His Burden

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Chapter Twenty-Two

Having insisted on helping out, Spencer delicately dragged a fluffy towel down my body, drying me off with so much careful attention, I feared his concentration was bordering on painful. He proceeded to wrap me up in one of his T-shirts before directing me to his bed, the added instruction of, “Don’t move,” keeping me firmly in place. Water dripped from my hair onto his sheets, soaking it through. I attempted to direct some of the dripping elsewhere but was stopped upon the return of my man armed with a hairdryer and a brush.

“I didn’t know you owned one of those,” I smiled, watching him plug it into the wall.

“It’s Leila’s.”


I went to grab the device from off the floor, failing when it was pulled from my reach. I was a little confused at first but soon realised his intention when he picked up the hairbrush and settled in behind me.

“You don’t have to blow dry my hair,” I protested, feeling a little awkward with this setup.

“I know I don’t have to, I want to. I’m taking care of you.”

“Yes, but I can do that,” I insisted, trying to grasp the brush.

“Not happening, Miss. Turner. Now, turn around and let me do this.”

I gave in and spun around, only wincing the once when my tangles got caught up in the brush. Aside from that, I found the action rather pleasant and closed my eyes on a contented sigh. Before long, the dyer was turned on and he took to treating my hair, running the stands slowly through his fingers. Each gentle pull felt great against my scalp, curing my headache of its constant pounding.

“You’re good at this!” I shouted, earning a chuckle in response.

“Thanks!” he yelled back, massaging my scalp.

I moaned my way through each tender caress and smiled my appreciation. His fingers were heavenly and all too soon, it was over.

“All done.”

“Hmm,” I sighed, missing his touch.

“I take that to mean you enjoyed yourself,” he teased, brushing through my long locks one last time.

“I did. You’re skilled with those fingers of yours.”

He laughed down my ear and nibbled on the lobe, certainly up to no good. He pulled on my hips and positioned them parallel to his, making crude suggestions along the way.

“Why don’t you take control tonight?”

His proposition took me by surprise and for a moment, I thought he was joking. He was a dominant through and through and the thought of him giving up control was insane. Why would he when that was who he was? For a dominant to submit was astounding. I’d never heard of it and certainly wasn’t expecting it. Perhaps he was confused or rather, attempting to appease me by offering up the reigns so to speak? Either way, I was confused and found myself questioning the matter.


“Why not? You might enjoy it.”

“And you?” I prompted. “Will you enjoy it?”

His shot me a cheeky smirk and lay on his back, slap bang in the middle of his bed. “Try me.”

I was completely gobsmacked. He was being serious. He wanted me, his submissive, to take control and I hadn’t the slightest clue how to even begin. Did I ease us both into the change of dynamic or did I dive straight in?

“Relax, Jessica. You’re my queen and I will do anything to satisfy you.”

Well, then!

I pushed myself away from the bed and towered over his body, deciding to go in all guns blazing.

“Come over here and kiss me,” I demanded, guiding him with my voice.

“Yes!” he overjoyed, springing to his knees in an attempt to locate my lips.

Before he could, I pulled on his hair and forced his unfocused gaze to meet mine. It was a harsh movement and his neck jerked back, fighting against the motion.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, your highness,” he smirked, feeling bold.

Cocky twat.

“Well done.”

I let him kiss me and was overwhelmed by the amount of passion in which he did so. Manly grunts left the back of his throat and I found my tongue took on a life of its own. It swept the perimeter of his mouth and delved further into the unknown, desperately in need of his taste.

“Use this,” I began, licking his lips. “Here,” I concluded, positioning his hand over my knickers.

He pulled off my T-shirt and within seconds, his face was buried between my legs. His tongue worked like magic on my clit and circled my opening perfectly. I struggled to maintain my upright position but didn’t dare let it affect my performance. I took this dominating business seriously and if my man wanted to play, so bloody be it. I’d be the best dom he ever had.

“Make me come, Spencer!” I instructed, grinding lowly on his face.

He moaned his reply and pushed further into my heat, sending my mind soaring. Tension left my body as I succumbed to my climax, riding wave after wave of pleasure. He never once let up on his delicious attack and continued to drink me dry, long after my orgasm had subsided.

“Did my queen come?” he asked, removing his head from in between my thighs.

I shook against the notion of independently standing and grabbed onto the bed frame for some much needed support.

“Your queen came hard,” I laughed, fisting his hair.

“Colour?” he enquired, removing a stray piece of hair from my face.

“Green. You?”

“So fucking green.” He smirked, pulling me on top of his body. “Whatever will she have me do next?”

His deliberate thought process filled me with so much joy and settled nicely into my mind, offering up the perfect plan. I was a rookie and far from skilled but I sure as hell knew how to improvise and quickly grabbed the hairdryer from off the floor.

“You, sir, are going to be tied up,” I informed, wrapping the cord around the headboard and feeding it through each wrist. “All awhile I ride you.”

