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Chapter Six

[Preston's POV]

After peeling off my sweaty gym clothes and having a quick shower to rinse off the sweat and stench, I changed back into my distressed jeans and white v-neck shirt. I ran my fingers through my damp hair and sprayed on some cologne before picking up my school bag, shrugging it over my shoulders.

"See you at practice tomorrow Preston?" One of my football buddies, Brandon, called out to me. I turned to him with a smirk, holding my hand up for a high-five, and he slapped our hands together.

"Yup, I'll be there though I'll be a little late. I have practiced for the Halloween assembly on Friday."

"What song are you even performing anyways? You've been keeping so many secrets lately, Preston! First, your song choice and now your crush?" Brandon wiggled his brows. I rolled my eyes at him, letting out a scoff.

"Has word been spreading around?" I asked. I wasn't surprised. Kourtney was a blabbermouth. When she got excited about something, she wanted to make sure everyone knew about it. At least she didn't know who it was, because I didn't want the surprise ruined. The song I was singing, it was a song to Adrien, basically expressing my feelings without him knowing. Plus, he would be in the crowd and now that Phoebe figured out who I was crushing on, she was going to make sure he had front row seats.

And after a long night of texting with her, she convinced me to 'man the eff up' and tell Adrien about my feelings. So, I decided that I would tell him that I liked him after the Halloween party on Friday night. She was confident and thought it would go well. I'm a confident guy, not to toot my own horn, but when it came to Adrien, I was a fucking dork. Seriously.

I just hoped it went well.

"Yup. All of the football team knows, and pretty much all the seniors and a few juniors. Everyone is curious about who it is and want to know," Brandon chuckled.

"Well, they won't have to wait too much longer. I'll be telling them after the Halloween party at Annie's. Hopefully, if it goes well, I'll be able to announce my relationship publicly," I winked. Brandon laughed at that, clasping his hand on my back.

"Good luck to you, man. I'm rooting for you."

After a solid clasp the shoulder, Brandon and I walked out of the king's changeroom. I stopped and turned to see Adrien leaning against the lockers in the hallway, waiting for me. He looked so cute in his denim jacket and loosed fitted white button-up underneath. Adrien styled his hair up and out of his face in faint blonde curls, freckles spread across his cheeks and nose. I waved at Brandon as he left down the hall before walking over to Adrien, who noticed me and flashed a sweet smile.

"Took you long enough. The bell is going to ring for third period in like a minute," Adrien said, pushing off the lockers and stood up straight. He looked up at me with crossed arms, and I couldn't help but admire how cute he was.

I bit back the sexual comment I wanted to make, and instead said, "yea, I was talking to Brandon about the Halloween Assembly on Friday. Everyone is dying to know what song I'm going to sing."

"Yea, so am I. I don't even know what you're singing, and I'm damn curious," Adrien pouted. I smiled at him, reaching up to cup his cheek.

"You'll find out on Friday," I replied. Adrien sighed at that. I let go of his cheek and instead grabbed his hand, yanking him closer to my side so that I could wrap my arm around him. Adrien wrapped an arm around my waist, comfortably hugging my side as I started down the hall, heading to our third-period class. We both had Chemistry, so I would be able to stare at him for an entire seventy-five minutes while he took notes.

"You know...about the Halloween party," Adrien spoke up after a moment, making me glance down at him as we headed to the corner stairwell, "maybe you should go with Marci? I'm sure you two would have a good time."

My face twisted up in confusion. Marci? Where was that coming from? Marci was cool and all, but I wanted to go to the party with Adrien, and maybe if I was lucky, give him a little smooch. I wanted to see him all dressed up in that police those tight leather pants hugging that firm butt of his—

Okay, off-topic.

"Marci? Why would I go with Marci?" I raised a brow at Adrien. He shrugged, biting his lower lip.

"I just think you two would be cute together."

"What makes you say that? We already got our costumes. Plus, I want to go to the party with you," I said. Adrien frowned.

"Well, I mean...I'm not much of a party person anyway. You should go with someone outgoing, and you know...not boring," Adrien murmured. A sudden gasp slipped from his lips as I pulled him to a stop in the empty hall and pushed him up against the lockers. Adrien looked up at me with wide eyes as I pinned him there, hands pressed against either side of his head.

"I'm not going to the party with Marci. I'm going with you, and that's final, stop trying to change my mind," I looked down at Adrien. His cheeks flushed a light shade of pink from how close I was. I noticed the way his eyes flickered down to my lips, before back up to me, and at that moment, I was finding it hard not to kiss him.

I knew we were already late for class. The bell rang over a minute ago. The halls were empty; it was just us. We would get yelled at for being late, so why not just lean in a few more inches to kiss him?

