at that. Just before I could reply, I heard footsteps and then I felt someone's arm link around mine, and when I looked down, I smiled when I noticed that it was Adrien. He returned the smile, looking between me and Annie.

"Hey, where did you go?" I asked him. Adrien hummed.

"With Asher to the bathroom, then we hung out on the balcony for a bit with Hollie and a couple of other queens before he went to go sit down at our table and I came to find you," He replied, "what are you guys talking about?"

"Oh, nothing really. Just chatting about graduation and whatnot," Annie shrugged, a grin on her face, "but also, didn't Hollie look absolutely adorable in her prom dress? Ugh, love that girl."

Adrien laughed, smiling crookedly at Annie, "yeah, she looked beautiful in it. I see you two are matching as well."

"Yes, that was all her idea," Annie chuckled, "by the way, you know Preston and I will be singing a couple of songs later? It's going to be awesome!"

"Oh, yeah! Preston told me about that. Though...of course, he's keeping the songs a secret, again."

"Hey, I just like the element of surprise, ya know?" I smirked at Adrien. He rolled his eyes at that.

"Yeah, clearly."

"Anyway, it was nice catching up with you, Preston," Annie smiled at me, then turned to Adrien, "and nice to see you again as well, Adrien. I'm glad you're doing better. I'm just going to go find Hollie."

Adrien and I said a temporary goodbye to Annie before she wandered off. I then turned to Adrien, who let go of my arm to grab a chocolate chip cookie from the buffet table. I watched as he took a bite out of the cookie, and he looked up at me with a raised brow.


"Nothing," I chuckled, shaking my head, "just admiring."

A blush coated Adrien's cheeks when I said that, but he smiled nonetheless. The two of us chatted amongst ourselves for a few minutes before going to find our friends.

When dinner came around, all the seniors flooded the banquet hall and took to their designated seats, and everyone started chatting up a storm. Each table held ten students. At Adrien and I's table, we had Phoebe, Joseph, Kade, Kourtney, Daniel, Asher, Annie, and Hollie. While the workers handed out plates of food from the buffet to each table, two of the teachers were standing up on the stage, giving a quick speech before they started calling out the "most likely to" awards.

A couple of weeks before prom, all the senior students had to fill out their votes for the awards. We had to vote for whoever we thought was most likely to do whichever option was given, and the one with the most votes would win the award. Some of the options were hilarious, such as most likely to be the next prime minister, and most likely to die first in the zombie apocalypse, etc.

Joseph won an award for most likely to throw a fit during a game of monopoly, to which everyone laughed when he got up to receive his award; a certificate and a goodie bag. Adrien won one as well, for most likely to bring home a stray puppy. It was hilarious because it was definitely true. We all laughed and cheered for him, despite his surprised look for winning something.

After the awards were all handed out, all the food was handed out, and we dug into our food. For the appetizers, we had Caesar salad, and for dinner tonight we had pasta with tomato sauce and garlic bread. When one of the workers came around to our table with the cheese grater, both Phoebe and Asher got a large amount of cheese on their pasta, much to my amusement.

While we ate, one of the teachers started calling up different students to perform songs, kind of like dinner and a show. Annie and I were going to be singing as well, but we were second to last, so I got to wallow in my nerves while I picked at my food and watched students taking turns to step onto the stage to sing with different instruments. One of the main reasons I was nervous was that the song I picked reflects my feelings at the current moment.

These past several weeks, I have been feeling all sorts of emotions, one of them being how I felt about Adrien. Ever since he came home from the hospital and we talked everything out, our relationship was one thing that was never brought up, which caused me to burrow myself deeper into my thoughts. I had no idea what he was thinking or feeling, and that alone made me nervous, and honestly, I didn't know how to bring up the conversation when I so desperately wanted to talk about it. I didn't want to upset him, and because of that, I had been waiting to see if he would bring up the conversation, but he hasn't.

"Hey...are you okay?" I felt a hand touch my shoulder, and when I snapped back into reality, I glanced beside me and saw Adrien looking at me with a curious look. I paused to release a heavy sigh and nodded my head.

"Yeah...just a bit nervous."

"You're going to do great," Adrien smiled softly, squeezing my shoulder, "you always do."

I bit my lip, looking into those vibrant green eyes of his, "you think so?"

"I know so."

I took a deep breath to calm myself down, and slowly nodded my head. After watching the performances, the teacher eventually called mine and Annie's name to the stage. I gave myself a mental pep talk, as my friends cheered and clapped, and walked up to the stage with Annie.

The cheering died down and my guitar was given to me as I stood at the microphone, Annie standing next to me with her keyboard piano and her own microphone. We shared looks, and she gave me a smile of encouragement. I closed my eyes and took one final deep breath, the song Rewrite The Stars starting to play in the background.

The moment I opened my mouth and started to sing the song, strumming along with my guitar while Annie played her keyboard, the cheering started up again.

"You know I want you...It's not a secret I try to hide. I know you want me, so don't keep sayin' our hands are tied," I strummed my guitar, singing to my heart's content, bleeding out the feelings I've been holding back into each lyric, all the while everyone listened. When I looked up and scanned the room as I sang, my eyes met Adrien's, and our gazes locked into place.

"What if we rewrite the stars? Say you were made to be mine! Nothing could keep us apart; you'd be the one I was meant to find," This time, it felt like I was really singing to him, and unlike the first time I sang to him, he understood. Adrien's gaze softened, his eyes not once leaving me as he listened.

"You think it's easy...You think I don't wanna run to you. But there are mountains, and there are doors that we can't walk through," Annie started to sing her part, her voice like a butterfly spreading its wings. She sang from the heart just as much as I did, completely sinking into the feel of the music and the lyrics that poured from her lips.

And the entire time she sang her part, her voice getting loud with each lyric, my eyes stayed on Adrien. As Annie sang her part, the look on his face was almost like the lyrics were the exact emotions that he was feeling because his expression twisted into a frown that resembled heartbreak. His brows pinched together, his lip caught between his teeth.

I fought back the tears that threatened to pierce my eyes and strummed my guitar faster.

"All I want is to fly with you! All I want is to fall with you, so just give me all of you!" Annie and I sang together with all our hearts could pour. I poured every inch of my feelings that I could, and this time, was when Adrien broke our gaze, and he lowered it to his lap.

"You know I want you...It's not a secret I try to hide. But I can't have you...We're bound to break and my hands...are tied," Annie sang the final lyric, just as my fingers slowed to a stop in the guitar.

There was a brief moment of silence as we caught our breaths, and then, everyone started cheering.
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