His Burden

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Chapter Thirty

By the time I got home, I was more than a little excited to see take-away boxes littering my kitchen table. Spencer, it seemed, had ordered us a feast and was approaching date night with an ‘eat as much as you can’ mindset.

Fine by me!

A bunch of roses stood tall in a glass vase, accompanied by a small gift-wrapped present.

“This is perfect,” I told him, kissing each of his flushed cheeks. “Thank you.”

“I wasn’t sure what you wanted so I ordered a few dishes.”

Upon turning in his stance, I noticed he had changed into a white button down shirt and some slim fitted black trousers; a concoction that seemed far too formal for a simple night in.

“So I see.”

His small gesture to the banquet on my table saw me immediately pull out a chair, fully prepared to dig in.

“I got you a present,” I revealed, spooning some rice onto my plate. “I’m apologising in advance. It was short notice, so it’s shit.”

It didn’t matter that I had something else other than what I’d purchased in mind, I still felt the need to offer my apologies beforehand. My improvisation was a last minute attempt to make our night special and less about the physical. I wanted to provoke an emotional stimulation and hoped I was able to do so by suggesting something completely new.

“Unacceptable!” he teased, following suit and adding prawn crackers to his dish. “In all seriousness though, you didn’t have to get me anything...”

“What? And risk being dumped for my lack of consideration. Yeah right!”

“Like I would ever dump you,” he scoffed, nudging his knee with mine. “Haven’t we been through this already? I’m incapable without you.”

His playfulness caught on, reducing me to one almighty smile.

“Ah yes! I do recall a time when we were apart and I was as miserable as ever.”

“Exactly!” He smirked. “Shall I see what shit you’ve got me then?”

His change in subject made me smile and I nodded wholeheartedly. Immediately, I got his gift from my handbag and rested it on the table next to mine, cringing at the difference in size. Mine, to his was tiny in comparison.

“I haven’t wrapped it,” I admitted, ashamed to say the least.

“That’s quite alright. I still have no idea what it is,” he winked, feeling for it. “The upside of being blind.”

“I’ll save a fortune on wrapping paper,” I told him, helping him out by positioning his hand on top of the well-structured box.

It took him roughly two seconds to discover that his favourite chocolates lay hidden beneath. He shot his appreciation from across the table and struggled to withhold his urges. Caramel creams were his weakness. If left unaccompanied, he could devour an entire pack within minutes.

“Oh, I do love you,” he revealed, reaching over to offer my lips a firm, yet loving kiss.

It started off slow and tender but soon turned into that of desperation. He practically mounted the table and only upon spilling a tub of curry sauce did he finally pull back.

“The downside of being blind,” I teased, wiping up the mess.

“Please! That had nothing to do with my limited sight and everything to do with my girlfriend being far too sexy for her own good.”

“You’re full of compliments tonight,” I acknowledged, throwing the used cloth towards the sink. “Can I open my present now?”

Before he could so much as nod, I tore into the neatly packaged gift and paused as I came face to face with a headpiece in the shape of cat ears. Made up of fine, leather material and decretive crystals, it felt awfully delicate as I brought it from the box. Light caught on the stones and shone magnificent rays, making the accessory appear somewhat mythical. It was beautiful but what was its purpose? I had no clue.


“You have no idea what they are, do you?” he guessed, catching on to my hesitance.

“Are they cat ears?”

“No. Not cat ears. Mouse ears.”

“Mouse ears?”

Now I was even more confused.

“Hmm.” At this, he rounded the table and took my face between his hands, ever so gently. “My little mouse.”


“Oh,” I breathed, feeling the familiar build of anticipation conjugating in my stomach. “Now I get it.”

He shot me a filthy look in return and dragged his delicious mouth down my neck, suggestively so. Hot breath tickled my skin and sent surges of excitement running up and down the length of my spine. It didn’t matter that our food was getting cold, I was desperate for his touch.

“You smell so good, bellissima,” he whispered, licking my pulse. “And you taste even better.”


Just then, he halted his brilliant attack and did so by holding me at arm’s length. The action felt a little disoriented but one gesture to the food made me understand. We were getting carried away.

“Eat now. Play later?”

He shot me a smile. “You’re learning, topolina mia.

That, I was.


Dinner was gorgeous with the occasional cheeky comment thrown out for good measure. Both of us were feeling rather flirtatious and at one point, even I was blushing. Spencer had insisted on doing the dishes, though I’d compromised by helping him dry. Together, we chatted about anything and everything and for the first time in weeks, I forgot all about the court case and the lengthy journey we still had to endure. Afterwards– whilst putting away the last dish– I felt his lean body press into mine from behind, followed swiftly by his next instruction.

“Go to your bedroom. You’ll find another present.”

The chill I was gifted as a result was every inch the turn on and had I not already been impatient for his body, I certainly was now.


In my bedroom, I noticed another package resting on my bed, only this one was much larger. It’s precise wrapping and neat presentation was a beauty in itself, though I didn’t dare let such dedication stop me from ripping into it. I was eager to see what was inside and was definitely rewarded upon my doing so. I’d never owned a leather corset before and certainly not one like this. All black with gold stitching, it was without a doubt the most outrageous thing I had ever seen but completely and inexcusably sexy. The breast cups were made from sheer lace and at the back–using the same material– ran a floor-length tail.

My little mouse.

Underneath the endless tissue paper, I noticed a single red rose and a message stuck to its stem. It read, ‘WEAR ME!’ and like the obedient little mouse I was, I did exactly that. It fit snugly around the chest area, though I suspected as much. A corset was designed to highlight a woman’s figure, not hide it and boy did it emphasise my curves. The coolness of the material pressed deliciously into my skin and the stench of leather had me in an instant state of arousal.


The sound of Spencer’s impatient tone reached my ears, prompting me to get a move on. I was just about to join him when a sudden thought occurred to me. For my other gift to work, I needed his other senses heightened and if smell was the only thing I had to offer for tonight’s play, so be it. With this in mind, I squirted a healthy amount of perfume onto my neck and wrists, satisfied with my handiwork.


I walked slowly towards his seated form on my living room sofa, kneeling in front of him thereafter. His smirk showed at the mention of ‘sir’ and just like that, I knew he was in character.

“Does my little mouse like her present?” he asked, to which I ran my hands up his thighs.

“Your little mouse loves it.”

He suddenly stiffened, grasping my hands.

“No touching,” he informed, kissing both palms before returning them to my side.

The art of discipline was a favourite of his and I suspected this was the topic of choice for tonight’s scene. Each one had meaning and almost always served as an educational piece. He was an expert in teaching and I was the perfect student, waiting to be gifted A+ for effort. Tonight, however, I had other ideas.

“Wait here.” He elegantly slid from the sofa and went into the kitchen, returning shortly after with my forgotten gift. There, he positioned the mouse ears in place and gently caressed my hair, simultaneously kissing the top of my head. His lips whispered words of encouragement and his hands, marvellous squeezes.

“Clive will be here in twenty minutes. Until then, you will remain on your knees and only speak when spoken to.”


“Do you have any questions?”

Of course. “Where are we going?”

At this, he shot me a gleaming smile and provided a one word answer, knowing full well how loaded it was with promises for a pleasure-filled evening.


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