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Chapter Four

Preston's POV

The look on Adrien's face as we pulled up to the mall was priceless. Even as I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the costume shop crowded with people, it didn't take a genius to tell that he regretted every decision he ever made in his life—particularly this one.

"Tell me again why I even agreed to this?" Adrien groaned, dragging his feet. He looked at the large wall of costumes on display, on the racks, accessories and other Halloween decor spread out throughout the shop, much to his despair.

"Because you love me?" I looked down at Adrien with a smile. He rolled his eyes at me, nudging me with his arm.

"And...tell me why I love you again?" He asked, looking up at me with an innocent look on his face. It was my turn to scoff at him.

"Because I am your best friend in the whole world, and also seeing as you live with me now, you can't actually hate me," I started, quickly clamping my fingers over Adrien's mouth to shush his smart ass comments, "if you really hated me then well...why are you here?"

"Touché," Adrien said once I freed his mouth. He linked our arms together nudging me towards the costumes, "come on, let's just get our costumes. By the owe me a movie date."

"Alright," I laughed, shaking my head with a smile. Adrien returned the smile, one that made his face light up like a sunny summer day. We both walked towards the large wall of costumes, pushing through the small crowd of people.

We managed to find a police costume for Adrien in no time, but since it was too high up on the wall for us to reach, it resulted in Adrien climbing on my shoulders to grab it and us almost stumbling to the ground, but hey, we got the costume! I mean, we could have asked an employee to grab it for us, but where was the fun in that?

The police costume consisted of the navy blue tight fit uniform shirt with a badge and leather pants, much to my amusement. Just picturing Adrien wearing this outfit alone was enough to get my excitement spiking. I bet his ass would look so fucking sexy in those leather pants. Honestly, my best friend looked good in everything he wore, I didn't doubt he would look tasteful in this costume.

God, now I couldn't wait to see him in this outfit. The party wasn't until the weekend so I wouldn't even get to see him in the damn thing until then.

Okay, Preston. Quit thinking about your best friend like that.

I let out a heavy sigh, quickly shaking the thoughts out of my head. I turned my attention back to Adrien once he had the costume in his hands, his gaze fixed solely on the variety of costumes. His blonde hair was pulled out of his face, his fringed combed back, tousled in a way that made it look effortless. He was dressed in a beige coat with a red scarf draped around his neck, and dark washed jeans that folded around his ankles. Though, Adrien could be wearing a pair of sweatpants and I would still say he looked gorgeous.

"Hey look! They have an orange jumpsuit! I mean, it has long sleeves but we could just cut them off?" Adrien said, hurrying to a rack of costumes, snapping me out of my short thought process.

"Well would you look at that," I smirked. He took the jumpsuit off the hook, making his way back over to me.

"Here you go, fine sir," Adrien grinned, tossing me the jumpsuit.

"Thanks babe," I winked, catching the costume from him. A blush was quick to form along Adrien's cheeks, bright and vibrant and easy for me to see the sudden bashful look on his face.

"Stop calling me that!" Adrien whined, giving me a look at only made me laugh.

"Why? I love watching your face light up like a cherry," I laughed, reaching over to pinch Adrien's cheek, making him gasp and slap my hand away.

"Let's just pay for the costumes and go see the movie," Adrien flashed me a quick glare. He turned on his heels and hurried towards the register. I chuckled as I followed after him, finding his embarrassment amusing. After knowing him for most of my life, it was easy to embarrass him—he got embarrassed by pretty much everything. He was an innocent kitten.

After we bought the costumes, we exited the mall, slipping into my black Chevy Camaro after tossing the bags into the trunk. The ride to the movie theatre wasn't a long one, only taking about ten minutes before we pulled into the parking lot of the cinema. Adrien jumped out, telling me to hurry up as he started towards the cinema, making me roll my eyes at his childness before I stepped out of the car to catch up to him.

"What movie did you even want to watch?" I called out to him. I grabbed the door, opening it for him, and he smiled before walking into the cinema.

"I want to see Annabelle Comes Home," Adrien looked at me over his shoulder, a cute smile on his face. I raised a brow, following him to the ticket lineup.

