The Bad Boy has a Puppy

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#3 Bad Boy series - Standalone - “I-ah. You crushed on me?” He asked, a smirk making its way back from his shocked face. “Believe it or not, Sam McHuen was a nice kid.” I said, crossing my arms, “kind and smart. Happy. Must have hit his head hard because he turned upside down and mucked up his life.” - - “Well, you don’t know anything.” - - “I’m a girl, not a whore, Sammy.” I stated, “girls look for their nerds too.” “Oh, little Fifi. You’re wrong. All the girls fall for the bad boy.” He smirked and I was ready to slap it off. “Not me.” ************************ My former crush boy is harassing me to death. Oh! But that’s not all. He’s my frickin’ neighbour too. ************************* Fifi Bisset moved back to Chicago with her family after being in London for two years. Coming back, she fits in with her old friends until her former crush makes his way into her life. Sam McHuen is the bad boy of the school with his friends but he's also the jerk Fifi so much hates until sparks fly thanks to his adorable bulldog puppy, Boldo who Fifi can't keep her hands off. ******************* Enjoy this love, hate relationship! Don't forget to COMVIEW for it (comment/review)

Romance / Humor
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Fifi’s POV

“I don’t want any more excuses!” I exclaimed, on the verge of tears again. It was raining. Hard. And I was in it, my jacket and blonde hair soaking just as my boyfr-ex stood a few metres away, drenching too.

“I hate you so much!” I croaked and then moved my hand over my face, wiped the water away before I ran it through my hair. “I don’t want to see you again. Ever.”

“Baby, I was drunk!” He tried but I shook my head, looking up at the dark sky as he took my arms tightly but not painfully. “You have to believe that it meant nothing. I love you. It’s only you!”

“Not anymore.” I breathed, not sure if he’d heard it over the rain. “you don’t have me anymore.” I said and then winced when his hands tightened on my arms, bruising a little. “I’m done with this! Okay?” I asked, shoving his arms off me.

“Okay. It’s not like we’ve been here before.” He growled deeply, frustrated, “you always come running back.”

“Will, I’m going home.” I said, gripping the charm lock around my neck, “home as in Chicago. In America.”

“What? You’re leaving London?”

“And I’m leaving you,” I said and pulled at the chain. It broke and I threw it to him as I turned and walked away, no way of getting home except with my own two legs.

So, let me go back to explain while I walk.

So, his name is Will and he’s been my boyfriend for about five months. Not so long and not too deep because I knew one of us would muck up.

And it was him.

We were at the party for about an hour, dancing and drinking together before I moved to join in with a few others for gossip.

I expected to get the drama on other people, not my -at the time- boyfriend and how he slept with another girl only last week at the last party we went to.

Again, I’d gone to be with a few others for drama and I guess that’s when he got it down with someone else.

As I said, we weren’t so deep but it still disappointed me. And it hurts too because I feel used. We were growing connections.

At the start, he asked me out because I was pretty and he wanted a girl by his side. I said yes because he was popular and cool and I thought that maybe I could get more friends and be liked more.

And that turned to a yes. We became the most well-known couple in school.

Heck, even at the skatepark everyone knew us. Well, everyone knew me first because I’m a skater. I dragged Will out to give it a go with me and we ended up getting a party started there with everyone showing off their tricks.

That was the night Will broke his hand because he tried to skate drunk. He was too drunk to feel much pain though.

It was still a very rememberable night.

Anyway, back to tonight.

As soon as I dug up more information, the more I was backing away to find the son of a bitch. I found him with his gang of guys and everything grew silent when I -no weak girl slap- full-on punched him. It was hard enough to get him off balance and he fell against one of the other boys, who only just caught him.

Then I did my thing where I swear off in French because I’m French and my dad has taught me the language well.

Then he put the pieces together and started cursing himself but also me to stop talking gibberish. I pushed his chest but he kept his balance so I just turned and got out.

Of course, he followed and made up excuses.

You know the rest.

I ended it.

And I think I’m proud of it. That I did something so wild and broke up with the boy who took my first date ever. My first kiss. And my first time.


When I got home, I unlocked the door and was quiet to go inside and lock it again behind me.

De retour si tôt?” [Back so soon?] I heard dad say before the hallway lights flicked on and I turned to see him leaning on the kitchen doorframe.

I stayed quiet, thinking if I should just run into my room or stay and hear out my punishment.

I wasn’t allowed out tonight because our flights’ were early tomorrow but I still had the idea of dropping the bombshell to Will.

I did.

Just not in the way I’d thought about.

He sighed, “Chores pendant une semaine.” [Chores for a week]

I nodded.

“Qu’est-ce que tu dis?” [What do you say?]

Désolé.” [I’m sorry] I replied softly, “have a good night, papa.” I said, kissing his cheek softly.

“Straight to sleep, petit une.” [Little one]

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