But I decided against it. I would be patient and wait until Friday, even if it was killing me on the inside to kiss him then and there. He looked so delectable, so beautiful with his flushed cheeks, with his green eyes staring up at me, his lips pink and kissable. But I held myself together and pulled myself off of him, holding my arm out to him.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to be aggressive," I smiled at him apologetically. Adrien blinked as if caught in a daze before he cleared his throat, quickly shaking his head.

"What? Oh, I-it's okay," He murmured. He stepped away from the lockers and closer to me so that I could wrap an arm around him. Without another word, we walked the rest of the way down the hall until we reached our Chemistry class.

Let's say we were yelled at for being late, of course.

And while our chemistry teacher gave Adrien and I a quick lecture about attendance, I could feel eyes on us. The rest of our class was staring, suspicious and curious, whispers lingering amongst each other.


Adrien and I met up at our lockers and walked home. The air was a bit chilly, autumn leaves falling onto the sidewalk. When we got back, Adrien decided to make ourselves an after school snack in the kitchen since our parents weren't home. I took our bags upstairs to our shared bedroom and tossed them to the floor, quickly deciding to change into a pair of sweats and a t-shirt now that I was home. I heard my phone buzz against the dresser, while I was changing, and picked it up off my dresser.


[Phoebe Beanie]: to share why you and Adrien were late to class?

[Preston King]: We were having a conversation.

[Phoebe Beanie]: Pft, a conversation? Seriously? I don't buy that shit, Preston. Tell me what happened.

[Preston King]: Okay, fine.

[Preston King]: We were heading up to class when he mentioned something about how I should take Marci to the Halloween party instead. I may have gotten a little mad about it and pinned him against the yea. I almost kissed him then and there.


[Preston King]: Because I was going to do it at the Halloween party, remember?!

[Phoebe Beanie]: Oh, come on!!! You had the PERFECT opportunity to do it then and there! So what if you were waiting?! God, I wish I could smack you through the phone.

[Preston King]: This is Adrien we are talking about here! I want to tell him how I feel, not shove him against the wall and smother his mouth.

[Preston King]: Though...I would be up to doing that after confessing my love for him.

[Phoebe Beanie]: You are so fucking whipped, you know that Preston? WHIPPED. God, both of you deserve happiness, and I can't wait for this relationship to kick off. You know people are getting suspicious now with what happened in Chem.

[Preston King]: Seriously?

[Phoebe Beanie]: Yes, seriously! But anyway, I can't wait for your performance on Friday! It's going to be so cute. But I'm about to spend some time with my mans so I'll talk to you later, love you!!!!!


I chuckled, quickly replying to Phoebe before shoving my phone into my pocket. I headed downstairs to the kitchen, where Adrien was making both of us BLTs and leftover macaroni salad from last night's dinner. Adrien stood at the counter, softly humming while prepping our sandwiches onto two separate plates along with the macaroni salad. I didn't want to bother him, so I stood back and smiled, leaning against the archway with my arms crossed.

That didn't last very long. Adrien, I could describe as an enchanting tune, a gentle lullaby. Everything he did was soothing, and it only drowned me further. The longer I stood and stared, the harder it was not to walk over to him and touch him. I wanted to walk up behind him and touch his waist, lean over his shoulder as he prepped our food, and kiss the side of his neck.

We've been best friends for years. Ever since we met, Adrien had always made me feel at ease whenever he was around. If I was angry, his voice calmed me down. Being with him, I felt peace, like sitting in a flower garden on a sunny day, alone, listening to the lulling sounds of nature. That's how it felt to be with him.

God, I was really fucking in love with him.

"Are you just going to stand there and stare at me?"

I blinked and pulled myself out of my daydream, realizing that I had been staring at Adrien the entire time I was in my thoughts. I cleared my throat, flashing Adrien a charming smile, which brought a lovely shade of red to his cheeks.

"Sorry, I was thinking."

"About what?" Adrien asked, grabbing our plates and handing one over to me.

About how much I want to bend you over the counter— "Nothing, really. Just thinking about Friday. Can't wait for the assembly," I chuckled, thanking him as I took the plate from him.

"Do you think you've practiced enough? It's in two days, but I know you won't have time tomorrow because you have football practice," Adrien explained. I nodded my head, walking to the living room with Adrien and sitting down on the couch.

"Oh, yea. I've had plenty of time to practice. I just hope you like the song I chose," I smirked at him.

Adrien raised a brow, taking a bite of his sandwich, "me? Why me? If you like it, then who cares right? Plus, I like any song you sing."

"Your point?"

"My point — you're singing a song you want to sing. That's all that matters."

"Awe, trying to get all cute and meaningful on me, Adrien?" I purred, pinching his cheek. Adrien scoffed at me, heat rising to his cheeks as he smacked my hand away.

How cute.

"I-I was just saying! Stop teasing me," Adrien groaned. I chuckled, turning on the TV before digging into the yummy food my best friend made for us.

"Sorry, but you'll have to deal with my teasing for the rest of your life."

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