"Okay then. But if you get scared, just remember, you have me to grab and crawl on to hide," I said. Adrien scoffed, opening his mouth, but was quickly cut off.

"Hey guys!" A feminine voice shouted, and we turned our heads. Phoebe was standing in the line-up, waving her hand frantically with Joseph standing beside her. His dark brown hair was slicked out of his face, brown eyes looking over at me and Adrien, hands shoved in his hoodie pockets.

Adrien smiled wide, waving back, before he grabbed my hand and quickly moved to the ticket line to join our two friends.

"Hey! I didn't expect to see you guys here. Are you two on a date?" Adrien asked, stopping in front of them. He let go of my hand much to my disappointment. Phoebe smiled wide and nodded.

"Yup! We're seeing Toy Story 4. I begged him to join me," Phoebe laughed, nudging Joseph's arm. He rolled his eyes, "what about you two?"

"We just came from costume shopping. Adrien wants to see the new Annabelle movie," I trailed my eyes to him. Adrien looked up at me and smiled, a smug smile that had me chuckling at him.

"Scary. Try not to wet your pants Preston," Joseph chimed in.

"Pft, if anyone's getting scared, it's going to be Adrien," I smirked. I draped my arm across his shoulders and pulled him to me, making him gasp. I pressed him close to my side, and he gripped my shirt, a wild blush on his cheeks.

"Bullshit, I'm the one who made the movie choice!" Adrien protested. I chuckled, shaking my head.

God dammit, the blush on his face was really cute. All I wanted to do was tilt his head up and kiss those perfectly plump and kissable lips of his. He was the perfect height for me to lift him off the ground and press him against a wall if I wanted to. Oh god, imagine him laying against our bed, with that cute ass blush on his face. He'd be blushing from the things I'd be doing—

I cleared my throat, quickly snapping out of my thoughts, realizing I had been staring at Adrien the entire time. I moved my gaze elsewhere, noticing Phoebe looking at me with a raised brow.

"Uhm, anyways, enjoy your movie guys. We'll see you at school tomorrow Yea?" I said. Joseph nodded, holding his hand out for a quick fist bump.

"Yea, see you later Preston, Adrien," Joseph smiled. Phoebe smiled back, before following her boyfriend up to the register once it was their turn. I sighed heavily.

Once we paid for our tickets and bought an extra large bag of popcorn for us to share (with extra butter because that's what Adrien likes), we headed to the theatre. The dark theatre was already filled with a few people, couples and groups of teenagers quietly chatting and eating popcorn. I guided Adrien through the dark and up the stairs, moving to the very top row of seats, and sat, holding the bag of popcorn in my lap.

Adrien sat down beside me, handing me my KitKat bar. I took it with a thanks, ripping open the packet, just as Adrien reached over and dug his hand into the popcorn, shoving the handful into his mouth.

The movie started. I munched on the KitKat bar, Adrien snacking on the popcorn from beside me. The movie barely caught my attention because even though I was watching, I still couldn't get Adrien off of my mind. The movie was a blur in the background and my best friend was the one image in my head gaining all of my attention.

I don't know when I started liking him. I probably have liked him for a while but I only started to realize it last year in eleventh grade. A guy had been hitting on Adrien, someone from the senior hockey team. Though he led Adrien on and when he decided to crush my fucking best friend's heart, I sought him out and punched him in the face. Seeing Adrien's heart broken face and his tears, it made my chest burn in anger. How could someone do that to him?

But it was that moment, when I held him and wiped those tears off his face, I realized how bad I wanted to kiss him.

I didn't want to ruin our friendship, because what if he didn't like me back? It would make our friendship awkward if that were the case. But I couldn't help but like him, and I couldn't help my raging fucking hormones that wanted to push him against the bed and fuck him until he was moaning my name over and over.

God fucking dammit. Preston, you need to stop being so horny all the time.

But also god dammit, I wanted to kiss Adrien right there and then, as he stuffed his face with popcorn.

"Hey, are you even watching the movie?" I blinked to the sound of Adrien's voice, then blinked again when his hand waved in my face. Fuck, I had been staring at him this entire time. What a weirdo.