“Hmm,” he responded, seemingly in agreement with my plan.

“You are not to make a single noise and if you do…” I paused, thinking through an appropriate punishment. “You will be denied release.”

He looked pained in his realisation but nodded nevertheless.


“Yes what?” I asked, hovering my lips over his.

“Yes, my love.”

Satisfied, I pulled the towel from around his waist and enjoyed the sight of his brilliant form. Warm to the touch and completely rock solid, it was clear he was loving this as much as me. I didn’t want to waste another second and guided him closer to my opening where sliding down his shaft with nothing but my moans of appreciation to accompany me was every inch the turn on. Spencer, to give credit where it’s due, stayed impressively silent and simply squeezed me with his thighs. His hands fought against the action of being denied movement but not once did he vocalise his protests.

“Oh, God!” I sighed, feeling him entirely.

I quickly set my pace and did so loudly, purposely trying to goad a reaction from him. I was desperate for him to slip up so I could implement punishment. The rush of being in control was slowly seeping in and gifting me the confidence I never knew I had. It felt liberating to be dictating someone else’s pleasure and all in all, I could see why Spencer liked it so much.

“That feel good, baby?” I asked, dragging my nails down his chest.

He said nothing in response, acting like the perfect sub.


“Playing by the rules, I see?”

I knew what he was doing. By remaining silent, he remained very much in control, meaning I was not. It infuriated me but still, what could I do?”

“Kiss me!” I yelled, growing furious.

He smirked at my tone, knowing full well what he was doing to me. He was a master at his game and boy did I feel played.

“You’re a bad little sub, aren’t you?” I tutted, loving his lips against my own.

Again, he said nothing, so I continued to ride his beautiful cock and brought us both closer to the edge, though not quite enough. I was determined to win this. If he thought he had the upper hand, he could think again. He shuffled in his stance, starting to feel agitated at my lack of completion. He wanted his release but he wasn’t going to get it until he gave me what I wanted.

“What’s wrong, darling? Feeling desperate?”

I allowed my sinister smirk to shine through, feeling awfully evil in my doing so. His thighs squeezed my hips harshly, conveying his every thought.

“I can go all night, Spencer. Women often have multiple orgasms.”

Still, he remained silent.

Right then!

I suddenly stopped what I was doing to dismount his beastly erection. His confusion said it all and increased tenfold as I lay my sweating body down next to him. He hadn’t a clue what I was doing but none of that mattered when I did. I felt powerful and for the first time ever, fully in control.

“Sometimes, when I’m not with you, I imagine what it might feel like to have your fingers inside me,” I spoke, purposely giving my tone a sexy husk. “Just like this…”

I pushed my hand toward the throbbing ache in between my legs and settled two fingers on the area in which I most needed it, letting slip a satisfied sigh afterwards. From my left, Spencer began to twitch.

“Hmm!” I moaned, exaggerating ever so slightly.

The hairdryer’s cord pulled tightly against the headboard, signalling my man’s sudden desperation.

“Oh, God, that feels so nice!”

I risked looking across and found Spencer in a state of complete exasperation. He struggled against his restraints and appeared painfully aroused by the noises I was so set on making.

“And after a while, you go a little deeper.”

At this, I pushed further into my heat and groaned. My hips rose on their own accord, finishing Spencer off as far as being silent went.

“Jess. Untie me. Right the fuck now!”

I smiled at my victory and flipped over, blanketing his front.

“Did you just speak?” I questioned, rhetorically. “Oh no…”

“I need you, baby. Please!”

I fumbled to untie his hands and upon finally setting him free, he flipped us both over, positioning me on my back.

“Permission to fuck you senseless?” he enquired, attacking my neck.

“Permission granted,” I replied, smacking him firmly on the arse. “But that is for being defiant.”

He growled his delight and re-entered my body, slamming into me with a force we both enjoyed. It didn’t take long for my climax to come hurdling through, ripping apart my entire being. Tremors racked my body and stars clouded my vision, all awhile Spencer chanted my name. He found his release shortly after and did so by gripping my hair and kissing my neck. He whispered my name and fired one final thrust before collapsing completely.

“Fucking hell. That was…intense.”

“You started it,” I panted, lightly caressing his hair.

A small laugh resonated from his stomach, filling the room with his manly grunts.

He removed himself from my aching core and draped the sheets over our sweating bodies. The silk felt heavenly on my hot skin and paired with Spencer’s comforting presence, I felt as though I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

“Thank you,” I whispered, snuggling further into his hold.

“For what?”

I kissed his jaw and brought my lips up to meet his ear, shoving each delicate word down it.

“For loving me.”

Nothing more was said as we both settled into our sleep, wrapped firmly around each other. Our breaths mixed together as one and soft touches of affection were shared endlessly. At one point, I rested my head on his chest and found the soft lulls of his heart sent me off, where I found myself dreaming of happiness. Of love.

Of hairdryers.

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