Inn Haven

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Trust Issues

Almost noon, we able to visit an antique store and a chocolate shop. We had lunch at one of the oldest restaurants in town, but the food wasn’t appealing like the one at the Inn.

I took some photos and jotted down notes for my next update. The helper named, Danny gave me an idea that I should have come during their annual carnival show, which this town was famous for, aside from their ice cream, the historical landmarks, and stunning Gothic architecture.

After taking a few shots of the first city mayor’s statue, we cut across the intersection and turned into the sidewalk.

“Why didn’t you bring your phone with you?” he asked.

“I don’t want distractions. I’m not gonna call or receive calls while I am surrounded by these beautiful views.”

“See? You can live without it for a day.” He was right.

“I guess, your rules did something good for me, and I actually slept well last night,” I admitted it. I couldn’t remember I got to bed without checking my phone before I slept. It was a bad habit that I couldn’t get rid of.

We reached the Saturday market—it was a farmers market to be exact. They sell fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, and handmade souvenirs.

He bought me a beads bracelet, and I also got him one. He then told me about the famous ice cream parlor in their town.

“So tell me what is the difference between this ice cream from the other ice creams?” We found a forest park with a sports facility.

Sam sat on the ground like a school kid while shoving his vanilla ice cream to his mouth. He said the original flavor was the best while I chose the frozen yogurt.

“First, I love my own product. Second, their vanilla is fresh from the pod. My parents’ relatives worked in the factory when they just started to build this ice cream shop, and now one of the most profitable businesses in the country.”

“You’re such a patriot.” I joined him by his side.

“How about you, Audrey? Tell me something about your biggest decision in life.”

I almost grimaced with his question. It seemed that he could read my thought, or I was just guilty for what I did.

“I might regret it if it’s too late.”

“I’m sure you have your seasons. I made the biggest mistake in my life, too. It’s normal for us to make a mistake or mistakes, Audrey. As long as we learn not to repeat it.”

“It seemed that it hurt you so much, Sam Brice.” I looked at him. The pain in his eyes was so deep.

“Yeah, I trusted the wrong person. I almost lost everything.” The deep sighing and the sadness in his tone were heavy. I wondered what happened to him. Was it about a woman?

“I fell for a jerk.”

His head snapped to my side. “Good thing you realized he was a jerk before it’s too late.”

“Yeah, eight months ago.”

“How long have you been together?”

“A year. He didn’t support the career path I chose. He said my job is for losers.”

“I agree with you. He was indeed a jerk. An asshole. Let’s go. I wanna show you something.” He pulled me up. “I know you’ll gonna like it, city girl.”

After a twenty-minute drive and fifteen minutes of hiking, we finally reached the place he wanted me to see.

It was marvelous. The view from the cliff was gorgeous with trees hanging above the water that bent in the wind. There were water skiers, canoe paddlers, and boats on the sparkling water in low current.

“What are you waiting for, Audrey King?” Sam yanked off his shirt excitedly.

“W-what are you doing?” I stuttered as soon as I got the perfect view of a half-naked Sam before me. Heat skittered inside my abdomen as I trailed my gaze to the tiny hair sprinkled between his broad chest. I knew the first time I saw him he had a magnificent treasure hidden underneath his shirt. His abs had well-defined ridges. Each shift of his taut muscles made my heart rip into a gallop.

I stared, transfixed as the overpowering verboten heat escalated all over my body.

Holy hell!

There was a trail of fine hair down to his prominent V and disappeared under the waistband of his jeans.

I swallowed hard as heat rushed toward my neck up to my face. I blinked and averted my gaze to the wide space of the water as he started unbuttoning his jeans. I heard the sound of his zipper and then the shuffling and thudding of probably his shoes as he threw carelessly.

“Come on, Audrey. You need to experience jumping off the cliff. And I promise it’s safe down there.” The assurance of his voice was tempting, but I never tried jumping off the cliff. Ever.

“Why should I trust you?” I could swim. What made me think twice was if it was safe down there.

“Because we’re jumping together.”

“Are you sure there are no crocodiles or snakes down there?”

“People used to come and jump, and no one had been injured or been bitten snakes and gators, Audrey. I jumped from here more than I could count.”

I folded my arms over chest. “No thank you. I think I pass. I could be the first, you know.”

I gulped when I faced him. Sam was only on his blue boxers. His narrow waist and strong thighs were enough for me to squirm involuntarily. Even just the flex of his back muscles did a shudder at my back. He was hot and sexy as hell, and perfect.

I pulled off my shirt. I was only wearing a black lace bra that matched my panties. Thank God I didn’t wear my g-string because I had to keep my shorts on, and who the hell would swim in denim shorts?

I stopped midway to him when I noticed he was staring at me. I found myself self-conscious. My face started to burn under his scrutinizing stare. I watched how his throat bob up and down, and I still found it sexy.

“Jesus, Audrey.” I met his gaze. We looked at each other, lost in silent conversation. His gray eyes darkened. His face flushed. I guessed we both felt the same.

My heart was pounding wildly, and I thought it cracked my ribs of how powerful my heart was beating.

“You’re beautiful. Thank, God the jerk is not here. And how did I get so lucky to see how beautiful and sexy you are with and lesser clothes?” His voice deepened and became raspier.

“You look amazing, too,” No doubt. I marveled.

“Let’s go before I’ sizzle deep inside .” He laughed softly.

I moved closer to him. “You go first.”

“No, we jump together. I’ll count to three, then we jump.”

Blowing out a shaky breath, I nodded. “Okay.”

“Don’t chicken out, Audrey. We will do this together.”

“Okay, superman, but can you hold my hand?”

“Of course.” He gripped my hand and counted.

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