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Book Two: Precious Virtue

— A U T H O R ' S N O T E —

We aren't finished with Adrien and Preston's story just yet! I will be posting a sequel to Precious Sins under the title Precious Virtue.

I was only going to have two books because Preston and Adrien were originally supposed to get back together in Precious Sins. But because I wanted Adrien to learn to put himself first, I decided it was better not to have them get back together just reflects his character arc better, which is why I also decided to slot another book in between the two I already had planned.'re getting three books of high-quality Adrien & Preston content.

Plus...I'll be introducing some new and fun characters! I love them so much already and I think you're really going to like them. It will definitely be a whole new different vibe from Precious Sins, so get excited!

Thank you guys for reading, I seriously appreciate it. I first started writing this book in 2018 out of inspiration for my Sims. Adrien and Preston were originally my sims characters from The Sims 4, and because I loved them so much, I wanted to write a whole book about them. I had struggled at first, writing this book, so I only had the first four chapters written and stopped writing it for over a year. It wasn't till around November 2019 that I picked the book up again after sudden inspiration hit me, and we are.

I'm really glad I finished this book. it's my longest book yet, and it really used up the last of my brain cells LMAO, but I'm glad I got the story down on paper and can't wait to come back and edit it to polish it up.

Once again, I love you all, and thank you <3

♛ ♛ ♛

— B O O K S U M M A R Y —

Precious Virtue

As the weeks go by and summer break ends, Preston King and Adrien Aguilera's mending friendship becomes just a bit more complicated as they start university, and they're separated by distance.

For Preston, while he's excited to take his first steps into gaining the career he's wanted for a long time, he isn't sure how he is going to juggle his heavy course load, make new friends, while also rebuilding his relationship with Adrien while they are far apart from each other. And for Adrien, well, he just doesn't know what he's doing, period.

With new friendships and (possibly) new relationships, both boys struggle to comprehend what that'll mean for their future, and if they'll come out of this stronger than ever, or end up crashing and burning.

[Content Warning: Mental Health Topics; Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Substance Abuse.]

♛ ♛ ♛

— C O P Y R I G H T —

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