His Burden

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Chapter Thirty-One

Spencer and I sat in the back of Clive’s car and not once did my dom remove his hand from my slightly trembling one. Nervous energy surged through me at an unforgiving pace and as the rolling tires slowed down upon our approach, the anticipation of what was yet to come weighed heavy on my mind.

My cat ears were temporarily removed (for Clive’s benefit) and my corset-clad body was covered by a long, fitted coat far too suspicious for my liking. It’s material felt thin against my exposed chest and as soon as the car pulled to a stop, I tugged at it, willing the damn thing to stay in place.

“Are you ready?” asked Spencer, looking devilishly edible wearing a confident grin.

“Yes, sir,” I whispered, exiting the car with as much poise as one could muster whilst dressed as a slutty rodent.

Inside, I reapplied the mouse ears and allowed the artificial heat to engulf my body, relaxing me thoroughly. Again, I was in awe of my surroundings. Men and women were dotted around, wearing different variations of leather. Not all were black and not all covered up the essential parts.

“Can you be my eyes?” asked Spencer, plucking his wallet from inside his coat pocket. “You’re looking for a black card with a key on it.”

The card he was describing was wedged between his driving licence and national insurance number, revealing itself as his all-important membership. It wasn’t overly suggestive but powerful enough to know it held great importance. I flashed the young man working the entrance our card and proceeded to offer him my coat, per his request. As soon as I did, cool air swept over my bare arms, prompting an immediate chill. I shuddered against the change in temperature and longed to nuzzle into Spencer’s chest but for obvious reasons, I resisted. In this place, I was no longer just Jessica. I was his submissive and an element of restraint was expected.

“That outfit!” cried a voice from behind.

I quickly turned on my heel, catching sight of a beautiful blond twice my age. To her right stood a young man, possibly the same age as me. His hair was slicked back and his gaze– greedy as it was– rested straight across my chest, appreciating the fine work of my corset.

“What a sight,” expressed the woman, licking her lips. “Who is your master?”

I willed my mouth to move but I couldn’t quite push past the lump in my throat. I hadn’t a clue who this woman was, yet still felt awfully intimidated by her presence. She was a dominant, that much was obvious. Was I expected to answer?

“I am,” answered Spencer, thankfully stepping in.

The blonde grew visibly excited. Her grin widened, stretching to unthinkable amounts.

“What a fine specimen she is.”


“I have a room for this evening.” She smirked. “Perhaps you and your mouse would like to accompany us?”

I was shocked at her brazen invitation and struggled to hide my amusement. She had guts and I admired that, though that certainly didn’t mean I wanted to share a room with her. Her cheeks were striking with long brushes of blush and with a lean figure most women would kill for, I didn’t doubt her strength. Her sub wasn’t much different with a toned six pack I assumed took months of discipline to acquire. His sun-kissed skin looked silky smooth and completely flawless. Too perfect.

“That’s awfully kind of you,” smiled Spencer, struggling to locate her gaze.

He suddenly wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into his chest.

“Not into sharing I see?” She laughed, flittering her eyes between mine and Spencer’s.

I kept my face neutral, unsure if I was to offer my opinion.

“Shame. I imagine you’re both a lot of fun,” she added, stepping forward in her stance. “May I?”

She gestured towards my attire, though aimed her enquiry towards Spencer as though my own consent wasn’t necessary. “I’ve never seen a corset quite like it.”

“If you want to touch it, you’ll have to ask its owner.” He smirked, squeezing my hip.

The blonde’s eyes immediately went to mine, seemingly surprised. “Permission to touch?”

I nodded, withholding the urge to state my terms.

“Wow. It feels so soft. So warm.”

Her fingers lingered over my abdomen for a moment before she withdrew completely, flashing me a seductive smile.

“A gift?”

“Yes,” I managed, lowering my gaze.

I had the strongest suspicion eye contact was an honour I had not yet been given.

“Lucky girl. Your dom looks after you well. I imagine gifts like that don’t come cheap.”

Spencer inhaled sharply, followed promptly by his need to explain. “Believe me, I’m the lucky one,” he shared, knowingly indulging the woman. “I could buy her all the gifts in the world and still, the only thing I have ever given her of any true worth is my heart.”

Fucking hell!

I smiled up at his grinning face and relaxed further into his hold.

“That’s quite the statement, young man,” laughed the woman, suddenly eyeing her own sub with appreciation. “How about we leave these two lovebirds to their night?”

The man by her side said nothing but gifted her a timid nod.

Christ, she’s strict.

“I’ll be seeing you,” she smiled, walking away with her chin held high.

Spencer waited before taking off, allowing me a moment to regain my composure.


“I’m okay,” I ensured, sensing his concern. “That was just a little unusual, that’s all.”

“She’s kind, really.”

“You know her?” I asked, more than a little surprised.

“From back in the day, yes.”

I found myself frowning. “You both didn’t let on. You spoke as though complete strangers.”

“That’s how it works around here.” He shrugged. “Many people don’t want their private lives associated with this place. They rarely meet on the outside and never acknowledge each other by name.”


“I suppose that makes sense,” I admitted, stumbling out of his embrace. “Thank you for declining her offer.”

“I didn’t think you’d be into sharing. It’s a hard limit of mine.”

“I didn’t know that,” I expressed, confused by such a declaration. “You’ve shared before.”

He shook his head. “That was before I met you.”


“Simply put, there’s no fucking way I’m sharing you with anyone. You’re mine, Jess and I’m yours.”

I could only smile. “Absolutely!”

He nodded, satisfied with my understanding towards the subject.

“I’ve booked us a room,” he stated, clutching my elbow as a means of direction. “Be my eyes again?”


It was unusual for a dominant to be led by his submissive. Then again, Spencer and I never did stick to the book when it came to the complexity of our relationship. The very foundations of our love for each other was built on uniqueness. I needed him as much as he needed me. As he so often put it, I was his eyes and that meant guiding him to safety with minimal obstacles. But in a way, he saw things clearer than me. Than anyone. Spencer had this amazing ability to see without actually seeing. He could read a person’s intentions no bother and sense what I most needed without words passing my lips. Even now, with one hand on my arm and the other on my lower back, he nudged me in the right direction, knowing precisely where we needed to be.

“It’s the rouge suite,” he informed, right on cue.

In front of me, rows of doors came into view, all of which had their own special name. I came across the douleur suite and momentarily backtracked, somehow drawn to it. I took A-level French and knew what it meant. Pain. And judging by the sounds coming from behind the wooden frame, whoever was currently in there was loving every second of it.


“S-sorry,” I mumbled, bypassing the room completely. “It’s here,” I revealed, stepping aside for my man.

I watched as he scanned his card and took great satisfaction from the way he took charge of the situation. Once we were both inside, he no longer required my guidance and felt his way around the various apparatus.

“Hmm, where to begin?” he teased, fingering a rather lethal looking whip.

I’d expressed my wishes to use one eventually but sensed today was not that day. Spencer was strict when it came to my safety and I doubted he was ready to whip me without having practiced first. Of course, he had experience using one but back then he could see. Even I had to admit that certain things would need to be re-learned and not only would he need to adapt, so would I. Communication was key and even though I was the submissive, I was responsible for fifty percent of our shared time together in these scenes. It was important we both remained comfortable and safe at all times. Spencer had never made me fear for my wellbeing and in all honesty, I doubted he ever would. Caring and considerate, he always knew when my limits were being reached.

“I’d like you to set the mood a little,” he informed, speaking his thoughts aloud. “It is Valentine’s Day after all…”

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