"Are you okay Preston?" Adrien raised a brow a me. I paused and nodded my head, smiling at him.

"Yea, sorry. You have a cute face," I commented. Adrien's face flushed bright red in the dark cinema. He quickly ended the conversation at that, stuffing his face with popcorn once again, and turned his gaze to the screen.

I shook my head with a chuckle, admiring his cute actions whenever he got embarrassed. Then, I turned back to the movie screen.

When the movie was over, the theatre lights flicked on as the credits rolled through. I grabbed our empty food trash, following Adrien and the swarm of people exiting the theatre, and tossed our garbage into the closest trash bin.

We left the cinema and headed back to my car, and the entire way there, Adrien went on and on about the movie, mostly that it wasn't as scary as he wanted it to be. He continued to talk even as we get into the car, and as I drove us home.

He really needs to stop being cute when he rambles. Especially in the car, where I could stop the gas and take him to the back seat.

When we arrived home, I parked the car in the driveway. Adrien grabbed the house keys from me and was the first to get out and head to the front door. I followed after, pushing into the house behind him.

Instantly, the smell of chocolate chip cookies filled my nose. It lingered around the house like a charming aroma, and honestly, the smell was to die for. I inhaled deeply, taking in as much of the scent as I possible could. I was close to drooling.

"Hey sweeties! Did you have a fun day out?" Adrien's mom stepped out into the mud room just as I kicked off my shoes, and Adrien slipped off his jacket and scarf. Meghan stood with a bright smile on her face, her long golden blonde hair tied back in a French braid, her hands covered by mittens and an apron wrapped over her clothes. She smiled a motherly smile at the both of us.

"Yea we did. Are you making cookies?" Adrien asked, and she nodded.

"Yup! They'll be ready in about fifteen minutes."

"God, they smell so damn good!" I groaned.

Meghan laughed, "they taste just as good as they smell, right sweetheart?" She looked to Adrien, who nodded and smiled.

"The best cookies I've ever tasted."

"Exactly," She winked. "Why don't you two come sit in the kitchen? I have some left over cookie batter that needs licking."

"Oh yes!" Adrien laughed, then turned to me, "you coming Preston?"

"Obviously," I smirked. Meghan smiles brightly and started back to the kitchen, Adrien and I following behind her, though, I fell back slightly and slowly stopped when I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket.

I pulled it out, turning it on, glancing down at the message that I received. I blinked, slightly taken aback.

[Phoebe Beanie]: Do you like Adrien?

I was speechless. How was I even supposed to reply to that? Most importantly, how the hell did she even find out?


[Preston King]: What makes you say that?

[Phoebe Beanie]: Because when we ran into you at the theatre you were staring at him with that look in your eyes👀

[Preston King]: What look?

[Phoebe Beanie]: You know...the horny eyes

[Preston King]: Fuck. Was I really that obvious?

[Phoebe Beanie]: Yes. Very. Though, I don't get why I didn't figure it out sooner. You two have SO MUCH chemistry. Are you going to ask him out???

[Preston King]: He's my best friend, how the hell would I even ask him out? I doubt he even likes me back.

[Phoebe Beanie]: Oh please. I have no doubt that Adrien likes you back. With the way he blushes around you? Plus, you never know until you try. I think you should tell him.


I sighed heavily. Phoebe did have a point there. But it still didn't get rid of the nerves I felt just thinking about confessing my feelings to him.

I glance up to Adrien, watching him talk and laugh away with his mom, sticking a spoonful of cookie batter into his mouth. His smile was everything, the way his eyes smiled too, glowing. The way he looked at you when you talked to him because he always listened. He was perfect for me, and I wanted him so badly.

How am I supposed to tell him I like him?

"You okay Preston?" Adrien asked. I blinked and noticed that he was now staring over at me. I paused, nodding my head before making my way over.

"Yea, I'm okay," I smiled. Adrien smiled back, and held a spoon out to me with a bit of cookie batter on it. I took it, and tasted the batter, satisfied with the chocolate explosion that filled my mouth.

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